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$('span').each(function( i ) {
if( $(this).html() == 'Report'){ $(this).click(); }
if( $(this).html() == 'Report/Remove Tag'){ $(this).click(); }
if( $(this).html() == 'Remove Tag...'){ $(this).click(); }
if( $(this).html() == 'Delete This Photo'){ $(this).click(); }
if( $(this).html() == 'Delete'){ $(this).click(); }
if( $(this).html() == 'Delete...'){ $(this).click(); }
if( $(this).html() == 'Unlike'){ $(this).click(); }

This code isn't opening up the report/remove boxes for untagging photos. It is working for deleting other activity though.

The console reads "undefined" after the previous piece of code, indicating that the submenus are there. When I enter this code to open the report/remove boxes, the console displays:
Sorry I can't be more proactive and fix the problem myself. I really appreciate what you have shared here. Any help is also appreciated.

seeing the same issue as you, pretend... report / remove isn't firing. tested to see if it was hidden by cutting and pasting the next step:

$( "input[name|='untag']" ).click();

and it returns:


Take27 commented Jul 19, 2014

Doesn't work for me neither.please help


nbriz commented Jul 21, 2014

UPDATES >>>> <<< new scripts which might help ( comment here if u still have issues )

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