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Last active Aug 9, 2018
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Current @GenFlynn tweets as of 2016-11-18 (tweets at
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37579871,2009-05-04 03:06:20 +0000,2016-11-18 05:30:35 +0000,31816,1244,68,2274,1739,07shari22,shari white,false,false,"NYC Born, Football Lover, Skin care Expert, Scientist and Lover of Quotes",@SweetFreedom29 i could not agree with u more! @CAIRNational,"Virginia Beach, Va",
763548377036402689,2016-08-11 01:31:34 +0000,2016-11-14 04:31:50 +0000,5896,5741,14,1221,726,10_flick,George,false,false,"proud American, veteran sick of PC and people who complain but never vote, DT will win, Hillary for club fed",RT @Jonioroni1: @PolitixGal and it feels so good. We can't let up. DJT needs us.,United States,
38338408,2009-05-07 01:54:47 +0000,2016-11-18 02:32:38 +0000,11439,17716,28,888,677,1315Nani,Bronx NY for Trump!,false,false,Native New Yorker on the Trump Train 🚂because I know better! Standing with Trump/Pence2016 for all our VETERANS because we owe THEM everything!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸,RT @RealJamesWoods: #DStrong Dorian has one wish before he dies of cancer: to be famous. Please RETWEET this message of love.,"Bronx, NY",
1618663214,2013-07-24 21:26:51 +0000,2016-11-10 04:00:46 +0000,4333,4262,3,225,222,13Jerome_86,Veteran,false,false,"Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, also served under Presidents Reagan, Bush Clinton and Obama. Father and Grandfather. College graduate, business owner.",RT @vivelafra: TNN: We need a news network dedicated to the patriotic Americans who helped save our country. RT if you'd watch.…,USA,
718903376826662912,2016-04-09 20:48:16 +0000,2016-07-08 13:29:46 +0000,20,35,0,155,121,1CatHater,Jim Horn,false,false,,"Need to get moving, work day you know.",,
754740260366606337,2016-07-17 18:11:15 +0000,2016-11-18 10:54:47 +0000,5363,7727,6,34,104,1DEPLORABLE,anita bryan,false,false,"Can't stand the heat stay out of my kitchen - We Won You Lost - Take your New World Order and SHOVE IT
Love Gym - Military -NRA- DONALD TRUMP AMERICA FIRST","RT @realDonaldTrump: The debates, especially the second and third, plus speeches and intensity of the large rallies, plus OUR GREAT SUPPORTERS, gave us the win!","Sarasota, FL",
2224199449,2013-12-01 04:21:21 +0000,2016-11-18 03:04:53 +0000,1657,440,3,194,35,1laxaholic,laxaholic,false,false,,"Military needs counterrevolution, reverse social engineering policies, Hunter - - @washtimes",,
3120653612,2015-03-31 15:25:58 +0000,2016-11-12 13:33:21 +0000,686,277,6,106,13,1million,$Poker,false,false,,"RT @IngrahamAngle: Yeah that's a real problem in today's culture, youth who prefer the traditional",,
521841612,2012-03-12 01:21:03 +0000,2016-11-18 01:45:12 +0000,3095,3693,13,4983,2222,22GreenGables22,Stand with Trump!,false,false,"Striving for peace among men through Jesus Christ ! Christian, conservative, family. HELP AMERICA BREAK THESE CHAINS OF HATRED",CNN IS OVER! LOOK WHAT TRUMP LEARNED MOMENTS AGO THAT WILL END WOLF BLIT... via @YouTube,Indiana,
2807407275,2014-10-05 11:22:19 +0000,2016-11-18 12:25:25 +0000,11233,377,12,92,124,247fubar,Gary Harrington,false,false,"May I commend? Slouching Toward Gomorrah (RBork). Future Jihad (Phares) BeyondtheWelfareState (YLevin) Righteous Mind (J Haidt), Fx Republic, Yuval Levin","@ron_fournier @GenFlynn @YouTube To paraphrase C Stengel, can't anybody here distinguish btw the Umma & medieval Supremacist belief system?",Here and Now,
947874361,2012-11-14 14:34:07 +0000,2016-11-18 13:06:09 +0000,16804,8080,25,206,369,25BeachLady,live,false,false,"Italian first generation born and raised in NYC, living life,mom,and wife!
GOD BLESSED US ALL!","RT @joepalojoe: KABLOOEY! Newt Gingrich WRECKS the New York Times, asks them 7 questions they can’t (WON’T) answer",,
4229255592,2015-11-14 01:21:07 +0000,2016-11-18 13:59:25 +0000,24850,20703,75,785,672,26csd,CJ,false,false,,RT @CBSThisMorning: JUST IN: @CBSNews has learned Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions has been named as President-elect Trump's pick for Atto…,,
1559553608,2013-07-01 03:40:38 +0000,2016-11-18 05:27:52 +0000,7614,9736,13,419,291,3samiflores,Sami Flores,false,false,,"@Ahsoka_Fan @100PercFEDUP @germanshepard01 @MarshallFarts5 @gamblor5555 Key word ""Americans""",California,
3400214957,2015-08-02 16:22:17 +0000,2016-11-18 02:29:40 +0000,27864,10852,76,345,792,4freedomamerica,FreeAmerica#neverHRC,false,false,"God, Family, Country. Conservative, ProLife, Freedom, ProConstitution, 2nd Ammendment, Small Goverment. Abolish ObamaCare, PP, IRS, EPA. For Term Limits.",RT @JHaystrand: Time to change channel,"Kentucky, USA",
746383620575637504,2016-06-24 16:44:57 +0000,2016-11-18 02:39:15 +0000,9756,325,10,3973,2776,4merican3agle,Deplorable Me💃🏼,false,false,"🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Wake Up America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
No 🌎 Globalism ~ No 💣 Islam","RT @atensnut: Megyn can dish it out but can't take it!! Megyn Kelly was a ""Bully"" to us: Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and I.",USA,
46002346,2009-06-10 01:28:55 +0000,2016-11-18 06:14:07 +0000,6233,10624,4,328,150,4rc2cu,Randy C. Underwood,false,false,,@Cernovich they can't control you Mike like most so they're gonna make you insignificant and not truthful. That seems to be their narrative,,
108593067,2010-01-26 12:36:26 +0000,2016-11-18 14:10:01 +0000,87439,2096,212,4904,4484,56jakesmom,Rita Richardson,false,false,"I'm a a proud American, believer in God & the Constitution, 2A, farmer's wife, mom, grandma, Sheltie mom, Nascar fan, do not add me to lists, ❤️Trump2016",RT @WashingtonDCTea: Donald Trump Selects Jeff Sessions for Attorney General - Breitbart via @BreitbartNews,"Myrtle Beach, SC",
3438614458,2015-08-24 22:54:25 +0000,2016-11-18 13:30:29 +0000,35659,41396,170,5976,7360,5945USARTR,4PresidentTrumpOnly,false,false,"1st YUGE RALLY 35,000 BAMA Sen @jeffsessions #RollTrumpRoll #Trump TrumpTrain ONLY! NO Trump Bashing Allowed #MAGA #MASA #Bluehand","#Bernie Boarding da 👉🏼🚂💨💨
#Milinenials YOU #Listening","Alabama, USA",
701423373654630400,2016-02-21 15:08:58 +0000,2016-11-18 13:51:48 +0000,4057,1,0,207,228,5Floydog,RabboniDomhnallO'Goy,false,false,"USAFVet Many Yrs in Europe-80's Follower of Yeshua Ha Mashiach,Our Saviour Eternally #KJV #TheTrueIsrael #LoveBannon #EndZionism #TheOnlyLivingGOD #ErinGoBragh",RT @5Floydog: Scorpions - Wind Of Change via @YouTube THAT WE COULD BE SO CLOSE..LIKE BRRRRROOOOTHERS,NH Libtard-hunter Rott/Bulldog,
15746556,2008-08-06 05:32:36 +0000,2016-11-16 22:56:59 +0000,10472,2209,552,510,92205,5sf,5-Second Films,true,false,We make movies. The length varies greatly.,"RT @toonholechris: Check out the teaser for the music vid that @Timizims directed for my band @lordloudmusic!
👁👁-->…",Los Angeles,
575690862,2012-05-09 19:20:34 +0000,2016-11-18 13:05:25 +0000,9211,8979,108,5184,4941,5StarLeadership,Dale R. Wilson,false,false,"Sharing thoughts on leadership, as well as principled values, virtues & wisdom, to guide military & business professionals to victory. Member @MilWritersGuild.","Apparently, the @realDonaldTrump transition team has not contacted the Pentagon @DeptofDefense via @LateNightSeth","Easton, Pennsylvania",
43126513,2009-05-28 15:07:47 +0000,2016-11-18 04:05:58 +0000,2334,1992,0,822,151,5THRINGFORPATS,Blaze Supernova,false,false,Father of Two | Politically Incorrect | Fiscal Conservative | Social Moderate | Sports Fanatic | Bulldog Owner | Golf Lover | Beer Enthusiast,"@joelcox78 @redheadbomb @AngBagby
Wow, what an asshole you are. Typical Hillary supporter.",,
1849839132,2013-09-10 00:33:21 +0000,2016-11-18 14:06:12 +0000,103919,11223,147,8682,9062,6549lmartin,Linda D. Martin,false,false,"I am not a hyphenated American, I am an American, Jewish #HomeFrontHugs Greatest gratitude for our HEROES who put their lives on the line for us.",European Union Orders British Press NOT to Report when Terrorists are Muslims,"East Lansing, MI",
33923443,2009-04-21 14:43:32 +0000,2016-11-18 00:03:55 +0000,177294,8977,3630,93124,4203090,6BillionPeople,MarQuis Trill,true,false,Entertainment Mogul |Award Winning YouTube Artist/ DJ |Social Media Influencer | I support everyone in this world with a dream. Join The Movement & #Followback,@Remixgodsuede dm # ASAP,"Houston, TX",
769958789256663040,2016-08-28 18:04:15 +0000,2016-11-18 07:47:19 +0000,3436,2968,7,811,484,71Timez,American1st,false,false,Concerned about all things concerning /// #MAGA #NeverForget #AlwaysTrump #BigLeagueTruth ///,RT @JohnFromCranber: Many People Don't Seem to Understand That All That Stands Between us and Anarchy are The Men/Women in Blue. #tcot,United States,
16729563,2008-10-13 23:12:05 +0000,2016-11-18 08:56:11 +0000,31951,341,35,1636,533,7CGcpa,"CG, CPA",false,false,NOT PC Christian/traditionalist/Constitutionally-Limited Govt/Free Markets/Fiscal Responsibility/Rest to local/state/The People/non-profits LD1AZGOP PC,"RT @MissLizzyNJ: So Democrats want to #AuditTheVote now? Great idea, as it will show us exactly how many dead people and illegals voted for Hillary Clinton.",,
710829051770839040,2016-03-18 14:03:47 +0000,2016-11-18 14:06:07 +0000,8656,7718,16,85,244,7Crawdadz,Lk 19:45-48,false,false,Christian Independent Voter,RT @SenatorSessions: Chairman Sessions: Obama Administration Confirms Surge In Illegal Immigration:,Midwest,
1854971202,2013-09-11 17:49:13 +0000,2016-11-17 16:09:38 +0000,5191,3430,173,579,15477,82ndABNDiv,82nd Airborne Div,true,false,"Official account of the 82nd Airborne Division, an active airborne infantry division of the US Army specializing in airborne joint forcible entry operations.",#AllAmerican 6 leading the entire 73rd Cavalry Regiment during their esprit de corps #run this morning on @FtBraggNC,"Fort Bragg, NC",
720980329201143809,2016-04-15 14:21:20 +0000,2016-11-18 13:48:26 +0000,2438,4535,16,1562,1751,940heidi,Lady H,false,false,Wife #Christian first #LE Background Passionate about America FF by #GenFlynn #StevenSeagal #HarlanHill #MichaelEnglish,"@LindseyGrahamSC If true you've got no say in President Elect Trump's what/how he chooses to run his administration:",A place called Earth,
1049681827,2012-12-31 06:38:53 +0000,2016-11-18 13:12:17 +0000,229047,102465,793,38754,47189,_CFJ_,CFJ-►#AllLivesMatter,false,false,"Host: Ascend Conservatism Show | Author: 'Remember Jan.3rd,07' | #TCOT | Founder of #iSBU---►#SOT #SOV","The Dallas Fallen Officer Found.
Assist families of Fallen Officers
critically injured or k…",Inside Libs Heads (Lotta Room),
2461452080,2014-04-24 13:09:22 +0000,2016-11-18 10:14:24 +0000,109223,61721,492,21690,33392,_HankRearden,American Hank,false,false,Christian. Populist. Alt-Right. Support President Trump. Free Assange. - HankRearden,What about Jewish hatred of whites?,,
4510755552,2015-12-09 20:34:38 +0000,2016-11-18 10:25:32 +0000,2551,6416,266,812,40083,_Makada_,Makada 🇺🇸,false,false,Spokeswoman for Black Americans for Trump,"RT @_Makada_: 15 Year-Old Trump Supporter in #MAGA Hat Viciously Beaten by Hillary Supporters During School Anti-Trump Protest",,
21450972,2009-02-21 00:40:09 +0000,2016-11-18 01:17:07 +0000,760,8,13,248,103,_msafi,Masoud Safi,false,false,"Founder and President at Dream Social LLC /
15 years veteran of telecommunications, 5 years veteran of financial industry",@facebook can you please provide a billing support phone number?,"Bay Area, California",
560362455,2012-04-22 13:05:57 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:15 +0000,25229,3435,55,1898,2020,_RaulRevere,Chris Matthew's Leg,false,false,Chronically micro-aggressive deplorable Reagan Conservative. Not Politically Correct. Guns make good people safe. #ClimateChange should be called #Weather.,"RT @toddstarnes: Obama on his minions: ""I wouldn't advise them to be silent."" What about violent, sir? Would you advise them not to be violent?",,
202750031,2010-10-14 18:57:55 +0000,2016-11-18 14:07:51 +0000,32785,52123,123,58,663,_Richard_A_King,Richard King,false,false,,RT @mitchellvii: The snowflakes at these Trump protests are most upset that they'll no longer be able to tell their parents they can't get a job.,,
711395361177214977,2016-03-20 03:34:06 +0000,2016-11-18 05:15:20 +0000,1648,1056,7,56,231,_VictoryorDeath,Anthony Michael,false,false,Victory or Death. Truth seeker. Patriot. Defender of free speech. Proud to be an American. Rock-n-Roller. Rabble-rouser.,@cyanxander @washingtonpost Thanks Ann! CNN should have provided sources and an explanation and not have to have other viewers provide.,"Hollywood, CA",
4902885977,2016-02-12 22:50:02 +0000,2016-11-18 10:43:42 +0000,882,962,23,2205,638,A8B2N,Alex McRaven,false,false,,"RT @Varneyco: .@Nigel_Farage on Obama & Merkel: ""the poor darlings are in denial... their world view has taken an absolute beatin…",Berchtesgaden,
72729106,2009-09-09 01:35:55 +0000,2016-11-17 21:36:14 +0000,10142,2423,11,772,283,AAKing27,Aaron King,false,false,"Former 101st ABN, OIF Veteran. Interested in Economics, Foreign Policy and NatSec issues. Detroit sports and huge Jack Burton fan.","@JamesMMcCormack Me personally, I wouldn't do it. Just thinking of what his thought process was.",N 38°51' 0'' / W 77°7' 0'',
761401522798333952,2016-08-05 03:20:44 +0000,2016-11-18 14:01:26 +0000,14257,0,33,12144,14175,AbbyMartinM,Abby Martin✨,false,false,🇺🇸TRUMP OURS PRESIDENT!!🇺🇸🇺🇸 Dream highly❤️!#MAGA #Trumptrain #GodBlessAmerica #PresidentTrump #LawAndOrder #DrainTheSwamp,"TRUMP Announces National Security Team: Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn-NSA, Sen. Sessions as AG, Rep. Pompeo to Head CIA…","Washington, DC",
28785486,2009-04-04 12:40:32 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:39 +0000,149975,466,45382,799,8014186,ABC,ABC News,true,false,See the whole picture with @ABC News. Join us on Facebook:,"NEW: Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo offered the position of CIA director, senior Trump transition officials say.…",New York City / Worldwide,
195109044,2010-09-25 20:46:05 +0000,2016-11-18 03:33:01 +0000,6805,1583,62,829,1281,Abel_Romero_,Abel Romero,false,false,"@MissileDefAdv Dir of Gov Rel | Fmr @NNSANews | #MissileDefense/#Nuclear Nonproliferation | @MissouriState DSS, @McMuniv alum | #Texan | RT ≠ endorsement",RT @LarsLose: Proud to welcome Frigate HDMS Peter Willemoes to Baltimore & to showcase danish maritime solutions to US business p…,"Washington, D.C.",
43037025,2009-05-28 03:23:22 +0000,2016-11-18 14:10:01 +0000,98907,34984,303,31115,31206,AbnInfVet,Airborne Patriot,false,false,"US Army 82nd Airborne Disabled Veteran, Constitutional Conservative, Roman Catholic. Life Member of the 82nd Abn Assn. VFW, DAV, PVA & NRA Endowment. #USFA",When will people realize that socialism is a failed system? #ENLIST in our patriot army at,"Patriotville, California. USA",
301628954,2011-05-19 19:49:47 +0000,2016-11-17 23:12:46 +0000,3665,35,269,164,4465,ACapaccio,Anthony Capaccio,true,false,I came to Washington in March 1977 as an intern for investigative columnist Jack Anderson and stayed. Started covering defense for Bloomberg in late 1997.,@BGOV breaks: Pentagon/@StateDept OK Up to $31.2B in Jet Sales to Kuwait and Qatar; 72 F-15QAs to Qatar; 32 F/A-18s for Kuwait,Washington D.C.,
394751228,2011-10-20 15:32:00 +0000,2016-11-17 22:24:16 +0000,2475,152,6,848,845,acarra3,⚓️ QB,false,false,USA 🇺🇸United We Stand,RT @BradRHoff: Looks like @sofrep declaring war on CIA--special forces angry now--spilling beans on training jihadis 4 #Syria ops,550 meters out,
720822770704195584,2016-04-15 03:55:15 +0000,2016-11-15 17:25:32 +0000,911,1897,97,3,7129,aconman_,AsianConservativeMan,false,false,"Just your average, everyday Asian-American conservative. Principles include low taxes, colorblindness, endless war, family values, open borders. #NeverTrump","What's grim about higher GDP, greater diversity (mestizos!), more people who'll do jobs others won't, & other benef…",USA (formerly Asia),
722528529716383744,2016-04-19 20:53:20 +0000,2016-11-18 03:01:05 +0000,1187,855,116,154,12320,ACTBrigitte,Brigitte Gabriel,false,false,"Founder of @ACTforAmerica, the nation's largest grassroots national security organization. NYT Best-selling author, National Security expert, & guest analyst.","RT @newtgingrich: What kind of argument does @RahmEmanuel plan to make for protecting rapists, murderers & drug dealers in Chicago?…",USA,
168541923,2010-07-19 17:18:06 +0000,2016-11-17 14:29:03 +0000,9612,1186,1038,1837,57657,ACTforAmerica,ACT for America,false,false,"We are the NRA of national security. The nation's largest non-profit, grassroots organization devoted to promoting national security & defeating terrorism.",,,
733146926120468481,2016-05-19 04:07:03 +0000,,4,582,0,52,9,AdamChaseUSA,Adam Chase,false,true,,,United States of America,
21534951,2009-02-22 01:33:40 +0000,2016-11-18 00:21:28 +0000,19001,208,843,1492,16238,adamgoldmanNYT,Adam Goldman,true,false,Reporter at The New York Times.,RT @AP: BREAKING: Senior official: Trump has offered retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn job as national security adviser.,DC,
2447357024,2014-04-16 14:37:52 +0000,2016-11-17 23:08:05 +0000,6111,85,16,609,328,AdamKuhl1,AdamKuhl,false,false,,RT @LOLBOOKcom: Abandoned Baby Rhino Loves His Morning Jog. He's so happy they found him. #savinglives #rescue #baby #rhino #LOLBook,,
383985716,2011-10-02 21:25:40 +0000,2016-11-17 18:52:07 +0000,3520,7148,39,1865,8148,AdBell45,A.D.Bell,false,false,"Army Vet, Realist Party Affil., Father, College Graduate, Man, Not a Liberal or a Conservative. Visit My Website:",RT @pambesteder: @Samstwitch @AdBell45 Here's the link to their site Give them TONS OF NEW BUSINESS!,Hometown Chicago/Live in WA,
15907720,2008-08-19 18:39:07 +0000,2016-11-17 16:28:44 +0000,7911,450,16005,30,2509438,addthis,AddThis,true,false,"Grow your website with tools trusted by over 15 million sites.
Need support? Get in touch @addthissupport",@GertyBoy27 Please email @addthissupport at help [at] addthis [dot] com. Thanks!,DC,
55388809,2009-07-09 22:46:24 +0000,2016-11-11 11:01:07 +0000,5144,70,10,379,254,AddyG16,Adam Gunn,false,false,"Whiskey Drinker, Coffee Addict, TV Junkie @SOFREP Member @HelpforHeroes Supporter","RT @ThatPeterAustin: ""The more we sweat in peace the less we bleed in war.""
After all that's happened in 2016, let's not forget what hap…","England,Colchester",!/profile.php?id=1094509162
66054233,2009-08-16 04:45:15 +0000,2016-11-18 11:05:51 +0000,47433,10675,136,12302,12513,Adjustedwell,Adjusted Well,false,false,Former Lt. USN 6 years active 4 years reserves. Media is America's largest problem. Advocate Smaller Government and Traditional Family Values. Texas is my home.,Innocence of Muslims Full Video 2015 Innocence of Muslim video exposing Islam and the murderous t Mohammad.,USA,
2568046006,2014-05-28 00:01:41 +0000,2016-11-17 22:55:30 +0000,755,6454,6,456,418,adrianaeht,Adriana🇺🇸,false,false,Christian•Conservative •Pro-Life•Pro-Gun•NRA Member•VETERANS FIRST! NO MORE REFUGEES! #2A #NRAMember #BackTheBlue #GodBlessOurVeterans #MAGA,"RT @Lrihendry: My parents disciplined me as a child. As a result, I now suffer from a psychological condition… It's called respect for others! #TrumpRiots","Florida, USA",
176497707,2010-08-09 18:08:56 +0000,2016-11-18 13:20:33 +0000,2514,2017,81,715,2600,aeiSpeakers,AEI Speakers,false,false,"AEI Speakers Bureau - Your best choice for professional, quality keynote speakers since 1991. Call 617.782.3111 or email",RT @DerekDaly500: Met Royalty tonight in Philly- David not Roger but cud be twins @aeiSpeakers,"Boston, MA",
8935052,2007-09-17 18:00:02 +0000,2016-11-18 14:10:06 +0000,163204,2575,893,3852,8761,Aelkus,'((Adam (Elkus))),false,false,"PhD student, @CSS_GMU. Work on strategy + simulation. One year fellow @NewAmCyber; all tweets my own. Doge version:",Not all useful suggestions but also an voice that speaks from experience. And some points (esp. on weak opponents)…,"Washington, D.C.",
64582861,2009-08-11 01:27:32 +0000,2016-11-09 11:42:26 +0000,5401,1018,6,2101,1151,aetm68,aetm,false,false,Si eres neutral en situaciones de injusticia has elegido el lado del opresor. Desmond Tutu,RT @realDonaldTrump: Such a beautiful and important evening! The forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again. We will all come together as never before,,
2886998351,2014-11-21 15:51:27 +0000,2016-11-17 11:10:21 +0000,1337,7,22,952,769,AfghanWarBlog,Afghan War News,false,false,Website and Blog on the Afghan War.,"#Germany continues to support the NATO mission in #Afghanistan. Will keep almost 1,000 troops in the war-torn count…",,
61641156,2009-07-31 00:19:05 +0000,2016-11-11 13:36:58 +0000,5923,17,20,478,453,AFPclackamas,Bill @ AFP,false,false,"Clackamas for Freedom and Prosperity located in Clackamas County, Oregon. Working to support free enterprise, limited government, personal liberty",The Communists Behind the Anti-Trump Protests | @scoopit,"Portland, OR metro area",
3144824291,2015-04-07 17:39:27 +0000,2016-11-11 14:33:51 +0000,69,254,5,4973,1465,AGNRemembers,AGr8flNationRemembrs,false,false,"Memorial Day weekend ceremonies that honor & thank all who serve our nation and have given their all: Sunday 5/28/17 @ 10am & 2pm and Monday, 5/29/17 @ 12pm","THANK YOU Veterans. We honor, remember & support you. May we teach the next Gen to do the same -to ALWAYS #thankavet","Yuba City, CA",
44411657,2009-06-03 17:50:20 +0000,2016-11-05 10:08:16 +0000,382,140,22,480,840,agrestap,Pete Agresta,false,false,"Markets, sales, data analytics, start-ups and sports. Equity research, fintech and security.",RT @convert_trader: Joe Maddon yanked Hendricks from the victory Parade after 4 2/3 blocks,"Rockville Centre, NY",
4793819475,2016-01-13 11:59:10 +0000,2016-11-14 15:57:16 +0000,922,2391,6,72,24,Agrotera7,Agrotera,false,false,"Forensic Psychology, Criminal Psychology, Social Psychology. Profiler, and an American with Scottish Roots. American first.",Look ! #Negasonic Teenage Warhead was arrested. #Deadpool,,
1494835716,2013-06-09 06:56:44 +0000,2016-11-18 14:03:55 +0000,406095,2736,792,82413,81010,AIIAmericanGirI,All American Girl,false,false,"[ Wife, Mother, Patriot, Friend ] Searching the Internet for news relevant to conservatives. Both good and bad so we can be informed, debate, agree or correct.","New Jersey Attorney General Admits Stun Gun Ban is Unconstitutional",Wisconsin,
45428374,2009-06-07 21:32:41 +0000,2016-11-17 22:07:17 +0000,8720,3331,3,261,92,airvato,Brian Hansen,false,false,,RT @NRAblog: Looking back on Monday's history-making Henry 1000 Man Shoot Presented by @NRA at @benaveryrange:…,"Ashburn, VA",
272131194,2011-03-25 22:14:01 +0000,2016-11-17 19:47:54 +0000,353,46,10,614,265,ajclark006,AJ,false,false,"Working with geospatial, cyber security, social, and mobile technology these days. Interested in international disaster relief and any board sports.","RT @bmcclendon: ""VR’s killer app has arrived, and it’s Google Earth""",always traveling,
266894776,2011-03-16 00:34:14 +0000,2016-11-18 13:40:47 +0000,126896,19497,893,951,64125,AJDelgado13,A.J. Delgado,true,false,commentator/columnist/attorney; Harvard Law alum; dog-welfare fanatic!; proud Latina; and Trump Campaign Senior Advisor & Hispanic Outreach Director. #3:16,"RT @albertemartinez: Final Cuban-American vote average: Trump 58%, Rubio 69% - not exit polls, actual votes counted in 30+ precincts.",Instagram: @AJDelgado13,
4970411,2007-04-17 08:23:08 +0000,2016-11-18 14:04:04 +0000,164411,328,50025,232,3411259,AJEnglish,Al Jazeera English,true,false,Everyone has a story worth hearing. Follow @AJENews for breaking news. Add us on Snapchat: AJENews.,India's master artisans of an ancient toy-making tradition compete with cheap imports and the lure of modern cities…,"Doha, Qatar",
96408571,2009-12-12 20:05:47 +0000,,10010,8852,19,3544,2658,AJKFreeland,AJK Freeland,false,false,"Fiery conservative, red head capitalist, legal junkie, grower of roses and tomatoes, drinker of wine, smoker of good cigars, scholar of the law.",,Midwest,
50795199,2009-06-25 22:36:39 +0000,2016-11-17 23:29:41 +0000,1824,10000,0,254,64,ajtsetter,ajtsetter,false,false,Dual national US/UK. But more UK than US. Near to Thomas Hardy's Casterbridge real home.,@tobyharnden Not necessarily. Just hoping for the best.,Maryland/England,
742051144856272897,2016-06-12 17:49:14 +0000,2016-11-18 08:08:17 +0000,2688,15,9,42,22,akinorono,Akin O'Rono,false,false,OLDER THAN GREEK DEMOCRACY Penobscot Indian Nation#10 FIRST Amerinds told Story of Saisos taught to read/write KnowNORUMBEGA Legend MAINEarchaeoastronomyHAWAII,@transition2017 @oreillyfactor No one more dejected about the blight on our education system&has more heart than Bill O'Reilly. EDUCATION,"Hawaii, USA",
103121228,2010-01-08 23:48:00 +0000,2016-11-18 13:11:54 +0000,18853,1141,207,321,8356,Al_Baldasaro,Rep Al Baldasaro,false,false,"Trump 2016 Veteran CoChair
(22 Yrs)
NH State Rep District 5 (Londonderry)
State-Federal Rel & Vet Affrs Comm",RT @LouDobbs: Israeli Ambassador to U.S.: We Look Forward to Working with Steve Bannon #MAGA #AmericaFirst #TrumpTrain #Dobbs,"Londonderry, NH",
2884071963,2014-11-19 14:45:03 +0000,2016-11-18 01:25:52 +0000,6484,4635,112,22814,23970,Al_Demmer,Al Demmer,false,false,USAF Security Forces | National Advisory Council D.C | Counterterrorism Tech Consult | Former Reuters & AP Military Liaison-1996 | #2AForAReason,@America_1st_ I have replace @Starbucks with a Ninja Coffee Maker. Check it out. Best $129 I have ever spent. F…,USA ,
390979412,2011-10-14 21:12:33 +0000,2016-11-18 03:04:54 +0000,2601,1997,9,177,87,alan_acuff,alan acuff,false,false,,"RT @realDonaldTrump: I have recieved and taken calls from many foreign leaders despite what the failing @nytimes said. Russia, U.K., China, Saudi Arabia, Japan,","Collinsville, OK",
3762035549,2015-09-24 16:46:13 +0000,2016-11-18 01:16:38 +0000,38840,14527,47,491,761,alanahoff144,Lana Hoff,false,false,,"RT @RealDJTrumpTeam: Very Nice @DanScavino!
Make America Great Again! @realDonaldTrump @mike_pence #AmericaFirst #MAGA",,
2550649962,2014-06-06 18:15:31 +0000,2016-11-18 13:23:53 +0000,37674,26259,169,30903,28425,AlbionAwakes,Press 2 For English,false,false,Press 1 For Spanish. Press 2 For English. Press 3 for Ebonics. Please hold for #WhiteGenocide,"@PrisonPlanet Being a Trump supporter is, like, being a Jew in Nazi Germany?",Kingdom of the East Saxons,
745413251610009601,2016-06-22 00:29:03 +0000,,0,557,0,471,23,alesia_cox2,Alesia Cox,false,false,,,,
1706302074,2013-08-28 04:39:07 +0000,2016-11-18 06:07:09 +0000,12517,19081,20,431,526,alex_forreal,Alex Blazquez 🇺🇸,false,false,Liberty. Free Market. Sound Money. Anti-State. Anti-War. American. ✌⚾ #TrumpTrain,"RT @AmericanSoWoke: Ivanka sells bracelet on 60 Minutes: SCANDAL!
Hillary sells influence everywhere: crickets.","Alameda, CA",
2614961185,2014-07-10 06:42:05 +0000,2016-11-08 02:15:40 +0000,20,154,2,2351,683,alexhawkins340,Alex Hawkins,false,false,"I'm a very strong supporter for @realdonaldtrump. #TrumpPence2016. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain! Christian, patriot, stand with Israel! 2A! #bluelivesmatter.",Tomorrow is Election Day! God please save our country!,,
6782762,2007-06-13 04:57:34 +0000,2016-11-18 04:29:38 +0000,122124,14810,1222,1653,37991,ali,Ali,false,false,Political consultant turned publisher. Editorial Director @onRabble. Still an activist. Amateur investor. Curator and culture critic.,Apple finally acknowledges iPhone ‘Touch Disease’ problem by denying responsibility via @thenextweb,"Baton Rouge, LA",
379358070,2011-09-24 20:30:13 +0000,2016-09-07 16:00:07 +0000,3039,127,213,7083,12138,AliciaMSimons,Alicia Simons,false,false,"Focused on highly effective marketing to position innovative authors for success. Love seeing generosity, things that make me laugh, and my family",Raising Digital Kids? You need #Screenwisebook! Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (& Survive) in Their Digital World.,"Boston, MA",
103674586,2010-01-10 21:44:53 +0000,2016-11-18 05:47:03 +0000,158,2355,182,1985,5947,alikhedery,Ali Khedery,true,false,"Founder & CEO, Dragoman Ventures - Texas Longhorn - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, U.S. State Department, U.S. CENTCOM & ExxonMobil veteran. RT ≠ Endorsement",RT @Sophiemcneill: Heavy bombardment reported tonight in E #Aleppo A father there just filmed this clip of his 2 mth old -Terrifying b…,Terra Firma,
237403203,2011-01-12 19:27:31 +0000,2016-11-18 13:46:37 +0000,7351,72,5344,775,580844,AllenWest,Allen West,true,false,"Former Congressman, retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and author of Guardian of the Republic",BREAKING: Trump announces CIA director and attorney general picks...,,
318136173,2011-06-16 01:11:04 +0000,2016-11-18 13:11:06 +0000,46119,3267,417,3420,23317,AllenWestRepub,Allen West Republic,false,false,"We are NOT Congressman Allen B. West but a Republic of conservatives from across the nation, united to support Allen West and his level of conservatism.",The twisting of words by the leftist media against the Trump campaign is non-stop. Allen West steps up to the...,Everywhere USA,
49412796,2009-06-21 20:09:07 +0000,2016-11-09 08:27:06 +0000,168,6,3,406,368,alleydw,David Alley,false,false,,Five reasons why social media monitoring is essential,"Washington, DC",
47960267,2009-06-17 13:31:47 +0000,2016-11-18 14:04:29 +0000,3442,545,444,696,8371,AllMattNYT,Matthew Rosenberg,false,false,"Internationally known, locally ... uhhhh ... well ... riding the coat tails of @nytimes, covering national security, defense, foreign affairs and all that.","RT @peterbakernyt: Bannon and Priebus agree with Trump that son-in-law Kushner should join White House staff. @juliehdavis
@maggieNYT",Washington & beyond,
741977462028926976,2016-06-12 12:56:27 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:25 +0000,22611,34419,121,4992,4296,almostjingo,Basket of Victories,false,false,Finally excited about the future! Proud supporter of President Trump🇺🇸 #TrumpTrain #MAGA #TrumpPence16 #DrainTheSwamp ❌🐲🇺🇸 #FreeAssange,"RT @MissLizzyNJ: In 5 minutes, The MSM has focused more on Jeff Sessions than they have on Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton i…","West Hollywood, CA",
118756393,2010-03-01 17:18:27 +0000,2016-11-17 20:35:00 +0000,2848,243,3199,872,209826,AmbJohnBolton,John Bolton,true,false,"Diplomat and lawyer, served as the US Permanent Representative to the UN and as Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security.",Melvin Laird was a patriot & great public servant as a congressman & later as Secy of Defense. Condolences to his family. He will be missed.,"Washington, DC",
2737390543,2014-08-16 14:41:49 +0000,2016-11-18 14:03:42 +0000,11208,1564,23,79,282,America1st4ever,AmericansTrump/Pence,false,false,"Christian, Conservative, Constitutionalist, America First Forever, Trump Supporter",TREASON: Top General Admitting Obama Knowingly Armed ISIS via @YouTube,,
778257194076831744,2016-09-20 15:39:09 +0000,2016-11-18 14:01:29 +0000,10392,0,20,7522,8907,America4Trump_,AmericaForTrump🇺🇸,false,false,President Trump is a warrior giving a voice to those of us who don't have one. @realDonaldTrump,"TRUMP Announces National Security Team: Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn-NSA, Sen. Sessions as AG, Rep. Pompeo to Head CIA…","Washington, DC",
4218156466,2015-11-18 13:07:10 +0000,2016-11-18 02:51:16 +0000,3464,16,158,12731,25867,America_1st_,America First!,false,false,,"Tom Hanks: ""I hope the president-elect does such a great job that I vote for his re-election in four years.""",,
68698563,2009-08-25 13:56:20 +0000,2016-11-18 12:17:43 +0000,56616,57262,147,6075,21489,america_trump,Trump 4 America,false,false,Donald Trump supporter since day 1🇺🇸#Followed by @SeanHannity @ScottBaio @DineshDSouza @GenFlynn @SarahHuckabee & proudly blocked by @chefsymon,RT @america_trump: .@realDonaldTrump will get more done in 3 months than Obama has gotten done in the last 8 years‼️👍🏻, U S A,
3306629815,2015-08-05 04:16:15 +0000,2016-11-18 14:07:20 +0000,38835,29315,237,3152,36754,AmericanMex067,Jorge 🇺🇸 MAGA,false,false,National Chair - Latinos With Trump #ICU RN Future Nurse Anesthetist. Mexican by blood American by Heart. #Trump2016 #LatinosWithTrump,"RT @PrisonPlanet: Starbucks SJWs call cops on customer for requesting ""Trump"" name on his coffee cup.","Everywhere, USA",
860701987,2012-10-04 02:07:05 +0000,2016-10-11 16:51:58 +0000,142,44,2,379,75,AMitchellMason,AmandaMitchellMason,false,false,"Director, Strategic Programs @ Marklogic; MD Air National Guard Officer; Founder of Project Enyo (501c(3))",Gartner published its latest Magic Quadrant for ODBMS - MarkLogic is favorably featured #MagicQuadrant #OMDBS,Metro DC,
209099735,2010-10-28 14:21:00 +0000,2016-11-18 12:02:37 +0000,3016,3244,340,1081,9163,AmityShlaes,Amity Shlaes,false,false,"Chair, Coolidge Foundation. Presidential Scholar, The King's College. Books: Coolidge, The Forgotten Man, The Forgotten Man Graphic. At:","Walking in Northampton, Coolidge suggested each son put an ear to the limestone wall of a bank: ""Can you hear the m…",,
2417813899,2014-03-29 18:20:13 +0000,,16582,61803,39,111,380,AMTrautt,ATW,false,false,Supporter of our new true American Hero Donald J. Trump!! @realDonaldTrump is the only one who truly is fighting against the rigged political/big donors system,,United States,
760521588,2012-08-16 01:14:44 +0000,2016-11-17 01:47:25 +0000,1136,3604,0,107,84,amy_rogerson,Amy Rogerson,false,false,"Longhorn alum, Air Force Public Affairs, Blogger, Professional Thrift Store Shopper",RT @Scoop_DoaneTF: Never let it be said that Fred Beile isn't down with social media.,,
1976997764,2013-10-21 01:23:13 +0000,2016-11-14 04:14:51 +0000,18100,14220,35,4053,2923,amyharwood26,#winner amy adorable,false,false,I'm a mother of 2 i love rock and country and politics and writing/NEVER HILLARY,@VoteTrumpPics @michaelkeyes I WOULD SUGGUEST TRUMP GIVE HIS SALRARY TO CHARITY,"Washington, USA",
20831645,2009-02-14 04:40:46 +0000,2016-11-18 05:19:27 +0000,2298,1427,15,1132,286,amylulu1,amylulu1,false,false,,@IsraelandStufff @TtaimanHoney ps - ignore headlines- i'm sure nobody said that - is it haaretz? they are really destructive w their spin.,,
954124423,2012-11-17 18:46:39 +0000,2016-11-18 05:34:28 +0000,39520,61876,1327,7079,117579,AmyMek,Amy Mek,false,false,"God, Family & Country; Sports Fitness & Vegan; Psychotherapist, Relationship Counselor & Fixer; Fight 4 Wrongfully Incarcerated & Animals #NRA #Trump2016",Hang out with me for too long and I'll brainwash you into thinking for yourself.🤓,"NYC, LA ",
400244959,2011-10-28 18:34:23 +0000,,31581,55496,1,130,852,amymlcollins,Amy,false,false,super 3 *K/H. Amy-Marie Collins proud Independent who is Fiscally conservative BUT 100% socially liberal! #Trump2016,,"Holden, MA",
350437162,2011-08-07 19:33:57 +0000,2016-11-18 01:03:09 +0000,178435,10641,792,3272,3825,ANCHORSEND1,POINTOFVIEW II,false,false,"You are the Michelangelo of your life. The David you are sculpting is you. Power is within, under your control. Writer RTsNOTendorsements.",RT @chuckwoolery: The Blunt Force Truth team projects #Trump will knock his first 100 days out of the park. Find out why here:…,L.A.,
706022607741542400,2016-03-05 07:44:41 +0000,2016-11-18 06:42:58 +0000,22793,23332,34,58,117,ande_coach,Flyers Coach,false,false,,"@amzmomrocks @FoxNews @brookefoxnews Good one, but ur gonna have to order a lot more!!!",,
37221823,2009-05-02 15:54:51 +0000,2016-11-05 18:15:49 +0000,90,3,2,292,109,anderscu,Curtis Anderson,false,false,"Husband, Dad, Brother, Son and Friend","Daddy's little Soldier! Rory loves his outdit😀 @ Lorton, Lorton, Virginia",Hawaii,
2316246829,2014-01-29 00:15:12 +0000,2016-11-18 02:23:01 +0000,49899,23648,820,110278,119245,andersonDrLJA,Dr. Lynn J Anderson,false,false,Family Man; Christian (LDS); Retired Colonel USArmy; 5 GGFather killed in Revolutionary War; Father Navy WWII; Brother Marine VietNam: Want USA Back As Once Was,RT @andersonDrLJA: #GeorgeSoros: Top 10 Reasons He Is HAZARDOUS TO AMERICA'S HEALTH! #STOPSoros NOW! |,Please Visit & Like,
36452050,2009-04-29 19:29:17 +0000,,7385,2581,4430,624,521347,AndreaTantaros,Andrea Tantaros,false,true,"Journalist, Author, Political Analyst. Taken. For speaking/media inquiries contact Arendsen-Cane LA: 310-820-9900",,NYC,
330978029,2011-07-07 13:17:27 +0000,2016-11-18 13:51:31 +0000,10798,4300,33,721,549,AndrewScheidl,Andrew Scheidl,false,false,"Former army officer. Background or interest in strategy, national security, foreign policy, history.",RT @PeterRNeumann: Beware the liberal thought police,Ottawa,
117767052,2010-02-26 15:02:41 +0000,2016-11-18 13:26:58 +0000,57480,33074,84,1750,1076,andrewsiff,cookboy,false,false,"Work, eat, sleep, repeat. Classically trained chef, 39 years in the industry.",RT @ScottPresler: Thank you to President-Elect Trump for working with FORD to keep its plant in Kentucky. Not even President & he's getting things done!,"Nassawadox and Richmond, Va.",
529548712,2012-03-19 17:19:30 +0000,2016-11-18 14:04:22 +0000,74930,12816,398,29827,28113,AndyTho10107697,Andy Thompson,false,false,"Conservative, U.S. Naval Academy, Former USMC Officer,KY Born,MBA USF, Constitution, NRA Life Member,Pro-Life, JESUS is KING,Baptist-KJV ONLY, AMERICAN PATRIOT!","RT @PatDollard: Obama Breaks Pledge, Starts Releasing Thousands Of Haitian Illegal Aliens Onto Streets Of U.S.…","Land O Lakes, Florida",
130658940,2010-04-07 23:12:09 +0000,2016-11-18 14:03:37 +0000,5881,50143,4,83,551,Angela__Wagner,Angela Wagner,false,false,"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. (anonymous author)","@jude888rl @mitchellvii Eeee gads, she looks like she just came off a bender",,
87759896,2009-11-05 19:16:03 +0000,2016-11-18 01:47:45 +0000,20188,106,19,307,736,Angelaselden9,Angela Dawn Selden,false,false,"Blogger, Adminisration Asst. C.N.A.",@stevewightman1 @r1965rainey Thank you sir for your honored sacrifice... We will never forget..,GA,
49207725,2009-06-21 02:48:59 +0000,2016-11-18 10:19:31 +0000,97848,46004,319,7766,19481,Angelemichelle,Angel,false,false,Constitutional Conservative.Christian. Enjoy Art & Music.Followed by @seanhannity & Sen. @tedcruz #NoHillary2016 #BanIslam #2A #NRA #Pjnet #ProLife #MAGA No DM,"RT @LindaSuhler: .@AppStore
Where is the @BreitbartNews app?
Are you exercising a delusional belief that it's okay to restrict information?
#censorship #1A",United States,
3284780220,2015-07-20 01:39:20 +0000,2016-11-18 07:05:24 +0000,10177,3861,55,1057,11112,angeloftruth11,TRUMP2SaveUSA,false,false,"#TRUMP2016 We The People, together, are Power and can dethrone The Old Establishment to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain","RT @jeneps: Ivanka Trump sat in on her father's meeting today with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, per handout photo",Southern California,
4907385920,2016-02-14 16:12:51 +0000,2016-11-18 13:26:41 +0000,30233,15401,75,473,1562,AngelOfTruth16,TakeBackOurCountry,false,false,"We the people are FOR the people, stand WITH the people, and LISTEN to the people. Not the Establishment! Kimberly- Nashville, TN","CBS, CNN, Salon Caught Creating Fake News » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!",RE Broker/RE Paralegal/Patriot,
4886823003,2016-02-08 05:22:10 +0000,2016-11-18 05:22:34 +0000,415,10,205,8,101358,animalvid,Animal Videos,false,false,We do not own these videos and will remove by request of owner,"We’ve all been hangry, and it’s NOT pretty",,
196168350,2010-09-28 14:04:51 +0000,2016-11-18 13:26:04 +0000,22631,18,10423,640,1109324,AnnCoulter,Ann Coulter,true,false,Author - follow me on #Facebook! Disregard my earlier claims that I'd never be on Facebook.,RT @LouDobbs: A Great Man: Senator Sessions offered Atty General in Trump administration | #MAGA #AmericaFirst #TrumpTrain #Dobbs,Los Angeles/NYC,
883472077,2012-10-16 01:48:14 +0000,2016-11-17 23:08:24 +0000,1832,9758,20,1459,879,AnneRPierce,Anne R. Pierce,false,false,"Author: #AmericanForeignPolicy, American presidents and American society. #UChicago Ph.D. Passionate about political freedom, human rights...and art.",RT @SpeakerRyan: Big news → The House just passed legislation to block the sale of commercial airplanes to #Iran.,"Washington, DC",
741853258591916032,2016-06-12 04:42:54 +0000,2016-11-18 13:16:56 +0000,10076,6820,15,28,66,Annette73261887,Gammie,false,false,,RT @dcexaminer: BREAKING: Trump taps Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general: reports,,
48273540,2009-06-18 06:51:48 +0000,2016-11-18 14:08:51 +0000,9398,1736,35,3345,1587,AnnetteJeanne,AnnetteJeanneDesign,false,false,#Democrat #WOMENFORTRUMP. #NEVERHILLARY. Designer of Fine Art Canvas Prints. I'm a niece to the actress #MarilynMonroe.,"Any OATH in the United States should be taken only with a HOLY BIBLE,not the Koran.", New York City - USA,
33017812,2009-04-18 21:26:39 +0000,2016-11-18 00:41:58 +0000,11725,5698,34,1321,803,annettewest,Annette West,false,false,Go Trump Card Go!,RT @HangEmHigh69: Hollywood makeup artist went back to California. They can't be hanging with losers.,,
2445287439,2014-03-29 19:32:28 +0000,2016-11-18 13:57:10 +0000,50770,48802,115,2674,2109,AnnKirsch1,Berengaria,false,false,"Conservative, and love America that once was: Strong & Proud.",RT @nikshmatko: This facility will be the most magnificent in the #world! #Trump,,
705575846942285825,2016-03-04 02:09:25 +0000,,0,0,0,0,2,Anthony90409241,Anthony Lombardo,false,false,,,,
787850548812902401,2016-10-17 02:59:43 +0000,2016-11-13 08:17:18 +0000,92,108,1,1251,645,anunez7511,Godislove24,false,false,"Certified Nurse Assistant, Mother of two beautiful children. Proud to be a Native American! People go out and vote for Donald J. Trump, we will not regret it!",RT @ATCAOpen: Poll: Who do you really trust? #Hillary #Trump #Obama #USelection2016 Dear Liberals #NationalPizzaDay #SaturdayMorning #WouldMakeMeFeelSafe,"Maine, USA",
51241574,2009-06-26 21:48:52 +0000,2016-11-18 13:55:13 +0000,159348,10,82719,7264,9020104,AP,The Associated Press,true,false,"News from The Associated Press, and a taste of the great journalism produced by AP members and customers. Managed 24/7 by these editors:",RT @APEntertainment: #PriscillaPresley says she 'truly lived in a bubble' with #Elvis,Global,
1584389125,2013-07-11 00:37:55 +0000,2016-11-18 12:57:20 +0000,2337,1824,2,451,125,AprilWitkowski,Deplorable April,false,false,Love this country.,RT @ClareMLopez: CAIR Leader Calls for Overthrow of U.S. Government This is called sedition - it's against US law,,
3115816309,2015-03-29 18:21:51 +0000,2016-11-18 11:52:42 +0000,60,26,69,45287,53673,apriyapari,APRIYA PARI,false,false,,RT @interstingfact2: Oscar Presenter's Dress Goes Viral For Looking Like A Vagina,,
107980048,2010-01-24 11:42:58 +0000,2016-11-18 12:48:47 +0000,41747,2321,228,9204,9345,aqv21,AQV The Deplorable,false,false,#Conservative - Wife of #USArmy Veteran - Vietnam #ProLife #TCOT #NRA #PJNET #CCOT Molṑn labé #RedNationRising #TheDeplorables #BoycottDolphins #DrainTheSwamp,"RT @RNRArkansas: ""Why Laura Ingraham Would Make A Great Trump Press Secretary"" #MAGA #RedNationRising","Palm Beach, FL",
2178663834,2013-11-06 19:28:06 +0000,2016-11-18 12:25:27 +0000,165874,73752,446,2329,2316,Arbara0728B,Barbara,false,false,,@jacqueduncalf thanks!:),US,
48861897,2009-06-19 23:16:43 +0000,2016-11-10 23:02:25 +0000,1480,5322,42,196,237,AreDangerousMen,JMS,false,false,"Digital security is National security. All opinions backed by skin in the game. RT/FV aren't endorsements, personal or otherwise.","RT @transition2017: Working together, we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the American dream. Join us at",(1's & 0's) ∩ (Guns & Butter),
21982720,2009-02-26 06:25:41 +0000,2016-11-17 23:26:23 +0000,33490,1652,28804,2714,2559549,ariannahuff,Arianna Huffington,true,false,"mother, sister, flat shoe advocate, sleep evangelist, HuffPost founder, and founder and CEO of Thrive Global.",In The Social Organism @revilopark & @mikejcasey theorize that social media users facilitate an evolutionary proces…,,
751630413769113601,2016-07-09 04:13:50 +0000,2016-11-18 14:01:29 +0000,15899,2,46,13972,16602,AriaWilsonGOP,Aria Wilson🚂,false,false,I LOVE AMERICA I SUPPORT OUR VETS AND TROOPS LAW ENFORCEMENT. I PROUDLY SUPPORT DONALD J TRUMP MY FAMILY HAS SERVED THIS COUNTRY ALL OUR LIVES ❤ #MAGA,"TRUMP Announces National Security Team: Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn-NSA, Sen. Sessions as AG, Rep. Pompeo to Head CIA…","New York, NY",
2845849081,2014-10-08 03:02:03 +0000,2016-11-18 13:58:03 +0000,57432,8823,486,57576,67039,ARnews1936,ARnews 1936,false,false,"Shalom, I am Israeli zionist, I tweet news from the Middle East and around the world, Patriot, Pro-USA| Retweet≠endorsement | Unfollow=Block",Renegotiating or terminating #IranDeal would send a powerful message 2the world.. Era of O is over via @frankgaffney,ISRAEL,
84611374,2009-10-23 15:02:46 +0000,2016-11-18 08:28:46 +0000,17908,4658,37,1662,1748,Asa789,Lacey Lance,false,false,Stat/Eco/Actuarial HeartGodFamilycatsdog Vice of Socialism=equal sharing of miseries. WChurchill,RT @SethAMandel: Does your magazine print anything that is true,WashingtonDC,
4289460455,2015-11-26 21:44:17 +0000,2016-11-18 13:18:27 +0000,36022,50775,343,1321,48819,asamjulian,Asa J 🇺🇸,false,false,Common Sense Conservative. American Nationalist. Started Twitter only to follow Donald Trump's race to the White House. #Trump2016,Kanye West says he would have voted for Trump. I can already hear delicate liberal heads exploding. 😆 #FridayFeeling,"Massachusetts, USA",
66019768,2009-08-16 01:16:43 +0000,2016-11-17 19:30:08 +0000,828,0,1149,1,85803,ASavageNation,Michael Savage,true,false,"The real Michael Savage, and the Savage Nation",,"San Francisco, CA",
4835455199,2016-01-22 15:38:22 +0000,2016-11-18 12:10:39 +0000,2198,1883,42,2957,10003,ashtabulatrump,Ashtabula For Trump,false,false,#Trump2016 #election #AshtabulaCounty #Ashtabula #BuildWall #trumppence2016 #TrumpTrain #crookedhillary #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #lockherup #VoteTrump #Potus,,"Ashtabula, OH",
821604733,2012-09-13 14:24:40 +0000,2016-11-16 08:03:48 +0000,619,281,1,224,13,aslamtu21,Ja'far Kwe,false,false,"mild sand storm in al-qaahirah, misr","@joshtpm @ddale8
Thank you. I missed that. Glad to hear that the mayor and emailer are toast.",dunya,
2241070922,2013-12-11 16:57:39 +0000,2016-11-16 20:45:01 +0000,2448,260,102,628,3347,AspenSecurity,Aspen Security Forum,false,false,"The #AspenSecurity Forum brings together leading thinkers, government officials, and journalists to explore key security issues. @aspeninstitute",Is @realDonaldTrump's indifference toward #Aleppo grim omen of future for #Syria? @washingtonpost #aleppoundersiege,"Washington, D.C.",
22677397,2009-03-03 20:52:40 +0000,2016-11-17 22:37:02 +0000,1782,20500,312,224,52558,atensnut,Juanita Broaddrick,false,false,"Retired RN and business owner. I love working outside, playing tennis and family time with my son and grandson.",@livingoutloudme thank you,"Van Buren, Arkansas",
2910601859,2014-12-08 08:13:53 +0000,2016-11-18 11:32:58 +0000,2621,6961,0,153,81,AtlantaPopRock,WoodStock,false,false,Wall Street Sr. Computer Analyst (rt),RT @ogreddman: ATTENTION: If you have seen or heard from Carl Conyers in the past 24 hours PLEASE contact asap. He's been missing…,,
14181258,2008-03-20 01:10:58 +0000,2016-11-18 14:03:55 +0000,23306,32797,176,92,26213,atlaswon,External Support,false,false,"President Elect Donald J. Trump
& Vice President Elect Michael R. Pence
will Make America Great Again!","I see a Smartphone marketing opportunity here.
