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= (Product) Hierarchy GraphGist =
This gist is a complement to[blogpost that I wrote] about managing hierarchical data structures in[neo4j]..
In this example, we are using a "product hierarchy", essentially holding information about the composition of a product (what is it made of, how many of the components are used, and at the lowest level, what is the price of these components). The model looks like this:
Note that in the graphgist, I have cut the tree depth to 5 levels (product to costs) instead of 6 in the blogpost - and that I also reduced the width of the tree to make it manageable in a gist.
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= Donations to German parties
:neo4j-version: 2.1.0
Data from here:
== Sample Data Set
View gist:d482cc2da0bb4030c271
= The news reads us data in Neo4J
Data by:
== Intro
Interesting data created by
I converted the data from the links.json file and converted it into two simple csv files.
LOAD CSV FROM "" AS csvline
View Orienteering.adoc

Orienteering Gist

This is the Orienteering Dataset based on the post.

BR6XWd4ZbbfPu9Bm2c IFYWdhzACwwxLJOS3ZpAR7gmUSZE6ldzwwlcp4GnR9YR2cwdNT6AuXiUESf B5YQOy4BEDYgpEKtBRCMCbkBOwc9Q9GpriAklzO9pqg

It’s a simple, three-leg training course in an Antwerp park. Setting this up as a graph in neo4j was easy enough:

View Business Rule Recommendation gist
= Business Rule / Recommendation gist =
Let's see if I can create a graphgist for business rules/simple recommendations.
First, lets create the graph:
View tutorial-graphgist
= The Neo4j GraphGist Console =
This is a sample GraphGist explaining some of the base concepts of sharing graphs using[the Cypher query language].
CREATE ({name:'you'})-[:SEE]->({name:'This GraphGist'})-[:FORK_ON_GITHUB]->(your_gistfile{name:'Your Gist'})
CREATE (your_gistfile)-[:INSERT_ID_HERE]->({name:'Your GraphGist'})
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