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Example config.rb file for Compass
preferred_syntax = :sass
http_path = '/'
css_dir = 'assets/stylesheets'
sass_dir = 'assets/sass'
images_dir = 'assets/images'
javascripts_dir = 'assets/javascripts'
relative_assets = true
line_comments = true
# output_style = :compressed

wesruv commented Oct 22, 2013

This is great, I've been hunting for an example file for so long! Can't believe the Compass docs don't have more

Thanks !


Thank you

what about haml integration with compass, couold you post some simple exmaple?

Here is a link for those interested in all of the settable config.rb options:

BTW Compass will generate a config file for you when you 'compass create YourProject'

Would have been nice if you included a commented require = extension since that is not usually generated with compass create

How do you turn on the --trace option? Would this be done in the config.rb file, and if so, how exactly?

You can do it from the Command Prompt, say when you type

compass watch


compass compile

Just add...

compass compile --trace

to the tail

It looks like the above link for config.rb options no longer exists. Here is an updated URL:

kiranu commented Mar 12, 2015

sass_path = File.dirname(FILE)
css_path = File.join(File.dirname(FILE), "..", "css")
environment = :development
output_style = :compressed

thanks man! that was reallllyyy helpfull!

Gynidark commented Oct 1, 2016



Zerefdev commented Oct 3, 2017


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