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Nautilytics nautilytics

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nautilytics / mui-style-utils.ts
Created October 5, 2022 22:36
An example of extending the MUI style utility functions and a custom theme
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import {createStyled} from '@mui/system';
import {useTheme} from '@mui/material';
import type { MuiCustomThemeT } from './types';
export const muiStyled = createStyled<MuiCustomThemeT>();
export const muiUseTheme = useTheme<MuiCustomThemeT>();
nautilytics / pull_request_template.txt
Last active September 13, 2022 19:50
A sample GitHub pull request template w a Release Notes section
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## Dev Summary
<!-- A detailed outline of what this pull requests includes -->
## Release Notes
nautilytics / percy-test.yml
Created September 12, 2022 22:01
A GitHub Action for running Percy across Storybook Scenarios
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name: Run across Storybook Scenarios
branches: [ main ]
if: != 'dependabot[bot]' && != 'renovate[bot]'
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
nautilytics / sample-tokens.json
Created September 12, 2022 21:03
A sample set of design tokens
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"spacing": {
"xxxx-small": "2px",
"xxx-small": "4px"
"color": {
"brand-primary-125": "#D14334",
"brand-primary": "#FF5B4A"
"font-size": {
nautilytics / Input.tsx
Created September 12, 2022 20:51
An example of using a custom theme to style a BaseWeb Input
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import * as React from 'react';
import {
Input as BaseInput,
StyledEndEnhancer as BaseStyledEndEnhancer,
StyledStartEnhancer as BaseStyledStartEnhancer,
} from 'baseui/input'
import type { InputProps } from './types';
import { themedWithStyle as withStyle } from '../style-utils'
import { padding } from 'polished'
nautilytics / ToggleButton.tsx
Last active August 5, 2022 14:59
An example of using a custom theme to style a MUI ToggleButton
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import * as React from 'react';
import {
ToggleButton as MuiToggleButton,
} from '@mui/material';
import type { ToggleButtonProps } from '@mui/material';
import { border, margin, padding } from 'polished';
import { typography as labelTypography } from '../Typography/Labels/constants';
import { FontWeight } from '../constants';
nautilytics / question-v1.ts
Last active April 24, 2022 19:22
The types related to Question
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type ValueNumberNodeType = {
value?: number,
type BasePredicate = {
nodeType: |
ref?: {
nautilytics / boston-ma-target.geojson
Last active October 8, 2021 13:48
Target Locations in Major Cities
View boston-ma-target.geojson
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Deploy Data API

Deploy to Dev [Tuesdays]

cd ~/Documents/GitHub/premise/data-api # path for data-api repo
git checkout master
git pull
GH_TOKEN=<personal_access_token> yarn version --minor
git push
nautilytics /
Last active September 21, 2021 22:02
Data Sample - Percent Positivity JSON Structure

Proposed JSON Structure for Multiple Percent Positivity Approach UI


  • If values array is empty then we don't plot the small multiple chart
  • There should be only 1 selected = true approach for each state and that approach will be used in place of MAP_PERCENT_POSITIVE for the Map.
  • The selected=true approach will also be highlighted with a gold rectangle in the new UI percent positivity view.