""She's on that old phone, telling her friend about this cool guy wi…",United States & Go to:,
709622419024187392,2016-03-15 06:09:03 +0000,2016-11-18 11:58:07 +0000,2295,1821,4,352,291,ATLreporter,President Trump,false,false,,RT @realDonaldTrump: I worked hard with Bill Ford to keep the Lincoln plant in Kentucky. I owed it to the great State of Kentucky for their confidence in me!,,
15978412,2008-08-25 05:48:54 +0000,2016-11-18 12:51:52 +0000,54361,9606,3550,2843,72990,attackerman,Spencer Ackerman,true,false,The Guardian's US national security reporter. I don't edit.,Jeff Sessions will be in charge of a Civil Rights Division. He will sign off on bulk surveillance under Section 702.,Zenn-La,
790371366,2012-08-29 23:37:55 +0000,2016-11-18 02:55:27 +0000,3760,4169,5,933,422,atyourservicemm,Misti,false,false,"Mother of three, Wife of one......I have the best family under the Sun:-) NO LISTS!!",@megynkelly @DLoesch we are all pretty smart. Doesn't take long to realize we are being lied too. Shut off the liars!! It's easy.,,
2287887180,2014-01-12 09:21:42 +0000,2016-11-18 12:59:45 +0000,21004,18960,554,15323,93335,AuditTheMedia,Audit The Media 🌐🐸,false,false,"If you like this page, donate at 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
#TaxationIsTheft #AbolishTheState #BillClintonIsARapist #ProtectTrump
#FreeMilo #DrainTheSwamp",RT @CraigRBrittain: hahahaha Kanye West said he would have voted for Trump a lot of people are going to be upset today and I'm gonna lo…,"Phoenix, AZ",
750878400408088576,2016-07-07 02:25:36 +0000,2016-11-16 18:53:30 +0000,4542,2342,10,378,428,authorjdl,LadyLibris,false,false,I am a #romance #author. Kissing is a research requirement. #Military #Borders #NoStigma #TeamTrump #ccot #Vets #Police #Devoted #ProLife #NoPC #tryalpha,RT @DanScavino: Right back at ya Miller!! Bit delayed on the response - and we got the WIN! @TeamTrump worked as a phenomenal team…,"love, in Fire and Blood",
25601712,2009-03-20 23:47:07 +0000,2016-11-17 22:51:27 +0000,4142,197,80,10253,10361,AvasFlowers,Avas Flowers,false,false,"*Better Flowers - Lower Prices - National Florist* Follow us for fun floral facts, easy care instructions, beautiful arrangements and discounts.",Eat seasonally this #Thanksgiving with these Fall Superfoods... ➡️ via @AvaRose82,United States of America,
161485260,2010-07-01 00:03:27 +0000,2016-11-18 04:45:19 +0000,62231,19058,107,1163,4599,aviv1818,TN with POTUS Trump,false,false,Comms for @realDonaldTrump I tweet about him like it's my job because it is. It is our duty to save America.,Not even Mooch could agree with that one...,USA,
37993411,2009-05-05 19:08:26 +0000,2016-03-13 02:53:35 +0000,4,75,0,35,6,away_from_home,Joe Chacon,false,false,,#ACCTourney,,
754363951341707264,2016-07-16 17:15:56 +0000,2016-11-15 15:57:12 +0000,358,481,0,180,73,azcbradshaw,Chris Bradshaw,false,false,"American. Christian. Conservative. Student of the world and helper of people. Without fairness and accountability, our liberty counts for nothing.",RT @TomiLahren: If your child is protesting the fair election simply kick them out of the basement or stop paying their cell phone bills. They'll learn.,"Arizona, USA",
70483645,2009-08-31 19:56:01 +0000,2016-10-14 16:09:07 +0000,11804,7717,77,4601,1951,AZPatriot_,Deplorable Patriot ن,false,false,"#MAGA #2A #RedNationRising #BlackLiesMatter
I'm deplorable apparently..",RT @My_Daily_Verse: #VerseOfTheDay #DailyBread,Arizona,
4902351875,2016-02-12 19:45:57 +0000,2016-07-25 19:26:43 +0000,8965,1676,12,291,133,b44113636,,false,false,,RT @zuzamikulova: The #Doctors shadows in #Syria #war. #AssadKillingHumanity,,
349114009,2011-08-05 15:33:49 +0000,2016-11-18 12:17:24 +0000,56904,148,90,69,1455,BackOnTrackUSA,Joseph,false,false,"Fiscal Conservative Tea Party Republican, Term Limit Supporter, Christian, Husband & Father of four Sons. I love God & Country.",RT @SheriffClarke: Dem proaganda wing @nytimes @washingtonpost continue to snipe @realDonaldTrump transition w/o telling us the histor…,,
74523134,2009-09-15 18:55:06 +0000,2016-11-18 13:48:09 +0000,7200,1982,80,707,664,backtothefarm,johnny,false,false,"I manage a certified organic farm in Western PA. I love dogs, coding software, food, tractors, & organic farming. Recovering IT Director.",RT @ggreenwald: He's talking here about Obama's unilateral decisions to defend/expand executive power. If *that's not Dems' respons…,Western PA,
874606098,2012-10-12 00:34:43 +0000,2016-11-18 07:37:21 +0000,59251,10307,209,17816,20425,badov49,Sandy Who Cares,false,false,"#Trump/Pence 2016 # MAGA Conservative, Christian, RN, Patriot Followed by James Woods, Gen Flynn, Allen West, LifeWithoutLimbs",Trey Gowdy on the Law,By the Sea,
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Our aim: reduce costs, increase value.",RT @GlynnPhillips2: Great to see CDIC up and running @cpyne @Defence_CASG and pleased that @BAESystemsAus Sharon Wilson is appointed t…,"Adelaide, Australia",
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3359000590,2015-07-04 16:58:03 +0000,2016-11-18 02:03:24 +0000,7959,6156,21,4362,3451,bakrawiec,Barbara Krawiec,false,false,"Grateful 2 God 4 HIs continued blessings. Honored 2 have DJT our POTUS-ELECT 2 #MAGA. #ProLife, US Constitution. Pl. work/pray 4 Trump-Pence /USA!",@ConstanceQueen8 @JVER1 @FriendlyJMC @debsellsslc @magnifier661 @AMTrump4PRES @SandraTXAS @Lrihendry @AnitaDWhite @MONAKatOILS TY 4 sharing!,,
2802845137,2014-09-11 01:49:50 +0000,2016-11-17 23:42:17 +0000,60034,22780,181,4800,5262,Balind8,DeplorableBob🇺🇸,false,false,,RT @ObamaMalik: Abrakadabra! Make CNN go away!,,
3995244257,2015-10-19 15:04:32 +0000,2016-11-13 09:44:33 +0000,459,6,10,776,298,BalouchBilal3,Balouch Bilal,false,false,#curious,"For #Trump, #Pakistan And Afghanistan Pose Challenges Without Easy Solutions : Parallels : NPR",,
392867100,2011-10-17 17:47:49 +0000,2016-11-17 19:28:52 +0000,3545,3896,2,450,397,BamCoots,Cameron Boots,false,false,Engaged to my beautiful Little Lady 💕,"RT @notPCPC: To all the liberals obsessing over the popular vote, just take California out of the equation and #Trump wins 56.8M…","Pittsburgh, PA",
188029180,2010-09-07 19:19:46 +0000,2016-11-18 03:52:11 +0000,24004,1418,42,1321,1157,BarbaraLedeen,Barbara Ledeen,false,false,posting interesting tidbits. views expressed here are my own.,Nimrud's broken glory lies in dust after Islamic State rampage via @YahooNews #UNESCO MIA,Washington DC,
4798259061,2016-01-13 22:35:46 +0000,,495,2960,2,51,15,BarbaraRedgate,Barbara Anne Redgate,false,true,Retired Teacher,,"San Diego, CA",
119048111,2010-03-02 14:22:12 +0000,2016-11-18 03:56:19 +0000,7715,7,918,850,25864,barbarastarrcnn,Barbara Starr,true,false,CNN Pentagon Correspondent RT are not endorsements,"RT @Isikoff: Flynn, in line to be national security advisor, sat in on intel briefings while advising foreign clients",Washington DC,
75136876,2009-09-17 22:45:05 +0000,2016-11-18 08:15:40 +0000,51443,106768,1207,18470,33500,Barbi_Twins,Barbi Twins,true,false,ex-Playboy celebs/VEGAN Book Authors/Eco Films/HOST @LATalkradio-@CaptPaulWatson EDITOR @OriginMagazine-Famous for NOTHING-Prolife4AllLife-Mrs @KenWahl1,RT @KittyLibFront: #Kitten is dragging back leg-needs vet care-rescue #Hillsborough kill pound-#TampaBay-#FL-#Pledge @UrgentCatsTampa…,"Malibu, CA",
3124986791,2015-03-28 22:06:14 +0000,2016-11-18 12:55:34 +0000,145752,130861,331,8787,50678,BarbMuenchen,Barb- TRUMP ARMY !,false,false,"Hillary, Hillary E-Mail Cheater had a server kept in SECRET. She put it in a bathroom stall & ALL of our enemies knew it well #TrumpArmy",RT @DemiWuflower:,Trump twitter campaign Ohio,
21603233,2009-02-22 22:00:25 +0000,2016-11-18 01:19:44 +0000,73491,73840,141,391,1630,barbya1,Barbara Abbott,false,false,"Conservative, Constitution lover, small government, Evangelical Christian, speak up for America while we can! Many times published author, farm girl. Trump!","
Source: Donald Trump offers Michael Flynn national security adviser job",Central PA,
41548451,2009-05-21 07:39:26 +0000,2016-11-18 10:06:09 +0000,82790,533,214,241,550,baronhobo,Veteran - Not Rioter,false,false,"Christian, Father, Citizen, Taxpayer, Conservative, Navy Veteran; baseball, futbol and throwball fan. I don't follow-back often.","RT @USATODAY: ""There's more to the female vote than how offended we are,"" writes columnist @karol.",People's Republic of Seattle,
1356992605,2013-04-16 14:13:34 +0000,2016-11-18 13:57:33 +0000,37933,8729,437,48604,54320,bartmckinley,Joe McKinley,false,false,"Christian, husband, father, grandfather. Conservative, Vietnam veteran. Advocate of individual freedoms, states rights, and smaller accountable government.","After Royally Screwing Up the Election, the Elitist Media Want Control Over Your Facebook News",,
32772630,2009-04-18 03:59:03 +0000,2016-11-18 07:21:04 +0000,70992,618,629,20785,31476,batchelorshow,John Batchelor,true,false,"Host of the the John Batchelor Show, weeknights from 9PM-1AM ET; novelist as John Calvin Batchelor.","Boeing & Roscosmos for Lunar Orbit in the Trump Space Age. Bob Zimmerman, via @audioBoom",New York City,
401525186,2011-10-30 17:40:25 +0000,2016-11-17 23:30:18 +0000,6798,139,12,523,331,BaylorRangers,Judge Baylor,false,false,"Christian, father, gun owner, former Marine Infantryman, Baylor grad, Rangers fan, iconoclastic optimist.","@Buncombian @CBJspanberg you may, but it is inapt. Not many hipsters were stone cold killers in a previous life&are now snooker aficionados",VA but wishing I was in TX,
5402612,2007-04-22 14:42:37 +0000,2016-11-18 13:00:31 +0000,30362,0,123412,3,26895511,BBCBreaking,BBC Breaking News,true,false,"Breaking news alerts and updates from the BBC. For news, features, analysis follow @BBCWorld (international) or @BBCNews (UK). Latest sport news @BBCSport.",US President-elect Donald Trump offers Republican Senator Jeff Sessions the job of attorney-general - officials,"London, UK",
612473,2007-01-08 08:05:57 +0000,2016-11-18 14:02:24 +0000,312234,19,36212,99,7403385,BBCNews,BBC News (UK),true,false,"News, features and analysis. For world news, follow @BBCWorld. Breaking news, follow @BBCBreaking. Latest sport news @BBCSport","Sir Terry Wogan Pudsey tribute cartoon raises £1,300 for #ChildreninNeed",London,
742143,2007-02-01 07:44:29 +0000,2016-11-18 13:50:58 +0000,243308,3,99861,72,16619987,BBCWorld,BBC News (World),true,false,"News, features and analysis from the World's newsroom. Breaking news, follow @BBCBreaking. UK news, @BBCNews. Latest sports news @BBCSport",RT @BBCMonitoring: Scan of Ancient Egypt crocodile mummy reveals dozens of baby crocs inside #NewsFromElsewhere,"London, UK",
3330331589,2015-06-16 22:45:57 +0000,2016-11-18 04:31:37 +0000,13264,714,45,4999,2883,bbeaty32,Fight for Freedom,false,false,"Trump Supporter, Proud American, love family, Cops, troops, conservative, optimism, positive, boating, Mets, Steelers, horse race stakes.","Black k, white woman or man, we elected the greatest President of all, he's not even a politician, we need Him!",USA,
3750347244,2015-10-01 18:07:53 +0000,2016-11-18 13:49:53 +0000,92254,86191,60,4154,4492,bbodine18457,Brian 🇺🇸,false,false,"I cling to my guns and bible #Trump2016 #MAGA #cantquittheblues #AlwaysTrump #DoNotList or I will block you followed by Gen. Flynn, Roseann Barr","RT @d__el: Twitter: We’re banning Alt-Right!
What’s Alt-Right?
Twitter: Things we don’t like.",,
1613238456,2013-07-22 17:15:14 +0000,2016-11-17 15:56:34 +0000,11108,7851,49,878,505,bbright49,Brenda Bright,false,false,,"RT @nia4_trump: #ConcessionSpeech Hillary -vs- Children's Defense Fund Hillary #7DayChallenge
#SickHillary Go see a doctor…",,
182265955,2010-08-24 06:12:09 +0000,2016-11-18 13:28:56 +0000,119186,105066,686,73416,77123,bcwilliams92,The Billie Williams,false,false,"Husband, Father, Real Estate Investor, Christian, Israel, Conservative, Constitution, Freedom Lover, news junkie, Politics, Current River, Kansas Basketball","RT @Shooters_Wife: Land of the FREE, because of the BRAVE.
#Remember #Everyone #Deployed
17442357,2008-11-17 14:40:24 +0000,2016-11-18 13:22:23 +0000,25469,1,1617,42,75864,BDCPatriots,Patriots News,true,false,The latest on the New England Patriots from,Watch Julian Edelman’s Pop Warner football highlights as a ’49er’,"Boston, MA",
4005375497,2015-10-20 23:10:21 +0000,2016-11-17 02:58:59 +0000,10530,8222,371,52404,50261,bdmowell,B.D. Mowell,false,false,"World Affairs Author/Professor. 2A/MLB/ Dawg fan. I post useful nat'l/int'l security #news, much of which you will see nowhere else. Happy to #followback #WWJD",@kingham111 Some guestimates can be made based upon who he surrounds himself w/ (e.g. John Bolton?) once he starts making cabinet-level apts,"Florida, USA",
3409287286,2015-08-08 21:40:13 +0000,2016-11-17 06:12:45 +0000,1155,585,4,204,30,BDrex28,BDrex,false,false,"US Marine Veteran, Avid Historian and Bibliophile, proud American and University of Oklahoma sports fan.",RT @samajp32: I cast my Heisman ballot for Dede Westbrook! Click the player you think deserves the @NissanUSA #HeismanHouse vote!,"Frisco, TX",
30446986,2009-04-11 13:30:01 +0000,2016-11-18 13:15:18 +0000,266,38,26,325,1015,beege15,BJ Jenkins,false,false,"CEO of Barracuda (NYSE: CUDA), security and storage provider to 150,000 customers worldwide. Sports enthusiast. Father of two; one amazing wife.",5am pancake breakfast - getting everybody well fed for a big day! Way to go Hughes/Steph/Wolfe/Perone!,,
14377872,2008-04-13 20:59:23 +0000,2016-11-18 13:59:29 +0000,53925,10744,120,1390,2366,BenGoodman,Ben Goodman,false,false,"Senior Associate at @Mission_Ready. Maine native in the Beltway. Red Sox, Nationals, & Patriots fan. @MikeHMichaud & @UMaine alum. Views are strictly my own.","RT @KevinMKruse: Heck of a sub-headline on this old @HowardKurtz report on Jeff Sessions' 1986 hearings. ""NAACP 'Un-American,' Klans…","Washington, D.C. ",
74558378,2009-09-15 21:17:09 +0000,,1368,1157,2,938,188,BenjMcNally,Ben,false,true,,,,
4803630864,2016-01-23 16:51:08 +0000,2016-11-18 13:37:10 +0000,53278,27027,123,2252,5038,Benross75,Benjamin,false,false,"Followed by patriots Hannity, Harlan Hill,Bill Mitchell, Wayne Dupree,James Rosen,Ric Grenell, Mike Gallagher, Scott Baio & Gen Flynn.","RT @LouDobbs: Who did you want, David? Perhaps a community organizer, a social worker? #MAGA #AmericaFirst #TrumpTrain #Dobbs",,
1035596292,2012-12-25 21:00:39 +0000,2016-11-18 02:54:35 +0000,455,3865,2,205,21,beth_tastic_,Beth,false,false,Proud American!,Congratulations @GenFlynn 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸,,
274891222,2011-03-31 06:44:35 +0000,2016-11-18 08:42:11 +0000,64083,79666,494,57838,66015,bfraser747,Brian Fraser,false,false,PROUD Supporter of #PresidentElectTrump & Warrior fighting one Tweet at a time to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !! Retweeted by the REAL DONALD TRUMP #MAGA,"RT @bfraser747: 💥💥 BREAKING NEWS
Ford tells #PresidentElectTrump that Lincoln SUV production will stay in USA, not go to Mexico…",Pacific North West,
285084927,2011-04-20 14:09:32 +0000,2016-11-18 07:52:55 +0000,4805,4963,18,611,336,bgsnowski,Bruce Miller,false,false,"We only have one chance, lets make ourselves proud of the human race, do right! Veteran, Freedom fighter. Educate yourself to help you.",RT @sunbeltgirl: MT @peddoc63: Lerner destroyed hard drive & Hillary destroyed mobile devices. Where's the Dept of Injustice? #PJNET,earth,
36952586,2009-05-01 14:25:33 +0000,2016-11-17 20:15:20 +0000,35154,1299,61,1316,714,bhaktadasa,William Benedict,false,false,"66 yr, male, born in L.A., Ca. in 1949. Based in Bangkok, Thailand since 1985. Married, 6 children, working as independent consultant in int'l trade & play golf","Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. - Theodore Roosevelt #quote",Bangkok,
481046585,2012-02-02 07:20:20 +0000,2016-11-14 00:24:45 +0000,837,528,1,148,43,BHottel,BHottel,false,false,,RT @TerrorismWatch: I have fought for my country and for people I don't know. Imagine what I will do to you if you come after my family.,Worldwide,
3440693962,2015-08-25 22:29:53 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:48 +0000,57189,35352,218,7634,32134,bigboater88,Florida For Trump,false,false,A Florida Native and Business Owner.,"RT @PatNewsDaily: Graham: ""At This Election, God Showed Up"" -","Tampa, FL",
341127224,2011-07-23 21:12:26 +0000,2016-11-09 17:38:42 +0000,35960,24177,96,797,772,bigd696001,duane almer,false,false,,DML CELEBRATES AFTER TRUMP IS CLEAR WINNER via @YouTube,,
1575689569,2013-07-07 17:35:54 +0000,2016-11-18 13:52:22 +0000,30245,36493,288,8081,54258,BigStick2013,🔫Patriot for Trump,false,false,"Deplorable me
@seanhannity & @senscottbrown follow me, I will crawl across broken glass or walk over fire to vote Trump...Will you? 🗡","RT @BigStick2013: 🔥🔥🔥👉Donald Trump Selects Jeff Sessions for Attorney General - via @BreitbartNews
🔥WOW....Love Sessions..great guy",United States,
703097765337796609,2016-02-26 06:02:24 +0000,2016-11-18 01:23:33 +0000,5489,6700,37,595,289,BikerJoe_Miho,Joe Miholics,false,false,"Loving Life, my Honey Lisa, Travel, Vintage Motorcycles, Photography & Digital Art...","RT @MikeHimsworth: .@Bettyjwo @DailyCaller Gracious, yes. But Leader's R defined by how they lead in crisis. If she can't handle thi…","Auburndale, FL",
2887465954,2014-11-21 22:37:38 +0000,2016-11-17 22:34:41 +0000,10148,21095,363,105500,131541,Bikers4Trump,Bikers 4 Trump,false,false,Visit our Website to help #MakeAmericaGreatAgain & also Follow @realNickKnight & @Breaking4Trump & @BorderWallBrick #Bikers4Trump,"RT @Bikers4Trump: Who wants a #DrainTheSwamp Sticker?
Order Bricks @ & get 1 & a #TrumpCard & a…","Las Vegas, NV",
496529919,2012-02-19 02:05:49 +0000,2016-11-16 22:04:10 +0000,4850,3216,10,1699,1270,BillBaker63,Rome on the Potomac,false,false,I'm here to Educate not Debate. I have no patience for idiots,@SenSanders,"Las Vegas, NV",
1330457336,2013-04-06 01:47:40 +0000,2016-11-15 03:03:13 +0000,522,60,20126,26,6435339,billclinton,Bill Clinton,true,false,"Founder, Clinton Foundation and 42nd President of the United States. Follow @clintonfdn for more on my work around the world.","Gwen Ifill was a trailblazer and a bright light in journalism. She informed and challenged us, and did so with grace. I will miss her.","New York, NY",
54682125,2009-07-07 21:24:43 +0000,2016-01-01 00:17:09 +0000,2145,0,25772,6,4022439,BillCosby,Bill Cosby,true,false,"My first TV concert special in 30 years, Far From Finished debuted on @ComedyCentral on Nov 23rd. Buy the DVD today: #FarFromFinished","Friends and fans, Thank You.",,
50393960,2009-06-24 18:44:10 +0000,2016-11-18 00:32:56 +0000,2189,11,120294,171,31906517,BillGates,Bill Gates,true,false,Sharing things I'm learning through my foundation work and other interests...,Why I like science: one remarkable discovery often leads to other scientific breakthroughs.,"Seattle, WA",
22267198,2009-02-28 15:55:55 +0000,2016-11-18 00:58:33 +0000,5696,326,582,1858,11706,BillGertz,Bill Gertz,true,false,"Wash. Free Beacon sr editor and Wash. Times columnist. Publisher, Flash/CRITIC Cyber Threat News ( (@FlashCritic)",@20committee @AP,"Washington, DC",
2800581040,2014-10-02 18:47:57 +0000,2016-11-18 12:10:40 +0000,10421,0,2082,1612,88786,BillKristol,Bill Kristol,true,false,Editor @WeeklyStandard,"Well, I suppose there'll be some satisfaction in watching the alt-right squeal as Trump betrays them at every turn.",,
737348402367844353,2016-05-30 18:22:13 +0000,2016-11-18 14:01:17 +0000,19950,20114,54,4979,3018,BillKristol1,Lawyers for TRUMP,false,false,4 Supreme Court vacancies up for grabs. #NRA #podestaemails #wikileaks #bigleaguetruthteam @wltaskforce,Trump says Ford called to say it's keeping an SUV plant in Kentucky via @business,"Boston, MA",
19697415,2009-01-29 05:19:44 +0000,2016-11-17 20:21:44 +0000,3325,13,39387,41,5831157,billmaher,Bill Maher,true,false,The Official Bill Maher Twitter,"Since Trump got elected-slash-normalized, I've had weird dreams - anybody? A big orange skyscraper is chasing me - what does it mean???!!",Los Angeles,
885731353,2012-10-17 01:17:35 +0000,2016-11-18 12:09:18 +0000,238,627,1,128,24,billyclear,BillyAR,false,false,,RT @larryelder: President Obama is not wearing his wedding ring at today's press conference with Angela Merkel. Thoughts?,,
14282169,2008-04-02 10:57:49 +0000,2016-11-18 13:51:58 +0000,62164,13826,2738,58435,107317,BillyHallowell,Billy Hallowell,true,false,"Christian, husband, dad, journalist, Senior Editor @FaithwireNews, @TheChurchBoys host, Armageddon Code author.",Just hanging before school today. Happy Friday!,"New York City, New York",
4229423897,2015-11-19 21:31:10 +0000,2016-11-18 07:12:36 +0000,11384,10702,27,128,93,birdieanderson4,Diane Anderson,false,false,,RT @BretBaier: Thanks Brad.,,
736014848635633664,2016-05-27 02:03:09 +0000,2016-11-18 03:41:42 +0000,21806,4362,32,563,393,birthdaypalin,Lila RB,false,false,"Government, Military Born and Raised🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸","RT @wikileaks: Bill Clinton NEA Chair: We wanted citizens compliant, so we made them unaware. Now unaware & non-compliant, so Trum…","Charleston, SC",
915465450,2012-10-30 20:48:42 +0000,2016-11-17 18:15:10 +0000,10843,2551,1333,523,56653,BitPay,BitPay,false,false,"Get started with bitcoin payments. Accept bitcoin, store and spend bitcoin securely, or turn bitcoin into dollars using the BitPay Card.",RT @LaMaisonDuBTC: Le Passage du Grand Cerf à Paris passe officiellement aux règlements en Bitcoin. Inauguration ce soir!,Atlanta,
796523629,2012-09-01 17:28:38 +0000,2016-11-18 12:11:53 +0000,31411,34038,113,2421,1881,bjdjtexbiz,DJ Johnson,false,false,"Texas angler/bow hunter, member US Freedom Army, patriot, freedom loving libertarian in the Classic Thomas Jefferson liberal mold.","RT @_Makada_: Watch: Black Americans For Trump On The Sean Hannity Show #Blacks4Trump",,
2309407453,2014-01-25 04:26:32 +0000,2016-11-13 22:40:24 +0000,214,1426,1,374,44,BjorndalBrenda,Brenda Bjorndal,false,false,,@DiamondandSilk love these ladies,,
866689532,2012-10-07 17:47:02 +0000,2016-11-18 03:22:58 +0000,18060,42524,186,987,1550,BlackhawksCmc,Last2ndFleetCMC,false,false,Nuclear Trained Navy Veteran. Cruiser-Carrier-S7G/MARF-Gator-Sea Dragon Sailor. The Last U.S. Second Fleet (C2F/CTF20) Master Chief,"RT @japantimes: BREAKING: After New York talks, Abe confident he can build trust-based ties with Trump",,
4224912857,2015-11-19 08:23:52 +0000,2016-10-07 00:19:05 +0000,679,34,45,5829,8500,Blacks4DTrump,Blacks 4 Trump,false,false,African-Americans stand with Trump to Make America Great Again!,"RT @tpartynews: ""Obama has doubled the US debt, we have to do better in allowing companies to grow"" ~ Donald Trump","New York, USA",
14401607,2008-04-15 21:56:19 +0000,2016-11-18 14:01:52 +0000,230770,16563,4364,8763,110081,BlogsofWar,Blogs of War,false,false,"National security, intelligence, and tech by John Little. Home to the @CovertContact Podcast.",Sessions tapped as attorney general,,
3400425058,2015-08-02 18:35:25 +0000,2016-11-18 02:17:49 +0000,67,266,4,655,55,BlueRuby10,NFin,false,false,"Former hockey player, golfer; Teacher, Master Gardener, and avid Birder. Love wildlife & hanging out with my German and Australian Shepherds!",Bolivian Kick Boxer Meets US Marine,"Michigan, USA",
1542240896,2013-06-24 01:34:14 +0000,2016-11-18 13:34:04 +0000,5796,12767,16,84,139,bmcmeg04,Megan,false,false,Super Mom Wanna-Be,"RT @ChrisSnyderFox: Latest Trump adminstration job offered @FoxNews confirms - Sessions as attorney general, Pompeo at CIA, & Flynn as national security advisor","Georgia, USA",
3051952241,2015-02-22 06:12:46 +0000,2016-11-18 12:11:17 +0000,10588,19373,22,1550,1145,bmphillips1976,🌴Revolution🌴,false,false,Life is Good! #DrainTheSwamp,The media meltdown continues. They've got NOTHING.,,
32166535,2009-04-16 21:46:12 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:48 +0000,25379,23146,3717,1399,199450,BNBuzz,Barnes & Noble,true,false,"News and insights for readers. An official Barnes & Noble feed. For B&N Customer Service, tweet @BN_care. Instagram: barnesandnoble // Snapchat: bnsnaps","Today's #FreeFridays selection is Joseph Delaney's supernatural fantasy ""Revenge of the Witch""! Get it now for free!","New York, NY",
15210689,2008-06-23 19:23:18 +0000,2016-11-17 21:43:53 +0000,6437,2000,1170,1473,36389,BNReviewer,The B&N Review,false,false,Dispatches and (mostly) literary distractions from the editors of the Barnes and Noble Review.,@jcbaggott The history of literature can be strong medicine.,NYC,
277501298,2011-04-05 14:08:17 +0000,2016-11-18 14:07:17 +0000,290093,273,603,14346,20589,Boazziz,בּועזיז,false,false,"If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? ︻╦╤─ ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ",#NotOnMyWatch Not willing 2 let #Liberals endanger my children in Public Bathrooms just 2 show how tolerant I am.,,
4175166177,2015-11-13 00:52:41 +0000,2016-11-18 05:25:34 +0000,20629,21379,109,21,13933,bocavista2016,Boca Vista,false,false,Trump or NONE!,"RT @CarmineZozzora: The @realDonaldTrump who wouldn't, couldn't and can't, did.
And America will be great again.
For all Americans.…","Raleigh, NC",
708812755051139072,2016-03-13 00:31:44 +0000,2016-11-18 04:31:31 +0000,17188,71726,26,860,398,boggled102,Boggled,false,false,"Fare Thee Well
Twitter Padawan
Tired of Conspiracy Theorists
Do not expect ReTweeting
from me for now
Учeнье свет, а неучeнье тьма","@FoxNews @LisaMarieBoothe
Americans want to be proud of being Americans again
They were losing that pride this last 8 years",,
3071465511,2015-03-05 03:38:02 +0000,2016-11-18 13:16:03 +0000,18597,18087,36,113,235,BollmerJason,Jason Bollmer,false,false,"Husband and father of three
He is my President
I get my news from @seanhannity @TomiLahren @wikileaks @0hour @Sentinel2NO and the rest of the Trump Train",RT @sevenwithcheese: He doesn't even take office for another 2 months yet he's already delivering on promises.,"Lockland, OH",
2317487828,2014-01-29 17:09:07 +0000,2016-11-17 20:36:59 +0000,2103,4643,6,2470,1563,bond4me,Suzanne,false,false,Wife-Mother-Grandmother of One. Lover of Animals and the Outdoors. I love my Country and I'll never apologize for being a Proud American. #MAGA,@Cronikeys I can't support Romney after he turned his nose up at the American People and what they wanted.,Arizona,
26858784,2009-03-26 21:38:00 +0000,2016-10-09 21:58:53 +0000,120200,29424,347,3163,2447,bonnaire,Valentine Bonnaire,false,false,"American Writer. Western Civilization, Literary fiction, Californian. Roses are my forte. or","RT @relombardo3: If The Bee Disappeared Off The Face Of The Earth,
Humans Would Only Have Four Years Left To Live.
We ALL Need 2 Be…",SoCal and an ENFP,
1311056390,2013-03-28 16:06:02 +0000,2016-11-18 05:32:13 +0000,8162,33,16,198,147,Bonomogolf,Nick Bonomo,false,false,Retired Businessman | Independent Thinker | Political Junkie | Traditional Conservative | Wine Maker | Proud Grandfather of our six beautiful Grandchildren,RT @seanhannity: .@LisaMarieBoothe on the Left: “Their progressive vision for the future was rejected by Americans” #Hannity,,
2994714359,2015-01-23 20:08:16 +0000,2016-11-18 13:03:49 +0000,27005,8725,22,379,390,boogtek,Boog the Deplorable,false,false,,"RT @Mangan150: ""The more we can get people doing... weight lifting, the more likely we are to have a healthier aging population""",,
322830973,2011-06-23 20:26:25 +0000,2016-11-18 14:01:08 +0000,10066,2912,621,4937,17386,BookishHQ,Bookish,true,false,It is a truth universally acknowledged that an avid reader in possession of a good book must be in want of another. That is where Bookish comes in.,Happy Birthday to @MargaretAtwood!,,
17304367,2008-11-11 06:04:25 +0000,2016-11-17 21:53:12 +0000,15366,772,1572,2085,35060,bookpage,BookPage,false,false,America's Book Review: Sharing the best in new books since 1988,".@nationalbook winners: @colsonwhitehead, @DrIbram, Daniel Borzutzky, @repjohnlewis @andrewaydin & @Nate_Powell_Art…","Nashville, TN",
355321621,2011-08-15 05:08:06 +0000,2016-11-18 14:00:44 +0000,68738,1237,3791,5610,131551,BookRiot,Book Riot,true,false,"Always books. Never boring. Snapchat, and Instagram: bookriot",Books to get you fired up or to remind you that activism is worth it:,Brooklyn,
60628575,2009-07-27 15:40:51 +0000,2016-11-17 21:54:49 +0000,20731,1111,2170,623,223987,BookTV,C-SPAN2's BookTV,true,false,C-SPAN2's BookTV is every weekend (8am Saturday - 8am Monday) on C-SPAN2. This is Book TV's official Twitter Site.,"@RepTimRyan to challenge House minority leader Nancy Pelosi. He appeared on Book TV in 2012 for ""A Mindful Nation""…","Washington, DC",
18653685,2009-01-06 00:34:21 +0000,2016-11-17 17:51:33 +0000,2364,2,702,414,14559,BookWorld,Post Book World,true,false,We're the book review section of The Washington Post. Tweets by @timsmithwp.,Here are our top 10 books for 2016.,"Washington, D.C.",
76543481,2009-09-23 03:12:59 +0000,2016-11-17 22:26:50 +0000,2575,29,215,625,16582,BorisEP,Boris Epshteyn,true,false,"Senior Advisor to Trump Pence 2016. Commentator on @FoxNews, @FoxBusiness, @CNN, @MSNBC, etc. NYC Sports fan. Investment Banker. Attorney.",Follow my friend and @TeamTrump teammate @AviBerkow!,"ÜT: 40.744258,-73.995578",
925706365,2012-11-04 16:50:01 +0000,,996,326,0,92,13,Bosco_Mike,Mike Bosco,false,true,Enjoying life one day at a time.,,East Coast,
466864852,2012-01-17 21:41:15 +0000,2016-11-18 03:32:42 +0000,46005,1160,543,676,32322,BoSnerdley,Bo Snerdley,false,false,Bo Snerdley the Rush Limbaugh show a/k/a The Official Obama Criticizer,Donald Trump’s flirtation with Mitt Romney is big-league smart,Southern Command,
250398598,2011-02-11 00:58:51 +0000,2016-11-18 14:08:34 +0000,3395,309,9,194,216,bostonuniv1987,The Godfather,false,false,Keep your friends close but your enemies.....,RT @mitchellvii: People who see racism everywhere are usually racists.,"West Hartford, CT",
197016444,2010-09-30 13:16:28 +0000,2016-11-18 10:51:36 +0000,17149,3409,364,513,10634,Boutaina,بثينة العزابي,false,false,Dutch/Moroccan - multimedia journalist - previously with Al Jazeera Media Network & AJ Plus .. Based in Istanbul,*Mic Drop*,"İstanbul, Türkiye",
30221032,2009-04-10 14:04:39 +0000,2016-11-18 13:10:08 +0000,23504,25296,57,12053,16966,bowenswharf,Chris Bowen,false,false,Brewhouse Records recording artist. Debut single PICTURE on the 2017 #GRAMMY ballot. Proud Military Brat. #IStandWithIsrael #GRAMMYs,"@usairforce @maddow how many years did you serve, Rachel?",,
2764242773,2014-09-07 20:03:05 +0000,2016-11-18 03:10:45 +0000,83421,56255,35,4212,4586,bp207crafts,Stephanie,false,false,Jesus Saves. #TrumpTrain #MAGA3X #DrainTheSwamp #1A #2A #Vets #BlueLiveMatter #MakeAmericaGreatAgain Trolls & Lists = InstaBlocks!!!,RT @IngrahamAngle: Did you know the @UCCB Migration & Refugees Services receives $91 million in fed $ annually? The group that resettled the Tsarnaevs.,You'd like to know,
3170789214,2015-04-24 14:02:50 +0000,2016-11-18 02:34:28 +0000,7627,1103,65,344,1226,BradRHoff,Brad Hoff,false,false,"Journalist for @TheCanarySays @TheCanaryGlobal Middle East, Syria, US/UK Policy, Marine veteran","RT @joshua_landis: Loyalist Forces Chant Assad’s Name While Looting the captured ""Assad"" Neighborhood in Aleppo #Syria vi @observesyria","Texas, USA",
487423033,2012-02-09 10:39:21 +0000,2016-11-11 21:05:54 +0000,3160,2,16,1312,372,brandonmckenzi5,bmtexas,false,false,Future navy seal. Love firefighting stuff. I want to save as many women and children as possible around the world. Very nice helping people,RT @Lucyzaraxx: @S66TV 10-4am #snapchat #lucyzara79 #followme 💋💋💋💋,,
735913000595382272,2016-05-26 19:18:26 +0000,2016-11-15 00:22:32 +0000,164,40,1,744,137,BrandonWeichert,Brandon J. Weichert,false,false,"Foreign Policy and National Security Expert, Space Policy analyst, Enemy Threat Doctrine observer, tennis player, football lover, academician, car aficionado.",People need to listen to @SebGorka He is spot on. 100%. I hope he is given a prominent place in @realDonaldTrump ad…,"Alexandria, VA",
130597843,2010-04-07 19:27:00 +0000,2016-11-16 18:17:30 +0000,3407,2381,15,1415,503,BrandtAnderson,Brandt Anderson,false,false,"Daddy to Jack, Married to @JessAnderson2, and Army Aviator turned staffer in the House of Representatives. Saved by grace. Views are my own.",RT @Jim_Banks: .@Heritage's Index of Military Strength is critical reminder that we must not delay in restoring our armed forces.,"Washington, DC",
236221098,2011-01-10 02:46:21 +0000,2016-11-17 20:57:04 +0000,11595,28,724,289,25725,BreakingDefense,Breaking Defense,false,false,"Breaking Defense is the idea hub of the U.S. defense world, with news, debates, analysis, and videos on the latest defense stories.","RT @SydneyFreedberg: Senator McCain, GOP's leading iconoclast, also blasts idea of 6-month continuing resolution. What CR will screw up:","Washington, DC",
6017542,2007-05-13 23:06:45 +0000,2016-11-18 12:48:19 +0000,100490,8,92637,558,9367026,BreakingNews,Breaking News,true,false,"Be the first to know when news breaks. Get our free app to unlock more updates, see news near you and customize your alerts...",RT @breakingpol: Donald Trump has offered Senator Jeff Sessions role of Attorney General in his administration - Sky News,Global,
3683971032,2015-09-25 18:11:24 +0000,2016-11-18 13:46:48 +0000,93993,372,469,5001,3415,breakinnewz1,BREAKIN NEWZ,false,false,Up to date newz from around the Globe. Not affiliated with any one reporting service. RT's do not necessarily equal endorsements.,"Top story: Film Review: FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM | WILDsound Wri…, see more",Global,
2339238427,2014-02-11 21:44:47 +0000,2016-11-18 14:00:04 +0000,15751,29,624,12,40522,BreitbartLondon,Breitbart London,false,false,"Editor in Chief @RaheemKassam - News, analysis, and more from the London team. Got a news tip? Message us at","Like Trump, Austria’s Norbert Hofer Attracting Disillusioned Working Class Voters","London, UK",
457984599,2012-01-08 01:50:52 +0000,2016-11-18 14:00:06 +0000,67600,482,5546,236,487075,BreitbartNews,Breitbart News,false,false,Forever unverified & still Twitter's top political news publisher. #FreeMilo,*STARTING NOW* 'Whatever It Takes' with @gehrig38 – Call in: (877) 240-1776 ->,,
20243128,2009-02-06 15:13:14 +0000,2016-11-18 02:31:00 +0000,9183,49,1565,405,73152,BrentBozell,Brent Bozell,true,false,Founder and President of the Media Research Center. Publisher of NewsBusters and Chairman of @ForAmerica.,"RT @BrentHBaker: Video: W/ @DanGainor, @LouDobbs highlights “extraordinary report” by @RichNoyes on media’s Bannon obsession #TTT16","Reston, VA",
18455854,2008-12-29 18:42:16 +0000,,85,34,0,422,26,bresnan,Brian Bresnan,false,true,Slàinte!,,"Virginia, USA",
18646108,2009-01-05 21:05:43 +0000,2016-11-18 13:21:25 +0000,44513,1545,7842,6651,880525,BretBaier,Bret Baier,true,false,Bret Baier is the Chief Political Anchor for @FoxNews & Anchor & Executive Editor of @SpecialReport with Bret Baier. Bret's book #SpecialHeart is a bestseller.,Rep Mike Pompeo is expected to be tapped to be CIA Director in a Trump Administration. Announcement expected today. Sessions -AG,"Washington, DC",
2997290738,2015-01-26 16:26:16 +0000,2016-11-18 09:57:19 +0000,3935,5097,377,45008,56695,BrianABernhard,Brian A. Bernhard,false,false,"Award winning fine artist, founder of & Hypermaster @HyperloopTransp. Find me on #Patreon for exclusive content & merch!","Hey y'all, how are you folks? Did ya have a good day? Find what ya lost? Anything exciting going on?","Los Angeles, CA",
35150454,2009-04-25 04:53:43 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:41 +0000,217031,308773,271,2864,2148,BrianBachner,Brian Bachner,false,false,I like cats and comedians. And that's it.,RT @ethannadelmann: #Trump selects Alabama Senator Jeff #Sessions for #AttorneyGeneral. A drug war dinosaur.,"Nashville, TN",
1342089816,2013-04-10 14:53:33 +0000,2016-11-18 13:32:11 +0000,54462,41397,85,87,702,BrianFeldbusch,Brian Feldbusch,false,false,President Elect Donald J. Trump - #MAGA ❄ Anti-Establishment - Immediate Blocks - Millennial - Gay - College Educated,RT @LouDobbs: A Great Man: Senator Sessions offered Atty General in Trump administration | #MAGA #AmericaFirst #TrumpTrain #Dobbs,"Deplorable, USA",
717761952311717889,2016-04-06 17:12:39 +0000,2016-11-18 12:50:11 +0000,17450,1975,80,1222,829,BRICEROSEN1,US FREEDOM ARMY,false,false,"A Proud American, law and order kind of lady. Want to see that LAND OF MILK AND HONEY a reality once more. God bless our nation.","RT @IAmJeffEmmerson: No matter what's happening in the world, I make it a MUST to start every day with fierce gratitude, purpose & vision. #Consistent #WorkEthic","Inland Empire, CA",
144265513,2010-05-15 19:53:44 +0000,2016-11-18 11:11:43 +0000,14439,22876,83,4957,3077,bridgetjoyce11,1776 Freedom Fighter,false,false,"MUSICIAN..REBEL..JESUS Follower, TRUMP Supporter!Conspiracy Theorist! My first album Purple won San Diego Music Award!!! My second released.",RT @bridgetjoyce11: I WILL B SWITCHING OFF TWITTER 2!!! LET U KNOW WHERE U CAN FIND ME VERY SOON! TIRED OF SEEING PEOPLE'S ACCOUNTS CLOSED! @twitter 👎🇺🇸👊,"Baltimore, Maryland",
37548981,2009-05-04 00:47:08 +0000,2016-11-18 14:07:01 +0000,8513,3724,30,4790,1520,brielleann,Brielle Ann,false,false,PR @javelinDC. formerly @foxnews. a has been @peacecorps Volunteer (Peru). @penn_state Nittany Lion. donate to @ourrescue.,LOL. Kanye West confirms he's pro-Trump via @pagesix,"Washington, DC",
17768381,2008-12-01 01:50:21 +0000,2016-11-18 13:07:48 +0000,2477,385,8,535,265,brim1and,Ben Rimland ベン・リムランド,false,false,"MPhil in Modern Japanese Studies @UniofOxford, @Columbia 2015. Newly minted young leader @pacificforum Contributor @diplomat_APAC, all views my own",@20committee Thanks! I will eagerly be following your TL when that name does eventually come out.,,
112047805,2010-02-07 02:55:13 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:08 +0000,10872,430,4765,642,613945,brithume,Brit Hume,true,false,"Sr. Political Analyst, Fox News Channel. Arguments welcome. Name callers & verbal abusers blocked.",RT @SalenaZito: This is everything people,"Washington, D.C.",
752214001,2012-08-12 01:14:56 +0000,2016-11-18 12:23:48 +0000,6392,4383,7,201,261,Brn2Wander1,DeplorableBrn2Wander,false,false,,Poor snowflakes....LOL 30 to 40 in math and science. Wow education DOES NOTHING for them....,,
714216440073752576,2016-03-27 22:24:03 +0000,2016-10-24 18:35:07 +0000,431,460,0,73,25,brooke_vigoda,Brooke Vigoda,false,false,"Jazz & Rock Vocalist. Unlicensed Shrink. Clairvoyant, Writer ,Hair & Makeup Artist. Stylist. Designer. Brilliant!",@BernieSanders Honesty Bernie? How can you support H after what she did to you?,"New Jersey, USA",
739815102,2012-08-06 04:08:39 +0000,2016-11-18 14:10:06 +0000,18833,3643,40,328,248,brorichysistrly,Leigh,false,false,"Daughter, sister, wife, mother Common Sense #Consitution #USA #1A #2A #FreeThinker RT not endorsement",RT @foxandfriends: U.S. taxpayers footing the bill for security at unused 'Ghost Hotel' in Kabul,,
558572645,2012-04-20 12:00:28 +0000,,170,3,0,6,23,bruceal1,Bruce Levenson,false,true,,,Arlington VA,
64290676,2009-08-10 00:17:48 +0000,2016-11-18 04:45:24 +0000,38034,1341,50,1312,684,BruceHagen,brucehagen,false,false,,RT @TheEricErbShow: Diabetes skyrockets 75% in just one decade … medical system clueless about answers,,
3883733953,2015-10-13 19:16:44 +0000,2016-11-18 05:36:48 +0000,77553,19550,197,4050,4420,brujeff77,Bruce Jeffrey,false,false,TRUMP 2016 !!!,"RT @Varneyco: .@Nigel_Farage on Obama & Merkel: ""the poor darlings are in denial... their world view has taken an absolute beatin…",,
244844283,2011-01-30 07:56:14 +0000,2016-11-18 06:41:26 +0000,1687,26056,144,55,36014,brunelldonald,"Brunell Donald-Kyei,",false,false,Servant of the Lord! Wife of Rashid Kyei and mom to 4 children! Lawyer! Former Vice-Chair of Diversity Outreach National Diversity Coalition for Trump!,RT @clanceman65: Mr President Elect @realDonaldTrump it is my mission to advance #DiversityCoalition @transition2017 please select…,Illinois,
21402797,2009-02-20 15:02:55 +0000,2016-06-06 22:39:41 +0000,493,5,15,303,206,bryancflynn,Bryan Flynn,false,false,"Entrepreneur, ocean enthusiast, advanced downhiller and promoting @SPEROinc","To take the money or not, that is the question #VC #Investments #Uber",Boston - Newport,
705097596759461889,2016-03-02 18:29:01 +0000,2016-11-18 12:40:14 +0000,23452,20522,54,122,245,Buchanan5634,Larry Buchanan,false,false,,RT @LouDobbs: Tonight's #QuoteoftheDay by @realDonaldTrump! #FoxLDT,"O'Fallon, IL",
3990102612,2015-10-23 10:22:51 +0000,2016-11-18 11:11:14 +0000,3308,2455,7,1199,731,buckeye356,Victorious Murph,false,false,Reagan upbringing...currently ashamed American...OHIO STATE FOOTBALL...frustrated Philly sports fan...follow verified news globally to piss off liberals,RT @saul42: #Real unemployment rate 22.9%; does that sound #like an economic recovery,Vermont Florida,
753774780759826433,2016-07-15 02:14:47 +0000,2016-11-18 14:07:19 +0000,9006,6191,12,2851,2975,Bud_Doggin,Jerry Jones,false,false,"Conservative IT professional. Go TRUMP! Followed by General Flynn @GenFlynn @JaredWyand - #TRUMP
#MAGA #TCOT #TGDN",I didn't write the story. Ford has a history of moving plants. This is a good thing! They would have moved this one…,,
197962366,2010-10-02 23:38:45 +0000,2016-11-18 14:05:02 +0000,329630,273043,13130,64790,700405,buffer,Buffer,true,false,"Simple and powerful social media scheduling, publishing & analytics! Social media insights at // @GetRespond // @PabloByBuffer 🖥📱🌎",We tested more than 100 social media tools and are excited to share 61 of our favorites! ⚒,We're Global!,
2998771683,2015-01-25 23:02:28 +0000,2016-11-18 13:49:48 +0000,22295,38030,102,5142,12764,Bullitino,Bullitino,false,false,"Student of History, Philosophy, Politics. Slightly right of Attila the Hun. Be prepared for No Holds Barred commentary and opinion. Fasten your seatbelt!",RT @RevJimJonesInc: Obama's 60 day plan.,,
4750692676,2016-01-09 03:33:28 +0000,2016-11-16 00:03:44 +0000,959,1242,2,264,435,bunburyers,bunbury,false,false,"What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value. || Western Civilizationalist || #Liberty","RT @BridgetPhetasy: Witnessed this exchange getting coffee:
White Woman: Keep fighting. I'm an ally.
Latino Barista: I voted for Trump.",,
34713362,2009-04-23 20:05:17 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:34 +0000,189252,309,41903,882,3501380,business,Bloomberg,true,false,The first word in business news.,There's a bisexual pay gap and it's likely due to discrimination,New York and the World,
1023381835,2012-12-20 02:52:48 +0000,2016-11-18 14:07:52 +0000,13864,922,10,507,231,BuyerBewareBaby,LookingAhead,false,false,The peaceful transition of power is 1 truly unique aspect of the USA. Let's Make America Great Again; #united not divided - as we can be much Stronger Together.,@Starbucks breaking the law... All up in arms for #RightNotToServe any group but those proud of our…,USA,
215995013,2010-11-15 14:21:45 +0000,2016-11-18 08:14:13 +0000,29732,17032,68,1935,2731,ByronSanford,Byron Sanford,false,false,"🇺🇸🇨🇴🇬🇧 @GrandeDunesSC is home. MA in IR, BA in Politics, Media Director @OrderLiberty, @UKIP Chairman @RealUKIPBarnet",RT @CatoInstitute: The debate over income inequality is asking the wrong questions. Here's why....,"London, United Kingdom",
16125224,2008-09-04 04:34:23 +0000,2016-11-18 14:02:10 +0000,54908,9727,1356,2213,29256,ByronTau,Byron Tau,true,false,newspaperman; @wsj; covers washington; lives in dc; crusty.,"Jack Quinn, who was Clinton White House counsel and is now the co-owner of a lobbying and consulting firm:",Washington D.C.,
2357772179,2014-02-22 02:58:03 +0000,,23279,16006,25,243,571,C_Grif_7272,McLovin 🇺🇸,false,false,I wake up in the morning and piss excellence.,,"Huntsville, AL",
190028553,2010-09-12 22:06:53 +0000,2016-11-09 06:32:16 +0000,1177,10,16,475,1278,C_Nas1,Christian Nascimento,false,false,"Thoughts and opinions on things I am interested in: politics, tech, business, pop culture. Opinions are my own.",RT @PAGOP: Congratulations @PatToomey! #PASEN,"Philadelphia, PA",
2277907920,2014-01-05 17:53:38 +0000,,712,667,2,504,68,c_scott_wall,Christopher Scott,false,false,,,The District,
1681990416,2013-08-19 01:11:29 +0000,2016-11-18 04:09:15 +0000,12036,29783,131,12555,15895,CAIRvGaubatz,Chris Allen Gaubatz,false,false,God Bless America #MuslimMafia follower of Jesus - Crusader,RT @UTT_USA: CSP's Frank Gaffney NOT on Trump Transition TM. Who told media? Unconfirmed reports reveal Mike Rogers is behind the story to attack Gaffney,"Franklin County, Virginia",
635195109,2012-07-14 04:49:40 +0000,2016-11-18 04:11:57 +0000,92966,28569,168,909,4494,cala_1111,C A L A,false,false,#TrumpPence2016,"RT @col_nj: No, Jesse. 'It Would Be Wise In The Name of Justice' To Throw Hillary's Criminal Ass In Jail
Elites NOT Above The…",United States,
3608463552,2015-09-18 20:18:45 +0000,2016-11-18 13:53:50 +0000,71934,74660,84,803,1108,CalderonHenk,Henk Calderon,false,false,"I am not a #DonaldTrump supporter, I am a #DonaldTrump2016 LOYALIST! Its either #DonaldTrump or fuck it.","RT @PrisonPlanet: On the plus side, he has decried Obama's use of executive orders.",,
4817119207,2016-01-26 14:46:24 +0000,,22565,39076,46,318,727,CalebDHurt1,Caleb Hurt,false,false,"A Christian, a Trump supporter, and a Patriot.",,"Missouri, USA",
239005322,2011-01-16 15:36:05 +0000,2016-11-18 12:29:08 +0000,9069,4783,29,3478,9230,CalebJHull,Caleb Hull,false,false,Entrepreneur/@TPUSA Video Director/Founder of Vizivo,If we could just skip right to May when I graduate that'd be great,CU '17,
208083510,2010-10-26 16:06:20 +0000,2016-11-07 21:03:37 +0000,49801,8651,1346,254831,277249,Callisto1947,"DR. TWEET, Ph.D.",false,false,HELPING AMERICANS SEE THE TRUTH~VIETNAM VETERAN~USA IS NUMBER ONE NATION ON THE PLANET~CONSTITUTION~ISRAEL MILITARY~POLICE~FIREFIGHTERS~PROLIFE~HONEST GOVERNMNT,RIP Dr. are now at peace...Mrs. Dr. Tweet...,UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,
3327424237,2015-08-23 23:03:18 +0000,2016-11-17 05:23:28 +0000,26432,35451,150,710,1358,camanowa,🌌Trumpaluffagus🌌,false,false,"It's not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what is required. - Winston Churchill
#DumpRyan #PodestaEmails #MAGA #WikiLeaks #Trump",HRC playing a victim that would make Shakespeare proud.,"Washington, USA",
69181624,2009-08-27 02:56:01 +0000,2016-11-18 12:01:42 +0000,8306,5,17657,140,1863509,camanpour,Christiane Amanpour,true,false,@CNN Chief International Correspondent and host of @CNNi's nightly global affairs program. Catch it all at,Can Marine Le Pen win France's Presidential Race next year? I speak with @nicolasbayfn and @Ockrent.,London,
3003719222,2015-01-30 17:01:41 +0000,2016-11-18 02:15:28 +0000,3437,7316,9,795,551,CanCrawford,West 1 Prime,false,false,PROUD Canadian/Scots -Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum -(If you want peace prepare for war) Just tweeting the tweets I think are interesting & occasionally my opinion,RT @GodBlessDJTrump: CONGRATS @GenFlynn WE LOVE YOU & FEEL SAFER KNOWING YOUR IN CHARGE OF OUR NATIONAL SECURITY!! GOD BLESS #TrumpAdmin,"British Columbia, Canada",
60348415,2009-07-26 17:16:28 +0000,2016-11-18 08:15:39 +0000,17789,8884,45,403,264,canes901,Tom Calo,false,false,Re-tweets are emphatic endorsements. Follow back. God-Family-Country #Trump #2A #AmericaFirst #MAGA #Bluelivesmatter @NRA @GunOwners @Panthers #GoHeels,RT @JaredWyand: By 2020 Muslims will make up 25% of Germany. They've been put on a path to inevitable Islamic takeover. That's sini…,"Raleigh, NC",
3976676854,2015-10-17 03:19:35 +0000,2016-11-18 09:16:02 +0000,19833,8324,90,4723,21517,CapitalismLover,Team Deplorable,false,false,Tolerance of evil is no virtue. Part of the white cisgender heteronormative patriarchy @seanhannity @rogerjstonejr @genflynn @dineshdsouza @sseagalofficial,"Leftists don't even know what they are - Marxists
We need to teach them",Death Valley,
567523972,2012-04-30 20:25:08 +0000,2016-11-16 18:01:29 +0000,939,17,1854,4,213138,CardinalDolan,Cardinal Dolan,true,false,"His Eminence, Timothy Cardinal Dolan was named Archbishop of New York by Pope Benedict XVI on February 23, 2009.","From #USCCB16, a bit of my conversation with @FatherDaveDwyer outlining a brief history of the Bishops Conference.","New York, NY",
1037981756,2012-12-26 20:19:10 +0000,2016-11-18 02:32:04 +0000,6299,1736,19,675,603,CareyLauren64,Carey Lauren,false,false,Make America great again! #MAGA3X #TrumpVotingBlock,@realDonaldTrump @CaddieMan1974 Great news!..You are on your way to #MAGA3X☺,"Boston, MA",
503400523,2012-02-25 18:54:20 +0000,2016-11-18 12:24:39 +0000,4681,3385,133,241,11668,CarlHigbie,Carl Higbie,true,false,"Red white and blue blooded, flag loving American, #NavySEAL, #Author, @realdonaldtrump supporter, #foxnews and #CNN commentator #trump2016 @GWLFPAC #Veteran",Happy to debate @VanJones68 any time anywhere @CNN,"Greenwich, CT",
65691824,2009-08-14 17:50:35 +0000,2016-11-11 19:44:21 +0000,4109,18,6334,753,707452,CarlyFiorina,Carly Fiorina,true,false,"Businesswoman, wife, mother, & grandmother. A conservative who believes in unlocking human potential & holding govt accountable.","Proud to be American on a day we honor the service & sacrifice of those who keep this the land of the free, home of the brave. #VeteransDay",Virginia ,
3430537311,2015-08-18 22:45:17 +0000,2016-11-18 13:34:56 +0000,93523,89219,89,150,1292,CarmenCammarat2,Carmen Cammarata,false,false,"Registered Republican 03/18/1986.
