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presentation of for attempted readability
echo -n
#quote-escaping removed from the following json
{"version": "1.1.0","host": "","request_address": true,"address_language": "en_GB", "wifi_towers":
`iwlist scan 2> /dev/null |
tr -d '\n' |
sed -e 's/Cell [0-9]* - Address: \([0-9A-Z:]*\)[^C]*Channel:\([0-9]*\)[^S]*Signal level=\([0-9-]*\) dBm[^E]*E[^E]*ESSID:"\([^"]*\)"/\{"mac_address": "\1","signal_strength": \3,"age": 0,"channel": \2,"ssid": "\4"}/g'
-e 's/[^{]*{/{/'
-e 's/}[^{]*{/},{/g'
-e 's/\}[^}]*$/\}/' `
| curl -s -X POST -d @/dev/fd/0
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