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# "Truth Meter" Code, by Alexander Petkov
import time
import board
import pulseio
import random
import sys
from import cpx
# Setting variable for where on board the electrical signal for the servo will come from
servo = pulseio.PWMOut(board.A2, frequency=50)
View How to generate a

How to generate a username for MCPE players

  1. For ?% chance, add the prefix xX and suffix Xx
  2. Choose a random item/mechanism/entity name from MCPE
  3. Choose a random word from the dictionary
  4. For ?% chance, choose a random from common given names
  5. For ?% chance, add the words girl or cute or cool or kid or boy
  6. For ?% chance, add the word MCPE
  7. For ?% chance, add the word Itz or Its
  8. For 99% chance, change all occurrences of s to z to make it sound like more professional/special while it isn't at all