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #MakeAmericaSafeAgain #MakeAmericaWorkAgain #MakeAmericaFirstAgain #MakeAmericaOneAgain
#TrumpPence16","RT @CBSNews: President-elect Donald Trump has picked Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo to be his CIA director, CBS News has confirmed…",United States,
2167674121,2013-11-01 03:24:23 +0000,2016-11-18 07:11:03 +0000,352887,339170,783,37373,168653,CarmineZozzora,Carmine Zozzora,false,false,"America Is Worth Saving. #MAGA #2A Ensures All Rights. @NRA LIFE ~ ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ ~ If You're Not Leading, Get Out Of The Way.","RT @realDonaldTrump: Just got a call from my friend Bill Ford, Chairman of Ford, who advised me that he will be keeping the Lincoln plant in Kentucky - no Mexico",Trump is America's last shot.,
4053477192,2015-10-29 03:54:16 +0000,2016-11-18 01:22:57 +0000,14115,22617,51,4096,2045,CarolBa88945394,Carol Bailey,false,false,100% Trump,RT @RNRKentucky: Pence Meets With House Republicans And Warns Them To Be Ready For Action #RedNationRising,"Alabama, USA",
22936237,2009-03-05 16:05:10 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:47 +0000,239786,45554,487,29640,32552,Carolde,Carol,false,false,"I am retired from nursing. Passion for health care,,, lifetime Dem until Obama came along....he made me see RIGHT light! #TrumpTrain to DC",RT @LorenceHud: @Tj1701a @troyawalters @NJ_Joe_14 @HorseShort @Andromodid @Carolde, Pennsylvania,
714503451338792960,2016-03-28 17:24:32 +0000,2016-11-18 13:51:14 +0000,28201,17855,50,5202,5353,carolinagirl217,#DeplorableSmartAss,false,false,"#SmartAss Is My Name, Sarcasm My Language. Southern Girl with West Coast Swag. #Snarky, #Infidel,
Followed By: @MarkGeistSWP, @genflynn, @SenatorRonbo, @Harlan","RT @Liuvonn: Twitter, you guys",Swamp Drainage Facility #5,
34040742,2009-04-21 21:03:16 +0000,2016-11-18 01:10:19 +0000,16512,5875,61,2877,1631,carolinawind,carolina,false,false,"I love God, guns & a whole lotta music! Never forget freedom is not free but bought and paid for with blood and guts. Live in the city but born in the country.",I’m ready to engage with my 20 new followers in the past day. I know them via,Texas,
751635009052827648,2016-07-09 04:32:05 +0000,2016-11-18 14:01:26 +0000,15210,4,52,11738,14103,CarolineWalkerB,Caroline Walker,false,false,"I am a Trump Supporter. You are allowed to voice your opinion and I welcome intelligent debate.. #TrumpTrain, #TrumpSisters, #Trump2016,#TrumpNation #TrumpPence","TRUMP Announces National Security Team: Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn-NSA, Sen. Sessions as AG, Rep. Pompeo to Head CIA…","Nueva York, USA",
738636054295515136,2016-06-03 07:38:53 +0000,2016-06-12 15:34:42 +0000,1,0,0,1810,88,Carolyn_Feat,Carolyn E. Feathers,false,false,I live in Hawaii,,United States,
89869801,2009-11-14 04:26:46 +0000,2016-11-17 23:35:51 +0000,49954,39959,116,217,2351,carpediem1013,American Stephanie,false,false,PA Indie Voter for Donald J. Trump. 30+ yr licensed commercial insurance nerd. Not perfect & I'm ok with that! Sometimes mis-attach tbh.,@GopAaron Muslim Brotherhood killed him 😢,,
2596413645,2014-06-10 00:36:13 +0000,2016-11-18 05:43:22 +0000,78483,67597,274,5472,11887,carrieksada,Carrie ❤️America🇺🇸,false,false,Reagan Conservative ❤️ Israel #2A #NRA #CCOT #AmericaFirst #TrumpNation #PatriotsUnited ⚔️ #MAGA,RT @soulphoodie: Black-Owned Restaurant Facing Boycott After Catering a Trump Event,"California, USA",
21027715,2009-02-16 21:04:53 +0000,2016-11-17 12:54:36 +0000,11334,201,997,1032,22000,CarrieNBCNews,Carrie Dann,true,false,.@NBCNews / @NBCPolitics. RTs not endorsements.,"Searching for a historical parallel to make sense of the political landscape? @RonBrownstein writes: Look to 1920","Washington, D.C. ",
1411633885,2013-05-08 00:52:08 +0000,2016-11-18 12:47:16 +0000,17111,2792,52,116,284,caruso1962,DEPLORABLE VINNY,false,false,Fishing machine,"RT @gelraquelll: while CEOs are firing their staff for supporting trump, the CEO of IBM just wrote him a beautiful letter. #Trump2016",,
4104575289,2015-11-03 12:53:43 +0000,2016-11-18 13:26:04 +0000,7791,5372,31,423,2543,catalina5735,Catalina,false,false,"I am an imperfect woman who loves a perfect God. I'm a human being with brown skin who loves family, the truth & freedom. #LatinosWithTrump",RT @muscletrump: European Globalists Crack Down on Free Speech! #tcot,"Pennsylvania, USA",
749475019,2012-08-10 14:40:23 +0000,2016-11-17 23:38:07 +0000,3035,3749,16,1332,905,CatenHyde,Caten Hyde,false,false,"2x TCU grad | @tcufootball recruiting multimedia | #SMSports newcomer | Lafayette, LA to Texas",RT @TCUFootball: The Real Protectors of The Carter. 👀 Our @TCU students. #BeatOSU,"Fort Worth, TX",
11707152,2008-01-01 05:48:48 +0000,2016-11-18 02:26:47 +0000,83558,2080,237,4314,3387,catfitz,CatherineFitz,false,false,"Russia, translation, Eurasia, Internet ideologies. I don't reply to anon ankle-biters. My book:",Then there's Elliott Abrams who used to be at State and NSC but he's a Never-Trumper,New York,
702012113972289536,2016-02-23 06:08:25 +0000,2016-11-18 04:41:22 +0000,9478,8750,22,129,170,CathyWakefield1,Tippy,false,false,,@seanhannity #Hannity YES!,United States,
15063486,2008-06-09 18:11:35 +0000,2016-11-18 13:55:18 +0000,166063,30139,949,68349,83027,catoletters,CatoTheYounger,false,false,Think for yourself. Human choice is the foundation of liberty. libertarian Peace AustrianEconomics AnCap EndTheFed Mises Rothbard,"Hey, Trump: Pardon Snowden! via @LibertarianInst",,
15899328,2008-08-19 02:01:39 +0000,2016-11-18 13:54:17 +0000,22631,5997,57,2153,1826,cbendorf,Deplorable Clarice,false,false,Proud American,RT @WDFx2EU15: .@POTUS finally admits to funding #ISIS,,
26028938,2009-03-23 16:05:40 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:55 +0000,53300,2047,1209,24718,50142,CBNNews,CBN News,true,false,"Christian Broadcasting Network, bringing International Christian Inspired 24-hour News.",Today on the @700club: Surprise Picks Emerge as Trump's Cabinet Takes Shape,D.C.-Nashville-Jerusalem-VA,
73678167,2009-09-12 16:30:57 +0000,2016-11-18 13:17:58 +0000,57782,16052,135,3753,2708,cbrownx,Reagan's Man,false,false,"American, U.S. Air Force vet, VN Vet, Conservative, Republican, Constitutional Student, Free Enterprise Champion
Proudly blocked by Montel Williams!",RT @Shooters_Wife: NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Thanks NRA Members for Sending Hillary Clinton ‘On Permanent Poli...,,
15012486,2008-06-05 00:54:31 +0000,2016-11-18 14:05:01 +0000,111601,251,43309,425,4989957,CBSNews,CBS News,true,false,The official twitter feed of @CBSNews. Follow for original reporting and trusted news.,"Kids write letters asking Trump to ""be kind""","New York, NY",
109352520,2010-01-28 19:45:32 +0000,2016-11-18 12:09:47 +0000,3757,1961,8,21,41,cc_candycane,candice cane,false,false,,"Smoking gun memo for Bill's raping of Haiti thx to Hillary at State Dept",,
2299826742,2014-01-19 14:58:05 +0000,2016-11-18 14:06:29 +0000,55266,27215,71,1062,5109,CCCINNC,CCCINNC,false,false,"NC Transplant from DC...No GMOs-Eat Fresh, Eat Local!...I uphold the Constitution I swore to defend against all enemies...USN-Ret #Trump2016",@lindapezzino Connecting the Connections...,NC,
18139461,2008-12-15 16:19:50 +0000,2016-11-18 01:00:07 +0000,19763,404,10173,144,2002899,celtics,Boston Celtics,true,false,The Official Feed of the 17-Time World Champions.,"Tonight, James Young hosted Friendsgiving for kids from @thehomeorg. ☘️ #CelticsAssist","Boston, MA",
25159286,2009-03-18 21:29:04 +0000,2016-11-18 13:39:03 +0000,5622,33,3195,1269,216293,CENTCOM,U.S. Central Command,true,false,Official Twitter for U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM). *Follow/RT does not imply endorsement.,"RT @DefenceHQ: STRIKE UPDATE: RAF Typhoons support the liberation of Nimrud, home of ancient Assyrian antiquities #DefeatingDaesh…","MacDill AFB, Tampa, FL",
4473046635,2015-12-13 18:57:46 +0000,2016-11-18 03:16:45 +0000,21405,16181,57,981,3774,CentFL4Trump,PRESIDENT TRUMP !,false,false,"FORMER Turf Coordinator RPFL. ON GAB:CentFL4TRUMP Followed by @GenFlynn , @mitchellvii #LeadRight2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #TeamAlpha #TeamFL #MAGA3x",RT @PDChina: Meet the pheasant-elect: Bird sporting 'Donald Trump's hairstyle' soars to internet fame in China…,Florida,
25692368,2009-03-21 16:25:03 +0000,2016-11-18 13:49:35 +0000,67152,3113,610,28842,41279,cerenomri,Omri Ceren,false,false,Not even tweets = endorsements,Hmmm,"Washington, DC",
358545917,2011-08-20 03:02:29 +0000,2016-11-18 08:06:59 +0000,65977,23885,1864,1157,166521,Cernovich,Mike Cernovich 🇺🇸,true,false,"Author of Gorilla Mindset, lawyer, free speech activist, and documentary film maker. My new Trump book is out!",@MNGG33G7LP my friend sent me the numbers earlier today,"Los Angeles, CA",
17469492,2008-11-18 19:55:35 +0000,2016-11-18 13:46:08 +0000,37361,17,7311,12448,306361,CFR_org,CFR,true,false,The Council on Foreign Relations is a resource for foreign policy news and analysis. CFR takes no institutional positions on policy. Follows ≠ endorsements.,"As we mark international education week, a plug for CFR's education tweeps: @CFR_Academic @Model_Diplomacy #IEW2016","New York, NY",
4826927664,2016-01-28 20:30:25 +0000,2016-11-18 12:24:33 +0000,25587,0,73,3309,3162,CFRAZIER329,GA TRUMPMYPRESIDENT❤,false,false,"Christian woman, who will stand up 4 what i believe in & will defend it. love family, ❤ my granddaughter❤animals. We will have a greater future for America.",RT @SheriffClarke: Dem proaganda wing @nytimes @washingtonpost continue to snipe @realDonaldTrump transition w/o telling us the histor…,"Georgia, USA",
2348322908,2014-02-17 11:17:11 +0000,2016-11-18 13:52:24 +0000,1507,5050,2,169,97,cfrich1305,Rich,false,false,"Under Ground Miner, Vietnam Era Vet",RT @SheriffClarke: Dem proaganda wing @nytimes @washingtonpost continue to snipe @realDonaldTrump transition w/o telling us the histor…,United States,
188597265,2010-09-09 03:10:53 +0000,2016-11-17 04:33:54 +0000,17008,4855,73,902,5734,ChadSearcey,Dr. Chad Searcey,false,false,"Father;Leader;Military Supporter;Proud American;Outdoorsman;Gun Owner, #Husker #Royals fan;Continuous Learner; #UNL to #KansasCity Snapchat: luvnufb16",@jheard15 @DanScavino @GenFlynn I highly recommend reading General Flynn's book Field of Fight. Great read and eye opening. #Trump2016,"Kansas City, Missouri",
1075460258,2013-01-10 02:27:51 +0000,2016-11-18 13:07:42 +0000,96939,86643,402,25753,29204,Chairmnoomowmow,chairman oohmowmow,false,false,Author of the book Fat Kids/Skinny Jeans:Tales of the Glorious Revolution,"RT @FoxNews: BREAKING: President-elect Donald Trump offers Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions the Attorney General post, source says:",,
2756749971,2014-08-31 05:53:50 +0000,2016-11-18 04:01:23 +0000,9250,7226,15,604,452,Chancedgfe,🇱🇷 Anitra 🇱🇷,false,false,I'm a retired Firefighter/Paramedic from Ohio.Proud American. Will fight for Our country and OUR way of life. God bless all Americans! In God we Trust!,"RT @michaelkeyes: Rest easy Ranger, the pain is gone. See you in the next life.
""Veteran Suicide Is Real""",Ohio,
15946870,2008-08-22 16:29:45 +0000,2016-11-18 13:33:26 +0000,11883,34,615,2706,27272,charismamag,CharismaMag,false,false,Proclaiming Jesus to the World,It is almost difficult to grasp how hard the enemy works against us. #JohnBelt #voice,"Lake Mary, Florida",
233484761,2011-01-03 10:34:08 +0000,2016-11-18 14:01:57 +0000,105041,2711,2176,773,70746,charlescwcooke,Charles C. W. Cooke,true,false,Editor of National Review Online. Author of 'The Conservatarian Manifesto.' Classic liberal (look it up). Dad to Jack.,"RT @justinamash: I know @RepMikePompeo. He's a great pick. Yes, we have our disagreements, but Mike will listen to our concerns and…",Epcot,
336370847,2011-07-16 05:30:29 +0000,2016-11-18 13:38:33 +0000,93186,228,238,3095,1674,charliealpha011,Charliealpha011,false,false,Proud Kenyan. A retweet is not an endorsement. Peace be upon you!,"RT @SpindlerWilliam: SHOCKING The number of people reported dead or missing in the Mediterranean this week is now 370, bringing the total this year to over 4600.",Kenya,
292929271,2011-05-04 13:37:25 +0000,2016-11-18 06:34:43 +0000,39091,17154,632,73342,79631,charliekirk11,Charlie Kirk,false,false,Founder & Exec. Director of @TPUSA Proud capitalist. Best Selling Author. Eagle Scout. Blessed.,"RT @FoxNews: .@charliekirk11: “The political correctness wave that swept across this country, [#DonaldTrump] was a direct respon…","Chicago, Illinois",
58550415,2009-07-20 18:34:57 +0000,2016-11-17 12:48:10 +0000,2385,86,2833,663,166867,charlierose,Charlie Rose,true,false,"Executive editor and host of @CharlieRoseShow and Charlie Rose The Week, co-host of @CBSThisMorning. Engaging the world's best minds.",RT @CBSThisMorning: “Nobody asked Donald Trump what makes America great.” -- Jon Stewart on the election.,New York ,
14385689,2008-04-14 14:33:57 +0000,2016-11-18 03:40:09 +0000,9078,26866,23,446,706,chasin_dwight,Mary Hoyt,false,false,"Mother, Grandmother, Love New Orleans Saints Football LSU Tigers. Registered Independent",#Hannity I hope Ivanka sells 10000 bracelets,"Louisiana, USA",
4233671,2007-04-11 19:49:27 +0000,2016-11-18 04:55:32 +0000,141570,1970,235,4999,3963,chasrmartin,(((Charlie Martin))),false,false,"Creative software innovator, architect, developer, and writer. Sci/Tech Correspondent",@screwtape1a12 @AnnCoulter Racist shrew is no better.,Boulder CO,
121217779,2010-03-08 20:23:26 +0000,2016-11-18 04:15:36 +0000,12644,24793,216,1952,31955,ChatRevolve,Trump Street Team FL,false,false,"We are the grassroots, boots on the ground who do sign wave on the front lines. We NEED Trump 2 win #Florida & need you to help. FOLLOW US🇺🇸 #LatinosWithTrump","RT @realDonaldTrump: Just got a call from my friend Bill Ford, Chairman of Ford, who advised me that he will be keeping the Lincoln plant in Kentucky - no Mexico","Florida, USA",
41926331,2009-05-22 23:27:51 +0000,2016-11-18 05:07:19 +0000,188,105,0,12,12,CHawkLM,Lucille,false,false,,@CNNTonight @Deanofcomedy @donlemon needs to come out with a story that isn't cherrypicked to fit his narrative. Show trump voter beaten,,
302349664,2011-05-21 01:34:58 +0000,2016-11-17 19:09:25 +0000,1390,132,2,965,126,checkers80,Ryan Wills,false,false,,"RT @dodo: He was found paralyzed and in a ditch, but now he's taking on the world with his new family!",St. Louis,
2989552338,2015-01-19 08:57:39 +0000,2016-11-18 05:08:01 +0000,4520,3097,2,247,207,cheekoguy,Gloriously Cheeko,false,false,"Disabled U. S. Army paratrooper. I've lived through Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama. Trump is the change we need.","@GopAaron FYI, I took this picture today at Ft Macon, NC. Why aren't positive facts taught about black men by our e…",Northern California,
1301244769,2013-03-25 21:36:18 +0000,2016-11-18 14:07:05 +0000,200324,91617,330,882,3043,Cheri_Kentucky,Cheri Kentucky 🐸,false,false,"Disgusted by #AbuseOfPower #Fraud #Waste #Corruption #TransparencyFAIL #IncompetenceDotGov ...My heroes wear Camo, Patriot by constitution & faith",RT @zerohedge: Backlash: Prominent Conservative James Woods Quits Twitter In Censorship Protest,,
776377386157957120,2016-09-15 11:09:28 +0000,2016-11-17 15:19:36 +0000,1934,1621,5,1128,465,ChesterM1962,Chester,false,false,Being myself. Showing the world you can have fun,"RT @I_AmAmerica: Congressional Black Caucus, no matter what you say, the Democrats and their liberal agenda has DESTROYED the BLACK…","Ohio, USA",
521407671,2012-03-11 15:22:42 +0000,2016-11-18 03:16:29 +0000,39954,755,57,2528,2920,Chloecat317,ChloeCat,false,false,"CT-R.N. Proud Daughter of Career USMC Dad, Wife of 1, Conservative Independent, Catholic, Healer, Professional, Lover of the U.S. Constitution, NRA",RT @Conservative_VW: the TRUTH‼️‼️,NO LISTS,
774742985074352129,2016-09-10 22:54:56 +0000,2016-11-17 13:13:33 +0000,2417,17587,6,86,94,Choc_rg,Well Informed 🇱🇷,false,false,Love her or leave her! Proud Patriot! Devout Roman Catholic! Also an enthusiastic member of the #basketofdeplorables,RT @foxandfriends: .@WatchChad: Kids are protesting because they don’t feel good about the election; they don't understand the process…,,
113755562,2010-02-12 23:05:38 +0000,2016-11-17 20:36:17 +0000,8180,570,28,1044,677,Cholerajoe,Ask Carlos,false,false,"Physician, Veteran, Zebra Whisperer, Theatre groupie, Hunter, Gooner, Christian Lacroix lookalike, @Pm4Mc 's pig iron scout.","@ProudlyWeHail When you're in the military, every place is dangerous and you DEAL with it, not cry or wear safety pins.",District 11,
454513795,2012-01-04 02:38:05 +0000,2016-11-18 07:04:19 +0000,64076,29782,240,9711,11142,ChooseToBFree,Freedom☆Has☆Won🇺🇸,false,false,Truth Activist★Conservative Christian★Pro-America★Pro-Constitution★Pro-Common Sense★Pro-Business★School w/Obama🙄 #TrumpPence16🇺🇸 #TCOT #CCOT,"Exit Poll: 58% of Hispanic Voters Back #Trump’s Immigration Policies
These good Americans…",Followed By Sean Hannity,
49099638,2009-06-20 19:49:48 +0000,2016-11-18 13:21:46 +0000,16594,15868,52,2762,1539,chouston34,Mother Voorhees 🇺🇸,false,false,Back from the dead to help Make America Great Again! Fighting the #FakeNews Media disinformation on the daily. 👌🇺🇸🇺🇸,RT @mitchellvii: The media is beclowning themselves on a daily basis. Trump is punking them for amusement. Amazing to watch.,Camp Crystal Lake,
2797736888,2014-09-08 11:29:40 +0000,2016-11-18 12:50:02 +0000,2837,394,44,1268,1161,Chris_Kolenda,Christopher Kolenda,false,false,"CEO, Kolenda Strategic Leadership -- Helping non-profits maximize impact;
Author: Leadership: The Warrior's Art; The Counterinsurgency Challenge",Thanks @colincookman,"London, England",
2949980805,2014-12-29 21:16:06 +0000,2016-11-18 11:06:38 +0000,1446,1459,491,48251,82995,ChrisAshbach,Chris Ashbach,false,false,"Photog, blog, social media expert. Official cake taster. Periscope @chris_ashbach @MN_tourism",A #Winter #Walk In The #Snow,"St Paul, MN",
14923846,2008-05-27 18:29:01 +0000,2016-09-22 21:15:58 +0000,2796,164,388,1726,4751,chrisbaggott,chrisbaggott,false,false,SaaS Entrepreneur. evangelist for engaging yet high ROI social media marketing & SEO. CEO/Co-founder of Compendium follow us @compendium,RT @IndyMonthly: Nothing delicate about this tenderloin from The Mug.,"Indianapolis, IN",
4772643012,2016-01-17 09:06:22 +0000,,991,5536,2,98,98,chrisboydbrew,Christine Brew,false,false,,,"California, USA",
410076442,2011-11-11 16:15:07 +0000,2016-11-18 12:15:44 +0000,171539,121409,496,14962,43451,ChrisCoon4,Chris Coon,false,false,"A proud Conservative Deplorable American who loves God, Country and family #Trump all the way!",EXCLUSIVE: Three Pakistani Men Apprehended in U.S. at Arizona Border,louisiana,
22799750,2009-03-04 17:02:09 +0000,2016-11-18 03:32:30 +0000,61238,15725,4737,1093,1149649,ChrisCuomo,Christopher C. Cuomo,true,false,facebook: chris cuomo Instagram: chrisccuomo,Not on this bs list,wherever I need to be,
2161447400,2013-10-28 19:04:53 +0000,2016-11-17 04:50:01 +0000,1387,455,291,38,85176,ChrisKyleFrog,Official Chris Kyle,false,false,"Navy Seal Chief Chris Kyle, author of American Sniper, honorably discharged in 2009. Loving husband, father and friend, Chris is missed after his murder 2-2-13.",@Taylorhillpic Let us know how you go!,Taya Kyle and close friends,
1597871198,2013-07-16 08:20:50 +0000,2016-11-17 23:12:43 +0000,11199,13522,34,544,579,ChrissieTony,Chrissie,false,false,"Believer in and follower of, Christ Jesus
CHRIST IN me is MY Hope of Glory.
Wife, daughter, friend, creative - LOVE to worship dance.","RT @KellyannePolls: Reality check from @DavidAxelrod, who scolds critics of Trump's transition progress via @DCExaminer",,
3502283836,2015-08-31 13:37:33 +0000,2016-11-18 13:23:54 +0000,8189,7112,19,296,282,ChrissyFrancis8,Chrissy Francis,false,false,"Conservative, Christian Republican that believes we should love one another as Christ does. Volunteer for Pets for Vets & seniors",@foxandfriends @FoxNews this is censorship,"Jersey Shore, PA",
41900220,2009-05-22 21:01:52 +0000,2016-11-18 06:56:34 +0000,7454,3697,20,308,455,ChristenePatti,Christene,false,false,❀ I love my country and want a better future for all Americans ❀ Goal to get every state RED and TRUMP elected ❀ We must prioritize security ❀ Stop Hillary! ❀,"@washingtonpost I do not follow trash talk #MSM #wapo #CNN #MSNBC #NYTimes
You're decision to follow or #boycott",,
4338864018,2015-11-23 23:37:02 +0000,2016-11-18 14:07:33 +0000,867,751,0,267,90,ChristianBell__,Christian Bell,false,false,,An appropriate message for our time.,PNW,
732980827,2012-08-02 14:55:41 +0000,2016-11-18 03:22:40 +0000,285485,94934,1408,66147,177878,ChristiChat,CC,false,false,Christian•Commonsense Conservative Constitutional Capitalist•Support Military•Police•NRA•Wife•Mom•Gram TRUMP Voter•Favs @SheriffClarke @SeanHannity @EricBolling,"RT @LindaSuhler: Raheem Kassam: Steve Bannon Is ‘the Man Who Flew to London to Hire This Brown Guy from a Muslim Family’
1618641848,2013-07-24 21:14:09 +0000,2016-11-15 17:51:37 +0000,128593,159008,1086,152631,176036,ChristieC733,Christie 🇺🇸,false,false,"Those who expect to reap the benefits of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. T. Paine Politics 24/7 #TrumpNation #Dogs #BusinessOwner","RT @GoldEconomics: Germany Launches Biggest Crackdown On Islamists In 15 Years: Raids 190 Mosques, Bans Radical Organization","Texas, USA",
3396282117,2015-07-30 23:39:02 +0000,2016-11-18 14:00:34 +0000,14189,9182,78,12357,14702,ChristopherGFX,Christopher White,false,false,[REDACTED],"British woman facing jail after reporting Dubai 'rape' says she's 'petrified'
Please RT #ZaraJayneMoisey",FEMA Sector 4,
462104542,2012-01-12 15:30:41 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:32 +0000,34314,5099,2620,2993,167829,chuckwoolery,Chuck Woolery,false,false,"Hollywood Conservative, Love Connection Host, Back in Two and Two, Fisherman, Navy Vet, Political Activist. Host of Blunt Force Truth w/ Mark Young",Jeff Sessions at the #DOJ. Perfect!,Texas,
2333619771,2014-02-09 12:11:37 +0000,2016-11-18 13:44:56 +0000,5324,5169,14,2397,795,CHURCHILL4TRUMP,The Churchillian,false,false,#Trump #Make Britain Great #MakeAmericaGreatAgain,"RT @AnthonyVVeiner: ""@HuffingtonPost: Mike Pence and House Republicans pose for the whitest selfie ever.""
Since yours?","New York, USA",
21445143,2009-02-20 23:14:41 +0000,2016-11-18 02:57:34 +0000,10739,10795,350,333,14768,CIAspygirl,CIA Spy Girl,false,false,"Former CIA Disguise Officer & Operations Officer. Now, I focus on writing, media commentating, keynote/public speaking, consulting, comedy & keeping secrets.",@nadabakos @washingtonpost beautiful & heartbreaking st the same time,US Based,
1090750657,2013-01-15 01:54:44 +0000,2016-11-18 14:04:22 +0000,33917,21178,356,21,2970,cigitalgem,Gary McGraw,false,false,"Cigital. Software security.
Silver Bullet Security Podcast.
Tech | Life | Music","RT @__adh__: Happy 28th birthday, @certcc #TBT",Shenandoah River,
2371155744,2014-03-04 00:58:28 +0000,2016-11-17 20:17:56 +0000,22260,20154,119,2054,37348,CindyBlackwel12,VOTE FOR TRUMP 2016,false,false,"America Needs #Trump2016!
I am a COUNTER PUNCHER! #WOMEN4TRUMP",The big question: what are we going to do for humanity? Serving others is the essence of leading at a higher level. - Ken Blanchard,"Florida, USA",
1140563101,2013-02-01 19:38:44 +0000,2016-11-18 14:01:46 +0000,1181,4631,3,214,117,cindysharmony,Cindy Stewart,false,false,"Hi, I am a singer, composer, musician, owner and instructor at the Sound of Music studio. I love sharing with all ages the beautiful gift of music.",@SenatorSessions We r so proud of u 4 representing us so well. South AL & NW FL love you. May you enjoy a peaceful and blessed Thanksgiving!,"Milton, FL",
878129887,2012-10-13 15:52:34 +0000,2016-11-18 05:35:10 +0000,441,3837,7,32,101,CIOontheGo,Crude Hauler,false,false,Concerned American. Fiscal Conservative. Small business owner. Former hi-tech executive.,@trish_regan @SenJohnThune @FoxBusiness Remember Obama and Hillary saying Gov't creates commere? That's how.,,
317223956,2011-06-14 16:28:01 +0000,2016-11-18 05:20:19 +0000,71378,33246,204,4992,4532,cjsienna55,Dreaming of Peace,false,false,American Patriot Striving to Preserve our Constitution of the United States. All civilized nations should have a right to their culture & sovereignty.,PROOF Michelle Obama Is A Man!! OBAMA IS GAY!! 2016 via @YouTube,United States,
2294705519,2014-01-21 03:21:55 +0000,2016-11-18 13:39:09 +0000,1054,506,41,135,2199,cjtfarrell,Chris Farrell,false,false,"Director of Investigations & Research for Judicial Watch; Adj. Prof., Journalism at George Mason University, *Tweets = my own & RT not an endorsement, etc.*",RT @JudicialWatch: Judicial Watch investigators move evidence into our storage room. We're always working for you.…,"Washington, D.C.",
72426152,2009-09-08 00:29:57 +0000,2016-11-18 07:54:27 +0000,45852,53944,158,9882,22573,clanceman65,Mike 4 Trump,false,false,Follow @Transition2017 Pres. Elect Trump! Followed by @brunelldonald @seanhannity @genflynn @RogerStoneJr @mitchellvii @asamjulian @VivaLaAmes @heytana,"RT @SlvrSteve: @clanceman65 @realdonaldtrump @transition2017 Ms. @brunelldonald will bring
ALL of God's children together. #DiversityCoalition",Northwest,
2167347758,2013-10-31 22:29:54 +0000,2016-11-18 12:16:17 +0000,2915,6,92,2525,3977,ClareMLopez,Clare Lopez,false,false,"VP for Research & Analysis, Center for Security Policy",CAIR Leader Calls for Overthrow of U.S. Government This is called sedition - it's against US law,WDC Metro,
703026097592655872,2016-02-26 01:17:38 +0000,,5799,2146,6,473,141,Claudet76660562,BRAZILIANS FOR TRUMP,false,true,Thank God for all the man and woman who are protecting all Americans,,"Palm Beach , FL",
2893688811,2014-11-26 19:11:49 +0000,2016-11-09 14:24:39 +0000,11311,11676,29,206,388,ClevelandCydney,Cydney A. Cleveland,false,false,UPCI. Conservative. GOD is Love. #TeamUSARMY #TeamUSNavy #Team101st #IraqnAfghanistanWarrior #AMUandCTUalumni #VETSFirst #AmericaFirst #FamilyFirst,@Paguban @cher 😂😂😂😂,"New York, USA",
4121225056,2015-11-05 18:19:17 +0000,2016-11-17 14:56:55 +0000,915,57,1346,55,163928,CLewandowski_,Corey R. Lewandowski,true,false,CNN Political Commentator and former Campaign Manager for Donald J. Trump for President. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016,Love how the MSM is taking the statement out of context to make it look like there is not two different rules for the elites.,"Manhattan, NY",
607039851,2012-06-13 06:48:30 +0000,2016-11-18 14:08:45 +0000,52690,16164,90,356,1587,cliffordtopham,Cliff Topham,false,false,"Aviation Exec, 2010 US Citizen, born, bred England. Luv USA & all it stands for. Love my wife, family & pets. Comments with English wit, sometimes. #Trump2016","RT @TonyJohnson36: Oh dear #dictatorial talk about us on Social #media, what next. ???????? @TonyJohnson36 @AllianceGB",,
1966386108,2013-10-17 08:59:10 +0000,2016-11-17 21:06:24 +0000,7244,3540,39,322,487,CllrAlanRebeiro,Alan,false,false,"Knowle, Solihull Compassionate Conservative Sport fanatic Personal reflections","RT @UK__News: Booming Britain: Retail sales increased by 1.9% in October, an annual increase of 7.4%.",,
932523313,2012-11-07 17:18:07 +0000,2016-11-18 08:09:11 +0000,446,17017,1,119,105,cmacgowen,Catherine McGowen,false,false,Bible Teacher for 40 years,"@TuckerCarlson @FoxNews it's you pick of guests (mostly) that I'm not enjoying. However, I love listening to you!",LA./TX./USA,
20402945,2009-02-09 00:03:41 +0000,2016-11-18 14:06:01 +0000,125009,3093,23031,988,2459575,CNBC,CNBC,true,false,First in Business Worldwide,Ed Yardeni: The bond vigilantes are ‘back – as zombies!’ via @tradingnation,,
759251,2007-02-09 00:35:02 +0000,2016-11-18 14:00:04 +0000,106359,1434,120701,1121,29564401,CNN,CNN,true,false,It’s our job to #GoThere and tell the most difficult stories. Come with us!,Bernie Sanders supporter gets a tattoo of Donald Trump's face after losing a bet following the presidential electio…,,
428333,2007-01-02 01:48:14 +0000,2016-11-18 13:16:42 +0000,52207,18,177464,122,43750864,cnnbrk,CNN Breaking News,true,false,"Breaking news from reporters and editors on the CNN Digital news team. Now 43M strong. Check @cnn for all things CNN, breaking and more.","RT @CNNPolitics: BREAKING: Donald Trump has selected Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions to be his attorney general, a source says",Everywhere,
9245812,2007-10-04 14:58:27 +0000,2016-10-24 20:02:13 +0000,18995,228,10745,479,767412,CNNgo,CNNgo,true,false,"CNN at your fingertips. Watch what you want, when and where you want on @CNNgo.",New CNN/ORC poll suggests tighter race between #Trump & #Clinton than recent national polls. @JohnKingCNN has more:…,Everywhere,
2097571,2007-03-24 10:48:14 +0000,2016-11-18 14:06:00 +0000,104921,140,32516,363,5734785,cnni,CNN International,true,false,"Breaking news from around the world, plus business, style, travel, sport and entertainment. We #gothere.",New Airbnb feature allows travelers to book excursions with local residents within the app,Everywhere,
145530134,2010-05-19 05:48:51 +0000,2016-11-18 14:10:03 +0000,27432,496,642,665,26706,CoachCoreyWayne,Coach Corey Wayne,false,false,I Teach Self-Reliance. Life & Peak Performance Coach. Enlightened Self-Help. Free Self-Help Articles At:,#kevineastman #nba #basketball #coaching #teamwork #winning #success #commitment #coachcoreywayne #greatquotes...,"Orlando, FL",
383064409,2011-10-01 06:09:33 +0000,2016-11-18 02:11:21 +0000,36978,35552,62,206,398,CoachKJunior,CoachKjr,false,false,Related to USA Olympic Head Bball Coach K!,RT @PrisonPlanet: Amazing how the electoral college only becomes racist and sexist after a Republican wins. 😆,"Los Angeles, CA",
3034992840,2015-02-21 17:35:06 +0000,2016-11-18 01:02:43 +0000,39637,25278,89,1154,1367,cochran_bob,Still deplorable Bob,false,false,"Retired married 50 years, 2A all of constitution, USCCA, should be no political parties just Americans. All lives matter, responsible licensed CCW.","RT @STRONG_OPED: #makerstownhall
3618868453,2015-09-19 18:56:18 +0000,2016-11-18 09:09:51 +0000,15100,13999,34,1613,3103,coffeegurl60,TrumpWinner,false,false,I'm a Legal professional. I'm not gullible. I'm not brainwashed. I dislike PC. I'm a leader - not a follower. I support Trump 100%.,Exit Poll: 58 Percent of Hispanic Voters Back Donald Trump’s Immigration Policies @immigrant4trump,"California, USA",
1333467482,2013-04-07 07:50:08 +0000,2016-11-18 13:53:53 +0000,31967,743,2853,242,101432,coindesk,CoinDesk,false,false,"The latest bitcoin news, prices, charts, guides and analysis from the world leader in digital currency information.",South Korea is Debating New Bitcoin Exchange Rules,"New York, USA",
1421960875,2013-05-12 01:06:50 +0000,2016-11-18 04:28:41 +0000,43642,46944,406,12029,43404,col_nj,Colleen ✌VOTED TRUMP,false,false,"Looking 4 truth in a world full of lies
#SupportOurTroops #MakeAmericaGreatAgain 1A📢 #PatriotsUnite #Bluehand","RT @HersheSquirt: CONFIRMED!
Footage of Hillary's hilarious meltdown on election night surfaces",,
1736442133,2013-09-06 18:59:07 +0000,2016-11-18 14:02:44 +0000,1133,2277,6,290,451,COLCraigFlowers,Craig Flowers,false,false,,RT @danspainhour: Body language is critical to team success!!,,
1210193988,2013-02-23 00:48:31 +0000,2016-11-18 12:58:47 +0000,7328,6031,2,333,472,Colealexcannon,Cole,false,false,#JesusSaves #AllLivesMatter #BuildThatWall,RT @__Controlla__: Hate yall😭😭😭,"Trump, TX",
442096929,2011-12-20 19:03:37 +0000,2016-11-18 13:28:25 +0000,3693,8439,10,1233,435,coletpa,Cole McGowan,false,false,"National Security, Law, & Foreign Policy observer. PR for @fgcugop",Lol,"Tampa, FL",
2575441038,2014-06-18 20:34:00 +0000,2016-11-17 16:04:50 +0000,464,663,5,321,121,ConnieSunday1,Connie Sunday,false,false,Entrepreneur/ Investor / Philanthropist,"With all the rumbling of what is going on in the Big House, remember you control what's going on in your house. 🇺🇸","Arizona, USA",
346924655,2011-08-02 01:32:35 +0000,2016-11-18 13:08:13 +0000,155003,7399,881,68614,76808,Conservative_VW,Villi Wilson,false,false,"Small Business Owner; Husband, Father(5Girls); Grandfather(3Boys1Girl); Christian; Independent Conservative; USAFVet; #tcot; Political Satire",RT @simplylorilee: @Norse_Gamer @Conservative_VW I breast fed my children and it wasn't violent. It feels great when your breasts get full and the baby eats.,"Honoka'a, Hawaii; Big Island",
44084374,2009-06-02 08:19:47 +0000,2016-11-17 04:27:05 +0000,863,3,2,192,60,ConservativeCop,Eric T. Shames,false,false,Reagan loving Conservative! Liberalism is and remains dysfunctional and deleterious to the present as well as the future of our Nation.,These marshmallow collegiate liberals in their safe spaces & therapy dogs are despicable. We've allowed liberalism to flourish way too long.,"New York, USA",
4165642155,2015-11-11 18:40:29 +0000,2016-11-18 07:07:14 +0000,19942,5539,89,26137,30632,ConstanceQueen8,EAGLE WINGS,false,false,USAF Vet who believes Freedom Soars 🙏🏻💙 🇺🇸,Obama to anti-Trump protesters: March on |,,
559747335,2012-04-21 15:56:45 +0000,2016-11-04 19:19:24 +0000,704,244,44,1005,457,ConversionCap,Conversion Capital,false,false,Investing in the future of Financial Services |,The future of financial services may look very different. Built on the foundation of companies which are extraordin…,Palo Alto | NYC | UK,
753348038031085568,2016-07-13 21:59:03 +0000,2016-11-18 11:55:36 +0000,340,1413,1,207,117,convery_debbie,Debbie Convery,false,false,"Mother, Grandmother, Humanitarian, Human Rights Activist, Artist, Writer",@mitchellvii What can we do to stop this craziness? Any ideas?,"Austin, TX",
3264610061,2015-05-17 01:26:30 +0000,2016-10-06 23:52:23 +0000,23,59,1,67,2,copp_dave,Invictu5,false,false,Husband. Father. Sailor. Pilot. American.,RT @USAMurphy: Great meeting w/ @WestPoint_USMA cadets at #AUSA2016 to talk about the future #USArmy,,
2941708517,2014-12-26 04:01:03 +0000,2016-11-18 09:54:17 +0000,841,1219,7,1382,117,cornelius_rost,Cornelius Rost,false,false,"To be or to do, which way will you go? / And why have lands been granted you and me...? so that we... may face the blaze of battle and fight well.","RT @CombatCavScout: If by ""astute intelligence pro,"" you mean ""fired for incompetence and played like a fiddle by foreign governments,""…",Sic semper tyrannis,
1720816128,2013-09-02 01:55:44 +0000,2016-11-18 06:46:08 +0000,24306,44950,44,11371,11565,Corporatocrazy,Corporatocrazy,false,false,"#MAGA. Fight Corporatism, globalism and NWO. Put #AmericaFirst, Preserve Social/Family Values and Vote #Trump","Why Muslim Brotherhood must be labeled as a terrorist organization. Clear links to ISIS & Al Qaeda.
@JudicialWatch…",San Francisco,
171212125,2010-07-26 20:49:17 +0000,2016-11-18 13:37:29 +0000,3429,255,232,805,2703,CorrinAmber,Amber Corrin,true,false,"Editor, @C4ISRNET. Die-hard West Virginia Mountaineer. Still calling it like I see it, in spurts and maybe on slightly better behavior.",Haha love it! Get it! #trafficsurvival #RockOn 👊,"Washington, DC",
460848476,2012-01-11 05:39:13 +0000,2016-11-18 01:28:09 +0000,1302,276,290,43451,51087,CorruptOldMedia,Media Bias ☠,false,false,The Corrupt Old Media is loaded with Leftist Activists who falsely call themselves journalists. Ratings are in free fall. #MSM #tcot #MediaBias,Mitt Romney Being Considered by Trump as Secretary of State - #tcot,Newsrooms Everywhere,
3464860760,2015-09-06 00:30:27 +0000,2016-11-18 14:06:37 +0000,39059,21842,321,28201,40532,Cory_1077,❤️CORY™❤️,false,false,BlueLivesMatter 1stResponder Christian MILITARY USMC Patriot 2A NRA 111% ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ ✝ #Dogs #Horses #Dolphins Trump2016 ISRAEL✡@DineshDSouza🇺🇸,"RT @bfraser747: 💥💥 BREAKING NEWS
Ford tells #PresidentElectTrump that Lincoln SUV production will stay in USA, not go to Mexico…", At large,
578255600,2012-05-12 17:46:14 +0000,2016-11-18 08:07:49 +0000,5033,21324,13,114,355,cosplaymom1,Linda Lee,false,false,"Cosplay super mom, loves Chinese food, Doberman, hiking & boating!","RT @TallahForTrump: Legitimate question: if 58% of whites voting for Trump = ""White-lash""... is 93% of blacks voting for Obama a ""Black-lash?""",Atlanta,
4870746007,2016-02-06 22:51:22 +0000,2016-11-18 13:57:01 +0000,9189,1333,204,3788,12764,CounterJihadUS,CounterJihad,false,false,We are a movement of American citizen-activists dedicated to safeguarding the country from the danger posed by Islamic Supremacists. Join the #CounterJihad now!,"Muslims make up only one percent of the population, but file 40% of workplace discrimination complaints. #Sharia",America- Land of the Free,
761799487186735105,2016-08-06 05:42:06 +0000,2016-11-18 06:10:39 +0000,9699,15,12,4913,3256,cparham65,CKP,false,false,"America 1st! If the flag falls the world will follow!! I hope that we laugh, think, discuss! I may not get it always right but I'll never purposely mislead!",RT @cparham65: Good night USA🇺🇸! With GOD & JESUS we can get America fixed quickly! Freedom is at our fingertips! Thank you for all the follows & retweets!,,
29292882,2009-04-06 21:04:26 +0000,2016-11-18 12:38:01 +0000,19242,4707,98,1240,1582,CraigAWhiteside,Craig Whiteside,false,false,"Naval War College Monterey, @ICCT_TheHague fellow; father of 4, scoutmaster, sports fan, life-long Geronimo","RT @Pontifex: If you want a heart full of love, be merciful!","Monterey, CA",
32979667,2009-04-18 19:13:01 +0000,2016-08-18 00:31:55 +0000,17,33,1,58,45,credgate,Christie Redgate,false,false,,"@GenFlynn @MGF_83 @lofly727 @BarbaraRedgate intelligence briefings - not his first rodeo. Expert and hero!!",WEST COAST,
196897420,2010-09-30 04:31:59 +0000,2016-11-18 06:44:23 +0000,2443,414,1,1161,261,CreightonDCole,Creighton Coleman,false,false,donuts make me go nuts,RT @SappEric: Good summary & links to all the dangers when: Conservative Christians Take ‘Deal Jesus Rejected’ | Right Wing Watch,"St Louis, MO",
608471241,2012-06-14 18:54:12 +0000,2016-11-18 08:54:22 +0000,51084,127426,625,697,72450,cristinalaila1,Cristina Laila,false,false,"Armenian, exposing Islam, studied history for over 20 years. I school liberals for free because they love free stuff. #1A #HillaryForPrison #ArmenianGenocide","RT @RealJamesWoods: Now that #WhatsHerName has been relegated to the dustbin of political history, the list on the right is just a stun…",Everywhere,
32240593,2009-04-17 01:25:41 +0000,2016-11-18 07:02:38 +0000,29307,22090,139,464,8682,Cronikeys,Alison Arkin,false,false,"27. Goal: TV writer in NYC. Political journalist. Once Upon a Time fan, musician, & psychologist. I support President Trump, Putin, and Eurosceptic nationalists",RT @zerohedge: Europe: Let's End Free Speech!,"Indianapolis, IN",
706253966187712512,2016-03-05 23:04:01 +0000,2016-11-18 13:58:39 +0000,26218,19693,132,4540,3847,Crystal4Trump,Crystal Steiniger,false,false,I Love America! Big Into Saving Pets from Shelters Advocate for Spay & Neuter! A Christian💙 A #Deplorable 🇺🇸 #Trump2016 #StopSoros #Maga,@TraceyTheisen @GenFlynn Congratulations!! 🇺🇸,"Texas, USA",
2269441944,2013-12-30 21:17:44 +0000,2016-11-18 05:56:09 +0000,8117,4258,28,680,266,crystalheart545,You'reNotReady4This,false,false,"Follower of Jesus, the Bible, and the Constitution ..Unless you are God, Do Not Judge Me.","RT @PastorJohnHagee: ""He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble;
I will deliver him and honor him.""
—Psalm 91:15 #Scripture",U.S.A.,
124766796,2010-03-20 13:59:17 +0000,2016-11-18 13:25:17 +0000,3964,7115,12,481,368,csirace,Don Crusius,false,false,Constitutionalist - Christ follower - USAF Veteran -Pro military & police - Entrepreneur - life long Cubs fan - @Cubs @Rangers @Indy500 #neverfootball,RT @WordSmithGuy: Jeff Sessions for Attorney General? I'll give that one two thumbs way up. He'll WILL enforce immigration laws! 🇺🇸,"Dallas, TX",
19400611,2009-01-23 16:21:40 +0000,2016-11-18 14:00:47 +0000,64969,134,1350,1374,112310,cvpayne,Charles V Payne,true,false,"Trying to make sense of this world while becoming the man my mother raised- I give a damn, love my family and country...and making people $$$$","Discussing big Fords news & possible big move for Apple
@marthamaccallum Its more complicated than you think but movement happening
@FoxNews",New Jersey & New York,
18948706,2009-01-13 19:09:28 +0000,2016-11-18 10:08:22 +0000,10077,5117,1665,55147,58962,cyberwar,cyberwar,false,false,"Chief Strategy Officer @blanccotech, Seasoned IT security expert and former Gartner analyst, Washington Post bestselling author of “There Will Be Cyberwar”",Wise words from Toomas Ilves.,right here ,
153966123,2010-06-10 01:12:01 +0000,2016-11-17 19:43:02 +0000,10572,9114,6608,966520,1108781,CynthiaLIVE,Cynthia Johnson,true,false,"Entrepreneur, Speaker and Columnist Focused on Personal Branding and Digital Marketing. I've got 5 minutes, let's connect",RT @smxplorer: Want to improve your public speaking skills? @CynthiaLIVE shares her top media training speakers,"Venice Beach, CA",
708437558959722496,2016-03-11 23:40:51 +0000,2016-04-07 02:05:28 +0000,5,0,0,13,8,cyr_frank,Frank Cyr,false,false,,Lovin my 2-0 Nats! Look out Fish!!,,
3950481494,2015-10-19 20:14:30 +0000,2016-11-18 05:13:37 +0000,17789,18524,113,23613,28644,CzechsforTrump,Czechs for Trump,false,false,"Czech-Americans and everybody else in support of Mr Trump, Americans now. I am grateful 2 my ancestors 4 starting the American Journey. Proud US Navy Veteran.",RT @PresidDJTrump: Are you willing to pay up to 30% more for Made in America Vs. Made in China if it creates more U.S. Jobs and the quality is higher?,USA,
2344061090,2014-02-14 20:13:10 +0000,2016-11-17 19:45:51 +0000,16244,29,518,275,19011,DA_Stockman,David Stockman,false,false,"Author, #Trumped! Fmr. Congressman, Reagan's OMB Director, Founder: #ContraCorner, author of #TheGreatDeformation & #TriumphofPolitics","CNN say Trump & Romney to meet re Cabinet: That's not #DrainTheSwamp---it's feeding the Alligators",NYC | Aspen,
39308549,2009-05-11 18:31:37 +0000,2016-11-18 13:50:39 +0000,119893,1687,5751,6087,235140,DailyCaller,The Daily Caller,true,false,"Politics, entertainment, sports, slideshows. You're welcome.",RT @KerryPicket: Freshman Congressman Wins Republican Study Committee Chair via @dailycaller,"Washington, DC",
724702259712499713,2016-04-25 20:50:57 +0000,2016-11-18 13:41:52 +0000,2392,0,17,1772,461,dailyondefense,Daily on Defense,false,false,@dcexaminer news and analysis on defense and national security. In your inbox every weekday morning from @jamiejmcintyre and @jacqklimas.,Reports: Donald Trump picks Rep. Mike Pompeo as his CIA director,"Washington, DC",
1008951163,2012-12-13 14:29:20 +0000,2016-11-14 17:42:53 +0000,166240,127181,486,87,2805,dale_je,Jeff Dale,false,false,"A Patriot, entrepreneur, business owner, mechanical engineer, Intergalactic Jayhawk Fan, Dad, Son and Husband. Reclaim Country - Vote Trump!!",RT @DineshDSouza: MY MESSAGE TO THE GRIEVING LEFT: It's okay to go nuts the first time fellas--it'll be easier four years from now when Trump is reelected,"Justin, TX",
27311044,2009-03-28 21:20:36 +0000,2016-11-18 13:23:55 +0000,28313,16965,8415,6932,1339230,DanaPerino,Dana Perino,true,false,"Fox News contributor, co-host The Five, Author And the Good News Is...Fmr Press Sec to George W. Bush. Speaking opps through:",@greenacrespig pic!!,"New York, NY",
1309747447,2013-03-28 07:33:26 +0000,2016-11-18 12:59:39 +0000,10415,5515,173,2889,4602,DanielFiott,Daniel Fiott,false,false,Security and Defence Editor at the EU Institute for Security Studies (@EU_ISS) and Researcher @IES_Brussels,"Robots, swarms and sensors... did you know that the EU has started to invest in defence R&D? Find out more here...…",Brussels,
721818207003107328,2016-04-17 21:50:46 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:07 +0000,36636,5015,517,5003,1603,danielmhalvers1,DanH,false,false,,"RT @WarriorDogs: To say thank you for all the support you have shown us, we are giving away 5 WDF gift boxes. Retweet & tell us why…",,
2474489456,2014-05-02 20:11:35 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:51 +0000,12664,17939,25,2145,775,danmcnamars,Dan McNamara Jr.,false,false,"Utility Dispatcher Large Natural Gas Co. 30 years,Conservative Irish Catholic,Huge Eagles& Phillies Fan. Fan of IPA Beer. Big Fan of Shore &Beach NWNJ.TRUMP16",RT @MikePenceVP: LEAKED VIDEO: Candidate for DNC Chairman @keithellison: The Jews were behind 9/11.,Torrsedale Pa.,
95562134,2009-12-09 03:02:20 +0000,2013-04-18 04:08:14 +0000,90,20,0,382,29,dannycolavito,Danny Colavito,false,false,,@dannycolavito jjkj,,
71876190,2009-09-05 19:44:48 +0000,2016-11-13 20:59:10 +0000,6916,82,23365,20,3947488,DannyDeVito,Danny DeVito,true,false,"I'm an actor, director and producer.",RT @Lucydevito: #thecomedian,Los Angeles,
1542335869,2013-06-24 02:30:52 +0000,2016-11-18 13:41:43 +0000,30816,4176,527,49887,53136,danoroadblade,Deplorable HEMSLEY,false,false,#ARMY #Airborne Master SGT Ret. Bronze Star: #JESUS IS ALIVE - Marx is dead: #PROLIFE #ISRAEL #VETS #COPS #LAW #College #Biker #TCOT #CCOT #2A #NRA #DEPLORABLE,RT @lobomundo1: #THANKFULTHURSDAY #THANKYOUMYFRIENDS @ricardo0305diaz @danoroadblade #ALMIGHTYGOD,"FOR GOD, FAMILY & COUNTRY",
15219770,2008-06-24 14:13:22 +0000,2016-11-17 20:49:24 +0000,12158,8378,688,51573,85278,danpgabriel,Dan Gabriel,false,false,"Former #CIA. Insurgencies, foreign and domestic.",RT @PoppyLegion: The Chelsea Pensioners get a standing ovation as they enter to the tune of the Boys of the Old Brigade at…,"Arlington, VA",
620571475,2012-06-28 02:45:39 +0000,2016-11-18 02:48:38 +0000,9723,2956,1984,134,220263,DanScavino,Dan Scavino Jr.,true,false,6/16/15-Director of #SocialMedia & Senior Advisor. @realDonaldTrump #Twitter #Facebook #Instagram. Prior #EVP & GM #Trump #Golf. #TrumpTrain Conductor🚂🇺🇸🇺🇸,RT @realDonaldTrump: I worked hard with Bill Ford to keep the Lincoln plant in Kentucky. I owed it to the great State of Kentucky for their confidence in me!,"Campaign Trail, USA",
3914229792,2015-10-16 13:43:52 +0000,2016-11-18 08:10:36 +0000,33195,16132,202,184,4897,DarkTriadMan,Ivan Throne,false,false,"Official Twitter account of Ivan Throne, speaker and bestselling author of THE NINE LAWS from Castalia House:","@wilable70 @thestonedest
We don't owe them citizenship.
Why give them a chance?
They broke the law.
Keep them out.",United States,
22509548,2009-03-02 17:39:00 +0000,2016-11-17 17:00:38 +0000,20220,893,4984,34950,234915,DarrellIssa,Darrell Issa,true,false,"I work for CA-49, Chair the Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet, & serve on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.","The House of Representatives just passed my bill to stop last-minute, unaccountable regulations. Statement here —>…","Vista, CA & Washington, DC",
4761064634,2016-01-15 03:32:52 +0000,2016-11-18 08:38:05 +0000,43052,53923,312,39003,63493,Darren32895836,STOCK MONSTER ELECT,false,false,"Useful Tips on Stocks to Buy and Sell, Market Predictions, Up to Date Stock News .... My post are for information only - NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE.",RT @Darren32895836: New Sheriff in Town: President Pro-Business Donald Trump has Apple Vying to bring Manufacturing Home to USA!#MAGA…,,
733828747690811392,2016-05-21 01:16:22 +0000,2016-11-18 14:04:52 +0000,64455,53279,168,6873,8138,datrumpnation1,trumpnation2016,false,false,#MAGA #Americafirst #ProudAmerican #TrumpPence2016 It truly is Morning In America! God Bless America #DrainTheSwamp,RT @latinaafortrump: LIVE on #Periscope: At Starbucks about to get my #TrumpCup 😁,United States,
45746929,2009-06-09 02:57:17 +0000,2016-11-18 11:08:24 +0000,10109,2262,73,5019,4569,dattiljs,Deplorably proud!,false,false,"A 30 something Conservative who believes in personal responsibility, small government, states' rights and the Constitution. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ /#NRA / ن /Sheepdog","@dadillio11
Pizza Restaurant Customer Pulls Glock, Kills Armed Robbery Suspect - Breitbart",68Whiskey,
3293741005,2015-07-25 21:51:23 +0000,2016-11-18 13:37:45 +0000,36761,17746,179,19382,29958,David360NC,David 4 Trump USA,false,false,"I have a beautiful wife Sandra, we enjoy playing music, fishing, Helping #DonaldTrump Go Donald #Trump2016...God Bless America... VOTE IN THE PRIMARY 4 #Trump",RT @wft2016:,"North Carolina, USA",
739359528,2012-08-05 22:32:52 +0000,2016-11-18 03:44:33 +0000,9876,2816,24,2298,984,David4884Dave,David Dave,false,false,"blue collar worker never used food stamps, welfare, Medicaid, Love God, Family, and the USA. No degrees No Masters I work with my big hands @realDonaldTrump",Bombshell Paid Protestors At Trump Rally Exposed,Texas,
4776253104,2016-01-18 02:41:24 +0000,2016-11-18 11:34:54 +0000,29862,27865,113,4995,2959,DavidA7808,DavidA,false,false,"Proud to be Deploarble! Member of NRA, Christian, Supporter of Military, Police, Animal rights advocate. Pro-Life. Pro-Israel. Proud American. Go Trump!","RT @charliekirk11: The very same people who said Trump's transition is a mess, just 8 days ago said he would never be President.
Don't believe them.","Austin, TX",
728557236985970688,2016-05-06 12:09:16 +0000,2016-07-13 14:41:37 +0000,1250,165,3,103,82,davidblackmon13,david blackmon,false,false,"southern fried. family God,Country and family. strong with ethics ,morals and the Love of Jesus Christ","@LouDobbs @enragedtaco @DailyCaller
He is responsible for the rioters. Again no accountability","North Carolina, USA",
186875904,2010-09-04 17:00:04 +0000,2016-11-18 13:55:19 +0000,17917,156,169,1276,4197,DavidFeith,David Feith,true,false,Editorial writer for The Wall Street Journal (@WSJopinion). Edited Teaching America: The Case for Civic Education.,"RT @WSJSolomon: Rep. Pompeo, the expected next head of the CIA, yesterday on the #IranDeal.",Hong Kong,
20608910,2009-02-11 18:26:23 +0000,2016-11-18 11:22:50 +0000,9805,84,12144,1021,1812653,davidgregory,David Gregory,true,false,"CNN political analyst • Host, The David Gregory Show podcast • author, How's Your Faith? • Instagram: davidgregorydmg",RT @maggieNYT: Things that are not likely to happen: the nominee who called Russia the greatest US geopolitical foe becoming Sec of State to Trump,"Washington, DC",
489446729,2012-02-11 14:56:01 +0000,2016-11-18 13:43:40 +0000,25287,45674,62,15120,18004,DavidPerez728,David Perez,false,false,Philanthropist|Development|Public Relations|Marketing|Events|Sports Wiz,"RT @FoxNews: BREAKING: President-elect #DonaldTrump offers Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS) the CIA director post, sources tell Fox News.…",FL/NY/NJ,
17632091,2008-11-25 21:25:29 +0000,2016-11-18 13:13:06 +0000,66302,11536,143,853,3276,davidrieff,davidrieff,false,false,,"RT @20committee: Seems Rep Mike Pompeo (R-KS) will be the new CIA director.
