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Full credits list for Nothing To Hide's sound effects
All sound effects come from, and I've made a conscious
effort to only pick the sounds that are under actual Free Culture licenses.
So, mostly CC-Zero, some CC-BYs, but never CC-NC's, because screw that.

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qubodup commented Mar 10, 2014

Deer sweetheart (in-game credits reference),

By containing CCBY and even Sampling+ stuff, the game is not completely CC0. So let's replace!

After a quick inspection with I collected and created replacements. Here's a zip:
It contains sounds in flac, ogg and mp3 format. As far as I can tell, all sounds are covered, assuming that file basenames are unique. There is also a text file that contains information which sound is based on what, why it had to be replaced or why it didn't have to be replaced.

I hope they all fit the game still and is useful to you.

+1 for putting credits into git repo at some point, unless there's reasons.


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ncase commented Mar 10, 2014

Thank you so much for doing this, @qubodup! (and oh yeah, I should put the audio credits in the main git repo. The only reason it wasn't already -- I'm forgetful. Speaking of which, oh yeah, I should put the audio credits in the main git repo.)

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