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Last active May 20, 2017
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Python class which reads and interprets 23andMe raw genotype data. Support searching your genotype and related traits at SNPedia.
import pandas as pd
import requests
import json
import sys
import os
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
from collections import OrderedDict
class Geno(object):
"""class to reads and interprets 23andMe raw genotype data."""
def __init__(self, raw_23andMe):
"""input path to raw 23andMe genotype data. data will be read as a form of pandas DataFrame.
>>> g = Geno("./23andMe_raw_data.txt")
>>> g.my_geno"""
# GET report as json from 23andMe API
res = requests.get("").content
self._report = json.loads(res)
self.my_geno = pd.read_csv(raw_23andMe, sep="\t", header=14,
names=["rsid", "chr", "pos", "genotype"],
def type_id(self, rsid, ref_population="JPT"):
"""search input rsid at SNPedia, report your possible trait related to this SNP.
>>> g.type_id("rs28897696")"""
mine = self.my_geno[self.my_geno.rsid == rsid]
if mine.empty:
return None
# your genotype. if you are a male(have "Y" chromosome),
# duplicate your X chromosome allele to make a two-lettered string
if mine.chr.values[0] in ["X", "Y"]:
if "Y" in self.my_geno.chr.unique():
mm = mine.genotype.values[0]
genotype = _sort_seq(mm + ";" + mm)
mm, ff = mine.genotype.values[0]
genotype = _sort_seq(mm + ";" + ff)
# search this at snpedia
snpedia_report, g_percent = _search_rsid(rsid, genotype, ref_population)
snpedia_report = snpedia_report.strip()
print rsid, "|", genotype, "|", snpedia_report, "|", "{}% of JPT".format(g_percent)
return mine
def type_trait(self, query, ref_population="JPT"):
"""search input query at SNPedia, report all related SNPs and your genotype.
>>> g.type_trait("lung cancer")"""
rsid_list = _search_anything(query)
if not rsid_list[0].startswith("rs"):
print "try {} instead".format(rsid_list)
for rsid in rsid_list:
self.type_id(rsid, ref_population)
detail_url = ("" + query).replace(" ", "%20")
print " * more details at", detail_url
def report_wellness(self, ref_population="JPT"):
"""return wellness report provided by 23andMe API sevice.
>>> g.report_wellness()"""
height, width = map(int, os.popen('stty size', 'r').read().split())
width = 100
print "="*(width//2-9), "WELLNESS REPORT", "="*(width//2-9), "\n"
for i in range(len(self._report["data"])):
with_detail = pd.DataFrame(self._report["data"][i]).dropna(subset=["details"])
if not "markers" in with_detail.index:
for j in range(len(with_detail.ix["markers"].details)):
#print with_detail.report_id#with_detail.ix["markers"].details[j][u'biological_explanation']
rsid_report = with_detail.ix["markers"].details[j]["id"]
variants_report = with_detail.ix["markers"].details[j]["variants"]
for variant_dict in variants_report:
pos_report = variant_dict["end"]
pick = self.my_geno[self.my_geno.rsid == rsid_report]
if pick.empty:
#print pick.pos.values[0], pos_report
#if pick.pos.values[0] == pos_report:
from_mom, from_dad = pick.genotype.values[0]
genotype = from_mom+";"+from_dad
snpedia_report, geno_percent = _search_rsid(rsid_report, genotype, ref_population)
if variant_dict["has_effect"] == True:
print "< {} >".format(with_detail.ix["markers"]["title"])
print "-" * width
print with_detail.ix["markers"].details[j]["biological_explanation"].strip()
print " rsID:", rsid_report
print " Yours:", genotype, "- homozygous"
if ("There is currently no text" not in snpedia_report) and (snpedia_report.strip() != ""):
print " Detail:", snpedia_report.strip(), "|", "{}% of JPT".format(geno_percent)
print "\n\n"
def _search_rsid(rsid, genotype, ref_population="JPT"):
"""search input rsid at SNPedia, return and compare SNPedia result and yours"""
genotype = _sort_seq(genotype)
snpedia_query = "" + rsid
soup = BeautifulSoup(requests.get(snpedia_query).content, "lxml")
table = soup.find_all("table", attrs={"class": "sortable"})
stab_orien = soup.find_all("td")[3].text
# complement my genotype if stabilized orientation is 'minus'
if stab_orien == "minus":
genotype = _comp_seq(genotype)
if table != []:
snpedia_var_dict = OrderedDict()
for n, i in enumerate(table[0].find_all("td")):
if n % 3 == 0: k = i.text.strip().strip("(").strip(")")
if n % 3 == 1: m = i.text.strip()
if n % 3 == 2:
if len(k) == 2: continue
snpedia_var_dict[k] = (m, i.text.strip())
# save snpedia_report (result of input genotype)
snpedia_report = " | ".join(snpedia_var_dict[genotype])
except KeyError:
snpedia_report = "No info about {}".format(genotype)
# save geno_percent (which percent of people in JPT population have input genotype)
geno_order = snpedia_var_dict.keys().index(genotype)
#print snpedia_var_dict.keys(), genotype, rsid
for td in soup.find_all("td"):
if td.img is not None:
_chart = td.img["src"]
_, vals, __, ___, pops, ____, _____, ______ = _chart.split("&")
val1, val2, val3 = vals[6:].split("|")
pops = pops[11:-2].split("|")
jpt_idx = len(pops)-pops.index(ref_population)-1
geno_ratio = [map(float, val1.split(","))[jpt_idx],
map(float, val2.split(","))[jpt_idx],
map(float, val3.split(","))[jpt_idx]]
#print geno_ratio, geno_order
geno_percent = geno_ratio[geno_order]
except ValueError:
geno_percent = "--"
except ValueError:
geno_percent = "--"
except UnboundLocalError:
geno_percent = "--"
snpedia_report = ""
geno_percent = "--"
return snpedia_report, geno_percent
def _search_anything(query):
"""search input words at SNPedia, return and compare related genotypes and yours"""
snpedia_query = "" + query
soup = BeautifulSoup(requests.get(snpedia_query).content, "lxml")
links = soup.find_all("div", attrs={"class": "mw-content-ltr"})[0].find_all("a")
rsid_list = [l.text for l in links if l.text.startswith("rs")]
rsid_list = [txt for txt in rsid_list if not txt.endswith(")")]
if rsid_list == []:
rsid_list = [l.text for l in links if l.text]
if 'search for this page title' in rsid_list:
rsid_list = ["another phenotype"]
return rsid_list
def _comp_seq(genotype):
comp_dict = {"A":"T", "T":"A", "G":"C", "C":"G", ";":";"}
return _sort_seq("".join([comp_dict[i] for i in genotype]))
def _sort_seq(genotype):
order_dict = {"A":0, "C":1, "G":2, "T":3, ";":";"}
m, _, f = [order_dict[i] for i in genotype]
if m > f: return ";".join[f, m]
else: return genotype
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