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D3.js - Radar Chart or Spider Chart - Adjusted from radar-chart-d3
height: 650
license: mit
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8"/>
<title>Radar chart</title>
<script src=""></script>
<script src="RadarChart.js"></script>
body {
overflow: hidden;
margin: 0;
font-size: 14px;
font-family: "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica;
#chart {
position: absolute;
top: 50px;
left: 100px;
<div id="body">
<div id="chart"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="script.js"></script>
//Practically all this code comes from
//I only made some additions and aesthetic adjustments to make the chart look better
//(of course, that is only my point of view)
//Such as a better placement of the titles at each line end,
//adding numbers that reflect what each circular level stands for
//Not placing the last level and slight differences in color
//For a bit of extra information check the blog about it:
var RadarChart = {
draw: function(id, d, options){
var cfg = {
radius: 5,
w: 600,
h: 600,
factor: 1,
factorLegend: .85,
levels: 3,
maxValue: 0,
radians: 2 * Math.PI,
opacityArea: 0.5,
ToRight: 5,
TranslateX: 80,
TranslateY: 30,
ExtraWidthX: 100,
ExtraWidthY: 100,
color: d3.scale.category10()
if('undefined' !== typeof options){
for(var i in options){
if('undefined' !== typeof options[i]){
cfg[i] = options[i];
cfg.maxValue = Math.max(cfg.maxValue, d3.max(d, function(i){return d3.max({return o.value;}))}));
var allAxis = (d[0].map(function(i, j){return i.axis}));
var total = allAxis.length;
var radius = cfg.factor*Math.min(cfg.w/2, cfg.h/2);
var Format = d3.format('%');"svg").remove();
var g =
.attr("width", cfg.w+cfg.ExtraWidthX)
.attr("height", cfg.h+cfg.ExtraWidthY)
.attr("transform", "translate(" + cfg.TranslateX + "," + cfg.TranslateY + ")");
var tooltip;
//Circular segments
for(var j=0; j<cfg.levels-1; j++){
var levelFactor = cfg.factor*radius*((j+1)/cfg.levels);
.attr("x1", function(d, i){return levelFactor*(1-cfg.factor*Math.sin(i*cfg.radians/total));})
.attr("y1", function(d, i){return levelFactor*(1-cfg.factor*Math.cos(i*cfg.radians/total));})
.attr("x2", function(d, i){return levelFactor*(1-cfg.factor*Math.sin((i+1)*cfg.radians/total));})
.attr("y2", function(d, i){return levelFactor*(1-cfg.factor*Math.cos((i+1)*cfg.radians/total));})
.attr("class", "line")
.style("stroke", "grey")
.style("stroke-opacity", "0.75")
.style("stroke-width", "0.3px")
.attr("transform", "translate(" + (cfg.w/2-levelFactor) + ", " + (cfg.h/2-levelFactor) + ")");
//Text indicating at what % each level is
for(var j=0; j<cfg.levels; j++){
var levelFactor = cfg.factor*radius*((j+1)/cfg.levels);
.data([1]) //dummy data
.attr("x", function(d){return levelFactor*(1-cfg.factor*Math.sin(0));})
.attr("y", function(d){return levelFactor*(1-cfg.factor*Math.cos(0));})
.attr("class", "legend")
.style("font-family", "sans-serif")
.style("font-size", "10px")
.attr("transform", "translate(" + (cfg.w/2-levelFactor + cfg.ToRight) + ", " + (cfg.h/2-levelFactor) + ")")
.attr("fill", "#737373")
series = 0;
var axis = g.selectAll(".axis")
.attr("class", "axis");
.attr("x1", cfg.w/2)
.attr("y1", cfg.h/2)
.attr("x2", function(d, i){return cfg.w/2*(1-cfg.factor*Math.sin(i*cfg.radians/total));})
.attr("y2", function(d, i){return cfg.h/2*(1-cfg.factor*Math.cos(i*cfg.radians/total));})
.attr("class", "line")
.style("stroke", "grey")
.style("stroke-width", "1px");
.attr("class", "legend")
.text(function(d){return d})
.style("font-family", "sans-serif")
.style("font-size", "11px")
.attr("text-anchor", "middle")
.attr("dy", "1.5em")
.attr("transform", function(d, i){return "translate(0, -10)"})
.attr("x", function(d, i){return cfg.w/2*(1-cfg.factorLegend*Math.sin(i*cfg.radians/total))-60*Math.sin(i*cfg.radians/total);})
.attr("y", function(d, i){return cfg.h/2*(1-Math.cos(i*cfg.radians/total))-20*Math.cos(i*cfg.radians/total);});
d.forEach(function(y, x){
dataValues = [];
.data(y, function(j, i){
cfg.w/2*(1-(parseFloat(Math.max(j.value, 0))/cfg.maxValue)*cfg.factor*Math.sin(i*cfg.radians/total)),
cfg.h/2*(1-(parseFloat(Math.max(j.value, 0))/cfg.maxValue)*cfg.factor*Math.cos(i*cfg.radians/total))
.attr("class", "radar-chart-serie"+series)
