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Does an OCR pass over a passed in PDF file and then tries to tag it using fuzzy search
tags = {
"Rechnung": "Rechnung",
"Beleg": "Rechnung"
ocrLanguage = "deu"
verbose = False
import sys, subprocess
def run(*args):
if verbose:
print("running %r" % (args, ))
result =, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
return result.stdout.decode(sys.getfilesystemencoding()).strip()
def ocr(theFile):
return run("/usr/bin/osascript", "-l", "JavaScript", "-e", ("""
app = Application("PDFScanner");
try {
process = app.ocr(Path("%(theFile)s"), {
inLanguage: "%(ocrLanguage)s"
do {
status = app.statusOf(process);
} while(status != "finished" && status != "error");
error = app.errorFor(process);
} catch(e) {
error = e;
error != null ? error : "";
""" % { "theFile": theFile, "ocrLanguage": ocrLanguage }).replace("\n", " "))
def pdf_to_text(theFile):
return run("/usr/local/bin/pdftotext", theFile, "-")
def find_tags(choices, text, max_dist=3):
from fuzzysearch import find_near_matches
ltext = text.lower()
choicetype = type(choices)
if choicetype is dict:
choices = list(choices.items())
lchoices = [choice.lower() if type(choice) != tuple else choice[0].lower() for choice in choices]
for dist in range(0, max_dist + 1):
lens = [len(find_near_matches(choice, ltext, max_l_dist=dist)) for choice in lchoices]
tags = [choice for l, choice in zip(lens, choices) if l]
if tags:
return choicetype(tags)
def tag(theFile, tags):
return run("/usr/local/bin/tag", "--add", ",".join(tags), theFile)
def notify(title, message, theFile=None):
icon = "/Applications/"
notifier = ["/usr/local/bin/terminal-notifier", "-title", title, "-message", message, "-appIcon", icon]
if theFile:
from os.path import basename, abspath
run("/usr/bin/qlmanage", "-ti", theFile, "-s", "512", "-o", "/tmp")
notifier += ["-open", "file://" + abspath(theFile), "-contentImage", "/tmp/" + basename(theFile) + ".png"]
def main():
if verbose:
print("Processing %r" % theFile)
error = ocr(theFile)
if error:
notify("OCR error", error, theFile)
text = pdf_to_text(theFile)
if verbose:
print("Found text %r" % text)
theTags = find_tags(tags, text)
if not theTags:
notify("Tagging error", "Could not find tags for "+ theFile, theFile)
reasons = {}
for k, v in theTags.items():
reasons.setdefault(v, []).append(k)
tag(theFile, reasons.keys())
notify("Finished", "Tagged " + theFile + " with " + ", ".join("{} because of Text '{}'".format(k, ", ".join(v)) for k, v in reasons.items()), theFile)
if __name__ == "__main__":
theFile = sys.argv[1]
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