The real question is -- who will be the DNI? See here:",,
3302578926,2015-07-31 17:03:19 +0000,2016-11-17 13:38:36 +0000,12616,11213,37,157,235,DavisDmnieves,will power,false,false,,"RT @FemalesForTrump: .@megynkelly
Megyn was the real bully.
#BelieveRogerAiles #DeleteMegyn",,
1560446828,2013-07-01 12:34:36 +0000,2016-11-18 13:10:24 +0000,6387,9787,45,777,1158,DavisMountains,The 6-fingered man,false,false,"American by birth, Texan by the grace of God. Been around the world some. Asia hand. UT & Wharton. Natsec, startups. Former CIA Off. Writing, acting & traveling","RT @JewhadiTM: Trump transition team says Rep. Mike Pompeo accepts CIA director post @breaking",,
758720429225758720,2016-07-28 17:47:01 +0000,2016-11-18 14:05:20 +0000,1675,2032,1,253,121,DawnEHickman4,Dawn Trumpeteer 🇺🇸,false,false,,Love this man! First aboard the #TRUMPTRAIN.. 🚂 🚂 🚂🌬🌬,,
4495515442,2015-12-15 20:11:40 +0000,2016-11-18 12:14:12 +0000,65835,50843,138,11583,16336,dawnellemurray,🌹LOVE my PREZ 🌹,false,false,"NRA Member, CPL holder. ONLY TRUMP! 2A. Proudly blocked by @DLoesch & @cher & @deray. FOLLOWED by @Harlan & @AntonioSabatojr & @RealJamesWoods & @GenFlynn",#ComeyCorruption is far too obvious!!! ONE week to go thru 650K emails!! One YEAR to go thru 50K emails.,U.S.A.,
4914539795,2016-02-15 16:54:15 +0000,2016-11-18 14:05:49 +0000,7815,5135,124,31419,28766,DaysOfTrump,Days Of Trump,false,false,Working to build a #GreatAmerica with @realDonaldTrump. Americanism not Globalism will be our credo! #AmericaFirst,RT @zerohedge: U.S. SENATOR JEFF SESSIONS HAS ACCEPTED TRUMP'S OFFER TO SERVE AS U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL -TRANSITION OFFICIAL,A Great America,
513438857,2012-03-03 18:13:33 +0000,2016-11-18 13:59:37 +0000,20867,5791,171,7421,24182,DBloom451,Boston Bobblehead,false,false,"Independent Conservative, after GOP Amnesty betrayal, and Yuge BoSox & USC football fan. MPP/MBA @USC. I Don't Read DMs, so please don't send.","Here are today's Trump picks: Jeff Sessions #AttorneyGeneral, Rep. Mike Pompeo CIA Director, and @GenFlynn NSA!",,
18956073,2009-01-13 22:16:00 +0000,2016-11-18 14:07:47 +0000,188739,688,2540,8730,77771,dcexaminer,Washington Examiner,true,false,Political news and commentary from the Washington Examiner. Follow our journalists on Twitter:,Hillary Clinton thought about never leaving the house again after her defeat,"Washington, DC",
335090557,2011-07-14 04:03:01 +0000,2016-11-18 06:21:51 +0000,18359,985,203,3087,937,DCLindholm,Danielle C. Lindholm,false,false,"Living at the nexus bw economics & natl security. 20 yrs in public/private, Leg/Exec & business/USG/non-profit. Would rather be fly fishing. (Tweets r my own)","Welcome to the #Trump #kleptocracy: They're the the royal family of ""Swamp"" dwellers.",,
705333567543504896,2016-03-03 10:06:41 +0000,2016-11-18 13:23:35 +0000,46315,9692,16,3095,6185,DeanSchanzel,Dean,false,false,Retired: Happily married 50+ years to a fantastic lady. We have an Outstanding Daughter and a Granddaughter at BGSU. We all voted Trump!,"US Media in Shock After What China Just Told Whole World About Trump,,,","Chardon, Ohio ",
741333811477118976,2016-06-10 18:18:49 +0000,2016-11-18 06:41:42 +0000,4547,20243,7,7,156,deb52953,Deborah Walsh,false,false,#Election2016,@FoxNews Failed leadership!,,
1400943320,2013-05-03 23:08:54 +0000,2016-11-18 14:10:08 +0000,340245,242218,396,15431,28924,DebAlwaystrump,#Deplorabletrumpers,false,false,retired financial manager,"@cnn
Maybe Cheating News Network should
be thrown out of America like they
were from Russia for their lying
cheat…","Florida Adentro, Puerto Rico",
2370732830,2014-03-03 17:40:55 +0000,2016-11-18 07:24:26 +0000,9511,7684,10,578,601,DebbieLouiseR,debs :),false,false,if your looking for some soul searching inspirational quote.. your following the wrong girl .. brought up in the 2nd royal anglians :) #prouddaughter,@TEAMDIFH @LiLMissApache @MissJillRose @crumptog @parsons_anthea @SpecialByName @SueFirth180 @Hosties4Heroes thanks big man :),"England, United Kingdom",
238638756,2011-01-15 17:18:50 +0000,2016-11-16 21:39:03 +0000,4936,5311,15,312,242,debbomm,Debbie Bomhard,false,false,Mother & Grandmom. Love watching trials & believe in justice. #Never Hillary #Never Mainstream Media #Trump/Pence 2016,RT @JamesOKeefeIII: UPDATE: Teachers union officials caught on camera facing charges after @Project_Veritas investigation @AFTunion…,,
138733375,2010-04-30 12:29:21 +0000,2016-11-18 13:58:00 +0000,6319,36616,25,2790,1542,DebFlanigan,Debbie Flanigan,false,false,"Photographer, writer, wife, and a counter of blessings! ~ John 3:16 ~","RT @steveholland1: The Sessions, Flynn and Pompeo announcements are to be formally announced later today.",Pennsylvania,
749093840846401537,2016-07-02 04:14:23 +0000,2016-11-18 09:42:05 +0000,5646,10859,12,239,162,debkelley0731,Deb Kelley,false,false,"Patriotic US Army veteran (Active Duty+National Guard=15 yrs) 2nd Amendment supporter, proud wife and mother. #WomenWhoVoteTrump",RT @Harlan: Just weeks ago the intelligence community claimed there was irrefutable evidence showing the Russians were responsi…,"Iowa, USA",
840862346,2012-09-23 02:36:53 +0000,2016-11-18 12:13:51 +0000,35098,21549,56,3049,3327,debra0827,Deplorable Debs,false,false,"I love God, our FINE military, my country and doing the next, right thing in life. YOU must be the change you wish to see in the world!","RT @mitchellvii: Trump truly is looking to reshape a divided Republican Party into a united, results based long-term powerhouse as Democrats implode.","Mississippi, USA",
3494008336,2015-08-30 19:07:22 +0000,2016-11-18 11:59:24 +0000,29490,55708,85,4995,4257,debragg13,Deplorable Dee Garza,false,false,#TrumpPence16 #MakeAmericaGreat #WomenForTrump,RT @mitchellvii: This is a good article about Trump as a long-term strategic thinker. Interesting:,"Larose, LA",
57049338,2009-07-15 15:39:51 +0000,2016-11-18 14:04:50 +0000,41595,23676,247,19709,19965,debsellsslc,Deb❤️TRUMPPOTUS🇺🇸,false,false,"((דבורה)) ,USAF daughter,Activist,mother ❤️USA❤️Israel✡CUFI Women4Trump❤️2A Vets!VITRIOLIC/LISTBLOCK #PatriotParty➡️ byNikiTaylor Hannity SenScottBrown GenFlynn",RT @TParker1961: @ConstanceQueen8 @debsellsslc @SandraTXAS @GaetaSusan @AnitaDWhite @MONAKatOILS @TrumpPenceUSA1 Proves Americans don't want Communism!!,,
903377622,2012-10-25 07:07:21 +0000,2016-11-18 07:44:30 +0000,26353,34113,300,74117,77375,DebtAssassin1,DebtAssassin™,false,false,"Former EVP@Guardian Bank/Chase & Experian
Prev owner of a collection agency
NOW author & Consumer's Rights Advocate",@BayAreaRenee Sean is one of few left on FOX thats watchable BUT he does repeat the same crap over&over&over like stats on food stamps etc,MBA from Columbia University,
63228779,2009-08-05 19:27:49 +0000,2016-11-18 01:54:25 +0000,25844,30915,324,270,48721,DefendingtheUSA,DefendingtheUSA,false,false,Media Creator and Early Supporter of #PresidentTrump. Defender of Truth against the Lying Globalist-Propaganda Liberal Media #AmericaFirst ALWAYS,DISASTER AVERTED! Huma Abedin worked at Muslim journal that opposed women’s rights #TrumpTrain #Trump2016 #MAGA,"Los Angeles, CA",
21312961,2009-02-19 16:26:34 +0000,2016-11-18 13:31:53 +0000,20437,331,2749,384,97513,defense_news,Defense News,true,false,Defense procurement and policy news from our reporters around the globe. Founded 1986.,"In Israel, Furor Over Super Fast-Tracked Submarine Deals With Germany","Washington, DC",
19038768,2009-01-15 20:59:03 +0000,2016-11-18 13:47:58 +0000,48313,6687,962,4095,18957,DefenseBaron,Kevin Baron,true,false,"Executive Editor, @DefenseOne | National Security/Military Analyst, @NBCNews & @MSNBC | Displaced Floridian | Dad |","Donald Trump’s Parade of Cabinet Prospects Looks Like His Old Enemies List, via @nytimes","Washington, DC",
117439544,2010-02-25 15:31:15 +0000,2016-11-11 15:21:18 +0000,1293,355,1269,310,88122,DefenseIntel,DIA,true,false,"The Defense Intelligence Agency is first in all-source military intelligence in support of warfighters, defense planners, & policymakers.","From a grateful Agency, on this Veterans Day and every day, thank you to all who have worn the cloth of our nation. Happy Veterans Day!","Washington, DC",
1433356862,2013-05-16 15:24:31 +0000,2016-11-18 13:23:02 +0000,27578,2237,1445,828,33305,DefenseOne,Defense One,true,false,"News, analysis and ideas for the new era of global security threats, politics, business and technology. A division of @AtlanticMedia.",Duterte said he wants US troops gone in two years. PACOM's commander said they've received no such official request…,"Washington, D.C.",
343091919,2011-07-27 01:44:31 +0000,2016-11-18 13:19:59 +0000,2381,9439,3,1073,164,DeniseBermudez2,@delarose62,false,false,Wear short the right to bare arms...,"@foxnation @realDonaldTrump Please sir , @GenFlynn accept the position , you are a wonderful choice and a #TrueAmerican patriot. #NSA",East Meadow,
232914091,2011-01-01 18:40:00 +0000,2016-11-18 03:59:50 +0000,40472,18164,52,196,277,DennGordon,Dennis M. Gordon,false,false,RT's for informational purposes only.,RT @SharylAttkisson: where's my @FBI file? whistleblowers in my computer intrusions will be protected & receive legal representation @CIA,,
4709165706,2016-01-04 15:25:38 +0000,2016-11-18 14:10:09 +0000,44793,19949,64,895,2555,Deplorable_Ed,JeSuisTRUMP,false,false,"Enlightened, infuriated American. Trump Supporter. One of the Proud Deplorables. Do not add me to lists. Automatic block.",RT @SOFREP: Sister’s tribute to late Special Forces brother killed in Jordan,"California, USA",
715970262299254789,2016-04-01 18:33:07 +0000,2016-11-18 14:01:00 +0000,17595,8111,135,5895,6215,DeplorableBride,American Bride,false,false,,"Eric Trump OWNS George Stephanopoulos, now we know who was right!!! via @YouTube",,
66369181,2009-08-17 14:43:00 +0000,2016-11-18 13:00:01 +0000,16186,1256,11178,964,2867135,DeptofDefense,U.S. Dept of Defense,true,false,The official account of the U.S. Department of Defense.,Life insurance is one of the most valuable financial tools you can own. Are you and your family covered?…,"Washington, DC",
77631979,2009-09-27 01:57:56 +0000,2016-11-17 11:56:30 +0000,891,3,52,216,1609,Deptula_David,David A. Deptula,false,false,"Retired Lt General; Dean of the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies; thought leader on defense, strategy, and ISR",U.S. Air Force: A Return to Full Spectrum Readiness - The Cipher Brief via @thecipherbrief,,
1332367184,2013-04-06 19:54:00 +0000,2016-11-18 07:16:54 +0000,134462,86406,305,3217,7396,DesignerDeb3,Debbie,false,false,,RT @RealAlexJones: Twitter Purge of “#AltRight” - Censorship of alternative media ramping up as Trump prepares to take office -,,http://DEBBIEMILLERDESIGN.COM
4869451384,2016-02-01 14:46:39 +0000,2016-11-18 13:14:31 +0000,34470,33937,332,164,861,dgarvey01,Declan Garvey,false,false,,RT @davelackie: Excited to give away Burberry Eye Colour Cream in Mink & Full Kisses in Nude at Hudson's Bay! To enter follow…,,
2908170952,2014-12-06 18:49:06 +0000,2016-11-18 03:18:27 +0000,3607,1147,880,42,186548,DiamondandSilk,Diamond and Silk®,false,false,#STUMP4TRUMPBABY #DITCHANDSWITCHNOW #STUMP4TRUMPGIRLS #STOMP4TRUMP #TheUnitedStatesNotTheDividedStates,RT @realDonaldTrump: I worked hard with Bill Ford to keep the Lincoln plant in Kentucky. I owed it to the great State of Kentucky for their confidence in me!,United States,
715119725341061120,2016-03-30 10:13:23 +0000,2016-11-18 04:06:45 +0000,4778,6500,20,597,274,diana_johnstone,Diana Johnstone,false,false,"Geopolitics, Human Rights, Animal Rights Against audacious Islamisation & contamination of diverse world cultures",RT @PamelaGeller: Obama’s parting INSULT to UK: Outgoing leader calls Merkel ‘closest ally’ and slams Brexit,,
213513491,2010-11-09 03:09:15 +0000,2016-11-18 13:48:55 +0000,23994,1262,195,763,6559,diana_west_,Diana West,false,false,Lie-Buster. Author of American Betrayal & The Death of the Grown-Up. Newsmax Top 50 Conservative Blog.,"@ScottMcConnell9 @BreitbartNews Critiques welcome.
Lies, fabrications, ad hominem -- not.",,
2523556454,2014-05-25 22:09:35 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:38 +0000,200699,7060,499,568,4486,DianaChic1,Deplorable Diana,false,false,"Helping #Trump2016 win one tweet at a time!
Find campaign gear and his policy papers at:",RT @iAmFreedomMan: HEY! @ANNCOULTER! MAY U NEVER PAY 4 A BEER OR VEGGIE JUICE @ A BAR EVER AGAIN! MAY UR LOYALTY & #TrumpVision 4EVER…,,
540193740,2012-03-29 16:35:58 +0000,2016-11-18 00:54:58 +0000,1667,1335,6,497,87,DianeFairclough,diane fairclough,false,false,"Conservative ...who loves God, my family, our military and my Country!!! God Bless America!!",@jamestaranto @AnnCoulter @pollreport why would we believe polls??,Connecticut,
85715299,2009-10-28 01:35:06 +0000,2016-11-16 21:44:16 +0000,6935,735,18,329,193,dianekyle,Diane Grace,false,false,International Correspondent Travel & Etiquette/Protocol Trainer,@nijat12 Raised my workers wages! Great times coming Trump Presidency!,Middle East/Jerusalem,
708697173689413632,2016-03-12 16:52:28 +0000,2016-11-17 04:02:39 +0000,31625,33514,95,6159,5648,DianeRainie1,Diane Farnsworth,false,false,"LOVES GOD, GUNS, AMERICA & MOTORCYCLES...LET'S DO THIS..TRUMP
Followed by Dinesh D'Souza & General Flynn","RT @_Makada_: Pepsi uses cancer-causing artificial sweetener aspartame in diet drinks","Florida, USA",
2494093591,2014-05-14 11:44:15 +0000,2016-11-17 10:55:19 +0000,1726,915,35,1374,310,DiGruttolo,Michelle DiGruttolo,false,false,"Army veteran and geopolitical wonk...loves the outdoors--running, biking, skiing...and the indoors--cooking, reading, and writing...opinions are my own",Comments on cutting bonuses and other Vision 2030 mandates--not the reaction the Kingdom was seeking but harder wor…,Virginia,
1235305465,2013-03-02 16:34:45 +0000,2016-11-17 21:14:58 +0000,12098,7554,33,1959,1767,digthecoach,Cpt Ric Fox Benghazi,false,false,"O-line Coach 21yrs, OC & HC Went on extended vacation for over a year twice in my life. Enjoy life even with the bumps in the Road. The Lord knows what I done",@ManganLB @davidaxelrod Do U think the Secret Service has been sitting on the as doing nothing. Been with him since he became the candidate,,
91882544,2009-11-22 22:32:41 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:27 +0000,14259,530,3350,4264,386492,DineshDSouza,Dinesh D'Souza,true,false,"Author, speaker, and filmmaker. @HillarysAmerica is available now on DVD, Blu-Ray, & Digital HD! Companion book a #1 NYT bestseller. Follow my wife @Debber66!","RT @Read_my_note: BIG thanks to @SebGorka @JudgeMoroz
@DineshDSouza for their great contribution to help us #MAGA! You are real patriot! #USA",United States,
18950949,2009-01-13 20:05:02 +0000,2016-11-16 15:45:12 +0000,397,6751,2,413,97,dingo8,dingo8,false,false,massive,RT @jimmyfailla: #TrumpTransitionTeam considering Ted Cruz for Attorney General. Trump says Ted’s first task will be finding out who helped his dad kill JFK.,North Shitcreek,
3068102708,2015-03-08 11:24:24 +0000,2016-11-18 06:29:22 +0000,34880,35409,133,14646,13987,DisabledVetsCPX,DISABLED VETERANS,false,false,Big league support for @realDonaldTrump,"RT @DisabledVetsCPX: @realDonaldTrump Trump, add Admiral Lyons to Cabinet @frankgaffney @securefreedom @DanScavino @GenFlynn @JaredWyand",Independent Liberal Elite,
241033134,2011-01-21 08:50:27 +0000,2016-11-18 09:49:36 +0000,100442,83730,210,2526,5518,disciple96,Disciple96,false,false,"Female, adoptee, ex-Dem, prolife Catholic writer, sarcoidosis (im)patient. I block for Profanity/Trash/New Age/Yoga/Occult/Excessive & Repetitive Stupidity.",RT @ARnews1936: Experts provide data on #MuslimBrotherhood #RT @SecureFreedom #tcot via @frankgaffney,Catholic Heart & Mind in AL,
107444989,2010-01-22 15:46:21 +0000,2016-09-22 11:55:24 +0000,398,713,2,320,74,DISCOMProvider6,Michael McKinley,false,false,Spent almost 29 years in the Army. Most of my assignments were in the 82nd Abn Div jumping out of airplanes. I try to get out and golf every so often.,Sport Clips: great haircut!!,"Pinehurst, NC",
2809411217,2014-10-06 01:37:35 +0000,2016-11-17 01:38:05 +0000,6108,3970,15,208,210,dixondaver,David Dixon,false,false,"Husband, father, veteran, author.","RT @Sine_faciem: @FOB_Haiku @pptsapper
'Yes, Pooh?'
'I was just wondering.'
'Wondering what, Pooh?'
'What rhymes with APFSDS?'","Alexandria, VA",
3003832629,2015-01-28 22:03:04 +0000,2016-11-18 00:53:40 +0000,1855,18,5,133,45,DJMorrison82,Doug Morrison,false,false,,@thehill @FoxNews @GenFlynn the juxtaposition of those 3 signs is amazing and illustrates the incoherence & illogic…,,
3354392603,2015-07-02 03:33:20 +0000,2016-11-17 16:36:35 +0000,2058,126,62,1001,29501,DJTrump2016,Trump2016,false,false,,Apologist & Traitor Barrack Obama Stabs America In The Back One Last Time @realDonaldTrump,"West Palm Beach, FL",
19436938,2009-01-24 08:30:41 +0000,,43,15,0,74,22,dkalmin,David Kalmin,false,true,,,,
288992418,2011-04-27 20:35:10 +0000,2016-11-17 20:48:45 +0000,20087,11350,52,2191,4163,dkm177,✨Debora ✨,false,false,GOD 🔻FAMILY 🔻COUNTRY @SeanHannity @SheriffClarke @EricBolling #BlueLivesMatter #Veterans #MAGA #TrumpPence16 #Christian #Tcot #Israel,"RT @MonicaCrowley: @realDonaldTrump already having an effect. A big one. RT ""Apple could make iPhones in US in future""","North Carolina, New York",
7702542,2007-07-25 03:30:38 +0000,2016-11-18 03:10:10 +0000,102941,23877,7190,3822,461922,DLoesch,Dana Loesch,true,false,"Nationally syndicated talk radio host w @RadioAmericaNet; host BlazeTV; author; #NRA Advisor & Spokesman. God, family, guns. Born for the storm.","Here's that survey I referenced, btw.",God's country ,
885712620,2012-10-17 01:13:19 +0000,2016-11-18 02:28:56 +0000,43508,3711,274,2270,909,dlortner,Deanna Ortner,false,false,"Love the beach, dark chocolate, elephants, good food, family, friends, people, policy, travel, volunteering and wine!",RT @BonillaJL: A: this is horrifying. B: DEFUND,,
4804117034,2016-01-23 18:55:25 +0000,2016-11-18 12:44:33 +0000,16980,21649,14,1765,1176,DLSTX1026,DLS,false,false,Loving my fiance who is serving on the front lines. Please pray our soldiers return home safely. This war was not started by them. #MAGA 💚🌷⭐👍🇺🇸🇺🇸,"RT @RealJamesWoods: Since @Twitter is now in the #censorship business, I will no longer use its service for my constitutional right to…",I block Lists,
3416486123,2015-08-11 23:43:45 +0000,2016-11-18 02:29:43 +0000,18405,14523,33,442,491,dm4222,Derek .,false,false,"#Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #AlwaysTrump Support our military!
Political correctness sucks!
Build the wall! Support police!",@realDonaldTrump 👍👍,,
75877232,2009-09-20 21:16:15 +0000,2016-11-18 04:08:18 +0000,39802,77938,34,2334,1970,dmanolli,Donna Manolli,false,false,"Fighting Cancer & Corrupt Rigged System
Christian, Wife, Mom of 4, Granny of 5.
#Chemo sucks! #TrumpPence16
#MAGA Hurry! #DraintheSwamp",RT @JackPosobiec: Just Barron Trump in New Balance,"Bloomfield, NM",
310205728,2011-06-03 10:58:45 +0000,2016-10-22 00:12:42 +0000,46,62,0,186,45,DNoble1152,Diane Haas Noble,false,false,Florida Chair for Patriot Voices,@realDonaldTrump Look into issues with Comcast/xfinity cable issues recording Fox News shows! #rigged election #corrupt media,"Florida, USA",
751414073288486912,2016-07-08 13:54:10 +0000,2016-11-18 14:05:43 +0000,10900,9,23,6435,6606,DNoticie,Donald Trump Noticie,false,false,We are a grass roots movement with one purpose - to elect Donald J. Trump as President of the United States of America 2016!,A small startup has figured out how to deliver super-fast internet to your home wirelessly,,
9953462,2007-11-05 02:07:52 +0000,2016-11-18 13:30:19 +0000,141479,67973,488,23173,23783,docmurdock,Michael Murdock,false,false,"US NAVY VETERAN, PATRIOT, Pixar 1991-1997
Macintosh Systems Engineer
Credit in Toy Story 1995,
Rabid Trump Backer! ALL TWEETS 1A.",@RealJamesWoods @David_in_Dallas @twitter don't move to Canada 🇨🇦!!,"Scottsdale, AZ",
215099628,2010-11-13 00:26:31 +0000,2016-11-18 13:59:49 +0000,67513,17875,373,1004,12208,Doctrine_Man,Doctrine Man,false,false,"Truth, Justice, and a Sucker Punch of Snark",Be All You Can Be. #DailyDM,The Bell Tower of Knowledge,
707912830872199168,2016-03-10 12:55:46 +0000,2016-11-18 14:06:56 +0000,4255,427,6,850,240,DogPoundGrind,DogPound,false,false,You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. Be Real. It works,"@mmurraypolitics @mikesmith8026 FYI, the PM of Japan visited Trumps home and was done solely as relationship building not policy building.",,
125744394,2010-03-23 18:47:51 +0000,2016-11-18 14:01:05 +0000,100482,48538,156,4782,6050,Dollfinish,Deplorable Cathy A,false,false,,RT @laura_stietz: Before Election Obama said Trump not accepting election results is dangerous rhetoric. Yesterday he tells protester…,,
188352302,2010-09-08 14:44:50 +0000,2016-11-17 23:34:07 +0000,8506,5799,1392,24939,75668,Domotalk,Domo,true,false,"Domo optimizes your business by connecting you to the data, people, and expertise you need to improve business results.",Outdated data can mean the difference between life & death. See how @TJUHospital + Domo work together to save lives…,"American Fork, UT",
3433022621,2015-08-20 17:08:29 +0000,2016-11-18 13:56:03 +0000,67340,15664,191,4704,23417,Don_Vito_08,Don Vito,false,false,"American Patriot Supporting #TrumpPence16
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #ImWithYou #AmericaFirst",Trump offers Sessions attorney general post: CBS News via @Reuters,United States,
3394924354,2015-07-30 02:07:15 +0000,2016-11-18 12:50:38 +0000,1989,829,58,1264,25118,DonaldDynasty,The Donald Dynasty,false,false,Its time to end the corrupt political establishment and #DrainTheSwamp! You are apart of history and its time to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! #TheDonaldDynasty,RT @DonaldDynasty: I encourage all of you to stand with us and #BoycottPepsi after the CEO made comments about President-elect Trump.,,
39344374,2009-05-11 21:18:33 +0000,2016-11-18 02:52:51 +0000,17437,5584,4549,1055,905936,DonaldJTrumpJr,Donald Trump Jr.,true,false,EVP of Development & Acquisitions Trump Organization and Boardroom Advisor on the Apprentice.,Great to be back @TrumpDC Really proud to have had the opportunity to bring this great building…,,
703765918476668928,2016-02-28 02:17:25 +0000,2016-11-04 03:42:37 +0000,587,38212,4,106,334,DonaldMemeTrump,Trump Memes,false,false,Just another foot soldier in the meme war.,@menaquinone4 Savage,,
3416539240,2015-08-11 23:43:15 +0000,2016-11-18 13:31:44 +0000,1513,619,54,4625,24394,donaldtrumpland,DonaldTrumpLand,false,false,Call or txt your comments 415.TRUMP.21 (415) 878.6721 This is a free call/txt. Your own carrier rates may apply. All calls recorded.,"RT @JustinWolfers: The market for news is broken.",United States,
3109108467,2015-03-24 01:23:30 +0000,2016-11-16 17:48:12 +0000,2067,2356,31,517,4395,DonBacon2016,Don Bacon,false,false,"Congressman-elect #NE02. Retired USAF 1⭐️: 16 tours, 5 commands, 4 deployments. Angie's 💁 Husband 32 yrs, 4 kids, 3 grandkids. 👻@Bacon4Congress",I'm pleased to announce that @markdreiling1 will be the one leading my congressional office as Chief of Staff: #NE02,"District 2, Nebraska",
33999207,2009-04-21 18:54:30 +0000,2016-11-18 03:01:18 +0000,1092,258,43,1039,1104,DonnaButtice,Donna Buttice,false,false,"Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.","RT @iamjeffhavens: I often get asked for simple, effective powerpoint presentation tips so I put together this quick guide! Enjoy!","Saint Charles, IL, USA",
4890383820,2016-02-11 01:23:59 +0000,2016-11-18 14:05:41 +0000,62099,55251,129,799,2495,DonnaLedford8,Donna Ledford,false,false,I Love America and Am excited for a great America with President Trump! We're going to Win Win Win!,"RT @Conservatexian: News post: ""THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU: Inspector General: IRS Exposed 28 Million Taxpayers To Identity Theft B…""",,
3262391200,2015-05-16 18:35:48 +0000,2016-11-18 02:05:15 +0000,2356,6457,12,287,253,DonyJayBooks,Dony Jay,false,false,"Christian, Conservative, Husband, Father, American, Author, LEO, Book Addict #PhillyEagles #FreedomIsntFree #SoccerFan #ITW #ACFW
Psalm 97 & Romans 10:9","@CODYork ""Hi, hun. The guys want to play football. Can you bring my cleats?""","Pennsylvania, USA",
274699227,2011-03-30 21:41:33 +0000,2016-11-18 12:50:23 +0000,29093,353,722,3227,17949,Doranimated,Mike,false,false,Writes about Ike ( -- and sits in a tank and thinks.,@john_walters_ Thank you!,"Washington, DC",
264265349,2011-03-11 16:26:06 +0000,2016-11-18 06:59:32 +0000,171654,78097,231,3481,4540,DorvalTony,Tony McLean,false,false,"Rebuild the conservative movement.
Clean up the Internet. Block vermin. #NoTrumptards #Cult
#RememberTheMenWhoFoughtForCanada",Justin Trudeau warns Donald Trump to get serious on policy proposals via @MailOnline #wtf,"Ottawa, ON",
26533046,2009-03-25 16:39:34 +0000,2016-11-17 21:42:57 +0000,14823,4486,2378,1562,84021,doubledaybooks,Doubleday,true,false,Keep Turning Pages.,"RT @iBooks: ""Be kind to everybody, make art, and fight the power.” -@colsonwhitehead, Fiction #NBAwards winner for Underground…","New York, NY",
4867492714,2016-01-31 21:56:45 +0000,2016-11-18 07:14:59 +0000,853,62,2,525,40,Doubt1ngThomas,Doubting Thomas,false,false,,"@telesurenglish Oh, such as Hillary's Ex-SoS helping do this to The Ukraine (also see Princeton/NYU Professor Cohen)","New York, NY",
1010364325,2012-12-14 04:00:12 +0000,2016-11-16 22:07:40 +0000,389,1257,1,73,18,DouglasSoutar,Douglas Soutar,false,false,Lover of beautiful music and great women.,RT @CSLewisDaily: Beauty…,,
1268309995,2013-03-14 23:48:55 +0000,2016-11-18 05:12:58 +0000,6018,4701,10,1303,846,DougWiiliams,Doug W,false,false,"An American, a Catholic, and a Conservative. #personalresponsibility #secureborders #AlwaysCruz #MAGA #AllLivesMatter #religiousliberty",RT @bmarsh31: ⚠⚠Squish alert: Obama ally Lindsey Graham vows to fight Trump on illegal amnesty repeal,,
196004099,2010-09-28 02:34:21 +0000,2016-11-18 00:50:58 +0000,20346,430,15,2059,301,Dovbar2,(((Hardov))),false,false,"Jewish- Tzionist ✡✡✡ -Conservative-G-d, Torah, Israel, Jerusalem forever",RT @davidhazony: McGill Student Newspaper Under Fire for Refusing to Publish Pro-Israel Op-eds @TheTowerDotOrg,,
489126954,2012-02-11 06:26:58 +0000,2016-11-17 22:17:05 +0000,8060,1282,9,1365,596,DPPrendergast,Donna Prendergast,false,false,"Striver of order, lover of design and beauty, but most imporantly...mother. No matter how badly I make a mess of things, He makes all things new!",14 hours of valor: Combat controller receives Silver Star for Afghan battle,,
2957755355,2015-01-03 02:29:20 +0000,2016-11-10 02:52:07 +0000,71,193,2,105,34,dr_vinyard,Alicia Huff Vinyard,false,false,Surgeon and diehard Carolina Panthers fan,@SouthPark I love you,,
1491216355,2013-06-07 20:04:40 +0000,2016-11-18 14:07:06 +0000,646,2144,6,77,108,drcolchaplain,Linda J. Pugsley,false,false,Pastor-Author-Speaker-Lt Col Chaplain-USAF Aux (CAP) CISM Certified-Vietnam Vet Flight Nurse,Got that right!,Florida,
750773870936797184,2016-07-06 19:30:14 +0000,,5193,15951,7,224,244,DrDphilos65,🇺🇸Dr.D.,false,false,"All hail Emperor Trump! Alt media is the new #MSM #MAGA January 20th, 2017, A new era will begin. 07.01.16",,"Deplorableville, MI",
4838523956,2016-01-31 06:08:18 +0000,,27134,76056,68,320,1291,DreadCrash,Lex Divina,false,true,Sitting on a pale horse,,,
8554542,2007-08-31 09:36:48 +0000,2016-11-18 13:15:15 +0000,34838,2318,52,4971,1709,drjgelb,JEROME GELB,false,false,"Jerome Gelb An Aussie Shrink, Husband, Father, Atheist, Jew, Zionist, Skeptic, Cynic (Skynic?) Loyal Friend and Son. Counter-Jihadist!",Injured SAS trooper bullied in hospital on higher orders.,"Prahran, Melbourne, Victoria",
717144536674385921,2016-04-05 00:19:16 +0000,2016-11-18 13:23:01 +0000,920,910,16,1124,384,DrLauraKhor,Laura Khor,false,false,Counter Violent Extremism (CVE)/Counter-Terrorism Consultant & Lecturer. Travel Lover. Foodie #CVE #PVE #deradicalisation Retweets not endorsement,RT @albanyassociate: How the Moms of #Extremists Are Uniting Against #ISIS. #CVE #PVE,,
901906975,2012-10-24 14:10:38 +0000,2016-11-14 15:48:46 +0000,3955,4317,2,682,1437,DrNICKELWOOD,W V Pete Nichols,false,false,"Director: The Nickelwood Foundation of America for Education, experienced manager, motivational speaker, counselor and clergyman...First responder with LA CERT.",Listen lady there is a big difference between KKK supporting Trump and Trump supporting KKK...,Los Angeles/New York City,
2515992392,2014-05-22 17:58:55 +0000,2016-11-18 13:44:21 +0000,288,88,15,888,1540,DroneAviation,Ticker: DRNE,false,false,Drone Aviation Holding Corp. (DRNE) provides critical aerial and land based surveillance and communications solutions to government and commercial customers.,$DRNE Great time @ #AFCEAT & @InforPubSector is a great partner to bring DEAMS and #EAM to new heights with tethere…,"Jacksonville, Fl.",
218198741,2010-11-21 18:04:04 +0000,,1,37,0,5,3,drowsyrn1,Denise,false,true,,,"Florida, USA",
247723476,2011-02-05 12:31:30 +0000,2016-11-17 03:05:00 +0000,1,0,6533,0,444986,DRUDGE,MATT DRUDGE,true,false,,The agony of defeat... Today in DC... So real...,,
14669951,2008-05-06 05:34:47 +0000,2016-11-17 23:15:03 +0000,180098,0,20420,2,1077487,DRUDGE_REPORT,DRUDGE REPORT,false,false,The DRUDGE REPORT is a U.S. based news aggregation website run by Matt Drudge(@DRUDGE).,"Obama sets new record for regulations, 527 pages in just one day...",US,
460848738,2012-01-11 05:39:47 +0000,2016-11-18 13:38:34 +0000,14624,1089,393,1764,17594,DrZuhdiJasser,M. Zuhdi Jasser,true,false,"Host: REFORM THIS!, Author:Battle for Soul of Islam (S&S),Pres. American Islamic Forum for Democracy, former USNavy Lt Cdr, physician, husband, father, American","RT @StephensWSJ: Mike Pompeo is a terrific pick as CIA director. Very smart, dedicated, experienced, up to the job.","Phoenix, Arizona",
140572443,2010-05-05 21:22:44 +0000,2016-11-11 05:21:34 +0000,441,13,8,756,424,dsbelltexas,Noble Grace,false,false,"American, Native Texan, Wife, Daughter, Friend, Small Business Owner, Oil & Gas Professional who loves all things fabulous, unique and original!!!",RT @photosocool: Our chief of police removing a child from a drug raid today. He was covered in bruises and bed bug bites.,"D/FW, Texas",
18739273,2009-01-07 21:21:45 +0000,2016-11-18 00:01:06 +0000,7979,1347,287,1369,28758,DscvrNewport,Discover Newport,false,false,"The official twitter account for Discover Newport, Rhode Island! Nine coastal towns, one big experience ⚓️ #discovernewport",These crispy oysters from @Bristoloyster look a lot like the key to our heart. Recipe:,"Newport, RI, USA",
1177036760,2013-02-13 22:40:39 +0000,2016-11-16 13:12:55 +0000,1121,375,4,448,93,dsimon9696,Dylan Simon,false,false,"Student of history, Bethel College sophomore, always following world events and #foreignaffairs, fan of #military and #espionage #thrillers",RT @EricDavis215: Believing you can do anything sheds the fear. Training conditions you to believe you can do anything. Train hard - live harder!,"Nappanee, IN ",
15996433,2008-08-26 13:52:20 +0000,2016-11-14 03:28:18 +0000,24970,1675,32,487,1003,dsson,Daniel Son,false,false,RTs≠agreement #Bills #dcRising #HTTR $MTB #Buffalove IG: @dsson,@MichaelRWear just like the last four! And the four before them...hopefully an ongoing exercise.,"Buffalo, NY",
744977240543223808,2016-06-20 19:36:30 +0000,2016-11-18 04:33:19 +0000,7695,10138,20,1010,909,DStugen,Diane Stigen,false,false,I'm just me...,LMAO...So fitting...,Puget Sound ,
408882844,2011-11-10 00:49:46 +0000,,12874,1996,49,870,674,dt7767,First Avenger,false,false,"God, Country, and Family....Time to #MAGA...otherwise go home to your plantation!",,"Gilbert, AZ",
14128528,2008-03-12 00:00:55 +0000,2016-11-17 20:38:36 +0000,22778,32789,5336,24258,80408,dtapscott,Don Tapscott,true,false,"Media theorist, author (new book is Blockchain Revolution - co-authored with my son Alex Tapscott) Hammond B3 player, Adjunct Professor",Great to be in studio with @spaikin for @TheAgenda this afternoon with @alextapscott. Stay tuned for viewing info!…,"Toronto, Miami, Airplanes",
24470535,2009-03-15 02:10:29 +0000,2016-11-18 03:26:52 +0000,24239,27681,4,825,2803,DTB122,Queen Deplorable 💞,false,false,"Military Jewelry Designer. I am forever grateful for our #Military, #LawEnforcement, #FireFighters and #FirstResponders Lets #MAGA with #TrumpPence16","This is EXTRAORDINARY!
Our Story In 2 Minutes","Boston, MA USA",
3303622686,2015-08-01 21:42:08 +0000,2016-11-09 11:39:51 +0000,6934,14925,94,6,35648,DTforPre,Women for D TRUMP,false,false,,"RT @DanScavino: Thank you PENNSYLVANIA!!
#Election2016","New York, NY ",
4894714154,2016-02-11 23:37:26 +0000,2016-11-17 23:15:23 +0000,12213,8586,8,1580,1240,dtordtor1,DT,false,false, @transition2017,RT @dtordtor1: 👍,,
3296341838,2015-07-26 23:19:37 +0000,2016-11-18 13:25:16 +0000,7024,2816,33,1114,8892,DTRUMP4PREZ,WeNeedTrump,false,false,,RT @LouDobbs: A Great Man: Senator Sessions offered Atty General in Trump administration | #MAGA #AmericaFirst #TrumpTrain #Dobbs,New York,
3279457484,2015-07-14 10:12:08 +0000,2016-11-17 14:33:51 +0000,4423,1134,64,30,31016,dtrumpnation,True American,false,false,#dtrumpnation: The place to be for everything #Trump2016 and American patriotism.,"RT @realDonaldTrump: My transition team, which is working long hours and doing a fantastic job, will be seeing many great candidates today. #MAGA","Southern Illinois, USA",
3156376204,2015-04-11 13:26:40 +0000,2016-11-18 13:36:06 +0000,4801,6276,19,429,132,Dub_CPA,Dub_CPA,false,false,"Loves: husband, 3 great kids, PennsWoods, Florida, this country...oh, and Personal Responsibility. #NoExcuses","RT @BreitbartLondon: Post Brexit and Trump, Is Italy the Next Country to Go Populist?",,
786392219150262272,2016-10-13 02:24:50 +0000,2016-11-18 05:16:43 +0000,1488,962,1,102,28,duplease_robert,Robert Duplease,false,false,,@2ALAW @GemMar333 get your feet off the desk-that's how a POS conducts himself in the Oval Office. A real POTUS has more respect than that!,,
760053576,2012-08-15 19:58:59 +0000,2016-11-16 14:19:17 +0000,1347,2309,1,1108,97,DutchMurray,Dutch Murray,false,false,"Passionate, Inclusive, Deliberate (as in Aristotle); President/CEO PID Solutions, LLC; USAFA '87",RT @yung_murrr: @JayBilas courage is not playing through a cramp. Eat a banana. Courage is putting your life on the line to defend our country every day.,"Loudon, TN",
19899606,2009-02-02 09:36:06 +0000,2016-11-18 13:48:35 +0000,112444,15522,510,898,31931,DVATW,David Vance,false,false,Political commentary on a wide range of issues. Right of liberal. Pro British. Editor of A Tangled Web & Biased BBC.,Worth a reflection ... reparations for Whites?,UK,
34715248,2009-04-23 20:12:31 +0000,2016-11-18 14:01:47 +0000,63705,21434,163,1496,3050,dyanjae,Dyan Jae,false,false,A&R Paramount * Music TV Film and Women For Trump TN #TrumpPence16 #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain,@mrwalsh8 And unbelievable any GOP is complaining about electoral college now. Didn't hear them when it was Bush-Gore. #DrainTheSwamp,Nashville - Atlanta ,
2474500518,2014-05-02 20:27:46 +0000,2016-11-18 06:06:42 +0000,29815,33822,55,4950,4651,DyanLondon444,CalCal #WeWarnedYou,false,false,"God Country Military Constitution Family Followed by @ChuckNellis @HahnAmerica
Trumpbots Immediately #Blocked
No Time For Your BS.","Has ever told the truth? No!! Never!
I will not be witness 2 this blowfish placing his hand on the Bible. An Oath…",,
23782565,2009-03-11 16:01:21 +0000,2016-11-17 21:50:35 +0000,2883,170,85,558,2620,EaglesTalent,Eagles Talent,false,false,"We provide the most popular motivational and keynote speakers in the world who inspire, educate, and entertain.",Learn how to create meetings that really matter from #internationally recognized #keynote speaker @jonesloflin!:…,"South Orange, New Jersey",
336345091,2011-07-16 04:15:23 +0000,2016-11-18 12:36:33 +0000,44,144,1,46,13,eaogallery,Artif8418,false,false,,RT @KentState: .@KentStMBB displayed unity at their home opener. Will you follow their lead? #StandWithKSU,,
1958082043,2013-10-13 05:31:04 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:45 +0000,82590,10,141,8604,9319,Earl_59,GET,false,false,"Constitution originalist, conservative cause activist, want federal government constrained by the constitution. #FAIRtax, #COSProject, #AbolishIRS, #PJNET",MT @Nvr4Get91101: Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people? #PJNET,"Texas, USA",
3358084600,2015-07-04 04:02:25 +0000,2016-11-18 12:37:58 +0000,4669,533,34,110,5034,EastonForTrump,Easton for Trump,false,false,An informal group of citizens in Easton PA who support Donald Trump for president in 2016.,.@KentStateBB honoring the national anthem. I just became a fan. Good job team!!!,"Easton, PA",
32359921,2009-04-17 10:09:06 +0000,2016-11-18 00:10:08 +0000,57859,66,19402,157,1825486,EconBizFin,The Economist,true,false,"Official posts from The Economist on Business, Finance and Economics. Subscribe to our Money Talks podcast here","Intense partisan polarisation can upend the network effects that social networks thrive on, writes our columnist…",London,
1464560094,2013-05-28 12:41:56 +0000,2016-11-18 14:06:52 +0000,38528,4545,217,14430,17161,ed_hooley,Ted Hooley 🇱🇷,false,false,"PRESIDENT TRUMP
America First
Trumplican Wolf that tears apart all others #MAGA #MAGA3X
Stop the #PurpleRevolution and Hillary",@JohnKStahlUSA,,
272250951,2011-03-26 04:04:36 +0000,2016-11-17 18:54:28 +0000,8623,172,2526,810,771328,Edelman11,Julian Edelman,true,false,"The OFFICIAL Twitter of Julian Edelman. New England Patriot
Instagram: @edelman11",back to the ol' bay area this weekend #roots #rookiecard #tbt,"Foxboro, MA",
16157855,2008-09-06 16:00:37 +0000,2016-11-18 14:05:55 +0000,25624,5346,4429,6628,207661,edhenry,Ed Henry,true,false,"Fox News Chief National Correspondent, Dad, husband, pocket squares, author 42 Faith: The Rest of the Jackie Robinson Story -- preorder",We got so much response to @UKCoachCalipari book we will re-air Sat on @ffweekend @UKDad21,United States,
2376423981,2014-03-02 16:37:51 +0000,2016-11-17 16:27:38 +0000,3412,3853,4,18,50,EditorGeorge,GeoMulhollandSchmidt,false,false,"Single, Constitutional Conservative. America First! Judaic/Christian Principals. Take our Country Back! World Needs every religion for a New Crusade Vs Islam",@FoxNews @SenTedCruz : @realDonaldTrump @mike_pence @SenatorSessions @SenMikeLee @MikeHuckabae @GenFlynn @MayorRGiuliani @SpeakerRyan:,N Y C Metropolitan Area,
3669911901,2015-09-16 01:59:06 +0000,2016-10-19 10:27:22 +0000,42139,19645,17,853,1390,edrasem13,edra torell,false,false,The heart's memory eliminates the bad and magnifies the good.,Delicious #chocolate cakes to caramel icing you'll find your favorite cake recipe over here:,United States,
536031190,2012-03-25 05:49:23 +0000,2016-10-06 01:04:32 +0000,115,10,0,41,38,EdRiehle,Ed Riehle,false,false,,Giants v. NYM. #blackslidesmatter,San Francisco,
370574106,2011-09-09 07:59:28 +0000,2016-10-04 15:49:54 +0000,135,0,156,8240,11369,EducationRussia,Education Online,false,false,The first educational network EO.RU,ERP-system for companies providing engineering services in the construction of technological pipelines and equipment,WorldWide ,
4869346156,2016-02-01 14:07:19 +0000,2016-11-18 13:32:19 +0000,2908,19837,23,12554,17800,eelenacole,Elena,false,false,"Writer and tequila drinker living in the heart of wine country. It's wine, people, not the ejaculate of Christ.",Love takes action.,,
839200800,2012-09-22 06:18:33 +0000,2016-11-18 11:26:39 +0000,44721,40011,130,4785,3667,effiekling,Effie loves God/USA,false,false,#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #TrumpPeince 2016 I am one vote one woman who loves people loves America and who truly believes God has heard our Cry,"RT @FoxNews: .@newtgingrich: ""President-elect #Trump is talking about a very focused effort to get rid of people who are crimina…",Louisiana,
151319104,2010-06-03 03:52:40 +0000,2014-07-01 21:42:53 +0000,36,6,1,89,25,eflynnjr,Ethan Flynn,false,false,,RT @starsandstripes: Howard becomes #Navy’s first female four-star: #military @USNavy by @JHarperStripes,NPT,
4639100177,2015-12-29 03:49:21 +0000,2016-11-18 03:18:20 +0000,15543,17320,57,582,444,Egyptianstyle11,Egyptstyle11,false,false,"Love,hope,faith,truth",RT @therealroseanne: Why celebrity endorsements didn't help Hillary at all via @pagesix,,
860265492,2012-10-03 20:09:48 +0000,2016-11-13 15:29:47 +0000,508,19,9,44,73,EINS_Institute,James Ellsworth PhD,false,false,"Dr. Jim Ellsworth is a veteran intelligence leader and credentialing expert, and designed & led USGIF's early GEOINT Certification strategy",Trump MAY gravitate toward the center now that he's been elected...but history reminds us that he also MIGHT NOT.,,
259435402,2011-03-01 22:32:07 +0000,2016-10-12 04:36:23 +0000,9736,23919,110,2176,1684,ElephantGuide,Bruce Wright,false,false,Bruce is the author of Transcendent Thought and Market Leadership1.0 and The Wright Exit Strategy and Macro Strategic Planning Your Life and Business.,Eliminating corruption and bad conduct can be accomplished as we help companies grow net profit by elevating ethica…,"Simi Valley, CA",
2924832948,2014-12-10 00:27:40 +0000,2016-11-18 02:10:35 +0000,2029,9041,4,54,64,ElianaMccreary,Eli,false,false,Conservative- Open Faith - Living and believing in just generous christian ways - Faith in one God - Wife to the best husband in the world - Ted Cruz supporter.,@FoxNews why are you still stuck on this stupid stuff... those were lies made up,,
34371118,2009-04-22 19:32:29 +0000,2016-11-18 13:08:22 +0000,30370,252,1790,3758,44474,EliLake,Eli Lake,true,false,"Columnist for @BV, Official/Unofficial political correspondent for @iamrapaport",RT @erelija: Good insights from @EliLake on Trump's foreign policy. Why Turkey's Islamist leader is so happy via @BV,District of Columbia,
3160802286,2015-04-17 09:48:03 +0000,2016-11-18 04:25:21 +0000,3301,17,1,546,190,ElisabethAnn2,MakeAmericaGreat,false,false,,"Hannity 11/17/16 | Fox News,Fox New Live",,
320999960,2011-06-20 21:29:06 +0000,2016-11-18 13:01:07 +0000,20300,20318,41,2275,1553,ElizabethAnn625,Elizabeth Ann,false,false,"Christian, Rom 8:28 Rom 10:13 Conservative, Pro-Life, Veteran, 2nd Amendment, Love Cats #Lockherup #PrayforTrump NO LISTS! I will block you.",RT @BillPeriman: Here’s A List Of Completely Substantiated (And Underreported) Attacks On Trump Supporters via @dailycaller,United States,
45454970,2009-06-07 23:58:40 +0000,2016-11-17 22:22:00 +0000,58622,23669,99,3853,3604,ElkaSelzer,Deplorable Grandma,false,false,#tcot #ccot #RedNationRising #WakeUpAmerica #AllLivesMatter #WeSeeYou #IStandWithIsrael #sewing #crochet #tinyhouse,"RT @DrMartyFox: #KeithEllison Has All The Necessary Qualifications For #DNC Chair
#Communist Ties
#MuslimBrotherhood Enabler…",United States,
4831707914,2016-01-29 19:51:05 +0000,2016-11-17 03:09:32 +0000,659,261,2,112,33,ellenatkin,Ellen Atkin,false,false,,@AtkinEd Send 'em your picks!,"Colorado, USA",
91622437,2009-11-21 18:09:09 +0000,2016-09-01 01:54:38 +0000,215,256,2,1792,550,EmaleeJ,Emalee,false,false,"Once military, always military. Social Media Analyst, Defender of Freedom. Lover, Friend, Sister, Daughter...WIFE!!!!",I earned the Tracking Newbie badge on @sidereel,,
632982714,2012-07-11 13:36:04 +0000,,10759,53705,64,204,580,EMD9112001,Jane Smith,false,true,"Child of the King, Mother of 3, Mammaw to one Grandson, one Granddaughter.",,TN,
2251129536,2013-12-17 23:50:54 +0000,2016-11-18 08:46:19 +0000,7703,1016,165,560,437,emergingusa,"Emerging, Inc",false,false,"My mission is to make the church of Jesus Christ, the greatest startup!","RT @RT_com: Trump recognized millions of Americans live in despair, Democrats did not - Sanders","Miami, Florida",
785564280,2012-08-27 21:58:34 +0000,2016-11-18 08:52:53 +0000,25500,23479,71,1643,1727,EmersonWilliam8,Deplorable EW🇺🇸,false,false,We are the new media!✝🇺🇸🇦🇷🇧🇷 #LatinosWithTrump #MAGA @ArgentinoAmericano,RT @NikkiGoeser: Worst thing that happened in my life was seeing my stalker murder my husband in front of me. I'm so sorry this elec…,"Henderson, NV",
168547709,2010-07-19 17:44:00 +0000,2016-11-18 03:58:50 +0000,14371,241,118,2404,3010,EMET4u,Endow Mid East Truth,false,false,Follows & RT do not constitute endorsement,".@dannydanon to #UN forum: 'See you in court, #BDS' --
#BDSFAIL",Washington DC,
1019787468,2012-12-18 13:41:02 +0000,2016-11-18 12:45:06 +0000,883,2919,1,390,65,emilykirby23,Emily Kirby,false,false,Lover of Dogs!!!! Love inspirational sayings and quotes! Small business owner specializing in Butter Crunch Toffee! Love my Country and all law enforcement,RT @realDonaldTrump: I worked hard with Bill Ford to keep the Lincoln plant in Kentucky. I owed it to the great State of Kentucky for their confidence in me!,,
21434408,2009-02-20 21:11:55 +0000,2016-11-17 20:29:18 +0000,34610,6886,1800,2168,58488,EmilyMiller,Emily Miller,true,false,Senior Political Correspondent @OANN. Armed. Wannabe Surfer. Author of Emily Gets Her Gun.,"Whaaa? Flashback Romney: ""Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud... His foreign policies would make America and the world…","Washington, DC",
15985111,2008-08-25 18:29:06 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:00 +0000,169939,157,2086,2789,37926,emptywheel,emptywheel,false,false,"Abundant tweets about civil liberties and national security, football, Beer Mecca, and other craic.",Jeff Sessions should not be confirmed bc of his racism. But that's coupled w/desire to eliminate checks on govt surveillance.,"Grand Rapids, MI",
467820319,2012-01-18 21:50:31 +0000,2016-11-18 13:43:00 +0000,316,93483,0,118,155,emsmitty42,Edward M. Smith,false,false,,RT @OnMessageForHer: The media wasn't just wrong about Trump. They knowingly and deliberately told lies about him in an effort to sabotage his presidential bid.,,
2315583427,2014-01-28 14:23:22 +0000,2016-11-18 08:54:48 +0000,36036,8421,357,26746,27565,EntheosShines,Enthéos,false,false,"Provide intel & stories for Patriot, Conservative, Pro-Israel, Veteran, Independent, Political, Christian & other news organizations #MAGA #Extortion17",RT @EntheosShines: @realDonaldTrump America's Already Making A Comeback & You're Not Even In Office Yet! That. Is. Amazing.,Best Trump Video Ever Below ,
2458304413,2014-04-22 15:08:06 +0000,2016-11-18 05:57:06 +0000,1380,6425,9,1193,394,EQfard,Erfan Q.Fard,false,false,"Analytical Writer & Historian ✒
History of Middle East &Transnational Revolutionary Network & Ethnic Conflicts & Counterterrorism/
♧●",A great choice by the President elect.@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn will be an excellent #National_Security_Advisor…,"Washington, DC",
1202961984,2013-02-21 04:29:17 +0000,2016-11-18 13:20:50 +0000,3037,1618,20,1893,2067,er1ksm1th,Erik B. Smith,false,false,Official Twitter Account for Erik B. Smith. #BrandingMarketing #God1st #family #dmb #tech Opinions expressed are my own.,Erik Hibbard from Sperling Interactive speaks at North Shore Business Leads Group #nsblg #NS16,,
2842532354,2014-10-06 16:53:17 +0000,2016-11-11 15:03:02 +0000,48,1433,0,186,19,eric_ehanson,Eric Hanson,false,false,,RT @Ranger_Up: Why is it always the people least able to carry out a revolution that are threatening to carry out a revolution?,,
706520222572744704,2016-03-06 16:42:02 +0000,2016-11-18 13:50:50 +0000,17445,26284,38,40,750,Eric_Kennedy_,Deplorable Eric,false,false,Served as International Trade Specialist for U.S. Department of Commerce for 25 years. Trump supporter. Nationalist.,"RT @LindaSuhler: If anyone is looking for my Facebook page, don't bother.
I have been banned.
Welcome to #FreeSpeech, according to the Left.","Virginia, USA",
14839147,2008-05-19 23:36:04 +0000,2016-11-18 11:58:25 +0000,28271,5,3885,408,472923,ericbolling,Eric Bolling,true,false,@FoxNews #TheFive #Cashinin ORDER Wake Up America or,Thanks Toni.... yes I host The Factor tonight again, NYC,
566858729,2012-04-30 02:58:05 +0000,2016-11-18 07:12:31 +0000,13314,12519,85,3258,21235,ErickLavi,California ❤ Trump,false,false,"Yuuge Trump Supporter!! HiLiary for Prison!!!
Support our troops and all our Vets!!
Let's make our America great again!!
