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Created Sep 21, 2016
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// You can create a countable range of any strideable type that has
// an integer stride.
let digits = Array(0...9)
// This extension gives those properties to `UnicodeScalar`:
extension UnicodeScalar : Strideable {
public func advanced(by n: Int) -> UnicodeScalar {
return UnicodeScalar(UInt32(Int(value) + n))!
public func distance(to other: UnicodeScalar) -> Int {
return Int(other.value) - Int(value)
// The type inference doesn't quite work here (the compiler assumes `String` for
// the literals), so you need to supply the `UnicodeScalar` type somewhere:
let alphabet = Array(("a" as UnicodeScalar)..."z")
// ["a", "b", "c", "d", "e", "f", "g", ...]
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