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What would you like to do?

Prepare and run an end-of-module assessment for HTML&CSS

What's needed this week?

I suggest two possible formats for the assessment: either Nate's single-file quiz, here: or my interactive version on Kahoot, here:

  • Pick one format.
  • Check that the content is suitable.
  • Translate it.
  • Add any more questions that you think are important, but keep the exercise under 1 hour.
  • Plan how the students will sit the assessment in the classroom.
  • Plan how the students will submit the assessment.
  • Have some other mentors sit the test to find mistakes (also, time them)
  • Fix any problems with the test
  • Run the assessment on Saturday with the students (see below)
  • Collect the results
  • Analyse the results

Running the assessment (suggestion):

If you have time for the mentors and class to practice with the kahoot, that is great. If you do not, then I suggest you simply use the single file gist, as follows:

  1. Ensure all students are logged in to github
  2. Have them make a new empty gist on
  3. When all students are ready to start the test...
  4. Send the gist URL on slack to them. e.g.
  5. Have them view that, and copy the raw contents to clipboard, then
  6. Have them paste the contents of the original into their new gist
  7. Have them edit their gist to add their answers
  8. Ensure they are saving and re-editing the gist periodically, so that the cannot possibly lose all of their work half way through the session.
  9. Once time is up, have them save their gist one final time, and copy paste the URL of their gist into your slack channel.
  10. Make sure you have a submission from everyone.

Alternative: with Kahoot

If you DO decide to use the kahoot quiz, make sure you practice using Kahoot with the students with a short unimportant quiz, first. Make a little quiz with 2-3 non-technical questions just to make sure that everyone can use the interface. (We use questions like "Are you ready?" and "Was the homework too hard / too easy / just right?" for this purpose.)

Why assess?

As teachers we need an objective way to find out whether our teaching of a module has been successful - i.e. whether the learning objectives have been met. It's also crucial to know what the students understand and what they're still confused about.

When we're involved in the teaching and we are close to the students, it is easy to be overly optimistic about their level.

It's also helpful for CYF globally to understand what is working in each city, and where help may be needed in materials or teaching.

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