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var pheight = 0;
function quickScroll(){
if(pheight < document.height){
pheight = document.height;
window.scrollBy(0, document.height);
setTimeout(quickScroll, 500); // adjust incase ajax is slow

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@wherestheprophet wherestheprophet commented Jul 17, 2014

Good start, but if you just run this and then save the page, you'll fail to save a lot of your stuff.

Facebook defaults most time periods (e.g. "Earlier in 2014", "2013", etc) to "Highlights" with a little menu to let you choose "All Stories" instead of Highlights. (Then in the "Highlights" sections, it inserts links here and there saying e.g. "More posts from July 12 to 14".) It also truncates the ends of many posts with "See more" links, and it truncates most comment threads saying e.g. "View 4 more comments". If you don't click on all these kinds of links, your saved page will fail to include all those truncated and hidden posts. I know very little about javascript or facebook's use of html, so it would be great if you would post an enhanced code fragment to unhide/show all these things so that people could really save everything!


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@nbriz nbriz commented Jul 17, 2014

@wherestheprophet i realize that + i agree, this is a kinda quick/dirty solution, but it's all on here so folks r free + encouraged to fork && improve :)

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