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Last active February 2, 2023 05:51
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Twitter Farewell Announcement (using Cheap Bots Done Quick)
"//ABOUT THIS FILE": "This is a configuration file for a repeating Twitter farewell message that uses To set it up, I logged into CheapBotsDoneQuick with my Twitter account, pasted this configuration file into the box, and set the announcement for twice daily. The site will now auto-post in perpituity until one of the systems goes down or my account is banned from Twitter.",
"origin": [
" I have left Twitter, due to the the dismantling of the platform's safety & security capacity.\n\n Find me on Mastodon, LinkedIn, or sign up for email updates: \n\n Thanks for #noun#, #people#. \n\nThis message repeats."
"noun": [
"all the support and love",
"great conversations",
"all the inspiration",
"so many great discussions",
"all the encouragement",
"all the ideas / critique",
"all the gifs",
"sharing your brilliance",
"being awesome"
"people": [
"& see you elsewhere",
"you amazing network",
"we will never lose that",
"& keep in touch"
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