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Created July 10, 2012 06:32
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Melbourne SF2 July Meetup


  • Introductions / etc
  • Lightning 5 min talk about Symfony 2.1 by Sam J

Coding exercise - Build a blog

  1. Make sure that Symfony is working and you have the default vendors installed on your laptop / environment
  2. Find and run app/console
  3. Use app/console to generate a bundle for you to work with tonight
  4. Think about your entity model. What would a simple blog need as a bare minimum. (posts / comments / tags / categories etc)
  5. Now build out the post entity (start with post, add user and others later)
  6. Add a repository for posts
  7. Input some dummy data via phpmyadmin or similar
  8. Create a controller that will deal with loading posts.
    • Create an action to list out posts in reverse chronological order and associated twig view
    • Create an action to show a single post with associated twig view
    • Link between them.
  9. Expand entity model to include comments. Associate users and comments
  10. Add comment form to single post page (Use Symfony forms component)
    • Process, validate and save comments
    • Display comments on single post page
  11. Expand with other functionality (create posts... security etc etc)
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