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Convert geonames RDF to usable format
# script modified from
# This script will take genames rdf dump available here
# and convert each triples to N-Triple seralization.
# The dump has one rdf document per toponym on every line of the file.
# The produced N-Triples will be written in geonames.nt file. The final geonames.nt file is approximately 13.21GB
import rdflib
fo = open("geonames.nt", "wb")
totalStmt = 0
with open("all-geonames-rdf.txt") as fileobject:
count = 0
for line in fileobject:
# print ("Line number: ", count+1, ":", line)
if count/10000 == int(count/10000):
if count%2 != 0:
g = rdflib.Graph()
result = g.parse(data=line,format='xml')
#print("graph has %s statements." % len(g))
totalStmt += len(g)
s = g.serialize(format='nt')
#print s
#g.serialize(format='nt', destination='out.nt')
# print "Feature: ", line
count = count + 1
# if count == 3000:
# break
print ("Total statements: ", totalStmt)
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