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native-api / out.txt
Created May 17, 2021
pyenv shim fallthrough demo
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+ program=xz
+ export PYENV_ROOT=/home/vmuser/.pyenv
+ PYENV_ROOT=/home/vmuser/.pyenv
+ exec /home/vmuser/.pyenv/libexec/pyenv exec xz --version
+(/home/vmuser/.pyenv/libexec/pyenv:23): main(): enable -f /home/vmuser/.pyenv/libexec/../libexec/pyenv-realpath.dylib realpath
+(/home/vmuser/.pyenv/libexec/pyenv:30): main(): '[' -z '' ']'
++(/home/vmuser/.pyenv/libexec/pyenv:32): main(): type -P greadlink readlink
++(/home/vmuser/.pyenv/libexec/pyenv:32): main(): head -1
+(/home/vmuser/.pyenv/libexec/pyenv:32): main(): READLINK=/bin/readlink
+(/home/vmuser/.pyenv/libexec/pyenv:33): main(): '[' -n /bin/readlink ']'
native-api /
Created Jan 5, 2017
utility functions to work with Windows Installer registry database
# coding: utf-8
Some utility functions to work with Windows Installer database in registry.
(Worked it out while rebuilding deleted %windir%\Installer)
Terminology used in fn names:
* patchid,productid - corresponding GUIDs as they are used in key names, e.g. CC458296FE7970347B78C876789B0194
* msx/fname - original package file name as it is in HKCR\Installer\SourceList:PackageName
* local - full path to cached file in %windir%\installer