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What would you like to do? to Pd: alternative instructions for mac

Here are additional instructions for mac users.

  1. Follow the main vulpestruments tutorial regarding Hairless MIDI-Serial Bridge

In place of LoopMIDI, do the following:

  1. Launch the built-in "Audio MIDI". This can be found using finder /Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI
  2. Find IAC Driver and double-click it to bring up its properties.
  3. Ensure "Device is Online" is clicked.
  4. If it shows "no available ports", then press + at the bottom to add port. By default it will get called IAC Bus 1
  5. Press apply.
  6. In Hairless MIDI-Serial Bridge, click on MIDI Out and select this IAC Driver as your MIDI output.
  7. In PureData, go to Media:MIDI Settings and in Input Devices, select "IAC Driver IAC Bus 1" you created above, and press "Ok".

Bonus: What's this IAC Driver? IAC Stands for Inter-Application Communication, and when enabled it allows MIDI messages to be sent between applications running on your mac. In our case, from Hairless MIDI-Serial Bridge to PureData, but it could also send to Sonic Pi, GarageBand/Logic, or a web browser supporting Web MIDI, such as google chrome.

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