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HackerRank: Pangram
// main.m
// Pangrams
// Created by Nathan Arnold on 10/31/15.
// Copyright © 2015 Nathan Arnold. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
int main(int argc, const char * argv[]) {
@autoreleasepool {
// insert code here...
NSSet *lowerCaseChars = [NSSet setWithObjects:@"a",@"b",@"c",@"d",@"e",@"f",@"g",@"h",@"i",@"j",@"k",@"l",@"m",@"n",@"o",@"p",@"q",@"r",@"s",@"t",@"u",@"v",@"w",@"x",@"y",@"z",nil];
NSMutableSet *lettersInString = [NSMutableSet setWithCapacity:26];
NSMutableCharacterSet *alphaCharSet = [[NSMutableCharacterSet alloc]init];
[alphaCharSet formUnionWithCharacterSet:[NSCharacterSet lowercaseLetterCharacterSet]];
[alphaCharSet formUnionWithCharacterSet:[NSCharacterSet uppercaseLetterCharacterSet]];
char c;
while (scanf(" %c",&c)!=EOF) {
if ([alphaCharSet characterIsMember:c]){
NSString *string = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%c" , c];
[lettersInString addObject:[string lowercaseString]];
if ([lowerCaseChars isEqualToSet:lettersInString]){
} else {
printf("not pangram");
return 0;

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commented Nov 1, 2015

Uses NSSets to check if a string is a pangram.

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