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Terse Font Icons

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span[data-icon]:before {
font-family: 'Icon Font Here';
content: attr(data-icon);
This would also work, but other web developers might
yell at you about "performance" which may/not matter:
*[data-icon]:before {
font-family: 'Icon Font Here';
content: attr(data-icon);
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<!-- Assuming "+" is your font's Add icon -->
<a data-icon="+" href="...">
<!-- Assuming "D" is your font's Delete icon -->
<span data-icon="D">

Why not just use this without the "*"?

[data-icon]:before {
   font-family: 'Icon Font Here';
   content: attr(data-icon);

If you want to save one byte by not having it in the stylesheet, go for it.

As far as browsers are concerned, it probably wouldn't matter either way.

I just had the star selector there for proper code highlighting.

Neither TextMate, nor Sublime Text 2, acknowledge attribute selectors without a preceding tag (or *).

TextMate screenshot:

Sublime Text 2 screenshot:

Since browsers parse CSS selectors from right to left, I understand that it won't make a huge difference. Cause in both cases the browser will look for the attribute in all elements anyway.

I know about the highlight issue. I just thought you might have some other reason other than saving bytes or performance, that's why I asked.

Nope, no good reason, really. Just a cut-and-paste from my text editor. :)

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