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Last active September 6, 2017 08:03
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Work synopsis between 2010 - 2015
  • Halfchess #ReactJs, 2016 - a variation of chess which takes lesser time to play
  • Archiejs #Nodejs, spread over 2015-16 - A nodejs dependency injection framework for managing large projects
  • Flixstock and #C #image_processing , year 2015 - Use image processing to fit garments on people and models
  • FlipFlop Video #Swift #Testflight, year 2015 - iOS video app for creating video abstracts, not released in app-store
  • Convflow #Node, 2014 - an enterprise idea management software
  • NewsNinja patent #Node/Backbone year 2013-14 - a personalized news aggregator and experiements into e-learning experiments
  • SilentNinja (Android), Audio-To-Midi (Android), HappToGo (HTML app), Feedeo (Android - no longer live), year 2013
  • Ededaa website on wayback machine and Ededaa blog, year 2010-11- art exhibitions along staircase and promoting ecofriendly lifestyle
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