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Created December 7, 2022 06:11
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Cloud Exchange 4.0 Installation - Example
nathan1@ce:~/netskope/ta_cloud_exchange$ python3 ./setup
Checking for the updates...
Already up to date.
Available Netskope CE Versions (Current Version: CE v4-latest)
1. CE v4-latest
2. CE v3-latest
3. CE beta-latest
Select the version you want to install (1/2/3): 1
Are you using HTTP(s) proxy for outbound traffic? [y/n]
> N
> Please enter the Netskope Tenant Name (Exclude
(e.g. Enter 'demo' if Netskope Tenant URL is
Please Enter 'test' if you do not have any Netskope tenant: lightwave
Verifying the connectivity for pre-requisite outbound network calls...
[P] Connectivity to verified successfully
[P] Connectivity to verified successfully.
NOTE: This connectivity check is only for the Docker Hub ( Docker images are pulled from CDN. Please make sure that you have the required connectivity to pull the docker images.
[P] Connectivity to verified successfully.
Verifying minimum system requirements...
NOTE: The actual system requirements depend on several criteria including data volume, # of plugins among others.
It is highly recommended to refer to the System Requirements section of the "User Guide".
[P] 4.0GB Memory
[P] 2 CPU(s)
[P] 28.8GB free disk space
[P] Port 15672 is available.
Verifying docker/podman prerequisites...
[P] Docker Version 20.10.21
[P] Docker Compose Version 2.14.0
Verifying mongo-data directory...
mongo-data directory structure is already updated...
Verifying required file permissions...
[P] Verified owner of data/mongo-data is user with uid 1001
[P] Verified file permissions of data/mongo-data
[P] Verified file permissions of data/custom_plugins
[P] Verified file permissions of data/ssl_certs
[P] Verified file permissions of data/rabbitmq
[P] Verified file permissions of start script
[P] Verified file permissions of stop script
Do you want to access CE over HTTP, or HTTPS (HTTPS is recommended)? HTTPS
Generating self signed certificate with validity of one year...
Generating a RSA private key
writing new private key to 'data/ssl_certs/cte_cert_key.key'
Replace ./data/ssl_certs/cte_cert.crt and ./data/ssl_certs/cte_cert_key.key files with your custom certificate and key files respectively to use custom SSL certificates.
> Enter the port on which you want to access the Netskope CE UI (Default: "443"):
[P] Port 443 is available.
NOTE: This port will be used to access the Netskope CE UI. Please make sure that inbound traffic to this port is allowed.
> Enter a JWT Secret which will be used for signing the authentication tokens:
> Enter maintenance password that will be used for RabbitMQ and MongoDB services (This password can be set only once):
> Confirm maintenance password:
> Do you want to enable TLSv1.2 along with TLSv1.3 for CE UI (Default: "No"): No
Setup completed successfully...
Execute this command to start CE:
> ./start
Please re-run the setup script to update any parameter.
Warning: It is recommended to take an external backup of the .env file located in this directory.
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