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Phoenix-Framework Brunch config for sw-precache
let glob = require('glob')
exports.config = {
// See for docs.
files: {
javascripts: {
joinTo: "js/app.js"
stylesheets: {
joinTo: "css/app.css",
order: {
after: ["web/static/css/app.css"] // concat app.css last
templates: {
joinTo: "js/app.js"
conventions: {
assets: /^(web\/static\/assets)/
paths: {
watched: [
// Where to compile files to
public: "priv/static"
// Configure your plugins
plugins: {
babel: {
// Do not use ES6 compiler in vendor code
ignore: [/web\/static\/vendor/]
swPrecache: {
swFileName: 'service-worker.js',
directoryIndex: '/',
options: {
stripPrefix: 'priv/static/',
staticFileGlobs: ['priv/static/**/*.*'],
dynamicUrlToDependencies: {
'/': [
modules: {
autoRequire: {
"js/app.js": ["web/static/js/app"]
npm: {
enabled: true

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@natecox natecox commented Feb 21, 2017

This is a bare-bones config for sw-precache using brunch and focused on the default Phoenix Framework setup.

Note that a single URL has been defined under dynamicUrlToDependencies, which points to the project root. In this config, any change to any .eex, .js, or .css in the project will cause that URL to be re-cached. In practice, you will want to update this to be much more restrictive.


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@nkpgardose nkpgardose commented Jun 19, 2017

This is very helpful! @natecox.

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