God Bless America & Donald J Trump!!",@CNNTonight @donlemon @CNN Don Lemon and CNN a big joke!!!,"Los Angeles, CA",
341118458,2011-07-23 20:53:07 +0000,2016-11-18 10:36:18 +0000,374,78,316,481,6959,EricSchmittNYT,Eric Schmitt,false,false,"Senior writer, The New York Times ( covering terrorism and national security issues. Co-author, Counterstrike",RT @JenSeniorNY: Wondering if these dates w/ Petraeus & Romney are kinda like the boyfriends you bring home before announcing yr going to prom with the biker,"Washington, D.C.",
39349894,2009-05-11 21:42:30 +0000,2016-11-18 04:17:54 +0000,4634,4081,2828,472,666656,EricTrump,Eric Trump,true,false,EVP of Development & Acquisitions. The #Trump Organization. Boardroom & Task Advisor @ApprenticeNBC. Founder of @EricTrumpFDN benefiting @StJude. #Trump2016,"RT @JTSantucci: Ford: ""We confirmed w/ the President-elect that our small Lincoln utility vehicle made at the Louisville Assembly P…",,
812352685,2012-09-09 04:37:23 +0000,2016-11-18 14:10:06 +0000,45491,45764,95,6351,6535,ErinBSullivan,🚺4 Trump WINNER!!!,false,false,Free speech activist! #Rapefugees NOT Welcome in America!!! Stop #whitegenocide #BanShariaLaw #StopIslam #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #WomenforTrump,RT @SheriffClarke: Obama in Berlin said Trump won't remain in office long if he doesn't focus. How then did Obama last 8 years focusin…,,
317930496,2011-06-15 18:05:18 +0000,2016-01-22 23:40:21 +0000,26,1,2,280,63,erineblumenthal,Erin Blumenthal,false,false,,RT @districtcuisine: List of H Street Restaurants Open/Closed During Blizzard,,
3736319123,2015-09-22 06:57:43 +0000,2016-09-20 04:08:43 +0000,171,9,2,613,434,EspeciallyBliss,#WomenForTrump,false,false,"Trump is my hero.
@Nero is my daddy but he went gay to avoid child support.","RT @TweetBrettMac: CNN is changing the statements made by the Trump campaign and injecting words that make him look racist.
2557521,2007-03-27 20:46:16 +0000,2016-11-18 13:35:06 +0000,82359,167,57026,298,30026764,espn,ESPN,true,false,"We talk about sports, sports, and well ... sports.","ICYMI: With his wife and baby daughter doing well, Jrue Holiday is back with the Pelicans and hopes to play tonight:","Bristol, CT",
57100687,2009-07-15 18:50:15 +0000,2016-11-18 05:10:50 +0000,52755,234,6861,875,1701387,ESPNCFB,ESPN CollegeFootball,true,false,ESPN's official home for College Football.,Bobby Petrino did not hold back after Louisville's loss to Houston.,,
1016296854,2012-12-16 23:39:25 +0000,2016-11-18 03:15:21 +0000,68614,34025,59,3271,3528,Esteban15120999,#HillarysAmerica,false,false,"Christian Support Military! Proud American. Godbless America! #TrumpTrain. List = BLOCKED. No DM.
Trump haters BLOCKED ASAP!
Israel supporter. #LatinosForTrump",RT @realDonaldTrump: I worked hard with Bill Ford to keep the Lincoln plant in Kentucky. I owed it to the great State of Kentucky for their confidence in me!,"HillarysAmerica, USA",
4780961057,2016-01-12 04:51:30 +0000,2016-11-12 14:16:52 +0000,6407,11780,22,1219,836,ethomas24350,Elizabeth Thomas,false,false,"Voter for TRUMP for President to make America great! After 30 years of supporting Democrats and Hillary, I have finally escaped from the brain washing machine!","@FoxNews Please get rid of Geraldo, he is horrible!","Virginia, USA",
3282821233,2015-07-17 22:30:29 +0000,2016-09-23 21:40:07 +0000,1533,604,58,4564,10654,EvangForTrump,EvangelicalsForTrump,false,false,#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016 #TrumpForPresident #BuildTheWall #NoAmnesty #BasketOfDeplorables,"RT @TEN_GOP: What a great VIDEO of #BasketOfDeplorables!
You will never see this on the nightly news!
Watch & spread online!",The United States of Trump,
92544900,2009-11-25 15:26:44 +0000,2016-11-18 13:17:04 +0000,19150,727,395,1879,10043,evanperez,Evan Pérez,true,false,"CNN Justice Correspondent - covering law enforcement, cyber, national security matters. (background photo is Big Rock Falls, in Mountain Pine Ridge, Belize)","RT @AnneClaireCNN: What 1,500 voicemails reveal about the American voter",Washington DC,
3239101465,2015-06-07 16:44:04 +0000,2016-02-13 11:10:24 +0000,13,2,0,55,17,Evanskdotcdot,KC Evans,false,false,,"RT @smallwars: General Zinni's Considerations Revisited (Again): By: Dave Dilegge
I first posted this short piece at t...",,
3876356669,2015-10-06 01:58:33 +0000,2016-11-18 02:32:22 +0000,1002,229,38,382,1102,EvelynNFarkas,EvelynFarkas,false,false,"FmrRussia/Ukraine/Balkans/Caucasus Depty AsstSecyDefense, author Fractured States..ExecDir WMD Commission, Senate,professor to Marines. Aunt. Also fun.",RT @AmalHanano: Another Syrian child pulled from the rubble after an air strike. The @SyriaCivilDef saves civilian lives when no on…,"Washington, DC",
301152588,2011-05-18 23:58:44 +0000,2016-11-18 13:43:02 +0000,23594,25528,2,342,1114,Evrynameisgone,LovinLife & TRUMP!!!,false,false,God grant me the serenity 2 accept the things I cannot change. Courage 2 change the things I can & the wisdom 2 know the difference. God Bless America!,@Marknovakusa @washingtonpost his resume is phenomenal,USA ,
640893,2007-01-15 22:54:51 +0000,2016-11-18 13:56:04 +0000,129092,615,5003,1378,172795,EWErickson,Erick Erickson,true,false,Romans 1:16. Writer @Resurgent. Talker @WSBRadio. As Seen on TV @FoxNews. Speaker (,Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Who Replaces Sessions?,"Atlanta, GA",
19190572,2009-01-19 16:54:39 +0000,2016-11-18 10:00:46 +0000,44465,1,1495,445,32763,ExumAM,Andrew Exum,false,false,Raised in the woods so's I knew ev'ry tree. Tweeting in a personal capacity. RTs & links ≠ endorsements.,"Protests at Elite University Show How Egyptian Cash Crisis Tests All, via @nytimes",D.C. via Château Nooga,
18622869,2009-01-05 04:02:29 +0000,2016-11-18 13:53:01 +0000,39525,1031,19734,981,1331521,ezraklein,Ezra Klein,true,false,"Founder, Come work with us!","""Two other retired officers told me in separate interviews that they considered Flynn to be 'unhinged.'""",DC,
21778191,2009-02-24 18:14:01 +0000,2016-11-12 17:21:48 +0000,693,50,5,80,88,fandrews671,Frank Andrews,false,false,,"RT @GenFlynn: THANK YOU VETERANS!!!
3389897033,2015-07-23 21:36:23 +0000,2016-11-12 22:10:02 +0000,854,865,23,341,7599,fanofthetrump,Trump Fan,false,false,"Never had a Twitter, made this cause I wanted to follow Trump. TRUMP 2016","RT @realDonaldTrump: This will prove to be a great time in the lives of ALL Americans. We will unite and we will win, win, win!","Tennessee, USA",
41814169,2009-05-22 13:46:35 +0000,2016-11-18 03:05:44 +0000,6418,17,10688,404,751329,FareedZakaria,Fareed Zakaria,true,false,WaPo columnist. Host of CNN's GPS: Sunday @ 10am and 1pm ET in the U.S. Blogger at Retweets are not endorsements.,What unifies Trump’s foreign admirers is idea the existing global order is rotten and should be torn down: My take,"New York, NY",
1372645488,2013-04-22 17:33:30 +0000,2016-11-18 11:24:06 +0000,14035,24568,24,1870,1565,Faria_Sheridan,Faria,false,false,"I pledge allegiance to the USA! Patriot, NY conservative, Mom to 3, Retired LEO. Live by the Golden Rule. #BlueLivesMatter #ProudAmerican #MAGA #TRUMP",RT @TrumpIsTheBoss3: who is this pedophile!!!!,,
3083467741,2015-03-15 04:15:01 +0000,2016-11-18 03:46:01 +0000,1656,13389,52,13172,13554,fastasflint,Keith Johnson,false,false,My love for America can only be equaled by my disdain for corrupt politicians who dishonor its very existence. No time for cowards. Stand and Deliver.,Many thanks to the folks at homegoods for making sure the kids at St Jude's Children's Hospital received some cool…,,
247098920,2011-02-04 02:41:47 +0000,2016-11-18 13:52:01 +0000,30370,159,216,1293,3467,Fballnation,Football Nation,false,false," is the hub of the Football Nation universe, where football fans come together for cutting-edge thoughts, opinions, and expert advice.",ICYMI: Minnesota #Vikings Boot Kicker Blair Walsh to the Curb #fantasyfootball #football #NFL #SKOL,,
17629860,2008-11-25 20:13:53 +0000,2016-11-17 22:12:47 +0000,8997,0,12906,2199,1778594,FBI,FBI,true,false,"Official Twitter Page of the FBI. If you have a tip, please submit it here: /",RT @FBIDallas: Dallas County Man Who Fired Numerous Shots at Officer with Ennis Police Department During a High-Speed Pursuit Pl...,"Washington, DC",
3419210573,2015-08-13 01:41:46 +0000,2016-11-18 13:02:35 +0000,13570,52467,178,6312,39382,FemalesForTrump,Females 4 Trump 🇺🇸,false,false,"border security, jobs, economy, balanced budget, safety: women are not gender specific. #selfless comfortable enough in my own skin to be female & support Trump","@JoleneKazmierc1 @RedState
Yes‼️😊😊","Pennsylvania, USA",
996187795,2012-12-08 00:57:20 +0000,2016-11-18 12:58:33 +0000,2995,5513,10,2556,1924,ferbytrisch,Furbytrisch,false,false,"I am a child of God, Mom, Grandma, Love Oldies, Mustangs, America, Army Brat. I want my Country back! Trump Girl Trump2016","RT @PrisonPlanet: NEW VIDEO: The ""fake news"" hysteria is a trojan horse for censorship of conservative opinions.",Huntington Beach California,
729684719399395331,2016-05-09 14:49:28 +0000,2016-11-18 09:08:57 +0000,11649,602,14,59,138,FernbergRon,Tell It Like It is!,false,false,Businessman (owned Restaurants) & Certificated Paralegal,RT @mitchellvii: You can just sense the country becoming excited about a Trump Presidency. The media is without power to stop this starship.,"California, USA",
391128732,2011-10-15 03:00:13 +0000,2016-11-18 05:42:02 +0000,152719,4788,37,1139,1197,feru012,DEPLORABLE Esan,false,false,"Investment manager, former pianist, college teacher, love football, geo-politics, and Chess",RT @CraigRBrittain: #Breaking: James Woods quits Twitter due to the suspensions of various accounts on the platform.,United States,
739863724694110208,2016-06-06 16:57:12 +0000,2016-11-11 18:58:55 +0000,1130,356,22,340,1350,FieldofFight,Field of Fight,false,false,The @FieldofFight by @GenFlynn and @MichaelLedeen,"RT @GenFlynn: THANK YOU VETERANS!!!
3655548033,2015-09-14 18:20:38 +0000,,0,0,0,7,4,FIGINC_USA,FIGINC,false,false,,,,
4898091,2007-04-16 16:54:19 +0000,2016-11-18 14:03:25 +0000,170692,5,36677,716,5438020,FinancialTimes,Financial Times,true,false,"Headlines from the FT. Follow us on @FT for news stories, features and updates. Our customer service team is @FTcare.",Lex: Fund managers: the customers’ yachts,"London, UK",
806935964,2012-09-06 14:26:28 +0000,2016-11-16 15:23:08 +0000,1712,401,78,607,631,FinCrimeUnit,"Scott Swanson, CFE",false,false,#PwC #FinancialCrimesUnit | Specialty: #terrorismfinancing #INFOSEC #insiderthreat investigator | Frmr CT Intelligence & #CounterThreatFinance | Views my own,"Secret world of money making
255818376,2011-02-22 03:15:08 +0000,2016-11-18 06:25:31 +0000,2288,103,2,47,9,First10Fiddle,Larry W.,false,false,"Retired Corpsman, BioMed, Failure Analyst Tech, Electron Microscopist, Medical Logistician, CSCRT, Conservative, Grandpa, Self-taught Violinist."," Parts of the NYT is so filled with facts, it almost covers the bottom of a birdcage. With fiction Condors smile!","Maine, USA",
1068985046,2013-01-07 18:45:05 +0000,2016-11-18 12:18:19 +0000,63302,5873,124,691,989,fisherynation,Bore Head,false,false,,"RT @Daggy1: In 2016 Obama enacted over 81,000 pages of regulations.... job killing, economy clogging, freedom killing, unwanted regulations.",,
3408847582,2015-08-08 15:52:32 +0000,2016-11-16 19:17:47 +0000,2584,157805,131,1,38030,FL4TRUMPDOTCOM,Florida For Trump,false,false,FL Republican Headquarters for Trump #FL4🇺🇸#TRUMPTRAIN #TrumpPence16,"Amazing man…Trump surrounds himself with only the best, if you read this you will be amazed","Gainesville, FL",http://WWW.FLORIDAFORTRUMP.COM
18776104,2009-01-08 19:45:36 +0000,2016-11-12 02:21:17 +0000,98,57,3,36,24,FL_Sooner,FLSooner,false,false,,"RT @GenFlynn: THANK YOU VETERANS!!!
AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL",Deep South......Florida,
285305829,2011-04-20 22:35:49 +0000,2016-11-18 13:49:56 +0000,21397,2203,30,668,418,flagboy140654,anthony ramienski,false,false,Retired Army Intelligence officer Master Parachutist 82nd Airborne Division Taught history in Maryland I retweet things I think you should know,"RT @MaxBoot: .@mikepompeo is a smart guy--1st in his class at West Point, Harvard Law grad--who knows national security & intel. Good choice for CIA.",earth,
709783121168740352,2016-03-15 16:47:38 +0000,2016-11-18 08:10:36 +0000,10655,100,52,1300,662,FlagWavingUSA,Flag Waving,false,false,Working tirelessly to help Mr. Trump become President Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸,RT @GenFlynn: Max - He’s been an @realdonaldtrump supporter from the beginning. Ya gotta love this picture. Go Max!!!,,
55829777,2009-07-11 13:25:24 +0000,2016-11-18 06:16:48 +0000,76731,1611,90,3107,2269,flatwalk,DeplorableElizabeth,false,false,#Hillaryphobic #PoliticalCorrectnessKills. #NameTheEnemy #Life #Constitution #CCOT #VETS #MAGA #MASA,"RT @gs777gs777: French PM: EU will collapse if France & Germany don't begin to listen to immigration & Islamic terrorism concerns",,
52931083,2009-07-02 01:56:11 +0000,2016-11-18 13:58:32 +0000,51250,53803,116,417,1849,flaunttnualf,President Trump,false,false,"
anti-Marxist",RT @TeamTrumpNC: Jeff Sessions would be great choice for AG. He would clean up DOJ and make it what it should be - non political.,,
411811432,2011-11-13 22:28:11 +0000,2016-11-18 01:51:12 +0000,6346,926,18,3613,2608,flc3corcoran,F L Corcoran,false,false,Innovation starts in the library.,My #SafetyPin,,
18028551,2008-12-10 19:58:02 +0000,2016-11-18 14:01:46 +0000,8113,1117,420,2433,10642,FletcherSchool,The Fletcher School,false,false,The first graduate-only school of #internationalaffairs in the United States. Current Dean is Admiral @stavridisj.,"RT & you could WIN a free copy of Prof. Salacuse's ""Negotiating Life"" - RT b4 11/19 to enter! #BooksofFletcher","Medford, MA",
2391736202,2014-03-15 23:05:32 +0000,2016-11-17 23:48:47 +0000,440,227,144,29597,33922,flhuxtable,Fulton L Huxtable,false,false,Staunch defender of individual rights: A right is the sovereignty to act without the permission of others.,"Criminals imitate, & do privately, what liberals-socialists do publicly: both use force to take your money & freedom. #WakeUpAmerica",South Florida,
735462639996899328,2016-05-25 13:28:52 +0000,2016-11-18 12:22:57 +0000,23151,41125,53,109,713,FLMarEng,Ron Oyer,false,false,Jersey Native (Exit11) Vietnam Vet (EN1). Retired Marine Engineer (Chief) and PE Married to a Kiwi Trump Man!,RT @The_Raheel: Not sure if I should file this under Obama's America or Trump's America,"Florida, USA ",
22555241,2009-03-02 23:54:14 +0000,2016-11-18 13:16:48 +0000,47125,2066,174,4696,4464,FLNJ312,Deplorable💓Me 👍🚂,false,false,*COMMON SENSE* Conservative NRA~CCP Expose #LeftistLIES ~ Call it as I see it ~ Blocked by @DLoesch @chucknellis UNFOLLOW #NeverTrumpers & trolls #TrumpStrong,RT @777Francejacque: BREAKING! Reporter found dead while investigating Clinton Reddit User f...,South Florida,
1920681691,2013-09-30 16:52:25 +0000,2016-11-18 11:04:46 +0000,103,19,0,256,30,FlynnJack515,Jack Flynn,false,false,President Mariner Seafood LLC. New Bedford MA.,RT @realDonaldTrump: I worked hard with Bill Ford to keep the Lincoln plant in Kentucky. I owed it to the great State of Kentucky for their confidence in me!,,
705909974732566529,2016-03-05 00:17:07 +0000,2016-11-18 02:23:07 +0000,499,1136,0,230,54,fnovak27,Frank Novak,false,false,"Retired Jersey Cop, enjoying life! Giants football, Yankee baseball, umpiring and refereeing games, spending time at the beach, and family. Who has it better!","its amazing how Cruz and Romney could look for jobs with Trump. In Italian there's a term used for this ""No Faccia"". (No Face)","New Jersey, USA",
190905427,2010-09-15 03:37:38 +0000,2016-11-18 04:02:27 +0000,23118,1709,1644,51069,143802,ForAmerica,ForAmerica,true,false,"Our mission is to use social media to reinvigorate the public with the principles of American exceptionalism: freedom, prosperity and virtue.",THIS is how you show class in defeat.,United States,
91478624,2009-11-21 02:09:57 +0000,2016-11-18 14:00:03 +0000,146919,4981,50820,5267,11000708,Forbes,Forbes,true,false,"Official Twitter account of, homepage for the world's business leaders.",Shareholders of Tesla Motors and SolarCity approved a merger of the two companies,"New York, NY",
4465911554,2015-12-05 16:51:40 +0000,2016-11-18 01:17:34 +0000,28878,12331,65,4658,4238,ForColorado,realColorado4Trump,false,false,Reagan Democrats for Trump: Socially liberal and fiscally conservative - we are the real Colorado 4 @realDonaldTrump @ForColorado,RT @REPUBL_I_CAN: @ForColorado @LittleRockChuck Are they the floating petri dish of diseases?,"Colorado, USA",
21114659,2009-02-17 18:31:24 +0000,2016-11-18 14:01:16 +0000,22336,165,11265,2184,550379,ForeignAffairs,Foreign Affairs,true,false,In-depth insight and analysis on international affairs and U.S. foreign policy since 1922.,"In 2015, Maharashtra in India received only 49 percent of what is considered a normal level of rainfall.","New York, NY",
26792275,2009-03-26 16:57:01 +0000,2016-11-18 14:04:03 +0000,53146,107,18162,460,865739,ForeignPolicy,Foreign Policy,true,false,"The magazine for global politics, economics and ideas. Follow our staff:","Google’s Eric Schmidt says more information is good, even if it’s wrong.",,
2493253351,2014-05-13 16:46:19 +0000,2016-11-17 22:49:12 +0000,53,756,0,237,75,ForkLiftsNow,ForkLiftsNow,false,false,"Headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio we are material handling experts that solve service and fleet inventory issues in a straightforward and economical manner.",@HensleywkAo....ding...ding...ding...winner!,"Cleveland, OH",
41587954,2009-05-21 13:43:32 +0000,2016-11-17 17:21:15 +0000,8833,9358,412,430,23965,FortBenning,US Army Fort Benning,true,false,"The Maneuver Center of Excellence provides trained, adaptive, combat-ready Soldiers and leaders to support a globally engaged Army. Following/RTs ≠ endorsement.",MARNE ROAD on Fort Benning from PX to Kelley Hill closes Nov. 28 for repair work. Road will reopen May 2017. Plan travel accordingly.,"Fort Benning, GA",
3329834421,2015-06-16 17:25:33 +0000,2016-11-17 04:54:02 +0000,4664,452,49,59,20392,ForTrump,PRESIDENT Trump,false,false,Let's get started Making America Great Again FOR ALL. We have a lot of work to do TOGETHER.,"RT @MissLizzyNJ: Breaking News: CNN has nothing to report, since Hillary is no longer paying them to shill on her behalf. The…",,
15513604,2008-07-21 10:50:09 +0000,2016-11-18 14:00:34 +0000,54361,4709,6244,2799,685726,foxandfriends,FOX & Friends,true,false,America's #1 cable morning news show,RT @cathymcmorris: Getting ready to join @foxandfriends here in a few minutes! Tune in to hear more about our work to restore the peop…,New York City,
1367531,2007-03-17 19:01:26 +0000,2016-11-18 13:36:38 +0000,279948,0,54830,430,11748906,FoxNews,Fox News,true,false,"America’s Strongest Primetime Lineup Anywhere! Follow America's #1 cable news network, delivering you breaking news, insightful analysis, and must-see videos.","BREAKING: President-elect #DonaldTrump offers Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS) the CIA director post, sources tell Fox News.…",U.S.A.,
16032925,2008-08-28 21:16:38 +0000,2016-11-17 21:26:13 +0000,40263,0,7669,247,771831,foxnewspolitics,Fox News Politics,true,false,Follow us for the latest political news and updates!,Obama to anti-Trump protesters: March on,"Washington, D.C.",
18805644,2009-01-09 16:25:42 +0000,2016-11-17 19:34:26 +0000,9481,247,2578,584,179322,FoxNewsSunday,FoxNewsSunday,true,false,Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace,"Senate Democrats elect Chuck Schumer as their leader. Sunday, we’ll speak to him about their agenda and how...","Washington, D.C.",
44653060,2009-06-04 16:24:22 +0000,2016-11-18 13:03:01 +0000,27553,3666,631,3610,21514,frankgaffney,Frank Gaffney,false,false,Founder and President of the Center for Security Policy and host of Secure Freedom Radio,Renegotiating or terminating #IranDeal would send a powerful message to the world... Era of Obama is over,"Washington, DC",
279240905,2011-04-08 21:44:54 +0000,2016-11-16 18:09:37 +0000,2028,129,7,984,248,FrankieMaza,Frankie Mazzara,false,false,Hedge Fund Manager / Professional Trader / New York,@realDonaldTrump that #communist #socialist #commorade @NYCMayor is grandstanding in front of ur office claiming he's dictating policy to u,,
44945327,2009-06-05 17:29:55 +0000,2016-11-18 13:42:04 +0000,5136,8,1816,88,717441,Franklin_Graham,Franklin Graham,true,false,Official Twitter account for the President of Samaritan's Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.,There’s nothing like seeing joy on the faces of children when they open their @OCC_shoeboxes filled with presents.…,,
1692833432,2013-08-23 04:10:51 +0000,2016-11-16 20:16:24 +0000,8235,1317,93,1321,2717,FranklinProj,The Franklin Project,false,false,We've moved! The Franklin Project has officially merged to form Service Year Alliance. Follow us @ServiceYr.,RT @arturocastro85: Looking for ways to bring people together? A #serviceyear can help. Learn more via @ServiceYr,"Washington, D.C.",
197496309,2010-10-01 17:14:19 +0000,2016-11-18 13:20:46 +0000,15158,836,3044,145,189706,FrankLuntz,Frank Luntz,true,false,What can I say... I'm Frank! Follow me to learn how you can be part of my next focus group. I'll help you find out what Americans really want.,".@marybschneider
1. Jeff Sessions, Attorney Gen.
2. Mike Flynn, Nat'l Security Advisor
3. Mike Pompeo, CIA Director",All over,
786203083588112384,2016-10-12 13:53:16 +0000,2016-11-18 13:15:02 +0000,1193,1226,1,79,34,FranSimmons1068,DeplorableSCwomen,false,false,Doing my part to MAGA,"It should definitely be something, still wondering why National Guard hasn't been called n2 sum of these places @foxandfriends @bsuall","Spartanburg, South Carolina",
294902433,2011-05-08 00:34:52 +0000,2016-11-18 10:58:19 +0000,35251,527,904,3933,26396,FranTownsend,Frances Townsend,false,false,"Former Homeland Security & Counterterrorism Advisor to President Bush '03-'08, @CBSNews Sr National Security Analyst '16 - , EVP MacAndrews & Forbes '10-present",Why do some in #Brazil want military rule?,,
2919009327,2014-12-13 04:23:37 +0000,2016-11-18 11:25:07 +0000,7312,2133,25,1512,902,FredderTheMonk,fred,false,false,"Old School Catholic, #Trump2016",RT @JoeyA_Incognito: @Tuckybot @DarkTriadMan Why does @Starbucks support this kind of discrimination? @DunkinDonuts has cheaper and better coffee anyways.,,
777138125743108097,2016-09-17 13:32:22 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:53 +0000,20610,21272,42,247,207,fredgthegreat,f. georg,false,false,,RT @fredgthegreat: @The_NewRight,earth,
366819502,2011-09-02 21:54:02 +0000,2016-11-18 06:05:02 +0000,101633,8339,646,26531,48549,FredZeppelin12,Fred,false,false,"It ends only once. Live. If you are offended by reading a tweet, you have some serious issues.","It's not about the elevator
It's about the secret entrance
Trump Tower Sees Potential Trump Appointees",The Great State of Alaska,
585373512,2012-05-20 02:32:49 +0000,2016-11-18 04:47:54 +0000,8499,2442,363,56639,77239,freedomtex,FreedomTex,false,false,I only follow lovers of #liberty. Don't mess with Texas. #tlot #freedom #libertarian #teaparty #constitution #federalism #capitalism #tcot #patriot ن,"RT @FoxNews: .@tedcruz: We are going to, I believe, repeal ObamaCare & we are going to confirm strong Supreme Court justices to…",Texas.,
3243583146,2015-06-12 21:54:35 +0000,2016-11-17 18:50:43 +0000,9978,150,225,4606,4807,freeknight72,Jim Garth,false,false,"Defend freedom. Oppose extreme Islam, don't become persecutors ourselves. Honor allies. Help persecuted Christians @",RT @wordsmithdave: BREAKING: Iran Pressures Palestinian Jihadists to Resume Terrorism Against Israel. They have lots of $ to bribe them,USA,
66037316,2009-08-16 02:57:57 +0000,2016-11-18 08:32:01 +0000,91080,11861,139,66,1310,Freelassie,Freelass,false,false,"ProLife Catholic,
conservative,revere:Founders, Constitution;honorRincredible troops.God bless/save US frm evildoers w/in/w/out. #Fight4America! NO LISTS=block!",RT @DOLORESALANIZ: @jrnydoug @darhar981 @beautee12 @amanda7743 @Breyn2000 #Christian #PatriotsUnited ♡ Pray for America #PJNET #tcot,,
73048382,2009-09-10 05:17:51 +0000,2016-11-18 08:40:07 +0000,89559,22455,219,435,1488,FreeStateYank,Sharon Knapik,false,false,"Intellectually curious. Asks 'why not'? Wife, Mother, Friend, Bizwoman. Love travel, architecture, design. Zep phreak. Vote #Trump2016","RT @DBloom451: Haha! @Nigel_Farage on Obama & Merkel: ""The poor darlings are in denial..."" Globalists on the run everywhere! 🙌 Yay!","Washington, DC",
3410689588,2015-08-09 16:17:38 +0000,2016-11-18 14:07:47 +0000,95972,94096,333,14317,16490,FrenchForTrump,Jean Pierre 🇺🇸,false,false,French American #Artist | Creative Director | Graphic Designer | French - Italian - Spanish - English | #AmericaFirst #Patriot #TrumpPence16 #Trump2016,"RT @foxandfriends: .@seanspicer: Trump is not looking at someone's political affiliation, he wants the best and the brightest people t…","Miami, FL",
203598027,2010-10-16 17:00:40 +0000,2016-11-18 08:51:06 +0000,9244,16110,27,2598,2178,fshermn,jim,false,false,"retired.
#Worship leader, #singer, #musician. #ccot
pro; (constitution, military, police, NRA, T-party, GOP, Israel).
all solicitation is blocked","RT @MissLizzyNJ: So Democrats want to #AuditTheVote now? Great idea, as it will show us exactly how many dead people and illegals voted for Hillary Clinton.",N.Y.,
18949452,2009-01-13 19:28:24 +0000,2016-11-18 14:08:05 +0000,142131,18,30328,714,2546604,FT,Financial Times,true,false,"News stories, features and updates from the FT. For headlines follow @financialtimes. Our customer service team is @FTcare.",RT @fastFT: Pound takes strain in dollar surge,London,
611300843,2012-06-18 02:05:37 +0000,2016-11-18 12:20:18 +0000,4557,9690,17,292,301,FunInGeorgia,Air Force Mom,false,false,Just a proud Air Force mom.,Someone needs to start looking into Reids business and nonprofit deals.,"Atlanta, GA",
713136017092423680,2016-03-24 22:50:50 +0000,2016-11-18 14:01:04 +0000,15950,39341,74,350,1241,Gabriel4Trump16,Deplorable Gabriella,false,false,"#1A #2A #AlwaysTrump #Women4Trump, #Diversity4Trump #SecureTheBorder #StopSharia | Twitter b/c #MediaFraud",RT @peaceandjoy101: His last tweet before getting blocked by twitter.. I see no problem with the post.We should retweet this info for h…,United States,
1370971824,2013-04-22 01:39:07 +0000,2016-11-18 14:07:38 +0000,124910,71407,640,30062,59593,GaetaSusan,Susan❤,false,false,"ALL LIVES MATTER I'm a True Conservative Christian. I love God, I Love my Country. #pjnet #tcot #GodBlessAmerica 🐸","RT @Lrihendry: This EVIL man must be STOPPED!
@LouDobbs @realDonaldTrump @seanhannity #TakeDownSoros #TCOT",,
9244632,2007-10-04 14:05:40 +0000,2016-11-18 13:31:58 +0000,21763,22092,87,4878,4694,gailbuckley,gail,false,false,I ❤️ #God #Family #Country #Harleys #Guns #Animals #NRA #USCONSTITUTION #Trump2016 #MAGA #VoteTrump2016,RT @LouDobbs: A Great Man: Senator Sessions offered Atty General in Trump administration | #MAGA #AmericaFirst #TrumpTrain #Dobbs,"Framingham, MA",
15972765,2008-08-24 21:13:47 +0000,2016-11-18 04:28:36 +0000,120939,1648,452,20770,18926,gailtalk,gailtalk,false,false,Conservative Patriot. Always been proud & grateful to be an American! Let Freedom Ring! #tcot #Teaparty #lnyhbt #WakeUpAmerica @gailtalk2 LET'S ROLL!,"RT @LeahRBoss: #AuditTheVote ? I'm down.
Any illegal caught voting gets immediate deportation.
418802998,2011-11-22 16:00:29 +0000,2016-11-17 22:05:38 +0000,4843,2910,25,414,109,GarmonMike,Mike Garmon,false,false,"3rd generation native of California. Entrepreneur, husband, father of two, KTM rider and paddle surfer. @garmonmike",#HappyBirthday,"Huntington Beach, Ca.",
735671040,2012-08-03 22:49:17 +0000,2016-11-17 18:48:18 +0000,2396,270,1,296,125,garrett_welker,Garrett Welker,false,false,,RT @MilitaryEarth: Don't do it!,BMORE,
827740711,2012-09-16 21:03:29 +0000,2016-10-31 14:01:29 +0000,872,383,0,88,25,garyralbert,Gary,false,false,"Concerned father and patriot promoting conservative ideals. I enjoy fishing, football and spending time with my two daughters and loving wife.",Hilary Duff apologizes for controversial Halloween costume via the @FoxNews Appno need for an apology. Looks great,,
19211550,2009-01-20 00:45:40 +0000,2016-11-18 14:07:59 +0000,45416,2462,1801,1051,60189,gatewaypundit,Jim Hoft,false,false,Blogger- Activist- - Where Hope Made a Comeback,Ouch! 71 Year-Old French Presidential Candidate Tells Voters: “I’m Now Hillary Clinton” via @gatewaypundit,"St. Louis, Missouri",
751521173301825536,2016-07-08 20:59:45 +0000,2016-11-18 10:13:03 +0000,2297,2220,4,154,132,GavinVolaire,Deplorable B.I.G.,false,false,What? Like with a cloth or something? How do millions of deplorables fit in a basket?,"@Latins4Justice @bakedalaska
Cop: Since you called me down here, give me a coffee please.
Weeping Snowflake: Your name?
C: Trump!",,
3991792811,2015-10-19 03:57:05 +0000,2016-11-13 20:58:19 +0000,323,272,1,146,27,GavrasJohnM,John M. Gavras,false,false,Professional Geologist (P.G.) and Certified Professional Geologist (CPG) with thirty-two years of comprehensive environmental consulting experience.,@GDemacopoulos @atpapanik Does a politics of empathy also call all Christians to imagine being in a woman's womb when a fetus is aborted?,"New York, USA",
60699354,2009-07-27 20:23:00 +0000,2016-11-18 13:30:58 +0000,10827,10,1887,114738,121682,GaylandAnderson,Gayland Anderson,false,false,"Travel enthusiast, health nut, expert marksman, private pilot, grandparent and a conservative.","Some people know very little, but they know it fluently.",Texas,
162114001,2010-07-02 18:59:21 +0000,2016-11-18 06:50:20 +0000,37394,13953,821,10086,18868,gaylelemmon,Gayle Tzemach Lemmon,true,false,"Author of NYT Best Sellers Ashley's War & Dressmaker of Khair Khana. Sr Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations. All views my own. RTs not = endorsement.","RT @McFaul: Republican national security experts asked to serve should join Trump, pursue their ideas, and then resign if the boss gets too crazy.",,
718080431493627904,2016-04-07 14:18:10 +0000,2016-11-17 03:24:45 +0000,3067,14927,5,274,78,GCS1207,Geraldine Steiner,false,false,,RT @seanhannity: .@JudgeJeanine and @SebGorka are here NEXT with details on @realdonaldtrump’s immigration plan #Hannity,,
69306346,2009-08-27 14:35:23 +0000,2016-11-18 12:17:22 +0000,1922,912,93,701,3577,GDASpeakers,GDA Speakers,false,false,"Connect with the best speakers in the world. GDA Speakers goes beyond the booking. Together, we create unforgettable experiences.",GDA team hanging out with @JimmyWayne while he was in Dallas,"Dallas, Texas",
14945261,2008-05-29 16:09:05 +0000,2016-11-18 13:20:58 +0000,26047,3529,2548,462,173481,gehrig38,Curt Schilling,true,false,Whatever it Takes 9-11 am M-F call in live! 877-240-1776 Saturday 9-12 Call in 844-900-3838,@slipperytuna89 @spytdi @KahnStephen Let me help those of you too lazy to actually pay attention in class. Or who w…,"Medfield, Mass",
2853601181,2014-10-31 18:45:28 +0000,2015-07-17 13:25:54 +0000,22,5,169,17,11164,GenDunford,Joseph F. Dunford Jr,true,false,"Official account of the 36th Commandant of @USMC. Following, retweets and links do not constitute endorsement.",Please keep our fallen #Marines & their families in your thoughts. Our focus remains w/ supporting the families. #USMC #TennesseeShooting,"Washington, D.C.",
413430640,2011-11-15 21:45:57 +0000,2016-11-18 12:02:10 +0000,66497,11732,185,10546,10543,Gengm7,God Bless Trump.USA,false,false,"#Constitutionalist #TrumpPence16 Supporter. #ThinBlueLine. #Military #LyingCrookedHillary #NeverHillary
List=block","After Meeting With Pence, VP Biden Shares Thoughts On Incoming Administration"," Matthew 16:19, KJV",
349807131,2011-08-06 18:43:00 +0000,2016-11-18 14:06:05 +0000,122512,26551,431,3521,3184,GenKnoxx,GenKnoxx sez No Hate,false,false,I'm on Telegram @GenKnoxx •People's rights & data matter•my site •ISISchan store,Listen to Beautiful Chorus - Pachamama (Srikalogy Remix) by SriKala #np on #SoundCloud,My Party party HQ,
17111285,2008-11-02 05:48:26 +0000,2016-11-18 13:24:10 +0000,17397,15840,431,1998,3571,geointer,KJ Masback,true,false,USGIF CEO / Non-Profit Exec / GEOINT Advocate / ISR Futurist / USG Advisor / Father of Five / Former DoD & IC Sr Exec / Former Army Officer,RT @eddie_pickle: Dr Chris Tucker kicks off @geography2050 Day 2 #geography2050 @AmericanGeo,DC/NY,
3988597696,2015-10-18 17:31:05 +0000,2016-11-17 03:26:18 +0000,353,142,14,1597,1729,georgehawleyUA,George Hawley,false,false,"Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Alabama. Author. Occasional Consultant.",@NineBandedBooks I appreciate it.,"Tuscaloosa, AL",
3312644679,2015-06-08 02:32:51 +0000,2016-11-18 07:45:03 +0000,10522,56584,22,190,202,GeorgePatton76,BPS,false,false,,@sallykohn @BoxingMD1 they probably think you're a dude,,
3881869607,2015-10-06 16:00:22 +0000,2016-11-18 13:00:20 +0000,6145,22235,15,1207,1196,georgetses,Florida TRUMP&PENCE,false,false,"Greek American US constitution pro 2nd amendment pro life, against elite establishment , against wars. conservative Christian. Masters of science NY",RT @foxandfriends: Ford chairman tells Trump Lincoln SUV production to remain at Kentucky plant,"Palm Harbor, FL",
178114153,2010-08-13 22:34:24 +0000,2016-11-18 09:52:19 +0000,36394,32772,130,4997,3215,georgiatauchas,Georgia Tauchas,false,false,"Conservative,Catholic.Retired Cardiopulmonary Nurse& Pulmonary Rehab instructor!
Absolutely No Lists! You will be blocked!",RT @Michael31300435: Love it if Trump appoints Lt. General Jack Keene as Joint Chiefs of Staff member. Brilliant military mind.,Iowa,
3325294146,2015-08-23 01:15:06 +0000,2016-11-18 03:54:23 +0000,10945,8818,33,533,339,Geraldshelton6,gerald shelton,false,false,"owner of IMPACT MACHINE COMPANY LLC,produces products for underground mines, republican,father,grandfather,husband,supporter 1st & 2ed amendment","RT @JrcheneyJohn: Trump hasn't taken office yet but the #TrumpEffect is working👉FORD is staying in the USA #Winning #AmericaFirst 🇺🇸","Layton, UT",
628974330,2012-07-07 01:44:29 +0000,2016-11-18 13:14:40 +0000,21339,3562,65,3784,3928,gft1234,❤️PatriotLady4Trump❤,false,false,"Deplorably - I am retired-31 yrs govt.serv.,Christian & a patriot! ONLY TRUMP 4 smart USA!! I block twit advertisers of more tweets! : )",another example of all white people who think they are black! LOL delusionals!!,,
711366038005231616,2016-03-20 01:37:34 +0000,2016-11-18 13:56:35 +0000,8237,8802,7,318,3528,ggblonde101,ggblonde,false,false,"TRUMPFORAMERICANS🇺🇸#TrumpGateKeeper🇺🇸Entrepreneur of Free Speech UNSCRIPTED pitch..Truth hurts sometimes, all the time for Libs",RT @wikileaks: CNN falsely states that it unlawful for the public--but not for CNN--to search WikiLeaks #PodestaEmails,,
3091203330,2015-03-16 22:11:00 +0000,2016-11-09 05:12:16 +0000,71,46,0,56,32,ggupta9777,Gaurav Gupta,false,false,,"@realDonaldTrump is in only for the fun, he wouldn't run, he wouldn't win the nomination, he wouldn't win the election 😂 😊😂","Kanpur, India",
377778216,2011-09-22 02:57:50 +0000,2016-11-18 13:59:19 +0000,39502,2628,623,963,17887,GideonResnick,Gideon Resnick,true,false,"Reporter @thedailybeast. Send tips/love letters to, 513-680-1211","Sessions also allegedly called a white civil rights lawyer a ""disgrace to his race.""",The Sandlot,
770190922512535552,2016-08-29 09:26:40 +0000,2016-11-18 11:11:40 +0000,1292,48826,5,1289,1505,gigihyl,Gigi,false,false,"Smiles a lot, faith found me, ❤️️chocolate labs, Salty but Sweet 🏄🏽‍♀️ #ImWithYou, #MAGA3X 🇺🇸",RT @realDonaldTrump: I worked hard with Bill Ford to keep the Lincoln plant in Kentucky. I owed it to the great State of Kentucky for their confidence in me!,"South Carolina, USA",
130836123,2010-04-08 13:28:30 +0000,2016-11-17 22:51:38 +0000,16290,20592,653,70,160105,GilletteStadium,Gillette Stadium,true,false,The official Twitter account for Gillette Stadium concerts and events. Instagram:,@James_May_Not Ha!,"Foxborough, MA",
3420540252,2015-09-02 01:17:43 +0000,2016-11-18 14:07:12 +0000,57170,60312,35,367,3401,ginah89121,Gina H #OnlyTrump,false,false,Retired Nurse #OnlyTrump all the way to the WH. libtards/bots/DONOT ADD ME 2 LIST ALL BLOCKED!,"RT @SkyNews: Kanye West was booed by fans after telling them he didn't vote - but if he had, he ""would have voted on Trump""","Las Vegas, NV",
2563612904,2014-06-12 15:34:20 +0000,2016-11-17 23:21:40 +0000,889,167,11,690,483,GingerHRobinson,Ginger H Robinson,false,false,"FACE the Challenge Pres, Wife, Cardiac & Critical Care RN, Charitable Facial Surgeries =1,233, Matt 25:40, AF Mom, Fascinated by Flight, Photographer, Dog Lover",Boys' and Girls' Brains May Show Opposite Effects After a Trauma via @LiveScience #BrainTrauma #GenderSpecificCare,Colorado,
525843455,2012-03-15 23:22:51 +0000,,5289,4018,19,1481,584,GinniThomas,Deplorable GT,false,true,Hoping enough wake up in time! Be a Troublemaker for Liberty and battle liberal intolerance! Watch my weekly Daily Caller News Fdn Leader video interviews.,,,
37907293,2009-05-05 11:51:23 +0000,2016-11-18 13:29:41 +0000,162193,20407,241,1100,3038,ginthegin,Ginny,false,false,"Conservatarian, Artist, Extreme Croquet Pro, and Generally Wonderful Person!",Donald Trump's 7-point healthcare plan - And JOY! The IRS would be taken out of the healthcare enforcement biz.,Gator in The Buckeye State,
4530555202,2015-12-19 01:38:37 +0000,2016-11-18 13:01:39 +0000,17590,709,39,1824,1564,GiveMeLiberty56,Give Me Liberty,false,false,"Defender of traditional American values, return to Enlightenment/Age of Reason rationality, the only hope of America's salvation. Professor who is NOT left wing",I agree. Romney has no place in a Trump cabinet.,Free United States,
156817436,2010-06-18 01:11:08 +0000,2016-11-17 23:04:46 +0000,9782,788,38,734,590,GKJoe,Joe M,false,false,Passionate Patriot. ن WHY? Because I care what freedoms our children will enjoy. #2A #1A,Time for a #purge at the @IRS: ‘Strong showing’ on Tea Party bias claim via @USATODAY,USA,
2892489441,2014-11-25 21:06:27 +0000,2016-07-05 19:43:18 +0000,4857,193,74,20076,17519,glance_ever,Glance Ever,false,false,"ᵂᴱ ᴸᴼᵛᴱ ᴵᵀ ᵂᴴᴱᴺ ᵞᴼᵁ ᵀᴬᴳ ⓣⓐⓖ ᵁˢ //
ᵁˢᴱ #GlanceE ᵀᴼ ᴮᴱ ᶠᴱᴬᵀᵁᴿᴱᴰ //","Hoodies aren't just for lounging anymore
#CropTop #SkirtSet #GlanceE","Los Angeles, CA",
17454769,2008-11-18 00:43:47 +0000,2016-11-18 04:10:15 +0000,10886,96,17277,145,1101454,glennbeck,Glenn Beck,true,false,'find joy. speak truth.' |,We’ve got to give the power to the people to be able to check the gov. That’s #ArticleV. Get involved.,"Dallas, TX. Rockies, NYC.",
322674957,2011-06-23 15:24:43 +0000,2016-11-18 13:35:33 +0000,10859,11662,52,504,1367,GlitzyGirlsMag,Liv,false,false,Political Junkie: Proud American & Mechanical Engineer & Co-Owner Fashion Magazine. (mom to a 26 yr old Psy. Grad. Student & Model) #MAGA #TrumpPence16,"RT @The_NewRight: Someone ""tested"" Twitter & ended up with proof that they're violating the Civil Rights Act! #Trump #Trump2016…","New York, USA",
745696938729713666,2016-06-22 19:16:19 +0000,2016-11-12 20:02:38 +0000,903,5295,0,79,41,gloriamassey19,Gloria Massey,false,false,,RT @trump2016fan: 🚨GOOD NEWS! Trump-Basher & Pro Muslim Open Borders NeoCon @SpeakerRyan May Not Have 218 Votes for Speaker!…,,
3079500787,2015-03-14 05:21:22 +0000,2016-10-24 17:50:43 +0000,78,420,0,51,16,GnfytrE,john e. dlugos,false,false,A dad of two/stepdad to five.,Sign the petition: govtregs petition,"phoenix, Az.",
484367218,2012-02-06 01:22:44 +0000,2016-11-11 21:22:35 +0000,2141,1161,7,468,162,gntlemansurfer,The Gentleman Surfer,false,false,"“I know words, I have the best words. I have the best, but there is no better word than stupid.” - @realDonaldTrump",RT @phil_christman: My priest just said to me that part of following Christ for the next few years will mean taking a nightstick in the face for Muslims.,"Narragansett, Rhode Island",
768237282562310144,2016-08-24 00:03:36 +0000,2016-11-18 14:01:23 +0000,12124,0,24,7774,8485,GODBLESSAMERIC,#TrumpNews 🇺🇸,false,false,Daily political news. #TrumpPence16 #GodBlessAmerica #MAGA #TrumpTrain,"TRUMP Announces National Security Team: Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn-NSA, Sen. Sessions as AG, Rep. Pompeo to Head CIA…","Washington, DC",
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271777586,2011-03-25 04:56:33 +0000,2016-11-18 03:10:52 +0000,3084,1344,8,113,75,GoldenSurfer7,ɱɑɾɕ ʈџƚɛɾ,false,false,"ⓈⓎⓈⓉⒺⓂ ⒹⒺⓈⒾⒼⓃⒺⓇ, ⓈⓄⓂⒺⓉⒾⓂⒺ ⒼⓊⒾⓉⒶⓇ ⓅⓁⒶⓎⒺⓇ. ⓁⒺⓉ'Ⓢ ⒶⓁⓁ ⒶⒼⓇⒺⒺ ② ⓃⓄⓉ ⒶⒼⓇⒺⒺ ⓅⒺⒶⒸⒺⒻⓊⓁⓁⓎ. ⒸⓄⓂⒺ ⒶⓁⓄⓃⒼ ④ ⓉⒽⒺ ⓇⒾⒹⒺ ⒷⓊⓉ ⒻⒺⒺⓁ ⒻⓇⒺⒺ ⓉⓄ ⒿⓊⓂⓅ ⓄⒻⒻ ⒾⒻ Ⓤ ⓂⒾⒼⒽⓉ ⒻⒺⒺⓁ Ⓐ ⓁⒾⓉⓉⓁⒺ ⓈⒾⒸⓀ",RT @Snowden: That Clapper never faced even a reprimand for lying under oath will forever remain a black mark on the credibility…,⒤⒩ ⒯⒣⒠ ⒞⒭⒪⒮⒮⒣⒜⒤⒭⒮!,
3282912878,2015-07-18 02:18:03 +0000,2016-11-17 22:42:42 +0000,1970,7368,3,258,212,Gone2China,Beth W,false,false,English Professor,"RT @BluegillRises: Hillary's entire campaign, like all leftist campaigns, was built on vilifying whites & anyone 4 immigration law en…",People's Republic of China,
716533929021411328,2016-04-03 07:52:56 +0000,2016-10-18 01:44:10 +0000,3117,8345,5,101,63,GoodGoyim_666,B o i,false,false,,"RT @realDonaldTrump: Donald J. Trump Ethics Reform Plan For Washington D.C.",,
15898172,2008-08-19 00:02:44 +0000,2016-11-18 01:30:38 +0000,22034,474,15535,9473,2551013,goodreads,goodreads,true,false,"The largest site for readers and book recommendations. Find new books, recommend books, track your reading, join book clubs, win advanced copies, and much more!",Do you like to read books about the places you visit?,,
20536157,2009-02-10 19:14:39 +0000,2016-11-18 02:27:40 +0000,21953,499,94955,449,16348532,google,Google,true,false,News and updates from Google,"@leukvos Hi there. It might be a good idea to check your recent activity, Follow these steps to review:","Mountain View, CA",
2365144826,2014-02-28 05:53:08 +0000,2016-11-18 05:08:59 +0000,21484,74659,92,3290,23046,GopAaron,Deplorable Aaron 🐸,false,false,#Republican #Conservative #Christian #AntiIslam #NotPC #AmericaFirst #AllLivesMatter #Nationalist #Patriot #ProLife #2A #TrumpTrain #MakeAmericaGreatAgain,"Best upgrade to the White House in 8 years! Come January 20,2017 we will have a real leader in the White House!…","Michigan, USA",
1564728318,2013-07-03 03:34:31 +0000,2016-11-18 11:54:23 +0000,2203,196,386,1220,6101,Gorman_Siobhan,Siobhan Gorman,true,false,Advising companies on privacy & cyber issues for @BrunswickGroup. Former Intelligence Correspondent @WSJ. Juggler. Wine enthusiast. Kisser of boo-boos.,"RT @warren_bass: NBC: Jared Kushner let Mike Flynn veto heavyweights including Adm. McRaven, the commander of the bin Laden raid.",,
15416505,2008-07-13 17:09:21 +0000,2016-11-18 03:27:49 +0000,6744,239,9147,518,522363,GovMikeHuckabee,Gov. Mike Huckabee,true,false,"Former AR Gov, Bass Guitarist",@realDonaldTrump has dinner w/o press;say it's their job. Their job is fairly report news and they have miserably failed. No soup for you!,United States,
15985455,2008-08-25 18:52:42 +0000,2016-11-18 12:03:33 +0000,10163,237,3583,888,206018,GovPenceIN,Governor Mike Pence,true,false,Serving Hoosiers in all corners of the state as the 50th Governor of Indiana.,"Life Sciences Firm Acquires New York Company, Moves Operations to Indiana",Indiana,
4784074724,2016-01-19 14:40:04 +0000,2016-11-17 06:48:46 +0000,14248,5708,12,259,230,gperetz95,Giovanni Peretz,false,false,Unabashed Trump Supporter.,@LauraNativo @joelpollak @BreitbartNews your friends are Cuck faces,,
725472022910918656,2016-04-27 23:49:43 +0000,2016-11-18 03:15:47 +0000,1697,840,4,170,72,gphyun80,GP Hyun,false,false,Proud American of Korean heritage. Businessman liberated of the BS and PC Corporate world. #MAGA,"RT @NewtTrump: Megyn Kelly still biased against Trump, parrots debunked NYT attack on his KIDS... Newt quickly flips it & WRECKS h…",,
772471,2007-02-14 19:04:54 +0000,2016-11-18 03:40:08 +0000,28102,8335,7366,4141,278218,GrammarGirl,Mignon Fogarty,true,false,Podcaster. NYT bestselling author. Entrepreneur. Quick and Dirty Tips founder. UNR School of Journalism professor. Skier. Snapchat: thatgrammargirl,Packing for my flight tomorrow to #NCTE16. I'm looking forward to being at the conference and meeting everyone!,"Reno, NV",
4813726072,2016-01-15 11:34:41 +0000,2016-11-17 18:01:35 +0000,1709,9784,1,502,152,grannyrumble,Jackie Rumble,false,false,wife/mother/granny who loves our Lord & our great country,RT @FoxNewsInsider: .@Krauthammer: @realDonaldTrump Can & Should Withhold Funding From Sanctuary Cities @SpecialReport @BretBaier…,"Georgia, USA",
4105765714,2015-11-03 16:24:27 +0000,2016-11-18 14:08:46 +0000,41693,57438,204,27904,33972,greeneyes0084,Rockin Robin MAGA❤,false,false,"#PatriotsUnited #BuildTheWall #Trump2016 I love Jesus but I drink a little, sometime F-bomb dropper, Gen X, #Deplorable","RT @MissLizzyNJ: In 5 minutes, The MSM has focused more on Jeff Sessions than they have on Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton i…",United States,
96972239,2009-12-15 12:32:52 +0000,2016-11-18 14:00:08 +0000,472197,9507,2785,45720,53582,GreenSkyDeb,"Deb Scott, BA, CPC",false,false,Certified #LifeCoach | Best Selling #Author: Sky is Green & Grass is Blue | Award Winning #Radio Host: #BestPeople We Know Show! ♥ RT'd by @RealDonaldTrump! ♥,I'm not going to let school get in the way of my child's education. - Mitch Joel #quote,"Boston, MA",
28628850,2009-04-03 19:09:32 +0000,2016-11-18 04:21:55 +0000,19560,1679,6491,666,617215,greggutfeld,GregGutfeld,true,false,Pre-order my new book How To Be Right,i've listened to this song 34 times in a row.,I am here,
330579721,2011-07-06 20:49:52 +0000,2016-11-18 12:29:43 +0000,3478,106,308,908,7706,GregJaffe,Greg Jaffe,true,false,"Reporter for The Washington Post
Greg.jaffe[at]",Jewish groups face a tough choice on Trump: protest versus influence.,,
1921798608,2013-10-01 01:19:25 +0000,2016-11-13 14:18:27 +0000,10417,23638,11,1959,1941,gregusp61,Greg Loves America!,false,false,"Love Jesus, Proud Catholic, Married to Soulmate. Pro Life, Family Man. America First, NRA Firearm Instructor, Fitness Nut. No Porn. No Lists.#Trump",@realDonaldTrump @nytimes You beat all of them! Mr. President Elect!,United States,
16031927,2008-08-28 20:04:54 +0000,2016-11-18 13:02:53 +0000,100830,2482,8957,1924,1102885,greta,Greta Van Susteren,true,false,Retweets are just retweets; RT does not mean I agree or disagree....I am merely retweeting;check out video reports,RT @business: Buckingham Palace will receive a £369 million ($460 million) makeover,Washington,
1487846678,2013-06-06 14:07:58 +0000,2016-11-18 12:08:33 +0000,12911,15104,929,1210,88980,GretchenCarlson,Gretchen Carlson,true,false,"Journalist, wife, mama, warrior for women, 100% believer in life motto Carpe diem, author of Getting Real.",Yikes! Already!,"New York, USA",
714995227,2012-07-24 21:58:13 +0000,2016-11-15 17:38:15 +0000,3894,221,6,227,84,Grinner6,Greg Courter,false,false,Retired; Board Gamer; Military History; Lighthouses; full team FF ( scores 26 positions); cancer survivor; CMU Alum.,"@BradThor @SpanishMcFly
And the new tax on masonry and concrete. Thanks repubs.",,
3409782221,2015-08-09 05:20:03 +0000,2016-11-18 06:06:30 +0000,49893,35320,54,1629,1932,grndpam,Pam Loughery,false,false,Trump supporter. #ImWithYou #AmericaFirst #MAGA #firejaketapper #BasketOfDeplorables #Debates2016 #followthemoney #NoTrumpNoVote #NextFakeTrumpVictim,RT @Maryjoonthego: @dcexaminer Tell Loretta legal immigrants are happy with Trump. They did things the right way and America is committed to them NOT ILLEGALS!,,
148800323,2010-05-27 16:48:05 +0000,2016-11-17 21:41:32 +0000,22230,7386,611,145348,152476,GroovyHippie,Groovy Hippie✌,false,false,“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” -Martin Luther King Jr. #Peace #F4F,"RT @ReggaeMarleyBob: Giving up doesnt mean your letting go, It means you've decided to accept it wasnt meant to be",Universe,
103192432,2010-01-09 05:44:37 +0000,2016-11-18 04:28:29 +0000,7078,18743,33,3165,2156,groundzv1,Infidel Groundz,false,false,Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed citizens to change the world. lll% - Vote Trump 2016,RT @BWTEIM: MT @MsAvaArmstrong: Blue. Lives. Matter. #BlueLivesMatter #PJNET,Arizona,
4540597289,2015-12-20 00:10:30 +0000,2016-11-18 12:17:10 +0000,9610,16711,16,4217,2242,gtobronco,Rickenbacklive,false,false,"Talk Show Host! @Rickenbacklive! Thats My Retired Dallas Police officer buddy,Trump! Unite America! Expose the Traitors of the Media! Father retired NYPD#Navy",RT @Reponite: @gtobronco Cher blocked me when I told her to send her son/daughter to the middle east..... I wonder why,,
4852434473,2016-01-27 05:16:08 +0000,2016-11-18 01:48:00 +0000,31188,1883,67,579,710,GTolbert9,GTolbert,false,false,,"RT @MOVEFORWARDHUGE: ""CIA Jet Crashes, Found With 4 TONS of Cocaine"" #mustread #feedly","Alabama, USA",
2998950791,2015-01-26 00:49:23 +0000,2016-11-18 13:45:00 +0000,1699,34,22,301,555,GTReporting,George Thomas,false,false,Anchor & Senior International Correspondent- all views are my own.,The man tapped to be @realDonaldTrump National Security Advisor @GenFlynn not afraid to say 'radical Islamic terror…,"Here, there & everywhere",
374610323,2011-09-16 16:24:50 +0000,2016-11-18 01:53:48 +0000,71,600,4,977,256,guerillaccidntl,Accidental Guerrilla,false,false,Int'l Affairs Consultant. Global Troublemaker with large budget. Former Policy Cabana Boy. MA in Int'l-Something.,@MichaelStahlke Find me an IIR or TD that's not mostly bullshit. Go ahead. I'll wait.,"Brussels, Belgium",
2445296312,2014-04-15 11:15:58 +0000,2016-11-17 18:08:26 +0000,2530,92,48,5001,1556,GulfStateAnalyt,GulfStateAnalytics,false,false,"Gulf State Analytics (GSA) assesses risks and opportunities among Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states for lenders, traders, investors and policymakers.", @Cinzia_Bianco @tkarasik,"Washington, DC",
707407405739474948,2016-03-09 03:27:23 +0000,2016-11-18 04:25:31 +0000,28032,35388,64,656,1016,Gunner44444,Lori Spicer Lawson,false,false,Woman For Trump! #MAGA 🇺🇸🚊,"RT @RealDJTrumpTeam: Wow, WOW! Crazy Silly People!
