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Last active November 24, 2022 11:30
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Modelling of the role of an agent in a production event with CIDOC-CRM
@prefix rdf: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .
@prefix crm: <http://> .
@prefix sari: <> .
<> a crm:E12_Production ;
crm:P01i_is_domain_of <> .
<> a crm:PC14_carried_out_by ;
crm:p02_has_range <> ;
crm:p14.1_in_the_role_of <> .
<> a crm:E55_Type .
<> a crm:E21_Person .
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datamusee commented Nov 24, 2022

#graphical view

graph LR
subgraph Exemple
A[] -->|a| A1[crm:E12_Productio]
A -->|crm:P01i_is_domain_of  | A2[]
A2 -->|a| A3[crm:PC14_carried_out_by]
A2 -->|crm:p02_has_range | A4[]
A2 -->|crm:p14.1_in_the_role_of | A5[]
A5 -->|a| A6[crm:E55_Type]
A4 -->|a| A7[crm:E21_Person]
subgraph Namespaces
id1(crm: http://<br/>)
style Namespaces width: 99%, fill:#fff
style Exemple width: 99%, fill:#fff

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