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Add screenshot of current page as Open Graph image. Primes the cache by including the image at the bottom of the page as well.
add_action( 'wp_head', 'add_screenshot_as_ogimage' );
function add_screenshot_as_ogimage(){
// default width = 1500 -- 200px minimum, Facebook recommends 1500x1500, max image size of 5mb
echo '<meta property="og:image" content="'.urlencode( $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] . $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ).'?w=1500"/>';
echo '<meta property="og:type" content="website">'."\n";
echo '<meta property="og:url" content="'. home_url() . $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"].'"/>'."\n";
echo '<meta property="og:title" content="'.get_the_title().'"/>'."\n";
echo '<meta property="og:description" content="'.get_the_excerpt().'"/>'."\n";
// Optional
add_action( 'wp_footer', 'add_screenshot_as_ogimage_footer' );
function add_screenshot_as_ogimage_footer(){
//prime cache so FB gets the image and not a loading screen
echo '<img src="'.urlencode( $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] . $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ).'?w=1500" width="1" height="1" style="visibility: hidden;">';

I've been trying to set the op:image property using the mshots screenshot, although the facebook debugger returns the correct screenshot I'm getting "Composer Data Unavailable: Failed to get composer template data." and doesn't allow the sharing of the post in production. Did you experience any of this when passing mshots screenshot as og:image property?

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