Report: Most people arrested at Portland Trump protests didn't vote","Illinois, USA",
512110430,2012-03-02 16:01:09 +0000,2016-11-18 06:24:08 +0000,23212,2600,40,1632,947,GURGUEIROS,Miguel De Gurgueiros,false,false,"Après tant de souffrances vouloir ressusciter la momie?
Brain shaker. Mover cerebro.",RT @NikkiGoeser: This is priceless #TrumpPresident #TrumpPence16 #HillaryLost 🇺🇸,No localizado. Excusas.,
65664245,2009-08-14 15:47:34 +0000,2016-11-18 08:26:33 +0000,4580,9868,52,6093,6170,GUSMAR80,Maria,false,false,"Wife, Mother, Christian, Constitutional Conservative,Political Junkie. Pro Police, Pro Military. Supporter of Troops & Vets!! God Bless America!! TRUMP 2016!!",RT @GODBLESSAMERIC: Obama Tells Rioters To Keep Agitating – He And Soros Want More Chaos,,
2513881490,2014-05-21 22:48:57 +0000,2016-11-18 07:36:13 +0000,33330,18087,388,3806,19476,HAGOODMANAUTHOR,H. A. Goodman,false,false,"H. A. Goodman is an author, columnist and journalist. Subscribe to his YouTube Channel!","@realKentron Still Bernie and Jill Stein, but always looking to destroy propaganda",,http://WWW.HAGOODMAN.COM
739660875552849920,2016-06-06 03:31:09 +0000,2016-11-18 04:26:03 +0000,44,69,0,210,33,Halford_DB,Darren Halford,false,false,,RT @Hacking4Defense: .@UCSanDiego latest to capture the hacking sprit - whose next? @GeorgetownCSS @MD5NET @tonydavis_socom @USArmy,"California, USA",
714575249128423424,2016-03-28 22:09:50 +0000,2016-11-17 06:32:16 +0000,45847,30215,77,21453,29449,HalleyBorderCol,Winning Halley 🐸,false,false,"Deplorable South Carolinian, #EmperorTrump supporter, PhD Physics, Entrepreneur, #Freedom, #1A, #2A, Non-believer, Love #Christian values & heritage. @MAGA3X",RT @JackPosobiec: Kurt Cobain called Donald Trump's election 20 years ago,"By the nuclear button, USA",
140277529,2010-05-05 02:48:28 +0000,2016-11-18 09:31:25 +0000,12417,2517,26,1169,446,Hallofr808,❤DisTiredofWinning ❤,false,false,Globalists are the devil. Go Trump!,RT @JxhnBinder: THIS.,,
2753220014,2014-08-21 22:18:14 +0000,2016-11-18 09:06:07 +0000,42633,47286,153,5945,12924,halsteadg048,flyingeagle,false,false,Americans.. We Have A New Champion Of We The People Who Will Listen To Our Needs. God Bless America,Horowitz: I'm Witnessing a Witch Hunt Based on a Distortion of My Own Words - Breitbart …,,
119099353,2010-03-02 17:30:37 +0000,2016-11-18 02:56:04 +0000,5593,6256,837,49859,96248,Harlan,Harlan Hill,true,false,Millennial for Trump // Startup Founder // Frequently @FoxNews - @FoxBusiness - @CNN - @SkyNews - @BBC - @9NewsAus,This is leadership.,"NYC // DC // Charleston, SC",
18313747,2008-12-22 19:16:36 +0000,2016-11-18 13:17:25 +0000,10665,7152,1508,1090,133154,HARRISFAULKNER,HARRISFAULKNER,true,false,"Cool Network News Anchor job, 6-time Emmy Award Winner, Author, Mom, Motivational Speaker, Military Brat",#Breaking Report: @jeffsessions offered #AttorneyGeneral post #TrumpTransition,"New York, Arizona",
14800270,2008-05-16 15:50:47 +0000,2016-11-18 14:02:30 +0000,49340,15,48993,195,3500125,HarvardBiz,Harvard Biz Review,true,false,The leading destination for smart management thinking. Click here to subscribe:,"What Younger Workers Can Learn from Older Workers, and Vice Versa","Boston, MA",
741356324932358144,2016-06-10 19:48:16 +0000,2016-11-18 04:56:32 +0000,1422,10204,6,54,284,HarvardDoll,American Doll,false,false,"Words innocent and powerless as they are as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them",@realDonaldTrump #winning,,
16118453,2008-09-03 19:58:08 +0000,2016-11-17 01:26:24 +0000,12703,11122,39,392,233,harvey02,VOTE TRUMP! 🚂💨🇺🇸,false,false,"Proud Catholic, Mommy, College Educated, Veteran, Career Woman, Trump Supporter!","RT @_Makada_: Man gunned down outside bar after he joked about voting for Trump",,
2872639048,2014-11-11 17:59:35 +0000,2016-10-03 16:52:17 +0000,90894,77125,266,1807,1698,HdHammer865,#6277Hammer,false,false,"Imagination,.., is not the cause of truth, but its condition. #1092
INTJ Master Race",RT @sirskeleton79: Umm... we should give our money to the poor so they won't have to rob us? Yeah that sounds about right,#Ilk #DreadIlk #VFM #GamerGate,
200163987,2010-10-08 16:10:41 +0000,2016-11-18 07:35:27 +0000,114063,42658,658,37768,51741,healthandcents,Dr.America MD🇺🇸,false,false,"Physician, Medical Oathkeeper, Author, 2014 Ellis Island Medal of Honor, 2ADefender, 1A ✝✡GodInControl, III% Military Vets Trump2016 MAGA Women4Trump. NO LISTS!","RT @Miami4Trump: 💥BOOM💥 SHOCK POLL
58% of Hispanic Voters AGREE with Trumps Immigration Policies
#FridayFeeling #BuildTheWall #MAGA",USA and Chile,
3420965393,2015-08-13 21:13:35 +0000,2016-11-18 06:16:17 +0000,18411,17790,435,23999,58815,hectormorenco,Hector Morenco,false,false,"Woke Anti-Globalist Veteran (USAF), Boy Scout, Based Conservative Independent, & Professional Red Piller.","""A full 22% of the California electorate was not born a U.S. citizen. This is a disaster for our nation."" -RV","California, USA",
448323541,2011-12-27 21:43:29 +0000,2016-11-13 14:24:38 +0000,74784,20655,133,3139,1840,Heeeellllooooo,MAGA-VOTED: TRUMP!,false,false,,"RT @golfrnsavh: Say what you like about Mike Huckabee, but he is one of the strongest communicators Trump could choose. @foxandfriends",,
932568674,2012-11-07 17:45:25 +0000,2016-11-18 11:15:26 +0000,11251,34066,31,1408,1404,HeidiAlpine,Heidi,false,false,Ski-Travel-Lab Service Dogs-Search & Rescue [Ski-Reise Foodie Hunde Suchen Rettungs] Golf,"RT @American1765: I will always remember this as THE MOMENT I knew Donald J. Trump WOULD become the 45th President of the US.",BC EU Ski Urlaubsort,
1220693790,2013-02-26 07:00:03 +0000,2016-11-17 08:45:27 +0000,454,343,80,154,57991,HekmatKarzai,Hekmat Khalil Karzai,true,false,Proud son of Shahed Khalil Khan Karzai and brother of Shahed Hashmat Khan. Deputy Foreign Minister of Afg. Former Director of Center for Conflict and Peace St,"Prophet ﷺ used to say:
O Lord, forgive me all my sins, small and great, first and last, open and secret [Bukhari].…",Kabul - Afghanistan ,
19225482,2009-01-20 08:51:10 +0000,2016-11-18 14:02:25 +0000,7512,986,10,300,233,Henrik_Ravin,Henrik Ravin,false,false,"Jobbar med analys och statistik på kommunledningskontoret i Sandviken.
Värmlänning, cykelexpert och hemvärnssoldat",RT @defencechemist: Så vackert att man blir tårögd! #saab #rbs15 #föpol,Gävle Sweden,
1655491237,2013-08-08 14:10:34 +0000,,749,406,4,124,23,Herm_III,HG Hasken,false,true,Social Media Monitoring & Response Strategies Consultant,,,
22956220,2009-03-05 18:32:14 +0000,2016-11-18 14:00:40 +0000,86039,6767,3352,995,115415,HeyTammyBruce,Tammy Bruce,true,false,"Independent Conservative, NYT Best-Selling Author, @FoxNews & @FoxBusiness Contributor, @WashTimes Columnist, Radio Talk Show Host. Italian. Scottish. Bookish.",Woo hoo! On @Varneyco now @FoxBusiness ! 🎉🇺🇸,New York/Los Angeles,
27895304,2009-03-31 15:41:25 +0000,2016-11-18 06:08:20 +0000,7826,8614,321,743,25630,heytana,Tana Goertz,false,false,"We did it, he won! Help me welcome President elect @realDonaldTrump and VP Elect @Mike_Pence #Twitter #Facebook #Instagram #MAKEAMERICAGREATAGAIN",Thanks @seanhannity for all that you've done for my dear friend Melissa. God willing she'ill accompany me to…,Campaign Trail USA,
4441478416,2015-12-10 21:13:36 +0000,2016-11-18 14:04:20 +0000,8265,413,448,593,1456,hhenry925,Henry,false,false,"I'm Henry. Recent university graduate, server administrator, traveler, and gamer. Asheville transplant living in Raleigh.","RT @Villa_Stickers: #BHAFC v #AVFC
Predict the correct score & you could win a pack of stickers.
589375768,2012-05-24 19:46:53 +0000,2016-11-18 12:49:26 +0000,22311,16202,54,2993,1396,hiltons119,Lynne Hilton,false,false,You do not have to agree with My Politics . I have a constitutional right to them !,Articles: Drown Out the Lying MSM,"Raleigh, NC",
3837629183,2015-10-01 23:01:05 +0000,2016-11-18 13:07:56 +0000,2665,3637,145,2496,43556,HispanicsTrump,Hispanics for Trump,false,false,"Its time to Make America Great Again! Followed by @seanhannity, @DineshDSouza, @SenThomTillis, @GenFlynn, @SenScottBrown Email:","Say hello to our new Attorney General, Senator Jeff Sessions! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain","Raleigh, NC",
170981180,2010-07-26 07:45:05 +0000,2016-11-18 05:35:41 +0000,9413,11041,103,1320,2613,hmmthere,Hmm,false,false,"Travel, Music, Shoes, Photography, Movies, Dog Rescue & blueberries. 🇺🇸","RT @bakedalaska: Why is @jack suspending innocent Trump supporters, but allowing murder threats & violence like this account ->…",Cloud 8,
3894224714,2015-10-14 18:09:56 +0000,2016-11-18 13:39:12 +0000,13848,72538,27,1290,2408,hmwilson123,President Trump,false,false,"Trump supporters. Freedom lovers, Christian. 2016 is our hope.#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #TrumpTrain #Trump2016 Followed by @LouDobbs, @KrisParonto @GenFlynn","RT @HouseCracka: Senator Jeff Sessions was appointed by Ronald Reagan he was also the Attorney General of the State of Alabama!",,
4220356454,2015-11-13 05:53:02 +0000,2016-11-17 23:49:56 +0000,14096,30886,72,3381,2070,Hogan_VA,Hogan von Appold,false,false,"Love our country, conservative, Christian, PC=BS, USAF ret., Pilot, NRA, 2ndA. If you want to have, then earn it! Love dogs, nature, sports; Deplorable","RT @spoutsmith: Just as it should b!Reminds me of Ron &Nancy dancing together. The love shines through
Let's #MakeAmericaGreatAgain","California, USA",
530903891,2012-03-20 04:20:57 +0000,,49174,61018,173,6806,7253,hokiedokiemike,Mike PK,false,false,"Navy Crypto, OEF/OIF, B.A Intnl Relations, MBA,uneducated according to media &democrats,Common Sense w Trump! followed by @genflynn @hectormorenco @markgeistswp",,"Washington, DC",
2584501496,2014-06-23 19:46:47 +0000,2016-11-18 13:29:07 +0000,150032,78840,189,1836,4516,hollyammon,holly ammon,false,false,I AM A FANATICAL AMERICAN PATRIOT WHO LOVES MY COUNTRY. I WANT THE JERKS IN WASHINGTON TO DISAPPEAR OVER NIGHT. WE NEED CONSTITUTION BACK NOW.,"RT @SirecamEurope: First Season Sire Profile ⭐️GREGORIAN⭐️The National Stud - £4,500 - 23 foals @Tattersalls1766 View his video here 👉…",,
1069174837,2013-01-07 20:46:31 +0000,2016-11-18 04:08:33 +0000,42,83,18,981,439,HoltenMark,Col Holten,false,false,,@Johnkutr @jeremyscahill @GenFlynn My opinion on the Geneva ConventionS? 4 treaties & 3 protocols to regulate conduct during armed conflict.,"Wash, DC",
17093617,2008-10-31 22:26:54 +0000,2016-11-18 12:15:17 +0000,42120,12046,46469,1558729,7901369,hootsuite,Hootsuite,true,false,Social media news and tips from the world’s most widely used social relationship platform. Sign up for free: Support: @Hootsuite_Help,What an $85 watermelon taught me about building a billion-dollar business:,"Vancouver, Canada",
1344936961,2013-04-11 17:52:05 +0000,2016-11-18 04:20:19 +0000,978,369,0,295,69,Hopespring4,Hope,false,false,,@nypost Flowers In The Attic.,,
2599883706,2014-07-02 13:56:48 +0000,2016-11-18 09:59:18 +0000,2689,622,8,134,415,HopliteGroup,Teammates,false,false,"Hoplite Group LLC; #Atmospherics #BusinessIntel #Assessments - all men dream, but not equally (T.E. Lawrence); RTs not endorsement multiple users (CEO signs IK)",Easy prediction 2make 2 years ago. Obama’s 2-Year Plan 4 #afghanistan was doomed good primer 4 Trump administration!,"Dubai, United Arab Emirates",
16190478,2008-09-08 19:42:48 +0000,2016-11-18 13:58:41 +0000,625092,16572,1477,31799,50569,HouseCracka,Official Deplorable,false,false,The Supreme Ruler of Deplorastan,The Liberals are going to go crazy over Mike Pompeo their headlines will say the Koch Brothers now run the CIA! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂,Republic of House ,
29816798,2009-04-08 20:49:47 +0000,2015-02-24 15:47:05 +0000,8144,1,2125,134971,126215,HouseOfShorts,HouseOfShorts,false,false,Short films - at least one a day. See more at,The Brain - Two students create a short-cut to induce hallucinogenic visions of God,Everywhere,
1106507400,2013-01-20 15:24:49 +0000,2016-11-18 06:49:58 +0000,51526,51484,87,604,2068,hrhjmm,Simply Irredeemable,false,false,,"RT @MissLizzyNJ: So Democrats want to #AuditTheVote now? Great idea, as it will show us exactly how many dead people and illegals voted for Hillary Clinton.",,
634750425,2012-07-13 15:55:49 +0000,2016-07-26 05:59:02 +0000,27,31,2,222,51,hsearby,Henry Searby,false,false,"British Army Officer | Proud father and husband | Interests; defence, security, current affairs and Diabetes | views my own...",RT @bored_cormorant: A huge congratulations to the International Order of the Bored Cormorant. #Shoulder2Shoulder,United Kingdom,
14511951,2008-04-24 14:07:28 +0000,2016-11-18 13:42:42 +0000,473033,912,83171,5707,8233329,HuffingtonPost,Huffington Post,true,false,"Just like, but shorter.",I’m a Jewish queer woman and I already see the impact of Steve Bannon’s hate,,
80331801,2009-10-06 15:43:36 +0000,2016-07-19 17:57:05 +0000,35891,806,5942,602,317852,HuffPostBooks,HuffPost Books,true,false,"hey internet, let's talk about arts and books and culture // @maddiecrum @claireefallon @badgirlpripri @kann_brooks",Virginia Woolf's sister steps out of the shadow and into the spotlight,,
15075999,2008-06-10 18:38:27 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:34 +0000,72613,1533,3287,2008,127877,hughhewitt,Hugh Hewitt,true,false,Updates from the radio show and and news of my new book The Queen: The Epic Ambition of Hillary and the Coming of a Second Clinton Era,"Key picks now for President-elect @realDonaldTrump and @SenatorSessions: The #SCOTUS vacancy of course, and SG. (Hint hint: John Eastman)",California,
18022784,2008-12-10 16:24:54 +0000,2016-11-18 02:02:44 +0000,12531,1739,10,107,152,hunkerdad,hunkerdad,false,false,"Expert cook, parent, history buff, Ravens fan, politics junkie. If you can't laugh at the craziness around you, you're not looking at it right",@megynkelly Gen Jack is my first choice for SecDef,,
2876347665,2014-11-14 12:59:05 +0000,2016-11-16 22:55:55 +0000,1282,3787,1,419,195,huntington1991,sue antoni,false,false,,"@realDonaldTrump @nytimes Keep blasting the media,they're slime!Cant wait 4 your inauguration day so you can start changing obamas policies!",,
2147888194,2013-10-22 02:53:51 +0000,2016-11-17 23:22:54 +0000,1188,568,3,298,129,hweitz1477,Hal Weitzenfeld,false,false,,@Realjmannarino @nypost not a chance. SOS will be D. Rohrbacher,,
2149651044,2013-10-22 20:11:45 +0000,2016-11-17 20:01:25 +0000,3024,10148,218,12850,29287,I_AmAmerica,Minister Cage,false,false,"I'm Married, Father, Christian Minister and Conservative with a Huge Attitude. For Preaching & Speaking Engagements","@wisdomprincthg
No podcast as of yet.This is all so new to me.Didn't know that I had a following. I'm in the works of doing many things.",,
551937777,2012-04-12 13:23:25 +0000,2016-11-18 01:59:00 +0000,2189,1238,18,437,794,IAlsodani,Ismael Alsodani,false,false,"Brigadier General (Retired) Former Iraq Defense Attache to United States, Thirty years of services in Iraq Army. RT does not mean endorsement",Trump offers @GenFlynn job of national security adviser the right person in right place,"Manassas, VA",
171767907,2010-07-28 03:29:25 +0000,,0,0,2,871,182,iamsamhill,sam hill,false,false,Motion Picture Producer,,...@ home on the range,
477002167,2012-01-28 18:40:14 +0000,2016-11-18 14:08:28 +0000,18700,12255,43,237,2089,IAmVerySilky,🐸IAmSilky,false,false,Hillary Clinton for Prison 2016,"@Ainokea88 @Breaking911 Still posting that fake as fuck quote, I see.","Massachusetts, USA",
3692170093,2015-09-26 11:36:40 +0000,2016-11-14 17:47:44 +0000,1308,41,34,2490,4286,IceBowHunter,IceBowHunter,false,false,"Hunting, fishing, Canada Crossbow Inc. associate.","RT @NFA_Canada: Canadian gun owners are not law abiding.
Section 91 of Canada's criminal code says ""Possession of a firearm is...","Ottawa, Ontario",
320917731,2011-06-20 18:49:49 +0000,2016-11-17 02:21:15 +0000,8012,19500,47,4322,3846,IcemanDaGenius,Thomas DeMay,false,false,"Christian PATRIOT; self proclaimed genius, expert & philosopher; construction worker. REALIST/REALEST #MAGA #Trump2016 tTCOT #SMOCLEGEND Big sports fan.","@SarahKSilverman it's called being SOFT, mentally weak, brainwashed, mentally enslaved, low info, historically ignorant, self victimized NUT","Knightdale, NC",
299081304,2011-05-15 13:37:35 +0000,2016-11-18 14:08:57 +0000,47751,31948,117,1858,1855,idebbie1,🍀🌴🍀Debbie,false,false,🚂💨,RT @JackPosobiec: Spot the difference,kenner la.,
1537685870,2013-06-22 01:26:19 +0000,2016-11-18 12:08:29 +0000,35902,28941,68,1062,979,Ignacioapro,Ignacio Alvarez,false,false,Hincha fanático del @realmadrid. @realDonaldTrump President-elect Of The United States Of America 🇺🇸,RT @SheriffClarke: Dem proaganda wing @nytimes @washingtonpost continue to snipe @realDonaldTrump transition w/o telling us the histor…,La Pampa,
114532950,2010-02-15 18:53:40 +0000,2016-11-18 13:48:33 +0000,14528,14052,51,538,3572,ImCariAnne,Cari Anne,false,false,"Faithful Christian, Married To & Spoiled By A Country Boy, Retired MUA, OSU Football, Animal Lovin, Car Obsessed, Gun Collector.
Good girl but I cuss a little",One of those days your hair looks as beautiful as throwback @SeaBrinkley but your mug looks like an 8 week bender 😐 #GirlProblems #GoFigure,United States,
3677742792,2015-09-25 04:43:54 +0000,2016-11-18 10:29:08 +0000,17529,23724,415,15712,73969,immigrant4trump,Immigrants☆4☆Trump,false,false,Mark F. -Immigrants☆For☆Trump-IMMIGRANTS UNITED TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! - AMERICA FIRST! #Latinoswithtrump #Asiansfortrump Group Started 9/15,"RT @immigrant4trump: Tom Hanks: ""I hope the president-elect does such a great job that I vote for his re-election in four years.” #Maga","South Carolina, USA",
2342655224,2014-02-13 22:24:38 +0000,2016-11-17 16:52:08 +0000,740,4737,115,1293,4883,impressivCo,Impressiv,false,false,"Buy products, goods and services on social media. Check out our stores @impressivTech @impressivHealth","Checkout @sonos speakers for the #holidays, they are amazing! Free shipping here:…","New York, NY",
279083114,2011-04-08 15:10:20 +0000,2016-11-18 10:12:50 +0000,8948,13334,30,403,379,imshanaf,ShanaF,false,false,"Stop the Division & Unite Writer, artist Will not be played by MSM Race: #NorthAmerican Political party: Awake Follow me on GAB. ai @ImShanaF","RT @guardian: In the new robopolitics, social media has left newspapers for dead | Damien Tambini",Absolutely Southern,
3105651938,2015-03-24 01:04:41 +0000,2016-11-17 16:14:17 +0000,2647,339,17,7,4696,ImWithTrump,President Trump,false,false,Big fan & Twitter surrogate for the 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump.,Gen. Michael Flynn just arrived at Trump Tower; reports suggest he's being considered to head the NSA.,"Brooklyn, NY",
202333867,2010-10-13 20:31:01 +0000,2016-11-17 19:04:09 +0000,3214,542,212,309,2714,INechepurenko,Ivan Nechepurenko,true,false,@nytimes reporter; writer in Moscow,RT @NatVasilyevaAP: War in Ukraine goes on. People living in the streets next to the now destroyed Donetsk airport haven't had electric…,"Moscow, Russia",
50769180,2009-06-25 21:03:25 +0000,2016-11-18 01:39:54 +0000,27836,87,9195,305,1080205,IngrahamAngle,Laura Ingraham,true,false,"Mom, Editor-in-Chief of LifeZette. Host, The Laura Ingraham Show, 9 to Noon ET. Listen live, join Laura365 to listen 24/7. Fox News.",Horrifying,DC,
3307776386,2015-08-06 12:13:33 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:25 +0000,11166,7995,77,15202,16008,insighter007,James Bond,false,false,Strong supporter of Mr Trump! I know that he will take care of business when he gets 2 DC. I also know that he will keep his word or all hell will break loose.,@JohnKStahlUSA @LindaBeyer11 @realDonaldTrump Romney hates Putin; he'd b a bad choice for SoS if we want good relations w/Russia. No Loyalty,United States,
703990775223169025,2016-02-28 17:10:55 +0000,2016-11-18 11:01:37 +0000,21467,10991,173,10459,27880,iowa_trump,Deplorable FOR TRUMP,false,false,"Lifelong Republican. Disgusted by the fraud, abuse, and manipulation by power brokers. ISU degree, independent businesswoman, wife and mother.",RT @SogolAyrom: Don't let this happen #StopCensoringTheTruth under the false excuse of preventing #FakeNews People aren't stupid…,,
614189930,2012-06-21 10:12:49 +0000,2016-11-04 20:19:09 +0000,17709,0,28,112,3080,IranNewsStream,Iran News Stream,false,false,Breaking news about Iran.,Elliott Abrams: Why Is John Kerry Drumming Up Business for Iran?,,
3588494722,2015-09-08 14:25:32 +0000,2016-11-12 22:47:53 +0000,629,690,1,1136,406,IrishBellePips,PATRIOT Irish Belle,false,false,Patriots Operation Freedom 2016: WEED OUT ISIS KILLERS,"My followers live in UK. (47%), USA(37%)... Get your free map:","Hell, MI",
16710420,2008-10-12 18:22:32 +0000,2016-11-18 14:01:23 +0000,293464,2311,1806,84899,133412,irritatedwoman,IrritatedWoman™,false,false,"Gluten, Soy, Sugar, Dairy & Drama Free. Devoted #Hannity Fan. Lifetime #NRA Member. I follow great minds, are you one of them? 十 ✡ #LNYHBT","Meet Mike Pompeo, The New Director Of The CIA - Moments after Donald Trump offered the Attorney General spot to...",Our country is a mess - USA,
4600881803,2015-12-25 14:38:00 +0000,2016-11-18 00:59:05 +0000,2640,1226,16,1254,849,iseeshenanigans,Matthew Pearce,false,false,Took the cotton out of my ears years ago but only recently realized you have to put the glasses on too - #MAGA #DrainTheSwamp #HesWithUs,RT @bakedalaska: Patriots have a duty: #BoycottVice,Here,
334079075,2011-07-12 15:02:49 +0000,2016-11-18 13:47:44 +0000,1171,166,632,532,16572,Isikoff,Michael Isikoff,true,false,"Chief investigative correspondent, Yahoo News, and author, specializing in national security, terrorism, money and politics. Reachable at","Ex-Obama ethics chief predicts ""wholesale resignations of national security professionals"" due to Flynn appt.",Washington DC ,
4438832536,2015-12-10 15:23:46 +0000,2016-11-18 12:05:19 +0000,10907,16087,15,680,785,Islandgirl1345,Island Girl,false,false,Common sense isn't so common...,"@BreitbartNews --Just girl locker room talk, nothing more. 😊",,
32883582,2009-04-18 13:39:26 +0000,2016-10-30 23:39:59 +0000,82,263,0,166,37,IslandJo,Joanna,false,false,"Served as an Navy ombudsman, designed local logo with my graphics background and manage a web site for a local youth group.",RT @GenFlynn: U.S. CODE: #GoHillary is disqualified from holding any public office in the USG: #draintheswamp #MAGA3X,,
1564059728,2013-07-02 20:33:13 +0000,2016-11-17 22:05:01 +0000,3589,34,21,225,215,IslandWineRI,Island Wine & Spirit,false,false,Island Wine & Spirits of Newport offers a new approach to upscale wine and spirit sales. You must be of legal drinking age to follow.,"Looking for a certain product, but can't seem to find it? Let us know- we would be happy to place an order for you!","Newport, RI",
3238230728,2015-06-06 21:26:12 +0000,2016-11-18 04:07:42 +0000,19617,12,10,36,311,isleofcapri777,Daisy May,false,false,,"@TrumpTrainNewss @RamonaCallender She should pay.Ordinary people goto jail, why shouldn't she?",,
3914047581,2015-10-10 01:47:35 +0000,2016-11-18 14:07:44 +0000,73432,22069,282,1519,55490,Italians4Trump,Italians For Trump,false,false,We are ITALIAN-AMERICANS who proudly support @realDonaldTrump our President-elect of the United States! #Italians4Trump #DrainTheSwamp #MakeAmericaGreatAgain,"TRUMP CABINET TAKES SHAPE
Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions
offered attorney general position",United States of America,
52544275,2009-06-30 22:32:03 +0000,2016-11-18 13:33:54 +0000,13108,1055,14602,821,2367386,IvankaTrump,Ivanka Trump,true,false," is the ultimate destination for #WomenWhoWork with content designed to inspire & empower women working, at all aspects of their lives.",Monkeying around with my gym buddy. #FitnessFriday,"New York, NY",
3356754033,2015-07-03 13:34:45 +0000,2016-11-18 03:33:56 +0000,4987,157,5,129,233,Ivorysnow3567,Ivorysnow3567@DM,false,false,,"@WashArchdiocese Yes we must pray, pray often God is true it is we who do wrong.",,
71036272,2009-09-02 18:27:29 +0000,2016-11-17 22:49:02 +0000,11653,140,485,44727,51738,IWV,IWV,true,false,IWV fights against ObamaCare and the corrupt self-enrichment of govt worker unions while supporting economic literacy and sound policy on a range of issues.,Republicans may be mulling pre-inaugural repeal of #Obamacare via @dcexaminer #hcr #aca #healthcare,Washington D.C.,
2897965392,2014-11-13 02:10:44 +0000,2016-11-18 03:08:06 +0000,3168,0,24,783,933,jabeale,Jason Beale,false,false,,RT @JoeNBC: A friend sent us the picture of Jack at 2 pounds. What a wonderful blessing he is to his b…,,
631511940,2012-07-09 21:24:34 +0000,2016-11-18 06:03:44 +0000,10994,13538,41,1462,1053,Jacaranda7549,Jacararanda4Trump❤️,false,false,"TRUMP loving intuitive-homeschooling single mom/BFA in painting.Intuitive Counselor. Catholic, Mom of 5 grandma of 2.#draintheswamp",RT @IvankaTrump: Home Sweet Home! Nothing better than returning to these 3 little 🐒's!,,
711459984370847745,2016-03-20 07:50:53 +0000,2016-11-18 06:02:53 +0000,1510,1541,0,3311,656,JackChan_TV,Jack Chan,false,false,,Hannity: Hannity 'Abusively Biased' Media Was So Wrong About Trump (11/14/2016): via @YouTube,,
1957741681,2013-10-13 00:20:01 +0000,2016-11-17 17:40:46 +0000,457,999,4,62,27,jackie__oo4,Jackie,false,false,Proud mom of 4 awesome daughters (1 now a USAF Airman) Author/writer. Love Country & Christian music.,@FoxNews @POTUS @realDonaldTrump Let's be clear.. Trumps win is a Victory for USA..Not an upset !,,
24840051,2009-03-17 04:34:46 +0000,2016-11-18 01:55:23 +0000,43049,9745,62,258,660,jackiebullivant,Jackie,false,false,"Conservative, Business owner, Entrepreneur and #YUGE Donald Trump supporter!! #Trump2016 #AlwaysTrump",RT @alcardfan: President Trump 'Thank You Tour' After Thanksgiving I hope I can go to one! Go Trump!🇺🇸 #Newsmax via @Newsmax_Media,,
4320168139,2015-11-22 06:17:25 +0000,2016-11-18 01:21:44 +0000,15023,7743,42,1010,810,jackiejankwh,Deplorable JKH KWH,false,false,"DONATE TO DONALD TRUMP! DONALD J. TRUMP: OUR HERO, OUR WARRIOR. WITH GOD, HE WILL SAVE AMERICA STARTING NOVEMBER 8 IN A LANDSLIDE WIN!","@AdamParkhomenko so what, they aren't Americans. Drop the Dead Dems, the Illegal Aliens, the Felons, & Crooked Hillary loses millions.",,
751573433876611072,2016-07-09 00:27:25 +0000,2016-11-18 00:15:46 +0000,13848,18460,42,417,469,Jacquel13895809,JacArt,false,false,"Not a fan of EU, Tories/Blairites, Killary, Soros, BLM, terrorists, rapefugees, multinational corp's or fracking. RT's not endorsements",Wikileaks only reliable source. Anonymous disbanded years ago #Soros4Prison #MAGA16,,
550952740,2012-04-11 12:29:51 +0000,2016-11-18 11:12:02 +0000,35695,20794,92,4118,4136,JaeCreitch,J̷ae C̷reitch,false,false,"ANTI-BHO Mom/RN who luvs God, Family, USA, Physics, Star Trek & Metal music. WE'RE ALL RED, WHITE & BLUE. #TrumpPence16 #MAGA #NeverHillary
**NO LISTS**","RT @I_AmAmerica: Congressional Black Caucus, no matter what you say, the Democrats and their liberal agenda has DESTROYED the BLACK…",Dixie Land,
28864862,2009-04-04 20:32:45 +0000,2016-11-18 13:59:26 +0000,37495,5582,80,493,1273,Jahrulz247,Janis Fiore 🇺🇸,false,false,"Christian , Mom , Grandmother , Patriot. I love my country.
Do not add me to lists instant block.","RT @Stonewall_77: THIS IS WHAT THE LEFT HAS WROUGHT!
30208983,2009-04-10 12:48:20 +0000,2016-11-18 06:10:27 +0000,55951,23465,85,2762,2592,jakaroo65,Jacqueline Croasdale,false,false,"Retweets are not an endorsement. Became an American citizen 11/24/2015. Make the most of everyday! I am Conservative, I fight for what I believe in!",RT @wesearchr: Hey @RealJamesWoods you should join the number 1 microblogging platform which has a 300-cha…,,
3027046846,2015-02-09 19:00:34 +0000,,6879,2843,21,120,155,jakeak_leywick,Juniperbrook,false,false,Retired U.S. Air Force..proud disabled veteran,,"Tacoma, WA",
14529929,2008-04-25 17:23:28 +0000,2016-11-18 14:02:10 +0000,131445,7040,13822,5081,621269,jaketapper,Jake Tapper,true,false,CNN Anchor and Chief Washington Correspondent. Dissecting my tweets with Talmudic meticulousness will result in wrong conclusions. RTs do not = endorsement.,RT @EliClifton: The Stark Contrast Between GOP’s Self-Criticism in 2012 and Democrats’ Blame-Everyone-Else Posture Now,,
1669312890,2013-08-14 03:01:03 +0000,2016-11-18 08:25:35 +0000,17307,33740,14,489,2003,Jali_Timari,Slade,false,false,the weak should fear the strong,"@spedru @KawaiiDesuNigga
excuse me",,
24789175,2009-03-16 22:56:03 +0000,2016-11-18 05:11:09 +0000,14258,35,3024,822,113475,JamesFallows,James Fallows,true,false,"National correspondent, the Atlantic",@DamianChe1 Money?,,
16989178,2008-10-27 00:38:24 +0000,2016-11-18 04:57:34 +0000,6960,1259,2999,1025,215675,JamesOKeefeIII,James O'Keefe,false,false,Guerrilla Journalist. Filmmaker. Muckraker. President of @project_veritas foundation. Author of NYT Bestseller; Breakthrough. Rutgers alum.,"In the last 48 hours two charged, one official fired. They're going to have to build a special prison for all the p…",New York,
48029066,2009-06-17 16:58:41 +0000,2016-11-18 13:11:35 +0000,22152,909,2045,49693,147973,JamesRosenFNC,James Rosen,true,false,"@FoxNews Chief Washington Correspondent; editor of the NYT bestseller A Torch Kept Lit by William F. Buckley, Jr. ( Events: @LAIspeakers",RT @lj_barb: @JamesRosenFNC @foxandfriends @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @PostGraphics my my a man of his word James Rosen,"Washington, D.C.",
292423442,2011-05-03 16:38:01 +0000,2016-11-18 10:49:17 +0000,12095,8542,156,32248,44744,JamieGlazov,Jamie Glazov,false,false,"Host of The Glazov Gang, Editor of Frontpage Magazine, Author of 'United in Hate'.","RT @PrisonPlanet: While leftists are still ""literally shaking"" and the MSM is trashing the president elect, world leaders praise Trump","Los Angeles, CA",
521966673,2012-03-12 04:59:57 +0000,2016-11-17 08:45:57 +0000,75431,61986,191,6061,5593,JamieRJN,Jamie *Texas Style*,false,false," undeserved gift! Married 29 years to a Ret. USMC C-130 Pilot. Mom to 3 +1 daughter-in-law. God, Family, & Country. Support Our Troops! *Psalm 91",RT @TPCarney: Obama's drug lobbyist passes back through the revolving door,TEXAS,
368956326,2011-09-06 14:28:52 +0000,2016-11-07 03:05:58 +0000,232,12691,0,73,53,jamstaf,jamie,false,false,,"RT @bunburyers: It took FBI Director Comey's team 1.3 years to review 55,000 Clinton emails.
They just took 9 days to clear through 650,000.
#Corruption",Cordova TN,
4149372213,2015-11-09 13:36:05 +0000,2016-11-18 11:49:12 +0000,4695,7702,17,3760,3732,jan_applegate,Jan Applegate,false,false,@mitchellvii @GenFlynn @LindaSuhler @I_amAmerica @Harlan @blacksfortrump @immigrant4trump @therealroseanne FOR TRUMP SINCE DAY ONE.,Please not Romney .,Oh. Az.,
728256344109649920,2016-05-05 16:13:37 +0000,2016-11-18 00:49:04 +0000,135,22446,18,1951,1110,JanDupuy,JannyD ❤️ #MAGA,false,false,"ALL LIVES MATTER. I'm a Mom, Nurse, Christian, Business Owner and Registered Independent. I Love America!🇺🇸","RT @bakedalaska: Vice is inciting others to harass the Trump family & their kids.
Didn't they break Twitter's targeted abuse policy…",United States,
872720660,2012-10-11 00:24:03 +0000,2016-11-18 13:31:39 +0000,10979,24182,24,1059,596,janicevergeer,TRUMP FOR THE WIN!,false,false,"#Patriot, love #UnitedStates #Constitution #Jesus #Pray 🇺🇸","RT @The_NewRight: Someone ""tested"" Twitter & ended up with proof that they're violating the Civil Rights Act! #Trump #Trump2016…",,
710932401237590018,2016-03-18 20:54:27 +0000,2016-11-18 05:36:36 +0000,756,1014,1,105,16,JanineE1,Janine,false,false,,@megynkelly @HassanShibly that's not what the proposal says anyway,,
7424642,2007-07-12 09:19:30 +0000,2016-11-18 13:58:31 +0000,117421,0,9032,38,225590,japantimes,The Japan Times,true,false,Breaking news and features about Japan from the nation's most widely read English-language newspaper. 日本で一番読まれている英字新聞・ジャパンタイムズが発信する国内外ニュースと、様々なジャンルの特集記事。,"German President Gauck visits Nagasaki, meets hibakusha",Tokyo,
15969142,2008-08-24 14:30:13 +0000,2016-11-02 07:40:05 +0000,96482,2,2126,12,67889,JapanToday,Japan Today,false,false,"JapanToday is the leading English news site about Japan, featuring all the latest news and stimulating reader discussions on domestic and international issues.",Picture of the Day › Big welcome: Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi attends a meeting event with Myanmar citize...,"Tokyo, Japan",
604894844,2012-06-10 22:31:51 +0000,,390,688,0,248,41,Jared_Donnelly,Jared Donnelly,false,true,,,,
4901127796,2016-02-12 11:46:16 +0000,2016-11-17 01:14:31 +0000,57,1933,0,652,110,JaredKnudsen2,Mr. White,false,false,"Nationalist, conservative, and dedicated patriot. America first # comfortably riding the Trump train!!!!","RT @2ALAW: Dear @HillaryClinton
On Behalf Of Us Deplorables We Would Like To Honor You With This Certificate Of Participation…",United States,
29547260,2009-04-07 21:15:44 +0000,,0,0,145,41,11602,jaredkushner,Jared Kushner,true,false,Kushner Companies,,"New York, NY",
328878936,2011-07-04 05:46:49 +0000,2016-11-18 08:31:12 +0000,54722,73940,1215,9956,125678,JaredWyand,Jared Wyand 🇺🇸,false,false,I put my name behind my words because a lot of men & women died for my right to do so. #Nationalist Founder of ProjectPurge,@blessedone333 @prezcandidates it's not about Islam. Islam is the virus. It's who is injecting it,,
513784041,2012-03-04 00:54:54 +0000,2016-11-18 12:58:59 +0000,7858,637,38,390,420,jason_c_howk,jason criss howk,false,false,"Old paratrooper, buzkashi novice, flyfishing hack | #mentor, #speaker #adjunct #author. Topics: #defense, #intelligence, and #diplomacy.",Veterans Against Bigotry,on FB: DispatchesFromPinehurst,
17800215,2008-12-02 04:59:53 +0000,2016-11-17 15:03:08 +0000,7209,8,3190,1420,186082,jasoninthehouse,Jason Chaffetz,true,false,"United States Congressman (UT-3). Chairman, Oversight & Government Reform. Tweets come from me, not my staff.",Vice President-elect Mike Pence is speaking with the House Republicans this morning. An…,Utah/Washington D.C.,
1084375028,2013-01-12 23:03:43 +0000,2016-11-17 13:55:35 +0000,10258,1477,716,2687,58014,JasonMillerinDC,Jason Miller,true,false,"Communications Director, President-elect Donald J. Trump Transition Team #MakeAmericaGreatAgain","RT @realDonaldTrump: My transition team, which is working long hours and doing a fantastic job, will be seeing many great candidates today. #MAGA",,
1459282344,2013-05-26 10:24:20 +0000,,14797,5149,34,1302,925,jasontaylor0773,JT,false,false,Marine Corps Vet.,,Turn Around.....,
2399752713,2014-03-10 15:48:29 +0000,2016-11-18 02:38:29 +0000,3903,2346,5,102,249,jay_coulombe,jason coulombe,false,false,"Teacher of History and Psychology. Husband, and father. Follower of politics and global events. My views are very much mine, and not reflective of my employer.",@megynkelly @FoxNews @KatrinaPierson there's scrutiny when he goes out for dinner. I'm sure his selections will also be put under microscope,"Swansea, MA",
2463731646,2014-04-25 22:13:33 +0000,2016-11-18 10:57:45 +0000,6383,132801,48,2768,1954,JayEdwardsWrnj,Jay Edwards,false,false,"On-Air Talent & News Reporter On @wrnjradio 92.7FM, 104.7FM, 1510AM, And @tunein. Follows and RTs ≠ endorsements.","#RNJNEWS: Suspension extended for Budd Lake dentist linked to 1 death, outbreak of infections","Hackettstown, NJ",
3240523526,2015-06-09 06:28:50 +0000,2016-11-18 11:44:04 +0000,99735,100881,258,5272,9092,JaynePenelope,White Lasher,false,false,Fighting for Americanism. I sometimes engage in degenerate language. Trey Gowdy fangirl. Salt collector #1A #2A #MAGA,RT @TheFoundingSon: Liberals are criticizing Trump supporters for #TrumpCup. The same liberals who shat enough bricks to built the godd…,Basement of The Kremlin ,
19173608,2009-01-19 05:28:47 +0000,2016-11-18 12:12:40 +0000,22580,36578,246,62210,63723,JayS2629,Trump Landslide,false,false,Anti-Globalist/ Anti-Liberal/ Anti-Jihad/ Federalist conservative disabled AF Vet home brewer &Trump fan! Love craft beer & bacon! Open 2 logical argument,KEITH ELLISON=> THE PERFECT PICK FOR DNC CHAIR – Jew-Hating Radical Who Detests Israel via @gatewaypundit,"Tampa, FL",
79574142,2009-10-03 21:53:48 +0000,2016-11-18 02:02:29 +0000,3290,641,0,213,242,jazziehill,Jasmine,false,false,,"RT @realDonaldTrump: Just got a call from my friend Bill Ford, Chairman of Ford, who advised me that he will be keeping the Lincoln plant in Kentucky - no Mexico","Orlando, FL",
2999088321,2015-01-26 03:23:47 +0000,2016-11-18 11:29:07 +0000,22578,14848,51,541,973,jbae2015,Ms. Me,false,false,"▪ Mom, Patriot, Christian
▪ Working with our military for over 20 yrs and counting...
▪ Lover of this great nation
▪ Born July 4th","A simple test of Twitter's censorship...","Maryland, @firecracker on gab",
2834620568,2014-09-28 03:43:58 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:44 +0000,52101,16978,2,24946,24702,JBaker31826004,Time to #MAGA,false,false,"Retired businessman, Love God and Country. #AmericanExceptionalism. #MAGA. #TrumpTrain. No TrueTwit, Lists or DM's.",RT @FoxNews: 'Pure hatred': Translator reveals how Muslim refugees want to 'Islamize' Germany,Under the ether,
14754469,2008-05-13 04:02:55 +0000,2016-11-18 13:50:23 +0000,8154,340,42,622,768,JBreach,Jacob Breach,false,false,Speechwriter @DefenseIntel. Alumnus @NSC44. Historian. Photographer. Outdoorsman. Browncoat. RT≠endorse. Views are my own.,"Trump chooses Sessions for Attorney General, Pompeo for CIA director, people close to the transition say","Washington, D.C.",
708474903649918976,2016-03-12 02:09:14 +0000,2016-11-18 13:14:29 +0000,28567,14462,33,3068,3441,jcali56451,TrumpsHappySquirrel,false,false,Helping Donald Trump #DrainTheSwamp 1 corrupt politician at a time. #WOMENFORTRUMP #MAGA 4 Squirrels too! I identify as a Girly Squirrely,"RT @KNP2BP: Good!ALL the idiots need to be charged!
We the people voted for LAW and ORDER and the losers are going to discove…","St Louis, MO",
1566816938,2013-07-03 22:25:48 +0000,2016-11-18 06:14:56 +0000,137248,136674,303,5284,5388,jcoralpark,jill parker,false,false,"True conservative. True chicago fan! Cubs, hawks, bulls, bears. Animal lover. & God bless our troops!❤️TRUMP❤️","RT @BreitbartTexas: Leaked Doc Proves Mexican Officials Protecting Cartel-Connected Fugitive Governors, Cops Assigned as Bodyguards",United States,
755524418,2012-08-13 17:31:46 +0000,2016-11-04 01:21:10 +0000,18310,4009,85,2141,3159,JCraigKY,J Craig,false,false,Christian. Conservative. American. Sweet Tea & Bacon lover. National Security Advocate @ACTforAmerica. Tweets are my own.,RT @TomiLahren: Some of you seem to be confused. I'll help. Backing law enforcement doesn't mean backing white people. It's backing law enforcement.,Virginia ,
3060388144,2015-02-25 00:31:37 +0000,2016-11-18 13:38:03 +0000,109991,47511,163,8368,17307,jd_Constitution,J.D. Constitution,false,false,"⭐Christian, Pro-Life, Proud Southerner, NRA, Support Israel, Constitutional Conservative, Ban Islam & Muslims! #AmericaFirst #ImWithTrump #Trump2016 🇺🇸",,"Alabama, USA",
1955969785,2013-10-12 06:35:33 +0000,2016-11-17 22:26:09 +0000,1790,0,0,28,55,JDWebb_62,JD Webb,false,false,Retired.,"@DonaldJTrumpJr Melissa Young not doing well, please see your father remembers her somehow-her spirit should live on somehow.","Sherman Oaks, Ca.",
71275340,2009-09-03 15:06:55 +0000,2016-11-18 13:18:23 +0000,18160,73974,43,56,383,jeaniegirldc,JeaniegirlDC,false,false,,RT @LouDobbs: These Fools Don't Quit: San FranTeachers Union Provides Anti-Trump Curriculum #MAGA #AmericaFirst #TrumpTrain #Dobbs,,
3766084042,2015-09-25 01:33:43 +0000,2016-11-18 05:24:29 +0000,81012,55554,148,6711,6614,jeep_sifu,DeplorableDoug Smith,false,false,"Veteran, Business Owner, Lover of this country. Home of the free because of the brave. 0lllllll0 ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ","RT @Darron1908: @Women4Trump @jeep_sifu @BreitbartNews Shocking he'd blame drunkenness. Would have had better results blaming @CNN and their ""journalists.""",,
253729069,2011-02-17 21:11:57 +0000,2016-11-05 18:36:36 +0000,217,1,57,1101,13081,Jeff_Bloomfield,Jeff Bloomfield,false,false,"Speaker, Author, Coach. Transforming others through the power of neuroscience and storytelling. I share links on communication, leadership and sales.",Great group of future leaders at the PSE conference! Honored to be the keynote speaker...,"Cincinnati, Ohio",
3945784187,2015-10-13 10:53:36 +0000,2016-11-18 01:39:24 +0000,53824,11873,242,19695,20358,JeffBales6,Proud USA JeffBales,false,false,"#Conservative, believes in #Democracy, Constitution,;2nd Amendment, #OathKeeper, #Republican 100% following #Trump. Retired from #Army 26 yrs in Jan 16 #Vet","RT @SpecialKMB1969: AP source: TRUMP OFFERS FLYNN NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER position /
@GenFlynn Congratulations #MAGA…","Richmond, VA",
3280945376,2015-07-15 20:25:59 +0000,2016-11-18 01:21:28 +0000,10751,7814,9,89,240,JefferyFord7,Jeffery Ford,false,false,"Business Owner - College Graduate - I Tweet only for Trump - I am a #newRepublican4Trump -- If you put me on a List, I will block you","RT @newtgingrich: What kind of argument does @RahmEmanuel plan to make for protecting rapists, murderers & drug dealers in Chicago?…","Sacramento, CA",
14855279,2008-05-21 11:41:00 +0000,2016-11-18 12:30:10 +0000,41696,3935,6141,351383,594947,JeffreyHayzlett,Jeffrey Hayzlett,true,false,"Primetime TV & CBS Radio host on @CSuiteTV, @CSuiteRadio, & @CBS | Chairman of the @CSuiteNetwork. Subscribe to #AllBusiness on #iTunes","“Forget all the reasons it won’t work and believe the one reason that
it will.” Unknown #quote #motivation","New York, NY",
148653311,2010-05-27 07:38:05 +0000,2016-11-18 11:55:21 +0000,16091,279,3673,734,129365,jenanmoussa,Jenan Moussa,true,false,Roving reporter Arabic Al Aan TV. I mainly report on Middle East topics. Specialized in checking garbage bins for secret documents &ISIS laptops. Horse Rider.,Question remains why Turkish border with ISIS in NSyria wasn't sealed off in 2014 when clearly so many jihadists wa…,Middle East,
885149478,2012-10-16 19:42:55 +0000,2016-11-10 16:49:16 +0000,5076,191,1044,246,61102,JenGriffinFNC,Jennifer Griffin,true,false,National Security Correspondent for @FoxNews,Our final piece from the campaign trail after the results came in. #FoxNews2016,,
33270656,2009-04-19 18:24:27 +0000,2016-11-18 06:01:14 +0000,98117,76604,287,17337,19654,jenilynn1001,President Trump🇺🇸,false,false,Proud American Mom. Loves Jesus. Former Feminist. Business Owner. College Grad. #TrumpPence16 #AmericaFirst #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #AllLivesMatter #BuildTheWall,RT @PrisonPlanet: Tolerant liberal.,texas,
490678033,2012-02-12 20:05:34 +0000,2016-11-18 07:10:49 +0000,40230,62019,35,2474,2161,JenMFFL,Jennifer,false,false,Love Jesus. Proud to be Natasha's Mom. MFFL. Animal Lover. Cyberdust ID: JENMFFL,2 new unfollowers and 6 new followers (hello! hello!) in the last day. Via,,
2882331822,2014-10-29 16:57:18 +0000,2016-11-18 13:44:23 +0000,20961,8961,460,22321,62843,Jenn_Abrams,Jenna Abrams,false,false,Politics is a circus of hypocrisy. I DO care. Any offers/ideas/questions? DM or email me,It's all about your life choices,USA,
116626377,2010-02-23 03:34:14 +0000,2016-11-18 12:55:42 +0000,10542,15437,34,607,768,jennybhill,Jennifer Hill,false,false,"I'm old school. I'm a conservative, married, Christian housewife and former teacher raising three kids in flyover country! 🇺🇸",@PrisonPlanet Europe just loves to find new ways to destroy themselves,"Oklahoma, USA",
21267417,2009-02-19 02:19:05 +0000,2016-11-17 22:10:06 +0000,1015,214,102,448,2269,JennyCafarella,Jennifer Cafarella,false,false,"Lead Intelligence Planner (w/ a focus on Syria, al Qaeda, Russia) @TheStudyofWar. Former Syria analyst. Retweet≠endorsement","RT @TheStudyofWar: Warning Update: #Russia Escalates Its Air Campaign in #Aleppo #Syria
by: Kozak, Weinberger, Casagrande, & Mautner","Washington, DC",
584788992,2012-05-19 12:23:19 +0000,2016-11-17 23:44:19 +0000,14513,7698,18,2417,840,JereeGeeStavich,Jeree Gee Stavich,false,false,"Political Strategist, Professional Writer",@FoxNews WHY WOULD THAT WOMAN ON NOW W/bet say Trump did not expect to win. SBSURD,"Canfield, Ohio",
2317662440,2014-01-29 19:14:52 +0000,2016-11-09 05:58:28 +0000,9298,4926,109,160507,162033,Jeremiahsilva_,Jeremiah Silva,false,false,Brand new 4k CHIEF COOL ! Music video by Jeremiah Silva,"RT @Jeremiahsilva_: I have 1,000 American dallors that says @realDonaldTrump wins election. ! If u believe in @HillaryClinton put ya money up. !! Or shut up",New York City,
2904475109,2014-12-03 23:59:53 +0000,2016-10-24 02:47:52 +0000,13598,5338,92,7728,23181,jerilynw728,Jerilyn 4 Trump,false,false,Please vote 4 Trump ! #turnAmericaround ................................We love you............ .................................................... Donald,RT @Stevenwhirsch99: If you vote for #Hillary you are just as corrupt as she is. #WakeUpAmerica #VoteTrump #DrainTheSwamp #MAGA,"Missouri, USA",
336116660,2011-07-15 19:26:31 +0000,2016-11-18 06:19:21 +0000,1447,3,17096,90,4068339,JerrySeinfeld,Jerry Seinfeld,true,false,,New Single Shot ‘Keep It Clean’. What goes on behind the napkin stays behind the napkin. @Acura!,"New York, NY",
712691610249658368,2016-03-23 17:24:55 +0000,2016-11-18 03:55:44 +0000,82,261,0,39,6,jeshivman,Jim Shivers,false,false,"Caltrans District 5 Public Information Officer. Former Hearst Castle Tour Guide and Radio
News Reporter. UCLA' 82. Go Bruins and Dodgers. Views are my own.",RT @kcphaeton: $MNKD another positive story about #afrezza,"Pismo Beach, CA",
2268344145,2014-01-08 07:20:31 +0000,2016-11-17 05:44:38 +0000,54646,130527,171,930,17838,jessbriis,Jess,false,false,Christian girl. God above all. Pro life. Make America great again! #PresidentTrump Jesus loves you! God-family-country ~Truth is treason in an empire of lies~JO,"RT @Rambobiggs: Obama’s Brother Calls for Boycott of CNN, MSNBC, New York Times via @realalexjones",,
487609091,2012-02-09 15:06:47 +0000,2016-11-18 06:33:09 +0000,32045,7711,11,714,913,JesseASweeney,Jesse Sweeney,false,false,"#Veteran #NRA Destroy #falsenarratives with facts, evidence, and logic. RTs are just RTs","@WFLA @muzikgirl11 @PolkCoSheriff @LakelandPD who the f wrote this?? ""petit"" theft ""trusty"" vs trustee?? Hello?!","Hartford, CT",
56561449,2009-07-14 01:23:16 +0000,2016-11-18 01:06:36 +0000,6617,5609,1029,971,172899,jessebwatters,Jesse Watters,true,false,"O'Reilly Factor Correspondent and Host of Watters World, a monthly series of weekend specials on Fox News Channel",RT @WestJournalism: Watters Brings Chaos And An Invitation To A Bernie Sanders Book Signing #tcot,,
733868373126356992,2016-05-21 03:53:49 +0000,2016-11-17 19:38:52 +0000,4704,6291,13,2152,1420,Jessica58658341,Ohio Deplorable,false,false,"Pro Constitution, Christianity, Lawfulness, Boarders, #MAGA","RT @hrtablaze: We are in a war for the soul of America! You must choose a side and defend it! Liberalism has morphed into marxism!