.style("stroke-width", "2px")
.style("stroke", cfg.color(series))
.attr("points",function(d) {
var str="";
for(var pti=0;pti<d.length;pti++){
str=str+d[pti][0]+","+d[pti][1]+" ";
return str;
.style("fill", function(j, i){return cfg.color(series)})
.style("fill-opacity", cfg.opacityArea)
.on('mouseover', function (d){
z = "polygon.""class");
.style("fill-opacity", 0.1);
.style("fill-opacity", .7);
.on('mouseout', function(){
.style("fill-opacity", cfg.opacityArea);
d.forEach(function(y, x){
.attr("class", "radar-chart-serie"+series)
.attr('r', cfg.radius)
.attr("alt", function(j){return Math.max(j.value, 0)})
.attr("cx", function(j, i){
cfg.w/2*(1-(parseFloat(Math.max(j.value, 0))/cfg.maxValue)*cfg.factor*Math.sin(i*cfg.radians/total)),
cfg.h/2*(1-(parseFloat(Math.max(j.value, 0))/cfg.maxValue)*cfg.factor*Math.cos(i*cfg.radians/total))
return cfg.w/2*(1-(Math.max(j.value, 0)/cfg.maxValue)*cfg.factor*Math.sin(i*cfg.radians/total));
.attr("cy", function(j, i){
return cfg.h/2*(1-(Math.max(j.value, 0)/cfg.maxValue)*cfg.factor*Math.cos(i*cfg.radians/total));
.attr("data-id", function(j){return j.axis})
.style("fill", cfg.color(series)).style("fill-opacity", .9)
.on('mouseover', function (d){
newX = parseFloat('cx')) - 10;
newY = parseFloat('cy')) - 5;
.attr('x', newX)
.attr('y', newY)
.style('opacity', 1);
z = "polygon.""class");
.style("fill-opacity", 0.1);
.style("fill-opacity", .7);
.on('mouseout', function(){
.style('opacity', 0);
.style("fill-opacity", cfg.opacityArea);
.text(function(j){return Math.max(j.value, 0)});
tooltip = g.append('text')
.style('opacity', 0)
.style('font-family', 'sans-serif')
.style('font-size', '13px');
var w = 500,
h = 500;
var colorscale = d3.scale.category10();
//Legend titles
var LegendOptions = ['Smartphone','Tablet'];
var d = [
{axis:"Social Networks",value:0.56},
{axis:"Internet Banking",value:0.42},
{axis:"News Sportsites",value:0.34},
{axis:"Search Engine",value:0.48},
{axis:"View Shopping sites",value:0.14},
{axis:"Paying Online",value:0.11},
{axis:"Buy Online",value:0.05},
{axis:"Stream Music",value:0.07},
{axis:"Online Gaming",value:0.12},
{axis:"App connected to TV program",value:0.03},
{axis:"Offline Gaming",value:0.12},
{axis:"Photo Video",value:0.4},
{axis:"Listen Music",value:0.22},
{axis:"Watch TV",value:0.03},
{axis:"TV Movies Streaming",value:0.03},
{axis:"Listen Radio",value:0.07},
{axis:"Sending Money",value:0.18},
{axis:"Use less Once week",value:0.08}
{axis:"Social Networks",value:0.41},
{axis:"Internet Banking",value:0.27},
{axis:"News Sportsites",value:0.28},
{axis:"Search Engine",value:0.46},
{axis:"View Shopping sites",value:0.29},
{axis:"Paying Online",value:0.11},
{axis:"Buy Online",value:0.14},
{axis:"Stream Music",value:0.05},
{axis:"Online Gaming",value:0.19},
{axis:"App connected to TV program",value:0.06},
{axis:"Offline Gaming",value:0.24},
{axis:"Photo Video",value:0.17},
{axis:"Listen Music",value:0.12},
{axis:"Watch TV",value:0.1},
{axis:"TV Movies Streaming",value:0.14},
{axis:"Listen Radio",value:0.06},
{axis:"Sending Money",value:0.16},
{axis:"Use less Once week",value:0.17}
//Options for the Radar chart, other than default
var mycfg = {
w: w,
h: h,
maxValue: 0.6,
levels: 6,
ExtraWidthX: 300
//Call function to draw the Radar chart
//Will expect that data is in %'s
RadarChart.draw("#chart", d, mycfg);
/////////// Initiate legend ////////////////
var svg ='#body')
.attr("width", w+300)
.attr("height", h)
//Create the title for the legend
var text = svg.append("text")
.attr("class", "title")
.attr('transform', 'translate(90,0)')
.attr("x", w - 70)
.attr("y", 10)
.attr("font-size", "12px")
.attr("fill", "#404040")
.text("What % of owners use a specific service in a week");
//Initiate Legend
var legend = svg.append("g")
.attr("class", "legend")
.attr("height", 100)
.attr("width", 200)
.attr('transform', 'translate(90,20)')
//Create colour squares
.attr("x", w - 65)
.attr("y", function(d, i){ return i * 20;})
.attr("width", 10)
.attr("height", 10)
.style("fill", function(d, i){ return colorscale(i);})
//Create text next to squares
.attr("x", w - 52)
.attr("y", function(d, i){ return i * 20 + 9;})
.attr("font-size", "11px")
.attr("fill", "#737373")
.text(function(d) { return d; })

