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Created August 7, 2017 18:17
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Mohammed Elias Al-Hussein - Resume
Mohammed Elias Alhussein
Istanbul , Turkey
+ 90 5312303185
Gender : Male | Date of birth 1/1/1993 | Nationality Syrian
2015 - 2016 Member of a software Developer Team
Aleppo - Syria ▪ Ruby On Rails
2017 - preent iOS developer in (Istanbul, Bursa) - Turkey
iOS Developer (Swift) / Backend Developer (Ruby on Rails)
Lead several Summer training in UNIVERSITY OF ALEPPO.
2013 lead C# Summer Workshop in private institute.
2013 lead SQL Data Base Summer Workshop in Informatics Engineering College.
2014 Participate for AL BASIL Top Project (Social Network with Ruby On Rails) in University of Aleppo .
2015 lead Ruby On Rails Summer Workshop in Informatics Engineering College.
2016 lead iOS Summer workshop training in Informatics Engineering College.
2011 – 2016 Bachelor's Degree in Informatics Engineering
University of Aleppo - Syria
Major subjects are in field of Software Engineering which provided me with a very good background about Object Oriented analysis and Design using UML Diagrams,
good knowledge in several programming languages.
GPA : 72.8
2014 – 2015 Laptops Maintenance in Aleppo - Aljammelia (Macintosh – Sony – other Laptops - iPhone – iPad).
Training Courses
-iOS Development using Swift.
-Ruby On Rails Essential Training.
-Online – / / Rails Community.
-Ruby Essential Training.
-Oracle DBA Training.
-C# Development Techniques.
-Object Oriented Design.
-Java Essential Training.
Mother tongue: Arabic
Other language(s)
English C1 C1 C1
Japanese B1 B1 A1
Levels: A1/2: Basic user - B1/2: Independent user - C1/2 Proficient user
Communication skills:
Very Good communication skills and a good personality gained through my membership as an effective member in National Club of Syrian Students for four years, volunteering in several teams to help emigrants in Aleppo.
Ability to work in team, the capability of self-development, ability to learn fast any demanded Lang/skills, popular Relationships, Work Under Pressure, English Influence.
Computer skills:
Hardware skills.
Digital electronic circuit skills.
LPT controlling serial / Parallel.
Windows app Development, iOS App Development.
Image possessing, General Software Experience.
General Hardware Experience.
Networks Administration.
Experience in System Analyzing gained through my Software Engineering (2) subject's Project, my fourth year project and work.
A good experience in computer vision acquired through Computer Vision Subject.
Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio and Oracle.
Very good in Backend Development gained through my fourth year project and Work.
Basic understanding for html, CSS and JavaScript.
Good Experience in C# and Java gained through my study in University
Good in managing and designing SQL and Oracle Databases.
Driving licence:
No Driving License.
Projects :
-FaceRecognition srever using (Ruby – Ruby On Rails – C++ - OpenCV).
Hybrid server with Algorithms for face Recognition and Traced path to recognize any person with any poor cam.
-Core of Social Network for my faculty using (Ruby – Ruby On Rails – NodeJs – Mysql).
-Alame iOS app for news using (Swift).
-Oferim iOS app where I wrote a huge part of the app using (Swift).
-LPT Control System (simulate of production line) using (C# - LPT hardware).
-Simulate of Smart House with COM Port using (C#).
-Compiler Design using (Flex-bison with C++).
-BFS and DFS Algorithms Implementation using (C#).
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FaceRecognition srever

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