478855762,2012-01-30 18:53:52 +0000,2016-11-18 13:25:36 +0000,52175,84458,858,38670,61095,JessieJaneDuff,Jessie Jane Duff,true,false,"Gunnery Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps (ret) | Senior Fellow, London Center for Policy Research |",RT @CounterJihadUS: A freudian slip by #CAIR,"Washington, DC",
1431912846,2013-05-16 01:59:24 +0000,2016-11-11 20:51:33 +0000,484,1356,6,224,122,jesterjlw,jess webb,false,false,"Amateur beat boxer, skateboarder, professional nacho libre wrestler, cartwheel enthusiast and cheap wine snob",Boss,,
3307240339,2015-08-05 19:59:05 +0000,2016-11-07 21:38:22 +0000,268,207,27,521,11694,Jews4Trump,Jews 4 Trump,false,false,"Jews 4 Trump supports a proven, honest, stable leader. Dedicated to the USA and Israel. It's not Donald Trump!","RT @Israel_News_INA: Jewish Council, , #ADL, Demand #Trump Stop Anti-Semitic Ads
@HerbKeinon @TimesofIsrael @UPI",,
3384262751,2015-07-20 08:34:33 +0000,2016-11-18 03:09:48 +0000,732,49,27,6,6708,jewsfortrump,Jews For Trump,false,false,Jewish voters support Donald J. Trump for President of the United States to Make America Great Again.,RT @weknowwhatsbest: Remember when CBS' Lesley Stahl made Hillary look into the camera and denounce thugs hired by the Democrat Party on her behalf? Me neither.,,
85435148,2009-10-26 22:30:30 +0000,2016-11-17 20:32:02 +0000,4109,1364,13,342,226,jewwll,TRUMPETTE JEWL,false,false,I'm a women supporting Trump & Pence all the way to the White House! I support Israel and I am a proud America Conservative Woman!,"RT @NRA: Founded in 1871, the #NRA is celebrating its 145th birthday today! Thanks to all who have supported us over the yea…",,
3119097098,2015-03-31 04:16:27 +0000,2016-11-08 21:32:23 +0000,21,10,1,24,18,jflynnauxilio1,Joe Flynn,false,false,,@GenFlynn @mflynnJR great to hear there will be another Flynn in the world!,,
1366134684,2013-04-20 04:31:08 +0000,2016-11-17 23:29:24 +0000,4836,1369,16,281,205,JihadCrusader,ACT! San Gabriel VLY,false,false,"ACT! for America Chapter Leader, former U.S. Navy LCdr - Vietnam Veteran, VFW Post Commander. Catholic!",Tom Hanks Breaks from Hollywood Pack and Says He Hopes Trump Does Well #Trending via @pjmedia_com,"California, USA",
735617744175931393,2016-05-25 23:45:12 +0000,2016-11-08 03:55:11 +0000,11,10,0,64,14,Jim_Killeen,James Killeen,false,false,,Hey Coach Gruden. Keep Bitchin about these calls. That taunting call was a joke.,,
734168839735349248,2016-05-21 23:47:46 +0000,2016-11-18 10:36:06 +0000,4534,19944,4,194,187,JimBager86,Carlos Dangle Weiner,false,false,Basket of Deplorables......MAGA!,"RT @JamesOKeefeIII: In the last 48 hours two charged, one official fired. They're going to have to build a special prison for all the p…",,
728444190221172737,2016-05-06 04:40:03 +0000,2016-11-18 06:22:52 +0000,4835,1555,12,91,121,JimBail20139798,DeplorableJimBailey,false,false,"Enough Is Enough
#MAGA","RT @LouDobbs: Soros Scrambling To Cover Up ”Evil Atheist” Video From 1998, SEE IT BEFORE IT’S DELETED! #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs",,
52551600,2009-06-30 22:58:44 +0000,2016-11-16 18:02:49 +0000,4176,9,58704,1,15375124,JimCarrey,Jim Carrey,true,false,Actor Jim Carrey!,I'm returning to love. Something I will always control. ;^P,Los Angeles,
76694973,2009-09-23 17:04:54 +0000,2016-11-18 00:51:22 +0000,7633,2138,12,1767,1160,jimib007,DEPLORABLE James B,false,false,Mtn. Biking San Diego & surrounding areas cooking killer Italian food & bettering my life by the teachings of Jesus Avid Photographer On Instagram: jimib007,BREAKING: THE REAL REASON HILLARY DISAPPEARED ON ELECTION NIGHT JUST LEA... via @YouTube,"San Diego,Ca. (south bay area)",
15485441,2008-07-18 19:46:50 +0000,2016-11-18 13:55:51 +0000,9365,18,67978,7238,43518009,jimmyfallon,jimmy fallon,true,false,astrophysicist,"Tonight on the show: @megynkelly, @hardwick, a performance from @emelisande and it's #ThankYouNoteFriday! #FallonTonight","New York, New York",
1679579143,2013-08-18 01:32:25 +0000,2016-11-18 10:38:53 +0000,383,1760,3,471,119,jj0anis,Jude Joanisllll,false,false,kllllI live for myself and answer to no none,RT @RealJamesWoods: #DStrong Dorian has one wish before he dies of cancer: to be famous. Please RETWEET this message of love.,"Delaware, US",
2263590002,2013-12-27 01:38:44 +0000,2016-11-18 11:57:50 +0000,30216,35186,76,4138,3754,JjarvisJEFF,JEFF JARVIS,false,false,CRUZ 2020 THE BIGGEST THREAT TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IS ITS OWN GOVERNMENT! TRUMP because #neverhillary proud deplorable!!!!,RT @raywatts: Foundation Calls on DOJ to Prosecute Violent Mob Attack on Trump Voter,,
16049790,2008-08-30 01:38:35 +0000,2016-11-18 12:19:53 +0000,75033,1680,378,3539,7625,JJCarafano,James Jay Carafano,false,false,Trying to prevent World War III one tweet at a time,He is a good man,"Washington, DC ",
2997127324,2015-01-25 02:49:49 +0000,2016-11-18 02:52:11 +0000,6005,6194,4,751,395,jjgatorman,JJ GATORMAN,false,false,I bleed orange and blue Give me open water and the wind at my back. Only live once... NO REGRETS,@tblack @rex_sf married... shit... a ring don't plug no holes 😂😂😂😂,,
17512682,2008-11-20 15:04:43 +0000,2016-11-17 17:20:33 +0000,17311,2769,146,1885,2770,jlock,Jamie Lockhart,false,false,Nonprofit associate director. Passionate about health & wellness. Virginian. @JMU alum. Lover of group fitness classes + triathlons. RT/❤️ ≠ endorsement.,Just updated my contact info for #JMU! You should too! -,"Arlington, VA",
1516358184,2013-06-14 13:01:04 +0000,2016-11-18 14:07:59 +0000,27729,39015,63,2303,1729,jmstingray647,DutchmanAZ,false,false,"Common Sense Conservative, Trump Supporter, Second Amendment Rights Advocate. Build That Wall!",RT @BarbMuenchen: Think about how the businesses will be able to expand under a Trump administration! WOW 🎉😀🇺🇸👏👏 #MAGA…,"Scottsdale, AZ",
41591634,2009-05-21 14:04:40 +0000,2015-09-23 19:21:27 +0000,2598,144,21,772,363,jnwestbrook,Justin Westbrook,false,false,"Husband, Father, well-rounded geek, I tweet dad life, politics, military, and geek. I retweet lots. Views and opinions are mine all mine.",We riot. RT @JessicaScott09: What if Trump actually wins the election?,Just a little bit to your left,
363405423,2011-08-28 01:27:53 +0000,2016-11-18 04:44:00 +0000,14122,23457,39,4995,2570,JoA3411,JoA,false,false,Family-God-Freedom / Constitutionalist #1A #2A #NRA Life member #NJ2AS #USFA #PJNET #America The Greatest Country The World Has Ever Known #TedCruz,@Conservatexian @ahomeforlayla 😂😂😂 We Miss U Landra,USA,
6108862,2007-05-17 14:25:16 +0000,2016-11-18 07:35:40 +0000,37698,29693,8354,623467,804784,joelcomm,Joel Comm,true,false,"Keynote Speaker, NY Times Best-Selling author, Futurist and Social Influencer - For Speaking/PR/Promo #DoGoodStuff - Life in Beta",Just to be clear #freemilo #notmypresident,Northern Colorado,
20545055,2009-02-10 20:56:05 +0000,2016-11-18 12:45:20 +0000,14875,0,14441,169,4832677,JoelOsteen,Joel Osteen,true,false,,Pray bold prayers; expect God to show out in your life. Dare to ask God to do something out of the ordinary.,,
863681048,2012-10-05 21:11:10 +0000,2016-11-18 00:38:51 +0000,20792,9323,41,326,581,JoeMoor33349838,Joe Moore,false,false,"Retired engineer, served in Vietnam Co. D, 5th SFG a lifetime ago, still travel, scuba and ride motorcycles.",RT @rockford92584:,"Louisville, KY",
712425321862176768,2016-03-22 23:46:47 +0000,2016-11-17 12:50:31 +0000,336,223,1,72,13,JoeSr8,Joe Sr,false,false,,"RT @HouseGOP: A #BetterWay addresses some of the biggest challenges we face, from restoring the people’s voice in our gov, to reforming our tax code",,
2610047376,2014-07-07 16:25:38 +0000,2016-11-17 21:05:24 +0000,7563,65,27,25,83,JoeyBlowe,Joey Blowe,false,false,hotep,"Romney and Trump to discuss secretary of state position, NBC source says",,
157053200,2010-06-18 18:23:27 +0000,2016-11-17 18:34:43 +0000,1036,334,1,561,92,John2261,John,false,false,Retired Air Force who proudly served our country.,@seanhannity Way to defend your position & great command of Eng language. stop with ur talking points we know how bad @BarackObama has been,,
3332044263,2015-06-18 03:06:03 +0000,2016-11-18 07:13:21 +0000,100352,27420,211,59374,54229,Johnatsrs1949,Missouri 4 TRUMP !,false,false,Private Pilot NRA CCW. If you LOVE Donald Trump then FOLLOW me ! ......WE LOVE Mr.TRUMP #MakeAmericaGreatAgain ............... #Boycott ALL Mainstream Media,"#Please follow this #Lady!
#She has been to Hell and #Back!
#She needs our support! To get #her message out!…","Missouri, USA",
22110286,2009-02-27 05:09:22 +0000,2016-11-18 12:12:14 +0000,618,24,6,339,301,JohnBarsa,John Barsa,false,false,"Husband, dad, policy and tech nerd. Rooting for logic and the good guys. Views are my own. Following does not imply agreement or endorsement.",RT @CrossFitGames: Event 1 #CrossFitInvitational,,
1065869268,2013-01-06 14:43:00 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:37 +0000,139077,671,855,146588,141674,JohnFromCranber,John Betts,false,false,"Retired Chief Financial Officer, Patriot, Conservative Constitutionalist, 2nd Amd Supporter, Penn State Grad - Political Science, Fitness Enthusiast, #tcot","When You Think Ellison, Think Anti-Americanism, Subversion, Muslim Brotherhood, Settlement Jihad, + Islamization…",,
851737482,2012-09-28 21:06:29 +0000,2016-08-18 21:05:06 +0000,14520,10260,26,374,623,JohnJohnnym561,Sangin7,false,false,private sector security. .,@billweb47353619 @realkingrobbo I shut down. ..I can't sign on or anything. .let me know,,
1691095927,2013-08-22 13:27:45 +0000,2016-11-18 14:08:59 +0000,7575,3239,34,961,511,johnkessler5,John Kessler,false,false,,"All I have to say to @RahmEmanuel is You have the right to remain silent, you have the right to an attorney........…","Downers Grove, Il",
4236806414,2015-11-14 17:34:56 +0000,2016-11-18 14:06:20 +0000,10900,120648,338,18853,52304,JohnKStahlUSA,John K Stahl,false,false,"Conservative, Naval Aviator, Retired High Tech Executive. Golfing, Investing and Traveling. Co-host on Gentle Jabs show on KNSJ 89.1 FM. Weds 5pm PM",Our message was simple. Drain the Swamp and Make America Great Again. Only Trump has the credibility to get it done…,,
1394399438,2013-05-01 11:13:13 +0000,2016-11-18 05:27:43 +0000,22098,54667,4028,213,3256251,JohnLegere,John Legere,true,false,"Magenta-wearing, customer-loving @TMobile USA CEO focused on ending wireless pain points & scaring our competitors! Also, #IamBatman",.@vitorbelfort welcome to @TMobile!! Too late for an @ATT knockout?? ;),"Bellevue,WA/New York City",
47596360,2009-06-16 10:50:50 +0000,2016-11-18 03:08:41 +0000,2153,415,3,1562,307,JohnMMorris,John,false,false,Dad. Husband. Brother. Son.,"Owen in a moment of apparent clarity: ""So if you have poop in your butt, does that make your farts stink""",,
766382255145189377,2016-08-18 21:12:23 +0000,2016-11-16 14:42:12 +0000,7268,5407,27,201,287,JohnMor93323884,John Morris,false,false,,RT @JaredWyand: We have to push the deportation issue as far right as possible. Every one of them disrespected our country & have to be deported.,,
381678556,2011-09-28 19:00:50 +0000,2016-11-18 11:12:25 +0000,16281,15505,149,1510,10963,Johnny_Joey,Johnny (Joey) Jones,true,false,"Was a bomb tech-now, just the bomb! Brand Management/Comms @southernground- TV News Analyst-Speaker w/ @team_neverquit insta: Johnny_Joey #BlownAwayWithJJJ",Up at 0500 in the blind. Nice buck yesterday evening but didn't have an ethical shot. ALWAYS WAIT FOR THE KILL SHOT. SustenanceNOTsuffering,"Peachtree City, GA",
299606822,2011-05-16 11:43:41 +0000,,9851,69,11,306,149,JohnPileggi,John Pileggi,false,false,FINANCIAL SERVICES EXECUTIVE/ INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT/ MUTUAL FUNDS/ HEDGE FUNDS/ PRIME BROKERAGE/ RETAIL INVESTMENTS/ RETIREMENT// all opinions my own!,,New York,
746840006531092481,2016-06-25 22:58:28 +0000,2016-11-18 09:36:03 +0000,72020,84342,2,210,636,JohnReesePOl,Luca Brasi TRUMP 45,false,false,"A Reagan/Trump REP. Diversity, Liberties, and Freedoms. United peoples under one Flag and Country. THANK YOU Berners, Trump-ocrats, Indies, Kennedy & Reagan Ds!",RT @TPCarney: I didn't believe him. He was basically right.,1 of 13 rebellious colonies,
4886534068,2016-02-08 02:05:22 +0000,2016-07-20 06:12:11 +0000,12,23,12,4880,2771,JohnStrom45,Living the Dream,false,false,Life is good. Loving wife and great kids.,"RT @FoxNews: .@DonaldJTrumpJr said @HillaryClinton ""is a risk Americans can't afford to take."" #RNCinCLE","Michigan, USA",
2687775878,2014-07-28 15:32:32 +0000,2016-11-17 17:20:07 +0000,875,205,93,381,10810,JohnTiegen,John Tiegen,false,false,,"RT @IngrahamAngle: 16 Best Gen. James ""Mad Dog"" Mattis Quotes","Colorado, USA",
274684085,2011-03-30 21:05:04 +0000,2016-11-18 05:42:55 +0000,31186,28676,103,850,942,JohnTurscak,Patriot John T,false,false,"Father, Grandfather of 5, Marine, Vietnam Vet. Trump supporter from day 1", President Elect Trump already meeting with World Leaders. Trump is Making America Great Again. #AmericaFirst,"Las Vegas, NV",
716375034789556224,2016-04-02 21:21:32 +0000,2016-11-18 13:21:35 +0000,2698,58,4,384,63,JohnWilly1988,John Willy,false,false,,@muzikgirl11 @johncardillo @ryanjreilly @HuffPostPol An actual low-testosterone unrepentant cuck as they come!,,
2893927876,2014-11-26 21:52:30 +0000,2016-11-18 13:39:36 +0000,46711,78210,61,2073,2712,jokeronparade,jokeronparade,false,false,,RT @IanMcFa01767008: @ananavarro Idk what's more enjoyable; Trump's victory or the complete mental and emotional breakdown of everyone i…,"North Carolina, USA",
2996469091,2015-01-26 02:45:38 +0000,2016-11-18 13:46:34 +0000,14562,24458,146,508,23343,JOMainEvent,Keep'n It Real!,false,false,Trump has motivated me to get involved in the political environment and help bring about the change that will make every life in America Great Again!,".@realDonaldTrump in 1 yr, single handedly exposed the Bias Media, Hypocrisy on the Left, Corruption in DC, and the Real Issues in America!","New York, NY",
852022646,2012-09-29 01:20:03 +0000,2016-11-18 14:08:14 +0000,5022,95,7,1468,194,JonathanProhov,Jonathan Prohov,false,false,,"Donald Trump Chooses Mike Pompeo as C.I.A. Director, via @nytimes",,
15931637,2008-08-21 14:17:20 +0000,2016-11-17 23:58:21 +0000,10292,742,2459,499,106813,jonkarl,Jonathan Karl,true,false,ABC News Chief White House Correspondent. Check out my weekly podcast -,@BrianFaughnan thank you,"Washington, DC",
161487173,2010-07-01 00:10:22 +0000,2016-11-18 11:13:55 +0000,32608,27502,264,10439,9542,JonShonebarger,jon shonebarger,false,false,"One of America's Senior Corrections Chaplains, experienced in Federal, State & County Jurisdictions. Clinical Counselor. USAF Veteran.","Columbus Dispatch: Trump offers General Flynn national security adviser job, official says. #GreatChoice",In the belly of the beast,
791679762,2012-08-30 14:13:01 +0000,2016-11-18 12:06:40 +0000,26671,141928,134,59941,56193,JordyAri,F L O C K I N C.,false,false,"Love God, family, Jews, America, Israel, friends and Flock Inc. #MAGA",@101_Eternity Amen to that!,,
16916799,2008-10-23 01:09:21 +0000,2016-11-17 23:27:59 +0000,3497,1388,1014,320,48510,joshjames,Josh James,true,false, Domo Founder/CEO. Omniture CEO & Co-founder--inception to IPO to $1.8B sale. 6 daughters.,@avinash DM me...,Utah,
15766082,2008-08-07 17:17:22 +0000,2016-11-18 11:53:05 +0000,31330,3367,2539,7513,139346,joshrogin,Josh Rogin,true,false,"Columnist - Washington Post, Political Analyst - CNN, Instagram - @joshrogin",Will Trump really purge Obama’s generals? @washingtonpost,"Washington, DC",
793023913,2012-08-31 04:02:12 +0000,2016-11-17 20:09:39 +0000,10459,34489,36,617,784,JoshuaS1979,Joshua Stone,false,false,"Dad, James Bond fan, LEO/military supporter. #2A Middle-Right #Conservative. Pro-Israel. Cussing enthusiast. #Trump2016","RT @DHSgov: When we each do our part, we keep our nation safe, one hometown at a time. #SeeSay","Somewhere Deplorable, USA",
603475584,2012-06-09 07:21:07 +0000,2016-11-18 12:30:40 +0000,8558,0,117,17653,23562,Joyce_Tutton,Joyce Tutton,false,false,God's love is deep & wide & covers us. His love is sweet & wild & will awake your heart to a great love. #TeamJesus,"God's grace will find you wherever you're at, but He cares about you too much to leave you that way.",,
3406302903,2015-08-06 23:47:49 +0000,2016-11-18 01:56:06 +0000,8043,5845,16,149,89,JoyceHoover15,SaveUSA-Trump/Pence,false,false,#Christian #Conservative #Constitutionalist #ProLife #LimitedGov . #CongressionalTermLimits #AllAmericansSubjectToSameLaws #NoOneAbovetheLaw #BalanceBudget,"RT @mitchellvii: The media acts as if this is Trump's first rodeo building an organization. He has been doing this successfully for decades, unlike Obama.",United States,
2252899982,2013-12-19 03:23:05 +0000,2016-11-18 14:06:19 +0000,5299,23882,11,104,139,JPCK72,CV,false,false,"L'apatia e la tolleranza sono le ultime virtù di una società morente.
Apathy and tolerance are the last virtues of a dying society.
(Aristotele)","RT @Italians4Trump: Kanye 40-minute pro-Trump rant...
I would have voted for him...",,
3251873081,2015-05-13 15:32:03 +0000,2016-11-09 15:41:05 +0000,1361,100,3,1070,777,jperry6545,James Perry,false,false,married 29yrs father of three beautiful girls 4grandchildren 3 boys 1girl love country god guns freedom trump supporter like to listen to talk radio fox news,"RT @__xM_G_W_Vx__: ╭━༄━╯RETWEET
╭━༄━╯FOLLOW ☞ @vlal22","East Providence, RI",
451885570,2012-01-01 04:40:19 +0000,2016-11-17 01:23:21 +0000,618,2044,1,908,108,JPilacelli,#Deplorable Me,false,false,,@theclobra @pete_trainor OK,United States,
19069018,2009-01-16 14:45:26 +0000,2016-11-17 20:08:43 +0000,7668,2387,283,657,22449,jreichelt,Julian Reichelt,true,false,E-i-C,RT @KaiDiekmann: .@_luther @ring2 Ich wusste von der netten Überraschung des @fcstpauli leider vorher nichts - werde mich mit KaiDiekmannHonig revanchieren!,Berlin,
2614181437,2014-07-09 20:21:44 +0000,2016-11-18 06:52:54 +0000,26453,56963,9,2510,3394,JRMcClaren,J.R. McClaren,false,false,Small Businessman #GigEm #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #MAGA #DrainTheSwamp #TrumpPence2020 Get the globalists before they get you. Victory or Death,"@RudyGThang @dengo747 @seanhannity @CNN @AC360 @Acosta 5 followers, massive audience this clueless dumbass @RudyGThang is reaching.",Texas,
178417199,2010-08-14 18:17:20 +0000,2016-11-17 22:03:01 +0000,129,26,1,409,83,JRS1N,Sinocchi,false,false,,RT @DARPA: Targeted Neuroplasticity Training program aims to speed learning by stimulating peripheral nerves. #DefOneSummit,,
2753397529,2014-08-21 23:41:27 +0000,2016-11-18 02:38:25 +0000,1063,1691,2,284,73,jshoo22,Confidimus,false,false,Self-radicalized. Father owns a brewery.,@CCCINNC @thehill @zerohedge San Francisco city hall looks lovely tonight.,,
1341613592,2013-04-10 10:54:23 +0000,2016-11-18 13:06:13 +0000,9402,7402,156,4654,5575,JTPattenBooks,JT Patten - Author,false,false,former counterterror intelligence | best selling #thriller author of humanistic dark #BlackOps spy novels,Bad Monkey where Sean Havens called friends in Primed Charge.Tampa PD search for driver that crashed into Ybor bar,"Chicago, IL",
1627096298,2013-07-28 05:05:51 +0000,2016-11-18 11:06:08 +0000,44925,5167,282,83349,473891,jturnershow,Jessie Turner Show,false,false,"Jessie Turner is a Civil Rights Leader, Investigative Journalist, Political Strategist, Public Speaker and Media Entrepreneur",#thanks @GetHandlesBBall @ProtectthePope @nickimayonews thanks for the recent follow. Much appreciated :) >>,"Las Vegas, NV",
29458079,2009-04-07 14:27:06 +0000,2016-11-17 21:33:13 +0000,12993,93,2459,379,365998,JudgeJeanine,Jeanine Pirro,true,false,"Judge Pirro is a highly respected District Attorney, Judge, author & renowned champion of the underdog. She hosts the Fox News show, Justice with Judge Jeanine.","As taken by Daily Mail, arriving at Trump tower today.",New York,
29216764,2009-04-06 15:05:01 +0000,2016-11-16 21:15:54 +0000,5846,646,5747,1044,402469,Judgenap,Judge Napolitano,true,false,Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst,Catch me on Fox Business @KennedyNation tonight at 8:00p eastern...,New York City,
18247062,2008-12-19 18:04:57 +0000,2016-11-18 14:05:15 +0000,9464,825,3199,2375,357641,JudicialWatch,Judicial Watch 🔎,true,false,"A conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, promoting transparency and accountability in government. Snapchat: judicialwatch",RT @SharylAttkisson: Drug cartels operatives try to get jobs as U.S. border agents. Sometimes they do. Federal agents crossing the line…,"Washington, DC",
886731456,2012-10-17 12:39:26 +0000,2016-11-16 18:44:09 +0000,1014,752,8,4822,2281,judygale825,Judygale,false,false,Alis Volat Propriis....she flies by her own wings. ..since 2013...I have no choice.,,United States,
488108469,2012-02-10 02:56:19 +0000,2016-11-17 02:53:54 +0000,1289,1748,17,296,86,julesmeadow,Jules,false,false,Moved to Costa Rica after US elected BHO for a second term. Witnessing other countries laughing at US first hand. #maga,We don't want them procreating.,Costa Rica,
50406326,2009-06-24 19:26:43 +0000,2016-11-18 09:52:12 +0000,7928,382,723,1353,15100,julianbarnes,Julian E. Barnes,true,false,"WSJ reporter covering security, terrorism and the military. Failed chicken farmer. Alas, not the British novelist.","#GMFNATO, @jensstoltenberg says he thinks it is good for alliance leaders to talk to Putin","Brussels, Belgium",
27699644,2009-03-30 18:36:06 +0000,2016-11-18 03:35:47 +0000,19104,1758,955,1042,19230,julianborger,Julian Borger,true,false,"Guardian's world affairs editor, DC-based, author of The Butcher's Trail: How the Search for Balkan War Criminals Became the World's Most Successful Manhunt",RT @RepAdamSchiff: Have deep concerns about Gen. Flynn as a possible National Security Advisor. Worried about an impulsive president w…,London,
4605113535,2015-12-26 00:11:21 +0000,2016-11-17 14:04:19 +0000,83323,11124,202,5106,4645,julie_cappiello,Julie Cappiello,false,false,,"RT @Conservative_VW: Aaaahhh‼️Sweet‼️‼️
No SHILLARY Sound for a whole week‼️‼️‼️😊😊",,
1902044125,2013-09-24 22:39:12 +0000,2016-11-18 04:20:29 +0000,904,445,5,365,126,jushille,Judi,false,false,Simply Southern proud member of the human race - always leaning on his everlasting love.,RT @rrtaylor52: MT @BlueLivesMatter: A war on law enforcement is a war on everybody. Stand with Police. #BlueLivesMatter #PJNET,Alabama,
4906276808,2016-02-14 11:00:38 +0000,2016-11-09 10:32:08 +0000,4120,15023,12,334,314,JusSanguinis_,Jus Sanguinis,false,false,YOU MUST SUBMIT,"RT @MLP_officiel: Félicitations au nouveau président des Etats-Unis Donald Trump et au peuple américain, libre ! MLP",,
884304968,2012-10-16 12:05:41 +0000,2016-11-18 14:07:15 +0000,117931,2602,548,54964,55758,Just_a_Texan,Deplorable Ulysses,false,false,"CONSERVATIVE | PRO➡️God-Life-Military-LEO-Israel-NRA-Single Malt | Deplorable | Don't follow if you're PC, vote DEM, don't vote or are racist. #TrumpPence16 🇺🇸",RT @grizzlymamabear: Beyoncé scholar investigated for incendiary political statements has Twitter account restored via @twitchyteam,,
43834885,2009-06-01 05:12:52 +0000,2016-11-18 05:40:15 +0000,13531,9329,94,489,6340,justanavywife,Just A Navy Wife,false,false,"I love Jesus, I'm HAPPILY married, I love my Sailor & baby girls, & I'm learning to apply Matthew 7: 7,8 to my life daily. Life's too short to not tweet nicely.","Proverbs 19:22 ""Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.""…",We sail around,
2422587631,2014-04-01 19:31:56 +0000,2016-11-18 13:47:45 +0000,98730,78510,90,20150,18317,justiceforBigAl,justiceforBigAl,false,false,Sgt Blackman known as Marine A was sentenced to life imprisonment for allegedly murdering an enemy. #justiceformarinea,@maturefinancier,uk,
287505023,2011-04-25 03:51:05 +0000,2016-11-18 13:37:47 +0000,114071,72962,290,4837,4565,justonepatriot,Patti Dennis,false,false,"Christian Constitutionalist, mother of three, Free-lance Journalist, Master's in Secondary Ed., retired high school teacher, Patriot, TRUMP FOR AMERICA!!! MAGA",GROSS. Feminist Threatens to Send Mike Pence Bag of Period Blood Each Month How far women have fallen in 50 years...,,
702255853055901697,2016-02-23 22:16:57 +0000,2016-11-18 00:05:09 +0000,4022,4225,7,161,109,jzman299,James Zimmerman,false,false,"Retired from USMC Marine Guard/USAF SP, NCPI U of Louisville, ISD, 1stSgt; County Jail Dep, Hostage Negotiator retired.",@true_pundit @GenFlynn Until South Korea & China agree to give China the northern half of N. Korea and south of that is one Korea?,"East Lansing, MI",
108463543,2010-01-26 01:13:59 +0000,2016-11-18 09:02:55 +0000,60705,120,218,3367,3294,kaltkrieger,Cold Warrior,false,false,"Recruiting conservatives to become ball players in the Republican Party by becoming precinct committeemen.
Retweet does not equal endorsement.",RT @mitchellvii: Great News! TRUMP Picks General Michael Flynn for National Security Advisor,,
235998838,2011-01-09 15:30:40 +0000,2016-11-18 13:53:14 +0000,7310,3903,123,23674,37972,kammalek,Kam,false,false,#USCitizen #SwissCitizen #Israel #CCoT #tCoT #Tea #Troops #Vet #2nda #NRA #ProLife #FreeMilo #TrumpPence2016,@gamma_ray239 @JillanaLogan @BarackObama @FoxNews 8Y divide and chaos. Time to leave.,"Seattle, WA",
3995778614,2015-10-23 22:32:20 +0000,2016-11-18 07:50:38 +0000,20908,34116,109,708,38279,KamVTV,Kambree Kawahine Koa,true,false,Centrist - Entrepreneur - Business owner/VP of Field Relations OC - Radio - TV - Politics - Mindset - Leadership Training - Activist - Politics - No BS,"RT @wikileaks: Bill Clinton NEA Chair: We wanted citizens compliant, so we made them unaware. Now unaware & non-compliant, so Trum…","SoCal, Texas, Hawai'i ",
713377689743335424,2016-03-25 14:51:09 +0000,2016-11-18 13:27:58 +0000,9221,81018,14,174,352,Kansei13Kansei,Senpai 🇺🇸,false,false,#MAGA,"RT @DBloom451: I don't think I can take ALL THIS WINNING!💃Trump saves Ford production in Kentucky. One phone call--DONE! More🛠JOBS!",,
30500021,2009-04-11 18:50:48 +0000,2016-11-18 05:37:37 +0000,62350,62334,1130,443821,532073,KarenJeanHood,KarenJeanMatsko Hood,false,false,"Author, Poet, Freelance Writer, Researcher, Child Advocate, Feminist, Teacher, Literacy Advocate, Cook, & Food Writer, Wife & Mom of 16 Great Kids & Foster Kids",Trump asks retired Gen. Michael Flynn to be national security adviser: Source via @nbcnews,"Spokane, Washington USA",
3387878543,2015-07-22 19:49:32 +0000,2016-11-18 12:20:36 +0000,27963,29571,166,1577,13238,karenmcallier,America1st MAGA,false,false,#ExDem Master Computer Info Systems Mgmt #ProjMgmt - MBA Student & #InfoSec #Trump News #AmericaFirst #ImWithYou #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #SecureTheBorder #1A #2A,"RT @bfraser747: 💥💥 #Hannity
I'm so thankful for .@seanhannity
He warned us about #Obama in 08 & 12 and he exposed #Hillary & rep…",NYC & Los Angeles,
1626795866,2013-07-28 02:09:16 +0000,2016-11-18 13:54:36 +0000,132876,78955,271,12870,33706,KarenMonsour12,☀️Karen☀️,false,false,"Nuclear Med/Physics CNMT (Emeritus) RT Not Endorsement. E.Bolling, S.Hannity, K.Paronto, M.Osmond, @NikiTaylorInc, @DREWDISCIPLE 's wife #TrumpPence2016 🇺🇸",@realDonaldTrump #PresidentElectTrump is not messing around!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻#MAGA (***Some people should be afraid...😉***)…,Keller Williams Realty Pro's.,
21440926,2009-02-20 22:22:20 +0000,2016-11-18 13:33:33 +0000,6462,649,328,2968,24975,KarinAgness,Karin Agness,true,false,Spring 2016 Resident Fellow at @HarvardIOP; Founder and President of @NeWNetwork; Contributor to @Forbes. Email me:,RT @dcexaminer: BREAKING: Donald Trump picks Rep. Mike Pompeo as his CIA director,,
783542233,2012-08-27 01:24:58 +0000,2016-11-17 16:24:19 +0000,292,505,0,68,29,karlabb2,Karla Santos,false,false,"Disciple of Jesus. Love life. Laugh often. Listen always, talk when necessary.",RT @foxandfriends: .@tedcruz: These idiots rioting in the streets are the same people who demanded President-elect Trump accept the re…,"Florida, USA",
4663876474,2015-12-31 10:55:22 +0000,2016-11-18 13:17:05 +0000,18996,15391,39,3083,1892,KarlBreuet,DeplorableLifeMatter,false,false,"Disabled Dad,Guitar/Artist ,pains Joker, laughs heal.Kindness free!Freedoms not! No Porn,
No Liars,No BS Jesus=Love=Truth=Human Life Matters
✌❤✡🕆🕇🕆✡",RT @B1LL_Iam: @ErinSchrode @Medishare4Haiti @PIH,Canada,
763162689086427136,2016-08-09 23:58:58 +0000,2016-11-18 14:05:39 +0000,55155,25883,117,3170,2514,karmasquirrely,KARMA✌👀🏁🌠🌎,false,false,"KarmaSquirrelNews&Advisor
JustSayN WhatIF Peace Respect 4Vets&Cops
We all have a little Squirrel N us♡FamilyUSA","RT @DrMartyFox: #ThankYouObama
Yazidi Leaders Congratulate #PresidentTrump
#Obama Has Done Nothing For Them Except Enable #ISIS…",CrapTherapist,
2197925917,2013-11-16 15:26:15 +0000,2016-06-19 19:43:22 +0000,74,31,10,228,1065,KasiaWezowski,Kasia Wezowski,false,false,"Founder of the Center for Body Language, World's #1 Body Language Training for Business, Sales, Recruitment and Negotiations. 45 Partners in 15 countries.",#HarvardBusinessReview published my research article about #BodyLanguage and #MicroExpressions #HBR #Negotiating:,,
178999981,2010-08-16 06:56:27 +0000,2016-11-18 13:23:05 +0000,8447,11547,239,2968,22053,KassyDillon,Kassy Dillon,true,false,Founder @LoConservative & Correspondent @CampusReform Contributor @TheHill @RedAlert @FFL_of_America @HeatStreet. America first. Free speech activist. Student.,I woke up to this outside my room. Whoever did this: thank you.,"Massachusetts, USA",
2423572067,2014-03-19 23:01:35 +0000,2016-11-18 01:09:19 +0000,1808,582,34,699,1241,KateWathTV,Kate Wathall,false,false,"Kate Wathall - Presenter, TV Reporter, Broadcast Journalist and Voice Over Artist.",LETS GO HEAT time to get back to the wins please #letsgoheat #nba,London / Miami ,
55221877,2009-07-09 12:34:37 +0000,2016-11-18 00:36:06 +0000,1814,559,31,509,878,katharinegorka,Katie Gorka,false,false,"Council on Global Security, Breitbart News",RT @AP: BREAKING: Senior official: Trump has offered retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn job as national security adviser.,Washington D.C.,
188060447,2010-09-07 20:52:41 +0000,2016-11-18 13:32:56 +0000,9091,1366,25,2132,1243,kathrynfindlay,Kathryn Findlay,false,false,God. Country. Liberty. Truth.,"Kansas congressman Pompeo tabbed to head CIA, Fox News confirms via the @FoxNews App","Hendersonville, NC",
78054587,2009-09-28 16:25:42 +0000,2016-11-16 22:11:17 +0000,68,384,0,45,16,kathylachapelle,Kathy LaChapelle,false,false,,Here's why President Obama is unlikely to pardon Hillary Clinton via @usatoday,,
554609140,2012-04-15 20:08:43 +0000,,1742,1685,1,390,31,kathyleehill,Kathryn,false,true,,,"Watson, Louisiana",
33981571,2009-04-21 17:57:54 +0000,2016-11-18 06:32:33 +0000,192332,211340,72,4914,2817,KathySamira,KathySamira,false,false,Dancing Thru LOVE & LIFE Like King David & Nureyev #MAGA Semper Fidelis Viva Christo Rey!,"RT @StLouisBlues: Hithcocck on Upshall-Brodziak-Reaves line: ""They're playing smart, hard, determined hockey. It's forging a good identity for us."" #stlblues",St. Louis Rome Of The West,
25214559,2009-03-19 02:12:04 +0000,2016-11-18 05:50:50 +0000,1639,32717,88,42276,40865,katiekoenig,Katie Koenig,false,false,"TEXAS DELEGATE played a small part
in a bigger picture2 #MAGA➡P.O. Box 7287
Houston, Texas 77248
➡",RT @LouDobbs: @GenFlynn Congratulations on your appointment! No one knows better than you the challenges we face; thank you for taking on the misson #MAGA, #Houston #Texas #USA,
48459553,2009-06-18 19:29:32 +0000,2016-11-18 13:31:47 +0000,39501,6068,4071,1440,344168,KatiePavlich,Katie Pavlich,true,false,Townhall Editor. @FoxNews contributor. The Hill & Pitt-Trib columnist. FPI Fellow. NYT best selling author. Latest book: Assault & Flattery. Gunsite grad.,Brian Williams is getting his own show...okay then.,Somewhere in my boots USA,
41796402,2009-05-22 11:47:53 +0000,2016-11-17 03:29:26 +0000,3029,4189,11,467,382,katiesinex,Katie Sinex,false,false,"TRUMP ALL THE WAY! Germain Arena, Estero FL 9/19/16","Wow, what a picture",,
25429371,2009-03-20 01:25:06 +0000,2016-11-18 03:41:48 +0000,38734,4365,2006,2550,230187,KatrinaPierson,Katrina Pierson,true,false,Former @realDonaldTrump Natl Campaign Spokeswoman #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016 #MAGA #PresidentTrump,"RT @FoxNews: .@KatrinaPierson: ""The election is over, and the people chose Donald Trump. Someone who had never been a politician…","Washington, DC",
4885982967,2016-02-07 22:39:41 +0000,2016-11-18 13:59:41 +0000,30416,22196,94,1146,1208,kattshine,Amy 🇺🇸,false,false,"All American, born and raised in WI. #TrumpPence #MAGA","RT @CDoranHarader: Soros Scrambling To Cover Up ”Evil Atheist” Video From 1998, SEE IT BEFORE IT’S DELETED! #M... by #thefirstjana","Wisconsin, USA",
29287266,2009-04-06 20:37:56 +0000,2016-11-17 16:42:36 +0000,9274,13961,55,2825,1449,katygolf,Kate Wright,false,false,American.,"#USJapanAlliance: Japan's Abe, Trump set to meet; Abe seeking to build trust via @Reuters",Los Angeles,
4749165856,2016-01-08 23:50:37 +0000,,22659,0,9,0,982,kaydenkross991,Kayden Kross,false,false,,,,
259001548,2011-02-28 23:33:33 +0000,2016-11-15 03:21:06 +0000,11684,5478,881,1307,65445,kayleighmcenany,Kayleigh McEnany,true,false,"Christian. Conservative. @realDonaldTrump supporter. @CNN Commentator. Harvard Law School. Georgetown SFS. Oxford University, St. Edmund Hall. Mets fan.",Best fiancé in the world - @GilmartinSean!,,
3711628096,2015-09-19 22:48:54 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:49 +0000,138976,98078,414,33028,36289,KazmierskiR,Rhonda Kazmierski,false,false,#TRUMPsupporter #Christian #Pro2NDAmendment #ProLife #ProTraditionalMarriage #FavBkHolyBible #Patriot,RT @Democrat_4Trump: Disturbing words from the democrats. Instead of coming together they want more divisiveness/riots. Trump won via de…,"Georgia, USA",
22867534,2009-03-05 02:37:30 +0000,2016-11-18 02:18:34 +0000,4759,498,4,866,372,kcsguys,Kathleen,false,false,"Super Mom - 4 handsome sons
“The most wasted of all days is the one without laughter.” ~ e.e. cummings
Conservative & proud of it!","RT @nytimes: Donald Trump is said to offer the post of national security adviser to Michael Flynn, a retired general…",,
3571039276,2015-09-06 23:22:36 +0000,2016-11-18 02:07:01 +0000,828,1302,1,111,69,kdevlin00,Kdevlin00,false,false,"devoted wife, working mom, & proud American girl that tweets about common sense politics whenever possible. #neverhillary- a basement server, really?",Congrats on the appointment @GenFlynn! America believes in you. Make us proud.,"Pennsylvania, USA",
2331697897,2014-02-07 11:04:43 +0000,2016-11-18 14:08:18 +0000,128682,2,191,5923,5866,KdlAzUS,,false,false,Tweet Kindle eBooks Best Sellers and New Releases by genres. This is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.,"Hi, funtweet93 Thanks for following me!",Tokyo,
2922729958,2014-12-15 10:48:10 +0000,2016-11-18 13:48:57 +0000,9118,4658,273,3882,4930,KeelsUS,KeelsIoT,false,false,BioSecurity & IoT Entrepreneur | Fmr Navy Info Warfare Officer | Iraq & Afgh Combat Vet #PTSD | #foxnews & #foxbusiness Analyst,RT @Perfect4WP: Researchers find a way to fight IoT botnet #security #iot #hacking,,
176491336,2010-08-09 17:48:06 +0000,2016-11-17 22:43:59 +0000,4579,721,375,2658,9121,keithurbahn,Keith Urbahn,false,false,"Founding Partner & President, @JavelinDC, former @RumsfeldOffice Chief of Staff, Navy Reserve officer, husband to @KLF0131 & owner of two mini dachshunds.","Powell was announced SecState on December 18.
Rumsfeld was announced SecDef on December 20.
Today is November 17.","Alexandria, VA",
74030198,2009-09-14 01:35:38 +0000,2016-11-17 18:43:01 +0000,29294,16064,88,3273,2442,KelliBHorne,RubyMagnolia 🇺🇸,false,false,AMERICAN GIRL🇺🇸 Please follow my 2nd acct @rubymagnolia1,"RT @Al_Gorelioni: Megyn Kelly punches you and then says, ""you can't hit me back, I'm a woman."" @mitchellvii @megynkelly
471672239,2012-01-23 04:14:28 +0000,2016-11-18 01:40:10 +0000,6193,1585,2669,568,387039,KellyannePolls,Kellyanne Conway,true,false,We Won.,@markknoller no! Parent-teacher conferences beckoned.,,
229592356,2010-12-22 20:20:15 +0000,2016-11-11 15:11:13 +0000,9526,39,1886,1537,57224,KellyAyotte,Kelly Ayotte,true,false,"Born & raised in Nashua. Wife, mom to Kate & Jake, runner for fun, NH's first female attorney general, current U.S. Senator representing New Hampshire. #LFOD","As the wife of a vet, this day is deeply important to me. Thanks to all our veterans & their families for their service to our great country",,
4856364013,2016-02-03 23:48:54 +0000,,69240,43908,201,50,1999,Kellydanes1,TrumpGirl,false,false,"Patriot & Entrepreneur, Gun Advocate Molon Labe, Tough & Independent no time for Feminists!",,"Phoenix, AZ",
633441834,2012-07-12 01:32:17 +0000,2016-11-17 23:39:35 +0000,41276,22002,118,2748,2224,KempBobbi,Bobbi Kemp,false,false,God...Family...Country...Trump and only Trump,"RT @bfraser747: 💥 #NewtGingrich outlines a plan to end #SanctuaryCities
""Chicago's Mayor should be thrilled Trump wants to help ge…",,
33014441,2009-04-18 21:14:10 +0000,2016-11-17 02:45:07 +0000,893,29,3154,471075,751074,kencaillat,ken caillat,true,false,"Official Twitter Page: Ken Caillat, Music Producer / Author @Rumours_Book ... like the book
here:","Contest to win studio time with me ends in 2 weeks. Submit now!",Los Angeles,
33170847,2009-04-19 09:54:53 +0000,2016-11-18 12:10:49 +0000,128823,69499,229,19136,18326,kencampbell66,SayNoToTheTPP,false,false,"Mainstream media has lost all credibility. Get involved, we are the new media. We will not fall for the divisive rhetoric of the fascist MSM. Peace & Liberty!",Navy identifies mystery plane over Denver; Its mission still a secret,,
325001316,2011-06-27 15:38:01 +0000,2016-11-18 12:25:37 +0000,10151,75,550,1574,8107,KenDilanianNBC,Ken Dilanian,true,false,"Intelligence and national security reporter for the NBC News Investigative Unit, based in Washington. Former AP, LA Times, USA TODAY, Philadelphia Inquirer.",RT @warkin: Trump national security adviser Flynn. Best profile out there so far from @KenDilanianNBC via @nbcnews,"Washington, DC",
472472650,2012-01-24 00:10:04 +0000,2016-11-18 01:37:24 +0000,3061,323,41,306,818,KenTimmerman,KenTimmerman,false,false,Ken's latest book is Deception: The Making of the YouTube Video Hillary & Obama Blamed for Benghazi,Ex Obama advisor David Taffuri tells @FoxNews it's ok 4 Keith Ellison 2 call @realDonaldTrump deplorable. Isn't it great to be a democrat?,"Frederick, Maryland",
97912404,2009-12-19 14:44:19 +0000,2016-11-17 07:34:52 +0000,27531,72147,1216,26406,49683,KenWahl1,Ken Wahl,true,false,"PROUD AMERICAN-No Hero,but played a few-Golden Globe Actor/Director/ Writer-Ft.Apache The Bronx-Wiseguy-Purple Hearts-Married #2A #Veterans #SupportOurTroops",RT @BretBaier: You may want to talk to @KrisParonto & @JohnTiegen & @MarkGeistSWP #13hours guys about why this happened- They made…,USA,
24728408,2009-03-16 17:18:34 +0000,2016-11-17 18:04:28 +0000,6978,223,246,2538,6651,KepplerSpeakers,Keppler Speakers,false,false,"For 30 years, Keppler Speakers has been a trusted source of a diverse range of world-class #speakers – real people who tell real stories with real impact.",A rock star #keynote indeed! Achieve success w/ #KepplerExclusive @ltgrusselhonore's bold #leadership &…,"Arlington, Virginia",
489528296,2012-02-11 16:33:06 +0000,2016-11-09 05:25:47 +0000,4049,5120,1,321,387,KerryLehane,Kerry,false,false,"Portsmouth, RI",you're right,,
17614200,2008-11-25 06:30:54 +0000,2016-11-18 14:03:14 +0000,59539,26159,1361,1601,45618,KevinJacksonTBS,Kevin Jackson,false,false,*Best-selling Author- *Syndicated Radio Host- *Contributor-@FoxNews #TeamKJ #TPC #TBS,If you're a fan of #THEROCK then you will love this! #TeamKJ #tcot #teaparty,,
826782332,2012-09-16 08:59:52 +0000,2016-11-17 22:12:20 +0000,1810,526,2,306,137,kevinpetitarmy,Kevin Petit,false,false,Retired Army Infantry Officer; Natl Sec consultant; GWU PhD Student (IR),"@stephenWalt @voxdotcom In Iraq/Afghan, always a panicky guy who overestimates danger, loses his shit, invites risk; @mattyglesias= that guy","Alexandria, VA",
766060892433838081,2016-08-17 23:55:24 +0000,2016-11-16 00:49:53 +0000,14122,19118,45,960,645,KGuillen212,Guillen,false,false,,RT @renomarky: U think electoral college doesn't work. #California gave drivers licenses to illegals last 3yrs so they can vote. H…,,
761207175922520064,2016-08-04 14:28:28 +0000,2016-11-18 14:08:56 +0000,20654,4799,75,468,489,kickinglass55,American CCarleton,false,false,,"RT @Thomas1774Paine: Adjusted Headline:
BREAKING NEWS: Jeff Sessions Attorney General: Trump Makes Offer, CBS News Pimps Faux Racism","Florida, USA",
114454841,2010-02-15 13:28:11 +0000,2016-11-16 01:09:46 +0000,1642,2119,21,1071,1128,kidsthink,Vicky,false,false,"Christian mother, wife, teacher. #MilitarySpouse #TrumpPence2016 #TrumpTrain #UnitedWeStand #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #WomenForTrump #AmericaFirst #BlueLivesMatter","@spanglesvi @MarkMarine Victoria, thank you for your kind sentiments to my husband. :)",United States,
43919633,2009-06-01 16:53:26 +0000,2016-11-17 18:54:30 +0000,15314,90,2003,2847,223195,kilmeade,Brian Kilmeade,true,false,"Co-anchor, Fox & Friends host, Kilmeade & Friends, NY Times Best Selling Author. Join my NEW book club:","Justin Wilkes and I Ponder the Possibility of Getting To Mars In Our Lifetime...
Read the full interview here:…",nyc,
26776230,2009-03-26 15:41:48 +0000,2016-11-18 03:04:44 +0000,4367,407,50,144,1387,kimberlydvorak,Kimberly Dvorak,false,false,"CW6 San Diego News, National Security & Foreign Policy TV Correspondent, Contributor One America News, The Daily Ledger & Head Researcher for Dinesh D'Souza","@Trump_Row Quick, call Border Patrol! lol",California,
25101996,2009-03-18 16:33:40 +0000,2016-11-17 21:23:27 +0000,2853,162,3908,1018,775942,kimguilfoyle,Kimberly Guilfoyle,true,false,"Co-Host of Fox News Channel- The Five @5pmET, O'Reilly @8pmET Tuesdays -Is It Legal. Buy #MakingTheCase everywhere books are sold!","Tune to @thefive at 5pm, then catch me on @LouDobbs Tonight 7:10pm & @TuckerCarlson Tonight 7:20pm et, see you there! #FoxNews #FoxBusiness",New York,
1123276669,2013-01-26 22:02:30 +0000,2016-11-18 01:41:39 +0000,4664,9552,15,297,118,KimHensonWeiss,khw,false,false,"Wife. mother of 2 great college students, paralegal and genealogy enthusiast. Finding that history does repeat itself.","RT @MarchofDimes: Thank you so much for your support & for helping us raise awareness about #worldprematurityday, @AlexWooNYC!",,
46690844,2009-06-12 16:40:41 +0000,2016-11-17 06:36:02 +0000,11276,25371,202,1220,7847,KimiCouture,Kim Couture-Tosti,false,false,"Proud Mom, Pro Fighter, Manager/Coach, Commentator, Fight Promoter ,Business Owner, Golfer, Biker, Colorado born ranch girl, animal lover! #TrumpPence2016 #NRA",RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: Had a great visit from @FloydMayweather today with @realdonaldtrump. One of the best all time boxing legends.,Las Vegas,
822701304,2012-09-14 04:57:07 +0000,2016-11-18 03:00:53 +0000,9614,13092,28,487,679,Kimmy__Diane__,Kimberly ✌❤,false,false,"#PresidentElectDonaldJTrump : “I’M WITH YOU – THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.”
