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from hypothesis import given, settings
from hypothesis.strategies import lists, sampled_from
def new_state():
return {'big': 0, 'small': 0}
def desired_state(state):
return state['big'] != 4
def empty_big(state):
return {'big': 0, 'small': state['small']}
def fill_big(state):
return {'big': 5, 'small': state['small']}
def empty_small(state):
return {'big': state['big'], 'small': 0}
def fill_small(state):
return {'big': state['big'], 'small': 3}
def pour_big_to_small(state):
new_small = min(3, state['big'] + state['small'])
amount_poured = new_small - state['small']
return {'big': state['big'] - amount_poured,
'small': new_small}
def pour_small_to_big(state):
new_big = min(5, state['big'] + state['small'])
amount_poured = new_big - state['big']
return {'big': new_big,
'small': state['small'] - amount_poured}
def message(actions):
msg = '\n\nstate transitions:\n'
state = new_state()
for action in actions:
msg += ' state: %s\n' % state
state = action(state)
msg += ' action: %s\n' % action.__name__
msg += ' state: %s\n' % state
return msg
@given(lists(sampled_from([empty_big, empty_small, fill_big, fill_small, pour_big_to_small, pour_small_to_big])))
def test(actions):
state = new_state()
for action in actions:
state = action(state)
assert desired_state(state), message(actions)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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