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var edit = $('.uiPopover > a');
for (var i = 0; i < edit.length; i++) { edit[i].click(); };

I'm having some problems with this one. This works for me though: $('#mainContainer .uiPopover > a').

REEGS6 commented Jul 16, 2014

not working for me

not working for me either...but i am a complete noob. desperate to delete content though! any help appreciated :)
when entering this code i get a little box in the top left corner which has a list saying "advanced settings, close all chat tabs, turn on chat"

The above code and revision did not work for me, but this did:

var edit = $('#contentArea .uiPopover > a');
for (var i = 0; i < edit.length; i++) { edit[i].click(); };

Hmmm chipaway that still isn't working for me. I'm in chrome and following everything in Nick's instructions to a T but not having any joy. When i used your version there wasn't any sort of dialogue box which popped up. Any ideas?

Just spent some time fumbling w/ the code & trying to get this to fire, but I'm getting the same issue as you all.. if/when it works I will update..


nbriz commented Jul 21, 2014

UPDATES >>>> <<< new scripts which might help ( comment here if u still have issues )

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