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" <cr> should not only clear highlighted search, but flash the current
" cursor location.
:nnoremap <CR> :nohlsearch<CR>:set cul cuc<cr>:sleep 50m<cr>:set nocul nocuc<cr>/<BS>
View stupid_t.rb
# config/initializers/stupid_t.rb
# Any text that doesn't appear as "localized" isn't localized
module ActionView::Helpers::TranslationHelper
def t(*args)
result = I18n.t!(*args)
if result.respond_to?(:map) { |r| "localized" }
View exponential_backoff.rb
# Exponential backoff in Ruby
rescue RequestError => e
if retries <= max_retries
retries += 1
sleep 2 ** retries
raise "Timeout: #{e.message}"
View traveling_salesman_brute_force_time.rb
def factorial(n)
def total_seconds(n)
factorial(n) * SECONDS_PER_STEP
View test_pathfinding.rb
# This can be run from the voltron directory while the NetSkycanner has a couple of `rake pathfinder` processes running
require 'bundler/setup'
Bundler.require :default, :pathfinder
require 'json'
require 'thump'
require 'mr_sulu_messages'
test = "searching"
View p.rb
def p(*args)
location = caller_locations(1,1)[0]
location_string = "#{location.path.split('/').last}:#{location.lineno}(#{location.label})"
super([*args, location_string])
View ruby_log_formatting.rb
require 'logger'
l =
l.formatter = proc { |severity, datetime, progname, msg|
dt = datetime.strftime('%Y-%b-%d@%H:%M:%S:%z')
"#{[severity,dt,progname,msg].join(' ').squeeze(' ')}\n"
} "woot" #=> INFO 2014-Feb-11@09:48:32:-0500 woot
View safe_console.js
// A safer console object (
// - Ensures `console.log` doesn't cause errors in browsers with no console
// - Lets you enable/disable console logging (using console.enable = true/false)
// - Supports all console methods documented here:
// Less fancy but lighter weight than this:
safe_console = {
enabled: false,
original_console: (function(){
// If the browser has no usable one, define a no-op
View activerecord_scope_conditions.rb
class Person < ActiveRecord::Base
# This manual SQL query...
scope :allowed_to_eat_cheese, joins(
INNER JOIN cities ON people.city_id =
INNER JOIN states ON cities.state_id =
).where('states.allows_cheese_consumption' = 'Yeppers')
View transpose_lyrics.rb
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Rearrange song lyrics so it's easier to put guitar chords over them: put the
# first lines of each verse, which share the same chords, into the first
# paragraph. Second lines go into the second paragraph, etc.
# Meant to be used with Unix piping: `cat somefile.txt | ./this_script > output.txt
lyrics =
paragraphs = lyrics.split("\n\n")
lines = { |paragraph| paragraph.split("\n") }
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