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The book and screencasts (350+ pages)

Screencasts are only included in the Web Scale package.

An Economist, A Physicist, and a Linguist Walk Into a Bar...
Little's Law (+ screencast)
The Business Case for Performance
Performance Testing (+ screencast)
Profiling (+ screencast)
Memory - How to Measure (+ screencast)
Rack Mini Profiler (+ screencast)
New Relic
Optimizing the Front-end
Chrome Timeline (+ screencast)
The Optimal Head Tag (+ screencast)
Resource Hints (+ screencast)
Turbolinks and View-Over-The-Wire
Webfonts (+ screencast)
HTTP/2 (+ screencast)
HTTP Caching (+ screencast)
Memory Bloat (+ screencast)
Memory Leaks (+ screencast)
Background Jobs
Slimming Down Your Framework (+ screencast)
Exceptions as Flow Control
Webserver Choice
Idioms - writing faster Ruby
CDNs (+ screencast)
Memory Allocators
SSL (+ screencast)
Easy Mode Stack - "What stack should I choose?"
The Complete Checklist - a 75+ item checklist for Ruby/Rails apps.

Recorded Q&A sessions

History of the Ruby GC
Debugging slow SQL
Russian Doll Caching
Gems to Make Your App Faster
Step-by-Step Perf Diagnosis

Interviews (~1 hr each)

DHH (this one is available for free here)
Richard Schneeman (of Heroku)
Mike Perham (Sidekiq)
Sean Griffin (ActiveRecord maintainer)
Eileen Uchitelle (Basecamp)
Sam Saffron (Discourse)
Evan Phoenix (Puma)

There's other stuff included too - like hands-on labs and a private Slack channel. Read all about it.

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last link should be

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@marckohlbrugge thanks, fixed

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Screencasts are only included in the Web Scale package.

Question about that.... Where do I buy that? I only see a link to buying the book. on Is there something else I buy somewhere else, or is it included if I buy the book? Kinda sounds like it's not, but I also don't see it on

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Hey @Willardgmoore: that package has been removed and is no longer for sale. The intended replacement is my Workshop:

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