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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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location of doc tests in neo4j

Neo4j Documentation

The Neo4j Manual is versioned and released together with the product. An overview of parts of the documentation workflow is found in the manual itself, in the chapter Writing Neo4j Documentation. We use several different approaches to verify our documentation by tests running in CI when the product is built. Testing as much as possible of examples especially makes sense, as we also provide ways to interactively play with Neo4j, see for example Create nodes and relationships.

The documentation toolchain also makes sure that all cross references have valid targets.

The core tools for our documentation are AsciiDoc and DocBook. For AsciiDoc, we currently use both the original Python implementation and the new Ruby implementation named Asciidoctor.

You can search the Neo4j repo for classes named *DocTest and *DocIT.

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