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MaximeMaxime commented May 12, 2015

Great work on this one! Nice looking radar chart are hard to generate. Quick question (please note I am new to D3...) : is there an easy way to rotate the entire radar graph by some degree? I am trying to generate a radar graph that will not have a 'vertex' at the top, but rather have an 'edge'... Any idea? Thanks a lot :)


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sytpp commented Jun 25, 2015

Thanks @nbremer for the work that went into making a radar chart look nicer - your post on it was very helpful! Just following up that one: Like you said, it would be a nice idea to highlight the polygons on hover over the legend-key/text; did you get to implement that? It would be a great addtion!


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MartenHoogeveen commented Sep 23, 2016

What is the type of licence?


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betocollin commented Sep 1, 2017

Im pretty new to D3 and just had a look at your chart extension. Looks pretty good!
I was trying to add custom labels (e.g. Title - line break - subtitle) but could not find an easy way.
Do you know a way to extend your code for allowing that?
Thanks again.


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nareshgcs commented Sep 7, 2017

Nice work.
I am trying to do with negative values. But the dots are getting wrong positions (screenshot is attached: 20% point shows on 50% axis).
Can you help?



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johanmos commented Dec 21, 2017

Good job,
I like all this, but I dont know how to do to save the chart as image
I'm trying use this tutorial but dont work :(
Can you help me?

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