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// Deserializing list with invalid object
String json = "[{\"id\":\"123\"}, {}, {\"id\":\"125\"}]";
ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
List<MyObject> objects = mapper.readValue(json, new TypeReference<List<MyObject>>() {});
// This will throw IllegalArgumentException
// How can I make this return [MyObject{id=123}, [MyObject{id=125}] instead?
// Custom Object
@JsonDeserialize(builder = MyObject.Builder.class)
public class MyObject {
private final String id;
private MyObject(@NonNull String id) { = id;
public String getId() {
return id;
public static class Builder {
private String id;
public Builder setId(@NonNull String id) { = id;
return this;
public MyObject build() {
if (id == null) {
throw new IllegalStateException("id is null");
return new MyObject(id);
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