Happy Day for our great country 🇺🇸 11/8/16
DT Victory speech","RT @seanhannity: #Hannity starts NOW! Tonight we are joined by @IngrahamAngle, @THEHermanCain, @AriFleischer, @LisaMarieBoothe, @HarveyLevinTMZ and much more","California, USA",
133371829,2010-04-15 16:22:30 +0000,2016-11-18 10:14:39 +0000,24146,30246,90,1787,25749,kinni00,🇺🇸Kinni🇺🇸,false,false,"This election was NEVER about Republicans vs Democrats, it was about Americanism not Globalism. Our nation needs to heal & unify under President Trump 🙏🏼",@RealJamesWoods quitting Twitter 👇🏼,FB Profile:Deleted by Facebook,
75719908,2009-09-20 04:33:09 +0000,2016-11-18 03:34:04 +0000,992,3246,2,267,118,kirasnana,melissa,false,false,Hillary Clinton Will Destroy What is Left of this Country .☆☆☆Vote TRUMP☆☆☆," sure explains why they are pushing the whole everything is
""Fake News""narrative.",mi,
22179260,2009-02-27 19:36:01 +0000,2016-11-18 12:45:16 +0000,10230,6764,8,712,307,kkbear,Kaye Bearden,false,false,"Great Grandmother, Proud Texan,Avid Ranger Fan, Conservative.No lists please.retweets are of interest.not my opinions.",RT @ainsleyearhardt: @MajorDanRooney is here w/ @FoldsofHonor 10% of my book sales go to this org. Watch to learn about it @foxandfriends,,
25489017,2009-03-20 11:13:14 +0000,2016-11-16 16:23:47 +0000,3676,22,5,221,64,KLBFL,Kathy B.,false,false,"Christian, Wife, Mother, Proud Conservative American",Because of who we have become. And we elect people that don't realize the dangers,Central Florida,
1355920135,2013-04-16 03:06:02 +0000,2016-11-16 19:54:41 +0000,1884,1962,0,766,255,klong231,Horndog,false,false,"Ravens, St. Louis Cardinals, Duke, Coach K & apple pie",He would make a good cell mate for Hillary!,"Maryland, USA",
4064956283,2015-10-29 02:59:45 +0000,2016-11-07 05:14:08 +0000,2146,164,8,434,171,klopfer_teresa,Teresa Klopfer,false,false,"Soccer mom, healthcare professional, conservative, and most importantly redeemed.",RT @Metalmoccha: @Evan_McMullin You are the light in the darkness! And the KING IN THE NORTH! #IStandWithEvan,,
32497478,2009-04-17 17:51:32 +0000,2016-11-17 06:54:05 +0000,511082,19,1436,19889,52970,KLSouth,Kelly,false,false,Calvin Coolidge conservative. Cleverly disguised as an adult. #Trump #MAGA,RT @KatrinaPierson: See... Media! How many will see the correction?,Beirut by the Lake.,
56838981,2009-07-14 22:31:53 +0000,2016-11-18 14:07:05 +0000,58121,20756,180,3038,2852,klyn625,Deplorable Klyn,false,false,"Standing Up for GOD, Our Country, Our Military, Our Police Officers, Our Flag & the Constitution of the USA! If that offends you, Do Not Follow!",@BringtheFlag @BilldeBlasio 👈People like him Obama/Hillary/AL among many other so called leaders are exactly why we…,,
2308655810,2014-01-24 16:54:51 +0000,2016-11-18 12:32:18 +0000,13006,77332,40,153,456,kmoyer63,Kevin Moyer,false,false,"(18+) only Adult content - Make yourself an honest person ,and then you will make sure there is one less rascal in the world .",9 people followed me and 8 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by,,
142331406,2010-05-10 16:02:30 +0000,2016-11-18 14:08:04 +0000,10694,6226,22,4861,2803,KMullenary,Kan do,false,false,"Fed up with political correctness! Daughter, Aunt, Cousin and friend of Law Enforcement. I stand with the BLUE BADGE. ALL lives matter. #trumpsmypotus",@en_volve how can 5 million be watching when it doesn't open?,American and proud of it,
713461348034813956,2016-03-25 20:23:35 +0000,2016-11-18 01:17:28 +0000,2956,27156,1,612,397,knightnocturna1,KnightNocturnal,false,false,,@AIIAmericanGirI He is Zod,"Florida, USA",
3383049855,2015-07-19 13:56:39 +0000,2016-11-18 13:03:29 +0000,76942,64231,330,1779,36372,Kotcha301,Kotcha 💜 🗽 #MAGA,false,false,"Awesome American Wife, Mother, Friend #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain",@RedVote2016 @gcain63 @realDonaldTrump @MittRomney dog catcher? 😂😂😂,"Ohio, USA",
2147780660,2013-10-21 20:43:41 +0000,2016-11-18 04:08:58 +0000,1274,633,58,304,1068,KowalskiStrat,Jim Kowalski,false,false,"Northrop Grumman Gov't Relations VP & Corporate Lead Executive. Retired USAF Lt Gen. Previous: Deputy Commander, USSTRATCOM; Commander, AF Global Strike Command","RT @camille_grand: Russia, Nuclear Weapons and Conflict Remarkable paper by Dave Johnson for the
Fondation pour la recherche stratégiq…",Washington DC Area,
27744185,2009-03-30 22:16:42 +0000,2016-10-28 13:43:26 +0000,348,1,7781,1,723105,krauthammer,Charles Krauthammer,true,false,"Author of the #1 New York Times bestseller - Things That Matter, now in paperback.","RT @mkhammer: Guys, I'm running 26.2 miles Sun, & if you can support @TMFoundation in any amount, it's so important & appreciated!",,
754455017222918144,2016-07-16 23:17:48 +0000,2016-11-18 14:06:54 +0000,5918,16576,4,780,658,KrienertTyler,Tyler Krienert,false,false,Conservative Marine Corps Veteran. Take your Racist and/or Antisemitic views elsewhere. I'll never add you to a list so please don't add me to any.,"Or, don't be a smoker.","Sioux City, IA",
266975216,2011-03-16 03:43:42 +0000,2016-11-18 12:13:05 +0000,2899,2107,41,3357,1198,KrisGoldsmith85,Kristofer Goldsmith,false,false,@VVAmerica AsstDir 4Policy. Founder+Chair @HighGroundVets. Iraq vet advocating 4 vets w less-than-honorable discharges: #Fairness4Vets. @Trumanproject DefCon,RT @JEHutton: #FF @studentvets @ValueOfaVeteran @VVSD_Veterans @HighGroundVets @DAVHQ @UCLAforVeterans @vetshelpingvets @HelpforVeterans @kwilliams101,"Washington, DC",
3672584544,2015-09-24 17:39:43 +0000,2016-11-18 04:14:52 +0000,12139,7659,193,4915,27707,KrisParonto,Kris Paronto,false,false,"2/75 Army Ranger, GRS, Father, God Fearing, 2nd Amendment #Tanto, #NeverQuit @13hours The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi,",RT @realDonaldTrump: I worked hard with Bill Ford to keep the Lincoln plant in Kentucky. I owed it to the great State of Kentucky for their confidence in me!,US,
34835553,2009-04-24 03:37:21 +0000,2016-11-13 23:11:28 +0000,519,1832,0,747,90,kristin_gail,🍂Kristin🍂,false,false,"Native Texan, Mother of Dogs, Anthropology Nerd, Dallas Cowboys Fan, Avid Reader, Fluent in Sorkinese, Daughter/Sister/Aunt, Atheist, Childless by Choice",@Belle092000 right?! The key is to not stop working towards that goal. Bit by bit by bit...,"Killeen, TX",
18482836,2008-12-30 17:44:26 +0000,2016-11-18 05:02:03 +0000,18480,16615,545,1423,9277,kristina_wong,Kristina Wong,true,false,"Pentagon/defense/nat sec reporter @theHill. Reported fm Afghanistan, Gitmo, East Asia. SPJ awarded. Fm Cali. • • Key:",@Pat_DefDaily you're lucky if all he does is squint. He's quite acerbic.,"Washington, DC",
18974945,2009-01-14 12:39:55 +0000,2016-11-16 21:30:48 +0000,2958,1939,12,231,264,KristiRines,BeerandMedals,false,false,I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul. Mother. Wife. Sister. Daughter. Veteran. Beer Drinker. Friend.,RT @MaxVenator: .@SharylAttkisson Well said...,36.920729 -76.167405,
21584804,2009-02-22 18:24:26 +0000,2016-11-18 00:29:38 +0000,3788,2098,36,280,35616,KristyLanders,Kristy L. Niedenfuer,false,false,"Miss Tennessee USA 2014, finalist at Miss USA. Model, charity event planner, former circus performer, vegetarian, goofball :-p NV Models/Block Agency/Marilyns",@_ItsSavannah_,Sarasota/Nashville,
755225547219795968,2016-07-19 02:19:36 +0000,2016-11-18 12:07:15 +0000,1576,10589,2,1415,1386,kscash53,Deplorable Kate,false,false,"Mom (son, daughter), wife, golfer, love cooking, reading, dogs, Hockey, NRA, Capricorn. Smaller government, Love USA! 🇺🇸Trump/Pence 🇺🇸🇺🇸
List=Blocked","RT @FIGHTINGVETERAN: @kscash53 @MrEdTrain @GenFlynn - The only time General Flynn was fired, was by @BarackObama for standing up for what he believed in.","Naples, FL",
457000691,2012-01-06 22:32:21 +0000,2016-11-18 13:57:21 +0000,1697,2146,4,192,97,kschantzen,KSchantzen,false,false,,RT @realDonaldTrump: I worked hard with Bill Ford to keep the Lincoln plant in Kentucky. I owed it to the great State of Kentucky for their confidence in me!,"Minnesota, USA",
3837262032,2015-10-09 14:42:54 +0000,2016-11-18 14:07:09 +0000,41647,46927,68,691,704,ksmitha1,721club,false,false,Patriotic Conservative looking to make a bright future for the next generation.,RT @JohnKStahlUSA: I can't wait to try this. These Libtarts don't realize that Republicans protest peacefully. #tcot #ccot #gop #maga,,
16906530,2008-10-22 14:56:04 +0000,2016-11-18 13:11:31 +0000,5779,247,923,345,60009,ktmcfarland,KT McFarland,true,false,"@FoxNews News National Security Analyst, host DEFCON3 at @FoxNewsLive, former Reagan, Ford, Nixon WH/Pentagon official. Speaking opps:","@GenFlynn @SenatorSessions @RepMikePompeo. all terrific choices. Serious, professional, patriots. Steady hands in unstable world @EricTrump","New York, NY",
76538013,2009-09-23 02:48:11 +0000,2016-11-16 22:29:01 +0000,9956,13388,44,2828,4820,Ktopsway5,Deplorable Me,false,false,Proud Mom of 2 sons in college who aren't influenced by liberal professors. Ohio State & Cleve Cavs diehard.Followed by Sean Hannity & James Rosen,"RT @_RealValentina_: This dude is a rockstar. I don't know who you are, but I salute you. We are happy you are here in the USA.","Ohio, USA",
3428557895,2015-08-17 17:55:42 +0000,2016-03-11 16:25:23 +0000,719,142002,110,2619,8157,KUBE_is,KUBE,false,false,"#Privacy can't be trust based, take complete control of who has access to your data.","Due to unforeseen circumstances, we've decided to cancel the campaign and put development on hold. Thank you for your support so far.","Nanaimo, British Columbia",
1873929764,2013-09-17 03:13:02 +0000,2016-11-18 04:22:31 +0000,67513,35991,321,222,24405,kupajo322,Taurus Rachel,false,false,Political Strategist📡AMPLIFYING👊🏼 @realDonaldTrump✨2020 Vision For A STRONGER #USA🇺🇸👉🏼My #1 GOAL #Education + #Innovation = A GREATER ✨AMERICA✨🚂💨We Won,RT @TheGrizzlyMom: @CyndiSanchez3 @brunelldonald @basschica @clanceman65 @kupajo322 @transition2017 @realDonaldTrump Stronger and safer!,New England - California,
1676658240,2013-08-16 21:38:45 +0000,2016-11-15 13:02:18 +0000,539,4881,9,202,197,kurtrebo,"Kurt Rebovich, Jr.",false,false,"Life-long learner from New Jersey. Love to share fabulous ideas, tips, quotes, and anything that will make our lives great!",Bald Eagle's new hairstyle #funny #america #usa #baldeagle #trump…,"Perth Amboy, NJ",
52451571,2009-06-30 17:06:12 +0000,2016-11-06 01:19:14 +0000,867,3,30,64,387,kverderame,Kristen Verderame,false,false,Attorney and business executive advising start-ups and high tech community; advocate for cyber security public policy,Absolutely! For law school. My family has has season tix since before I was born ... and I'm old! Go Blue!!,washington dc,
544732668,2012-04-03 22:43:27 +0000,2016-11-18 13:55:59 +0000,31081,7950,673,2471,14819,KyleWOrton,Kyle W. Orton,true,false,Research Fellow @HJS_Org. Middle East analyst.,".@SohrabAhmari interviewed Aleksandr Dugin, who says liberalism is a weed invading Russia, but he loves Trump.","Wirral, Britain",
1459950392,2013-05-26 15:33:54 +0000,2016-11-16 21:05:12 +0000,3874,9417,19,1849,998,L0nnyonline,Code Yellow!,false,false,,RT @sow_with_vision: MT @TimBurt: I pray that all nations get a conscience and protect the life of the unborn! #UnbornLivesMatter #PJNET,United States,
22116240,2009-02-27 06:48:20 +0000,2016-11-18 12:57:33 +0000,105842,11949,252,4488,6375,l_RW_Offen5iveT,Circuits&Threads,false,false,"• Work: Sports, Industry, Robotics, Automation, Visual Arts,.
• Ultra RW
• Straight Gal
• Self-funded Activist for Capitalism
#1A #2A Yisra El","Whenever low-IQ liberals accept a foreign culture and ""respect"" their customs bc they're ""exotic"" they're XENOPHOBIC",Stuttgart / USA,
3422820227,2015-08-14 20:19:12 +0000,2016-11-18 13:53:31 +0000,10075,7957,102,204,38560,ladies4trump,LADIES 4 TRUMP,false,false,The Ladies standing up for #PresidentTrump - Congrats Mr.President #trumptrain #USA #JesusIsLord #DrainHollywood,RT @kathysanders357: @ladies4trump I'm with u girls!,,
3277814538,2015-07-12 22:27:43 +0000,2016-11-17 14:49:40 +0000,4513,3962,126,39992,41807,LadiesForTrump,Ladies For Trump,false,false,Ladies want Trump 2016. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016 Manual for Illegals = GOGIRL #WearOrange support #HillaryForPrision,RT @JohnKStahlUSA: Lou wants to know what time the memo went out to have the media push the false narrative about transition. #tcot…,WOMEN FOR TRUMP GROUP,
728299868964392960,2016-05-05 19:06:34 +0000,2016-11-18 14:04:41 +0000,10433,3375,36,1595,987,LadyMSunshine,AmericanSunshine🇺🇸,false,false,"🌟PresidentTrump🌟 Military/Vets, Law Enforcement, USConstitution&AmericanFlag Deserve Love&Respect #DrainTheSwamp🇺🇸#BuildTheWall🇺🇸#MAGA🇺🇸 NOLISTSNOPORN!","RT @PrisonPlanet: New CIA Director Pompeo might even have the balls to say ""Islamic terrorism"".
The left is literally shaking right…","New York, USA",
4895353953,2016-02-10 16:51:46 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:54 +0000,15075,22250,48,120,186,LadyPat18,Lady Pat,false,false,,RT @FoxNews: Obama to anti-Trump protesters: March on,,
37671249,2009-05-04 14:32:30 +0000,2016-11-16 14:24:41 +0000,5629,397,108,527,2445,LAIspeakers,Leading Authorities,false,false,"Follow for the latest news and updates from an international #speakers bureau, video production company, and Live Events firm.
Great Events Start Here.",RT @katiecouric: Hey @mikeallen I know it's your last day at @politico and wanted to say I will miss you and will be cheering you on in your next venture! 😘,"Washington, DC",
269940319,2011-03-21 18:42:40 +0000,2016-11-18 13:46:23 +0000,27383,10868,32,404,207,LaKabash,Carol ann Vincent,false,false,,"RT @jamestaranto: ""Scatter""? Most of us GATHER.",,
807998719,2012-09-07 02:05:46 +0000,2016-11-14 01:14:11 +0000,27613,6300,69,3049,3284,lalapuj,Lalapuj,false,false,"Reagan was right.Texas Proud, Conservative Independent ,die hard Military / Troops supporter. Love RandPaul.Everyone entitiled to opinion except trolls.","RT @Lrihendry: Fellow Americans,
130 officers have died while protecting & serving this year!
Where are the protests!!…",,
294204427,2011-05-06 18:23:52 +0000,2016-11-18 02:28:36 +0000,13813,5897,42,3401,2619,lambmaryann,MaryAnn SedorovitzDC,false,false,"True Believer, Wife, Love JESUS/LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, Love Truth, Justice, US Military, Courage, & Animals. Dghtr of USN WWII Sub Vet-USS Haddo SS255",@MRitland @BoisePD, ZION! THE KINGDOM OF GOD!,
75541946,2009-09-19 12:49:26 +0000,2016-11-16 13:49:39 +0000,2494,2908,542,373,136905,LaraLeaTrump,Lara Trump,true,false,NC girl in NYC #MAGA,Missing the campaign trail today! ☀️🇺🇸,New York City,
717351859329957889,2016-04-05 14:03:05 +0000,,0,0,0,5,28,LaraLogan15,Lara Logan,false,false,,,,
228632723,2010-12-20 07:49:40 +0000,2016-11-18 09:07:20 +0000,9791,43,49,2362,1531,largefamilymom,Sherry Hayes,false,false,"Mother of 15 children, who loves Jesus, knows God's Word is Life, believes in and practices homeschool sanity, mentoring and encouraging others.","RT @StatesPoll: #Election2016 Trump won 28 of 36 counties in Oregon
But becuz of Multnomah county, HRC +10.6%
#Trump2020 #MAGA #TrumpTrain #BlueState #DJT",,
195271137,2010-09-26 07:34:31 +0000,2016-11-18 14:05:32 +0000,42854,573,1931,289,124450,larryelder,Larry Elder,true,false,"Sage from South Central, Nationally Syndicated Larry Elder Show, Salem Radio/CRN; (KRLA L.A. 6-9p PT); 6-9p ET; (888) 971-SAGE",@BrianMcGann1977 Should've tried Rhode Island.,"Los Angeles, California",
702960609990545408,2016-02-25 20:57:24 +0000,2016-11-18 11:30:02 +0000,43035,32814,179,2488,1720,LarryFreeborn,Larry Freeborn,false,false,"Conservative/'Traditionalist' , Political Cartoonist, Freedom and Liberty from SMALL GOVERNMENT. We Live in an Era of Tyranny, Treachery and Duplicity. #MAGA","RT @DBloom451: Was just talking abt this yd w/a colleague; make it A FELONY for rioters who block traffic, damage property, etc.👇","Louisville, KY",
121186480,2010-03-08 18:07:34 +0000,2016-11-17 02:56:13 +0000,4032,11082,3,330,488,lass4x4,Lass4x4,false,false,,"@TeamTrumpAZ @TruthFeedNews she's just like hillabeans..mouth,temperament useless..",Florida,
3273749714,2015-07-10 03:46:14 +0000,2016-11-18 01:51:19 +0000,9555,42954,36,3744,4260,LastChance2016,Laura❤️Trump❤️Pence,false,false,Ex-Navy Journalist + Air Traffic Controller YSUFollowed by:Laura Ingraham EdHenry Hannity HeatherChilders D.Limbaugh BoSnerdley KrisParonto Gen.Flynn Mark Geist,@garnica_eleazar I sent up a special prayer for him :) Keep faith!,Where Uncle Sam Needs Us,
703681242429046784,2016-02-27 20:40:56 +0000,2016-11-18 02:45:31 +0000,54139,8961,111,3525,2296,Lataine16,Lataine,false,false,"Wife, mother Love God and Country, voting for Donald Trump. Very up set the way our Country is headed. Got to put National Security first.","RT @rainestopper: @6549lmartin immigration is a national issue, not a city issue! He doesn't get to decide that.",,
17918704,2008-12-06 07:34:58 +0000,2016-11-18 13:09:04 +0000,14349,517,7248,10958,575220,latimesbooks,L.A. Times Books,true,false,Literary news and reviews from the @latimes' Jacket Copy blog and Books section.,More fine fall fiction,"Los Angeles, CA",
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742749379623165955,2016-06-14 16:03:46 +0000,2016-11-18 10:30:30 +0000,19284,33525,161,5041,33799,latinaafortrump,Irma Hinojosa 🇺🇸,false,false,Advisor: #LatinosWithTrump Writer: #Nationalist #AmericaFirst #MAGA3X,I'm not a disgrace to Latinos. That makes no sense. What's your problem with White people anyway? Why does everythi…,"California, USA",
3352802865,2015-07-01 05:45:41 +0000,2016-11-18 06:25:19 +0000,2578,173,50,107,29535,latinos4Trump,Latinos4Trump,false,false,In support of Mr. Trump for POTUS 2017 & on. For fed up Americans! If you enjoy this content & able to send $1 click here: Thank you.,RT @WeNeedTrump: People say Trump winning is white supremacy. This doesn't look like white supremacy to me. Trump won because Americ…,"California, USA",
3376718313,2015-07-15 02:24:14 +0000,2016-11-18 05:27:38 +0000,7363,38,91,170,36748,Latinos4Trump16,Latinos4Trump,false,false,Enough with the nice! Let's make America great again Viva Trump!,Japan PM: 'I have great confidence in Trump' - BBC News,United States,
745662463400513537,2016-06-22 16:59:19 +0000,2016-11-18 06:20:15 +0000,2517,3599,37,1156,13044,LatinosTrumpUSA,Latinos With Trump,false,false,Official Account for #LatinosWithTrump is a grassroots organization of proud legal #Latinos who believe Trump will unite us & #MAGA #LatinosLoveTrump,RT @realAngeloGomez: I have a great feature in Latina Magazine speaking in support of @realDonaldTrump #TrumpTransition,Trolls = Block,
1658202894,2013-08-09 17:24:31 +0000,2016-11-14 14:20:43 +0000,2038,2000,15,1157,1081,LauraBaeley,Laura Baeley,false,false,Liberty's Torch Bearer and best friend. OPINIONS ARE MY OWN. Getting more conservative by the day because of bearing a torch for liberty!!,"#RealLifeMagicSpells 'Not bad' - tricks a human mind into believing that you're not disappointed with them, while in fact you are",United States,
256199223,2011-02-22 21:33:00 +0000,2016-11-18 14:07:49 +0000,183303,84940,415,1248,8111,laurakfillault,Colonel,false,false,"Get involved locally! The Woodlands Township Director, Fireteam Foundation, Christian. Lived in France = socialism sucks! #GoNavy #GigEm No jackassery, period.",RT @CounterMoonbat: The people who predicted parts of Manhattan would be underwater by 2008 due to climate change are concerned about 'fake news'. Got it.,"The Woodlands, TX",
1256753802,2013-03-10 11:18:51 +0000,2016-11-18 03:15:31 +0000,18670,17546,34,1274,1201,LauraLeeBordas,LauraLee Bordas,false,false,"happily married2 my soul-mate , passionate @ PoliticsEducation staunch right to bare arms CrossedParty lines4TRUMP If I don'tFollow You Mssg me I follow back",RT @realDonaldTrump: Very organized process taking place as I decide on Cabinet and many other positions. I am the only one who knows who the finalists are!, Florida,
534756647,2012-03-23 22:03:46 +0000,2016-11-18 03:54:36 +0000,341,3263,0,88,31,laurena727,Lauren Fulford,false,false,"Huge football fan, especially Atlanta Falcons & University of Georgia. All around lover of sports. News junkie & animal lover in need of a kidney.","@thenastynate54 Great sack on Cam tonight. Wish you were still on the Falcons roster, but glad you're doing well in NOLA.","Atlanta, GA",
48262474,2009-06-18 05:52:12 +0000,2016-11-17 18:02:08 +0000,2357,375,29,1693,845,laurenecrawford,Lauren Crawford,false,false,"A Seattleite, turned Californian and then Washingtonian, but now on the road (because #imwithher). You'll find health care, gossip, sports and my own opinions.",Worth bookmarking... A review of just how weird 2016 ended up being,"Washington, DC",
741092772233482241,2016-06-10 02:21:00 +0000,2016-11-18 14:01:26 +0000,14975,189,62,17208,19684,LaurenJonesGOP,Lauren Jones 🇺🇸,false,false,Trump President 2016! Melania First Lady 2016! Integrity matters! Trump Train Moving Forward! All human lives matter! #TrumpPence16 #MAGA ❤,"TRUMP Announces National Security Team: Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn-NSA, Sen. Sessions as AG, Rep. Pompeo to Head CIA…","Nueva York, USA",
129905825,2010-04-05 19:26:29 +0000,2016-11-18 12:24:07 +0000,23548,8370,97,2551,2585,laurieWr,lawalker,false,false,"I lean ALL THE WAY RIGHT. Long line of military men in my fam. Conservative, Republican, I do not mince words. I love my country... THE WAY IT WAS! #WAKEUP",Make sure you stick to the facts today because cerebral Mercur... More for Libra,The rabbit hole IS the Matrix,
1046019332,2012-12-29 21:19:33 +0000,2016-11-18 12:49:28 +0000,19454,10673,31,390,238,lckgrl1606,Frankie,false,false,TRUMP TRAIN! God bless AMERICA!!,@seanhannity @CNN @AC360 @Acosta @realDonaldTrump CNN-CLINTON News Network! ATTACKS TRUMP/SUPPORTERS-COVERS UP for their queen CRIMINAL,,
555021953,2012-04-16 10:31:55 +0000,2016-11-13 15:50:04 +0000,94,95,4,69,51,lds123,Les Servi,false,false,,"At #INFORMS2016 there are 24 sessions sponsored by the new(ish)Social Media Analytics subdivisions! Many at MCC 210. First ended, 23 left.",,
125304429,2010-03-22 11:21:30 +0000,2016-11-18 09:17:47 +0000,86893,4038,202,1483,1386,ldubindubc,Les Wenzel,false,false,"news hobbyist, gardener, nerd","RT @toddstarnes: Obama very upset about ""fake news."" I completely agree. Something needs to be done about the NYT & WaPost & CNN & MSNBC",not in DubC,
3309829364,2015-08-08 16:31:53 +0000,2016-11-15 06:11:34 +0000,49625,40517,153,6480,20525,LdyGuin,PDX4TRUMP,false,false,"Feminine NOT Feminist, Rare Conservative in a very Blue state, & Staunch supporter of our beloved Constitution! Vote #Trump to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain","RT @_Makada_: Lying media is doing everything they can to try and #StopBannon, they are in full panic mode! Trump & Bannon will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!",PDX,
393190233,2011-10-18 04:48:53 +0000,2016-11-18 06:12:31 +0000,180149,169355,1105,41400,108718,LeahR77,No Apologies✝️🇺🇸,false,false,Entrepreneur MS Psychology Photography #Paranormal SciFi Horror #AnimalLOVER Metal/Goth #Constitution #2A #ProLife Catholic #TrumpArmy #MAGA #FreeJulian,"RT @carrieksada: .@RepCummings why so upset over #Trump son-in-law Kushner, working w/ Trump team when crickets re: #HillarysHuma Mu…", AZ,
756019098,2012-08-13 23:18:10 +0000,,35,2696,0,93,21,LeaRonna,Ronna Lea Martinson,false,true,"Love God, love my country!.. Love my husband Joe and my amazing children..Best gift in my life..My twin sister is my best friend!!",,,
731667423879909376,2016-05-15 02:08:02 +0000,2016-11-16 22:27:04 +0000,18,61,1,134,33,LeeBader1,Lee Bader,false,false,,RT @theWXwoman: Holy hot! 80° officially @DENAirport ties the warmest temperature on record in November. #9wx #cowx,"Highlands Ranch, CO",
716346117496168452,2016-04-02 19:26:38 +0000,2016-11-18 10:44:52 +0000,2429,2816,4,250,204,LeilahSummer,Trump's My President,false,false,"This will be our credo, Americanism, not globalism! #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Blacks4Trump #Women4Trump",RT @MailOnline: Translator at German refugee camp says Muslim migrants display 'pure hatred' of Christians,,
530923847,2012-03-20 04:57:27 +0000,2016-11-18 06:32:41 +0000,8203,13526,22,5005,5505,lellygal,he'sMYpresidentTRUMP,false,false,"I will NOT idly sit back and continue to watch AMERICA being DESTROYED by SELF SERVING, ANTI AMERICA, FEAR MONGERING ELITISTS in DC👊Followed by General Flynn😎","#Trumps the Man, For Some Reason This is Funnier Now, Maybe Because She's Done? LMAO 😳😂","SanctuaryCity, SanFrancisco ",
2565997189,2014-06-13 22:02:57 +0000,2016-11-09 22:41:18 +0000,18671,34,15,562,293,LemonSlayerUS,Lemon Slayer,false,false,"When you're handed lemons, make lemonade! Veteran & Progressive.
Au contraire...","Welcome to the Banana Republic of America!
@realDonaldTrump prefers you to bow, kiss his feet & refer to him as El…",US,
16547587,2008-10-01 18:19:22 +0000,2016-11-18 14:02:37 +0000,26842,0,635,399,11809,LeoShane,Leo Shane III,true,false,"Congressional reporter for Military Times, former vets reporter for Stars & Stripes. Philly sports fan trapped in DC. Don't judge me by past or future haircuts",One in four troops worry about life under President-elect Trump -- new @MilitaryTimes/@IVMFSyracuseU poll out today,"Washington, DC",
547969112,2012-04-07 22:57:12 +0000,2016-11-18 13:58:37 +0000,49848,22292,1131,59563,120289,LessGovMoreFun,Less Gov. More Fun.,false,false,"#GrassRoots & #WeThePeople Followed Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Tig, Tanto, Peggy Noonan, Pat Sajack, Johnny Sack & 120k Patriots like you",. Yes! #SOT,Essex & Orange,
1222581625,2013-02-26 17:37:59 +0000,2016-11-18 14:08:34 +0000,38138,804,510,1443,11897,Levitt_Matt,Matthew Levitt,false,false,"Fromer-Wexler Fellow & Director Stein Counterterrorism Program, The Washington Institute; Author, Hezbollah: The Global Footprint of Lebanon's Party of God","US-led coalition killed Abd al-Basit al-Iraqi, emir of Islamic State’s ‘Middle East external networks’",,
7900962,2007-08-02 06:21:38 +0000,2016-11-18 03:41:36 +0000,6562,9141,1505,1873,56567,lhfang,Lee Fang,true,false,Investigative Journalist. @theintercept,@Bob_Ortega thanks,San Francisco ,
74672763,2009-09-16 06:59:29 +0000,2016-11-17 22:11:27 +0000,44764,32637,105,9926,10085,LiberatedCit,LiberatedCitizen,false,false,"Female - Proud American. Served in Army National Guard. Honored that Donald Trump re-tweeted my tweet!","@steve0423 @realDonaldTrump #ThursdayThoughts
Founding Fathers were very wise",United States,
15995652,2008-08-26 12:45:53 +0000,2016-11-18 03:42:08 +0000,74220,29040,162,5093,7371,lightlady,DEPLORABLE VICTORIA,false,false,"Proud Trump Supporter, Mom, and Avid Animal Advocate.","RT @FreeDavidKing: #ArrestSoros now! Twitter keeps censoring this shirt, share the hell out of it!
Buy➡➡…","Pennsylvania, USA",
3208532924,2015-05-17 14:11:19 +0000,2016-11-16 14:44:48 +0000,179,2093,1,25,36,LilienneStyle,Lili N,false,false,image consultant & personal shopper,"RT @dolcegabbana: Bianca Balti and David Gandy meet again in the Alps, in a new campaign by Mario Testino #DGLightbluewinter…",Monaco,
1288986829,2013-03-22 15:29:58 +0000,,40229,15966,18,4954,1974,Lindaquackenbus,Linda Quackenbush,false,false,"Life is so fragile...Love, Laugh and Live everyday with gusto! My family is my biggest & greatest priority. Life is a precious gift~ @realDonaldTrump for Peace",,,
347627434,2011-08-03 03:00:30 +0000,2016-11-18 06:11:54 +0000,264503,14657,2133,87961,267379,LindaSuhler,"Linda Suhler, Ph.D.",false,false,"I support President Donald J. Trump
AMERICA FIRST Christian supports Family~Constitution~Capitalism~ 2A~NRA~Military~Police~Israel #Election2016 #PresidentTrump","RT @JessicaDitto: ""Ford staying put may rank as Trump's first win...bringing back America's manufacturing-related jobs."" #MAGA",#AmericaFirst,
16954951,2008-10-24 19:20:34 +0000,2016-11-18 12:34:06 +0000,5331,3649,129,1090,2545,lindsdee,Lindsay Deutsch,true,false,content strategist @usatoday network innovation lab. subject matter expert: seltzer. focus: pamplemousse. @remoteyear starting jan. 2017,@thegoodcarmah @markdubya this is right.,san francisco,
1060744393,2013-01-04 15:35:04 +0000,2016-11-18 01:57:07 +0000,2093,16970,6,786,852,LindseyJ_03,Lindsey,false,false,"God loving, conservative, wife & mom of 3 #GodBlessAmerica #RedWhiteBlue 🇺🇸",RT @2016Deplorables: RETWEET if you think Tomi Lahren should replace Megyn Kelly. 🇺🇸#boycottmegynkelly,Alaska & Idaho,
4710244457,2016-01-05 01:40:34 +0000,2016-11-09 17:37:15 +0000,392,116,0,97,24,Liquigen0,Liquigen,false,false,,@FrankLuntz @MMFlint @mitchellvii kudos for bringing this up even though you were proven wrong. Much respect,,
712835300259553284,2016-03-24 02:55:54 +0000,2016-11-18 13:54:33 +0000,1950,8911,6,117,73,lisa84060,Lisa,false,false,I don't need a whole lot of anything~ I just want a little bit of everything.,RT @JackPosobiec: Spot the difference,,
16135651,2008-09-04 21:30:02 +0000,2016-11-17 18:46:40 +0000,3615,34162,32,2464,2802,lisakitter,lisakitter,false,false,"Success Coach, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur Sales Trainer, Internet Marketer, Co-Founder, (Unified Women Inspired Network), AND @Hublife (s) Mom.","A Little Life Lesson In Self Trust",Arizona,
326750744,2011-06-30 12:40:22 +0000,2016-11-18 03:53:29 +0000,3736,1291,24,4896,3246,LisaLohmann,Deplorable Lisa L.,false,false,"#TrumpStrong, Wife, Mom, Pharmacist, Sports Nut = Never a dull moment.",RT @mitchellvii: TRUMP Spent HALF as Much as Hillary and ONE-THIRD as Much As Obama in 2012,"Morgantown, WV",
1171311098,2013-02-12 08:20:25 +0000,2016-11-18 06:42:13 +0000,34005,84964,120,208,2092,LisaLoni14,LisaLoni,false,false,"I love living, and sports, and jokes. 🇺🇸 #ILADS💚",@SenWarren @realDonaldTrump LAUGHABLE straight to the round file 🗑,,
415725818,2011-11-18 18:38:30 +0000,2016-11-18 10:47:10 +0000,75629,47164,140,3133,3340,LisaMiwa,Proud American🇺🇸,false,false,"Artist: Jewelry, weaver, knitter. Love Aussie Shepherds #Trump #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #StopTPP","RT @StefanMolyneux: October 9, 2016: Donald Trump’s Meltdown Is Nearly Complete
November 16, 2016: The Trump Meltdown Begins
23522649,2009-03-09 23:24:35 +0000,2016-11-17 19:18:51 +0000,27823,23808,29,4957,3273,Littleone619,Betsy Young,false,false,"Our next president is DONALD TRUMP!
I'm deleriously happy! Thank you America!!",@LaurenJonesGOP @Jim_Peoples_ Anyone surprised!!,USA,
2903137107,2014-12-03 01:57:40 +0000,2016-11-18 13:57:43 +0000,4384,7781,4,1067,153,livilover23,Liz Joyner,false,false,,RT @Mediaite: Paris Hilton Voted for Donald Trump: ‘I’ve Known Him Since I’m a Little Girl’,"North Carolina, USA",
1726667976,2013-09-03 21:30:54 +0000,2016-11-18 02:42:57 +0000,25797,22657,53,2594,2643,LjHaupt,Laura Haupt,false,false,#onlyTruth #Conservative #unapologeticChristian #Patriot #AirForcewife #ArmyMom,RT @US_Army_Vet: Huge Trump protests planned 4 Inauguration & Patriotic Bikers 4 Trump will be there 2 @foxnation @seanhannity #USA🇺🇸,,
152780763,2010-06-06 21:31:07 +0000,2016-11-18 12:59:16 +0000,47405,41375,132,443,724,llbrantley,Voted4Trump,false,false,I love Jesus & my country!,"RT @realDonaldTrump: Just got a call from my friend Bill Ford, Chairman of Ford, who advised me that he will be keeping the Lincoln plant in Kentucky - no Mexico",United States,
1544653724,2013-06-25 02:58:53 +0000,2016-11-18 12:23:35 +0000,702,2358,2,436,79,lofly727,lofly,false,false,,THANK YOU!!,,
345131103,2011-07-30 03:18:31 +0000,2016-11-18 01:14:37 +0000,25440,44,897,109410,116945,LogicalCampaign,Logical Campaign,false,false,Marketing stuff,We can confirm Mitt Romney was considered for White House toilet cleaner but was rejected as role is too good for h…,London and Los Angeles,
716323240990400513,2016-04-02 17:55:44 +0000,2016-06-13 03:08:47 +0000,21,45,6,422,321,longboards519,Longboards West Palm,false,false,Longboards Restaurant and Bar is a New England Style fresh seafood restaurant with a casual feel. Located at 519 Clematis Avenue.#longboardswpb,RT @aGuyonClematis: Amazing turnout in @westpalmbch to show support & solidarity with our friends & family in #OrlandoStrong 🕯🙏 ✌,"West Palm Beach, FL",
14047387,2008-02-27 07:11:30 +0000,2016-11-18 11:59:12 +0000,4141,2,876,16,23614,LongWarJournal,The Long War Journal,false,false,FDD's Long War Journal is a Project of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (@followFDD). Edited by @thomasjoscelyn & @billroggio,Analysis: Jund al Aqsa’s deep Gulf roots -,,
353454766,2011-08-12 03:01:47 +0000,2016-11-18 07:50:06 +0000,2520,4869,11,823,727,lookup4love,🌻 Tonya,false,false,#Lover of #Life & #Nature #CollegeGraduate #JesusSaves #USMilitary #MAGA #Writer #Painter #Singer #Psychology #Politics Followed by @GenFlynn @Harlan,"RT @VoteTrumpPics: ""There’s great like-minded people out there who are Americans first and Republicans or Democrats second."" -…",North Carolina,
2767166387,2014-09-11 13:59:12 +0000,2016-11-18 14:02:20 +0000,52495,55529,84,4463,5676,lorettatheprole,Loretta the Prole,false,false,"Christian, American, Stayhome Mom, Lawyer Admitted NY (JD Fordham, BA Cornell), Ex-expat: Fluent French, Spanish, Italian. #AmericaFirst #MAGA",RT @Frosteetoes: @bibi4Trump @wikileaks Hillary Soros.,"Appalachia, baby!",
932728112,2012-11-07 19:05:00 +0000,2016-11-15 15:06:52 +0000,386,510,2,107,19,LoriLawson12,carolina girl,false,false,,@7Wildcard,,
3990358228,2015-10-18 23:02:39 +0000,2016-11-18 13:44:32 +0000,10270,8624,83,25237,25447,lorrik24,Deplorable Lorri,false,false,"American wife, mother, grandmother. Worried about our future. From Northern California. #InGodWeTrust #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #TrumpTrain","RT @amrightnow: ""The Real Trump"" Make Video #1 (Trump About You) #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #tcot #1A","New Jersey, USA",
3745023675,2015-09-23 02:49:38 +0000,2016-11-18 12:33:42 +0000,18835,18627,47,2443,2560,lost_tribe_7000,Jessica #MAGA 🇺🇸,false,false,WIFE & MOM. Pray daily. Born a Yankee & Southern by Grace. No safe space here! #TheMostHigh #Patriot #2A #GenXr #MAGA #TrumpPence2016 #BasketOfDeplorables 🇺🇸💙,@davidiansimpso3 Undoubtedly!!!!,"South Carolina, USA",
26487169,2009-03-25 12:39:59 +0000,2016-11-18 13:27:57 +0000,24329,4340,3252,2440,951129,LouDobbs,Lou Dobbs,true,false,"Lou Dobbs Tonight, Fox Business Network, 7 & 11 pm IG:","Who did you want, David? Perhaps a community organizer, a social worker? #MAGA #AmericaFirst #TrumpTrain #Dobbs","New York, NY",
860808168,2012-10-04 03:47:49 +0000,2016-11-18 06:43:07 +0000,58359,27506,154,6097,5670,Love_Chihuahua,Lisa,false,false,Conservative Jersey Girl! I LOVE the USA! Thank those serving our Country! #MAGA #TrumpTrain #NRA,RT @gerfingerpoken2: (IBD) So Why Can't Barack Hussein Admit #ISIS Beheaded Christians? - - @IBDeditorials - 120,"New Jersey, USA",
242147639,2011-01-24 02:13:40 +0000,2016-11-18 03:03:44 +0000,27462,27703,120,2955,3476,loveubotox,Deana Meadows,false,false,"Just imagine a big pile of autumn leaves flying everywhere. My passions entrepreneurship Life,art,photography,activist sports music .So I will tweet at will.","Lol !🏆😂
The snowflake award .
Yes let's #AuditTheVote - LOL!",Punta Gorda FL ,
129235890,2010-04-03 16:27:01 +0000,2016-11-18 13:58:31 +0000,209479,46845,1358,10420,112285,Lrihendry,Lori Hendry,false,false,God•Family•Country #lnyhbt #tcot #Israel #ccot followed by: @AllenWest @SeanHannity @DineshDSouza @SheriffClarke @EricBolling @chuckwoolery @cvpayne @GenFlynn,RT @Hutch_USA: MT @Lrihendry: I AM NOT YOUR ENEMY!!! Should you choose to be mine... #BlueLivesMatter #PJNET,,
1612314367,2013-07-22 07:50:13 +0000,2016-11-12 14:04:47 +0000,100,40,0,20,5,LSUGumbo2,Rick,false,false,,RT @KTLA: George W. Bush spent the election season painting portraits of veterans wounded carrying out his orders…,,
2990295207,2015-01-21 18:15:14 +0000,2016-11-17 21:50:29 +0000,1587,6682,1,314,58,Lt_FankDrebin,Bob Nugent,false,false,,@JohnDennisWEEI Looking forward to it like a 5 year old for Christmas.,Lt_Frank Drebin,
3126563358,2015-04-01 17:27:50 +0000,2016-11-18 05:18:27 +0000,84744,19309,74,5864,5400,LTGRIGSBY,LTGRIGSBY #2A #III%,false,false,"#ProudAmerican 🇺🇸 #2A #III% #CCOT #COS #AFFF76 🇺🇸 #TRumpArmy 🇺🇸#DEPLORABLE 🇺🇸❤️️
#WakeUpAmerica 🚨 #RedNationRising 🇺🇸#Molonlabe 🇺🇸 #Clinger‼️
#MAGAX3 🚨🚨",RT @jillosophy:,NC ,
25539759,2009-03-20 17:29:08 +0000,2016-11-18 14:06:20 +0000,169003,37585,513,60106,64887,LToddWood,L.Todd Wood,false,false,"Pilot,bond trader,novelist-Writes history, politics, economics. Author historical fiction, Columnist Washington Times, Foreign Correspondent",I love this! Copies are being shipped...thanks for your patience...we have huge demand!,NYC/DC/Moscow,
589357694,2012-05-24 19:24:08 +0000,2016-11-18 05:25:49 +0000,719,3143,1,1348,960,luckyjonesss,luckyjones,false,false,"Finance by trade, free spirited soul... Yankee fan, mountain trekking #NRA #MAGA #SaveSCOTUS Courage is fear holding on a minute longer-Patton",@DLVersion @jimlibertarian @joecatone1958 dude I'm a girl and I totally agree .. I mute girls for that girly crap .. Wtf..,"Manhattan, NY TrumpUSA",
800594840,2012-09-03 15:09:27 +0000,2016-11-18 05:03:51 +0000,4332,1145,3,134,86,LucyShoupp,Lucy Shoupp,false,false,"Retired hospital administrator, PTR",@SalenaZito @thehill Not everyone has gone mad. Some MSM not you cover bizarre person or idea & if not sensational enough they make it so.,Pennsylvania,
48438566,2009-06-18 18:21:10 +0000,2016-11-18 13:33:02 +0000,141558,19206,518,6550,5967,Luminaria98,luminaria98,false,false,"The only thing to fear is fear itself Liberal, Democrat, Pro Planet, Pro People - RT = interesting only. I grow herbs and I garden Adopt a Pet #URGENT PODR --",Surprise! Insurance Paid the E.R. but Not the Doctor,"Long Island, New York",
388077359,2011-10-10 04:29:08 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:49 +0000,70687,49919,140,2708,2955,lush_cmte,Lush ™ ن,false,false,I love what #America used to be and will be again | #God | #Married | #Flirt | #Naugthy | #Patriot | #Whiskey | #NRA | 18+Only | No DMs (Unless I Like You),"RT @WeNeedTrump: The Obama's 3 accomplishments in 8 years!
School lunches inedible.
Health insurance unaffordable.
Police lives uni…",Pacific Northwest,
759041764225200128,2016-07-29 15:03:53 +0000,2016-11-18 14:06:00 +0000,11227,6856,21,964,947,luvmyveteran,Karen W,false,false,"former nurse, married to a Viet Nam Marine veteran, and proud Trump supporter! No lists!",RT @BobG231:,,
601076863,2012-06-06 15:52:50 +0000,2016-11-18 14:03:15 +0000,99117,38303,379,16715,21176,lybr3,Stubbornly Me.,false,false,My lil girl. My guitar. My thoughts. My God. My life....and always MY OWN WAY. Always.,RT @JackPosobiec: I don't recall the press complaining when Bill Clinton ditched his detail to go on the Lolita Express 2 dozen times,Reality,
25413556,2009-03-19 23:48:49 +0000,2016-11-17 13:31:42 +0000,2056,9389,228,978,44023,LynnePatton,Lynne Patton,true,false,Proud American. Struggling Golfer. Marathon Finisher. Golden Girls Fanatic. 5M+ views on @YouTube. #RNC speaker. Has the Best Job In The World. IG: lynnepatton,"Thank you, #TrumpTrain, for bringing my @YouTube video for @realDonaldTrump past #5MILLION+ views! 🚂💨…","New York, USA",
97742728,2009-12-18 20:33:34 +0000,2016-11-17 17:15:25 +0000,18814,7055,66,1560,1267,lyoungb5,LYoung,false,false,"Keep on, then, seeking first the Kingdom and His righteousness. Matthew 6:33",Anti-Defamation League Backs Down on False Stephen Bannon Claims via @BreitbartNews,"Georgia, USA",
349240397,2011-08-05 19:54:20 +0000,2016-11-17 16:12:29 +0000,8346,3850,10,1055,598,M_Singleton23,Mitchell Singleton,false,false,"I'm a Christian, a conservative, and a republican, in that order.",RT @kevinolearytv: Supporting small businesses is CRUCIAL to keeping the economy strong! #SmallBusinessSaturday,"Pensacola, Florida ",
3363240365,2015-07-06 23:00:03 +0000,2016-11-17 20:02:25 +0000,2732,918,11,793,419,maddpax1,Maddpax,false,false,"Dog Lover, Beach Lover, Lover of Asian Women. US Army Retired. Go EAGLES! Make PEACE not WAR.",RT @TrumpsNewsDaily: Trump to ban appointees from lobbying for foreign governments,"Pennsylvania, USA",
2319339266,2014-01-30 18:15:04 +0000,2016-11-18 10:29:24 +0000,43374,14370,128,25358,27645,MADE__USA,TRUMP USA,false,false,"Vets First, America First #USA #TrumpPence2016 #MAGA #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #VETSFIRST",RT @DodeTwo2: @mike_pence @transition2017 -Congratulations Mr. Vice President. I prayed hard for you & Mr President & Christ answered America's prayers🙏🏻,United States,
783836435799429121,2016-10-06 01:09:04 +0000,2016-11-18 14:04:34 +0000,3868,4854,77,71,14601,MAGA3X,MAGA3X 🇺🇸,false,false,We Committed to Registering Three Trump Voters and Got Them To The Polls on November 8th‼️ #MAGA3X 🇺🇸,"TRUMP IGNORES WALLSTREET CONSULTANTS: Obama Didn't Even Pick His Cabinet, CITIBANK DID - Common Sense Evaluation",,
3197771592,2015-05-16 19:40:18 +0000,2016-11-18 05:08:49 +0000,14944,105,192,123,35984,MagicRoyalty,MADAME,false,false,FOLLOW MY ACCOUNT IF YOU WANT TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN----PRESIDENT TRUMP SUPPORTER--LAKERS---DODGERS---VIKINGS,RT @MagicRoyalty: MUST WATCH: THIS DANCE WAS UNBELIEVABLE! I LOVED IT! Did you love it?,"California, USA",
431917957,2011-12-08 20:48:54 +0000,2016-11-17 15:10:21 +0000,203816,173004,580,5583,49216,magnifier661,PREZ-ELECT 🚨TRUMP🚨,false,false,It's a movement!⚡️ #TrumpPence16♠️ #MAGA🇺🇸 my meme portfolio: 👍,"RT @SebGorka: Subversion of @realDonaldTrump continues:
Illinois bill will punish any company working to build The Wall:","California, USA",
701638140,2012-07-17 19:34:36 +0000,,115,11,2,322,45,magwood_cj,Carlos J. Magwood,false,true,,,,
17001388,2008-10-27 16:23:09 +0000,2016-11-18 14:05:23 +0000,19103,285,203,7902,9442,MAJMikeLyons,Mike Lyons,false,false,"@CBSRadioNews Military Analyst; @CBSNLive; @WestPoint_USMA; @NYUStern; @USArmy; @TrumanProject; @IonaPrepHockey. Life is difficult, endure the hardship.",@Ami_Marisol Neither has many in the past. Goss was crony Yale Skull and Bones alum - that was his ticket - and even had agency exp,New York,
706760425300467712,2016-03-07 08:36:31 +0000,2016-11-17 22:05:14 +0000,6679,2469,13,107,431,MAKETHEPLEDGE16,Extradite Soros,false,false,#TrumpPence16 #MAGA,RT @steph93065: #TrumpTrain must be very diligent over the holiday season NOT to spend a single dime with corporations fighting against our President.,Adding me to a list = Block,
536565242,2012-03-25 19:12:18 +0000,2016-10-15 00:51:23 +0000,60,166,0,493,63,mamacritter4,LouAnn Ritter,false,false,,"@MedvedSHOW Yes, he has low character. So does Hillary. And Gary Johnson. So who are you voting for?",,
53706758,2009-07-04 16:42:18 +0000,2016-11-18 02:56:49 +0000,7164,5641,16,259,91,mamahempy,Mama Hempy,false,false,"FNP x 20 yrs, RN x 36 yrs, married 30 yrs, Mother of 4 boys, Grandmother of 3. Fiercely Independent, compassionate constitutional conservative.","RT @megynkelly: .@CarlHigbie: “I welcome…people from all over the world to join us here, but I want to make sure it’s safe for Americans…that I fought for.”","Lake Park, IA",
472192957,2012-01-23 18:04:05 +0000,2015-10-30 17:01:41 +0000,447,2,29,1936,1482,mamaknwsfitness,Sheri Barnes,false,false,"I empower women to get their groove back by increasing their energy & confidence. Speaker, Author, Coach, Nationally recognized Kettlebell expert, Adventurista!","Breathing fresh air is a boon to ur body. Outdoor exercise can crank up ur energy while decreasing tension, frustration, & depression. #yes","Philadelphia, PA",
2892800704,2014-11-26 00:58:21 +0000,2016-11-18 13:28:33 +0000,19968,19131,74,745,8732,MamaReg2,🎇🎉MamaReg🇺🇸🎆🎊,false,false,"Fiscal Cons/Social Mod-Mom,Wife,Cubana in❤w/🇺🇸It's all about freedom,responsibility,self reliance & accountability
@MAGAvideos @VideosMAGA #LatinosWithTrump","🎆🎇ON BOARD!!!🎊🎉
@GenFlynn🇺🇸 NSA
@jeffsessions🇺🇸 AG
@mikepompeo🇺🇸 CIA Dir
#MAGA🇺🇸 Day 10",Pennsylvania,
253607408,2011-02-17 16:01:10 +0000,2016-11-11 00:15:10 +0000,600,953,3,407,90,mammaDivah,jess,false,false,,"RT @DeannaChristia9: #BlackLivesMatter
You are being used.",South Texas,
108556027,2010-01-26 09:04:43 +0000,2016-11-18 12:29:00 +0000,348771,388577,633,4066,2204,ManchurianDevil,James Stanhope,false,false,Following news/commentary about Middle East and U.S. Healthcare. Retweets =/= endorsement.,RT @BloombergQuint: Surprise! Donald Trump may be great for business. @petercoy looks at why businesses in U.S. had a sudden change of…,"Atlanta, Georgia, USA",
249504637,2011-02-09 05:20:28 +0000,2016-11-18 12:04:35 +0000,64339,39554,19,8077,8632,Manni_syd,Marlin Shamoon,false,false,PRESIDENT-Elect DONALD TRUMP Will #MakeAmericaGreatAgain ❤,RT @seanhannity: Maybe @CNN needs to stop feeding candidates debate questions and maybe u can stop colluding with the DNC. Then mayb…,,
369829295,2011-09-08 00:58:52 +0000,2016-11-18 14:06:36 +0000,4198,649,5,283,127,MannyBermas,Manny,false,false,Wellness Advocate - PHYSICALLY & SPIRITUALLY. Very Senior Retiree. Worked in 3rd world countries.,"You're so correct. Closed minded people disappear.😊 I am Asian, can speak some Spanish and am s US citizen.",United States,
717714266313326592,2016-04-06 14:03:10 +0000,2016-11-17 17:45:32 +0000,133,36,0,168,27,ManuelaBetscha1,Manuela,false,false,,"RT @welt: Einfach stark! Ein kleiner Junge protestiert gegen #Trump: ""Wenn er eine Mauer baut, werde ich groß und reiße sie e…",,
12340562,2008-01-17 01:07:38 +0000,2016-11-18 08:03:53 +0000,22708,13496,3122,5825,36595,marcambinder,Marc Ambinder,true,false,"News, politics, ideas, tech. Writer of books on national security. Now: @USAToday, @TheWeek. Fellow @AnnenbergMedia at @USC. Ex-DC Journo.",@LFRGary what city is that?,Los Angeles,
1463059626,2013-05-27 20:31:30 +0000,2016-11-18 07:22:45 +0000,6297,878,114,2904,3987,MarcelHVanHerpe,Marcel H. Van Herpen,false,false,Russia Expert/Speaker/Director Cicero Foundation Books: PUTIN'S WARS PUTINISM,"RT @er3: Michael Flynn's son and chief of staff pushed conspiracy theories, obscene memes online -",Paris (F) and Maastricht (NL) ,
704851999997579264,2016-03-02 02:13:07 +0000,2016-11-18 11:38:14 +0000,2516,58539,8,172,388,MarciaD97650789,Marcia D,false,false,Very glad to see America supporting our Vets. When my husband came home from Vietnam the American people SPIT on them. Strong Trump supporter for USA.,RT @trumpaboard: I'd like to see @GovMikeHuckabee on the #Trump Team! I nominate #Huckabee for Secretary of State! The H🚽LL w Mitt R…,"California, USA",
18635250,2009-01-05 16:02:10 +0000,2016-11-18 08:08:06 +0000,27415,33309,185,19317,31566,MarcoGutierrez,Marco4Trump Ⓜ️ MAGA,false,false,OPEN MINDS ~ OPEN DOORS -Knowledge of the path is not a substitute for walking it! -Grateful Son of Ronald Reagan -autodidact~ Hispanic political commentator!,,"California, USA",
41980930,2009-05-23 05:22:06 +0000,2016-11-17 00:28:04 +0000,2414,902,1050,278,221020,MarcusLuttrell,Marcus Luttrell,true,false,American Patriot. Team Never Quit. Lone Survivor Foundation. Boot Campaign. Husband & Dad. Damn Proud TEXAN,Huge thanks to Patrick Crayton for coming on to the Team Never Quit Podcast with Rut and I today and being our...,"Houston, TX",
3305436433,2015-08-03 18:34:27 +0000,2016-11-18 14:10:01 +0000,7223,34234,20,34,275,maria_macaul,Maria Macaul,false,false,Graduate of USF. Extensive career in medical devices. Currently a stay at home mom. Love My Lord And Savior Jesus Christ,RT @LouDobbs: Breitbart says @realDonaldTrump asked Cong. Mike Pompeo to be his CIA Director. @mikepompeo is a great American #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs,"Houston, TX",
208155240,2010-10-26 18:58:26 +0000,2016-11-18 13:51:39 +0000,14809,2184,3404,1125,231266,MariaBartiromo,Maria Bartiromo,true,false,"Anchor, Global Markets Editor Mornings with Maria @MorningsMaria 6-9 AM ET M-F on @FoxBusiness Network & @SundayFutures 10:00 AM ET Sundays @FoxNews.Channel",Cheers! @MichtersWhiskey celebration sour mash now @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness @GaryKaminsky,"New York, NY ",
2398409593,2014-03-19 20:17:31 +0000,2016-11-08 23:28:59 +0000,70,10728,0,45,57,MariaMilianME,"Maria Milian, ME",false,false,"Skin therapist, Acne destroyer, Beauty expert",@realDonaldTrump We are praying for you !,"Miami, Florida",
326288537,2011-06-29 17:40:21 +0000,2016-11-18 11:27:40 +0000,45429,304,55,607,819,MariannBenway,Mariann Benway,false,false,"Proud Conservative, court reporter, wife of an American hero and mother of warrior sons and homeschooling daughters. #TRUMP2016 #MAGA YOU LIST, I BLOCK!","RT @TallahForTrump: I'm just posting this to see if Twitter is going to censor it too. Maybe that's the problem, dumb liberals don't ev…",,
736041984377425920,2016-05-27 03:50:58 +0000,2016-10-11 01:43:11 +0000,6221,3027,25,726,488,Marilyn4Trump,Trump Train!,false,false,On the Trump Train on day one!,663076,,
3329538978,2015-08-24 19:38:02 +0000,2016-11-18 12:36:25 +0000,2172,14625,1,593,577,MarioCa07125414,MC,false,false,Football ❤️️,@seanhannity @CNN @brianstelter O credibility! No one will forget how Anderson 360 opened up dbate w pussygate ! Shame ! #WeWon #MAGA,"Texas, USA",
742138915222659072,2016-06-12 23:38:00 +0000,2016-06-12 23:52:57 +0000,1,0,0,6,4,Mark30Contender,Mark McLean,false,false,,Man I'm glad to be in the Bahamas!,,
16056260,2008-08-30 16:56:16 +0000,2016-11-18 13:07:18 +0000,17309,1648,64,670,610,mark_37923,Mark Robinson,false,false,"Conservative, Christian (Jer 12:5), Investor, 5th Gen Texan",RT @OffGridInThePNW: The Far Left Is Planning The Biggest Political Protest In United States History For Inauguration Day @realalexjones,"Knoxville, TN",
4064199513,2015-10-29 00:35:08 +0000,2016-11-17 21:30:00 +0000,800,722,3,159,115,mark_graff1,Mark Graff,false,false,DSF '19 | Nova Swimming,RT @alplicable: Remember Paul Ryan and the interns? This is them now. Feel old yet?,,
254817640,2011-02-20 02:27:35 +0000,2016-11-18 13:55:37 +0000,2925,4256,5,245,95,markbsells,mark blair,false,false,Believer in Christ//Inspired by my Grandkids//USAF//GCC Member//REALTOR//Hebrews 11:1,Terrible deal. Tear it up. @RepMikePompeo,"Elizabethtown, KY",
4146483742,2015-11-09 03:43:03 +0000,2016-11-18 13:53:12 +0000,31667,5576,44,348,566,MarkByers17,lonewolfrider,false,false,Reasonable mind/fact based opinions. No left/right wing BS news sites. #ClintonCash #UraniumOne #USA #bluelivesmatter #ProjectVeritas #FBI #TrumpPence,"RT @bocavista2016: Rahm Emanuel assures illegals are ""safe""
Dear Rahm
The families of those MURDERED by illegals DISAGREE
#Trump2016","Miami, FL",
32308872,2009-04-17 04:36:39 +0000,2016-06-08 11:01:43 +0000,55274,32038,57,2305,2597,markc01,Mark,false,false,"The ALP-Greens Party let over 1200 men, women & children needlessly drown. Ex #RAN Those who say retweets are not endorsements are only fooling themselves.","RT @GrayConnolly: Perhaps just set the bar at ""not under FBI investigation""?",#GoCats,
38495835,2009-05-07 19:18:36 +0000,2016-11-18 13:58:25 +0000,12877,0,7608,3,668073,marklevinshow,Mark R. Levin,true,false,THIS IS THE OFFICIAL MARK LEVIN SHOW TWITTER PAGE,"Communists, Socialists, and Hillary, oh my!",Underground Bunker,
2489678468,2014-05-11 11:06:09 +0000,2016-11-18 13:55:37 +0000,11385,16085,32,1981,1283,MarkMcManus60,Deplorable Mark🇺🇸,false,false,Proud to be an American! Proud to be deplorable! Proud Trump Supporter! Conservative and 2nd Amendment loving! Northern NY native!,"RT @toddstarnes: Obama on his minions: ""I wouldn't advise them to be silent."" What about violent, sir? Would you advise them not to be violent?","Lake of the Woods, VA",
389762109,2011-10-12 23:28:06 +0000,2016-11-18 13:15:38 +0000,8365,70,101,1431,2470,markondefense,Mark R. Jacobson,true,false,"Former DoD official; now @Ducoexperts @PellCenter; Army & Navy Vet; @Umich Wolverine; Opinions my own, ❤️= bookmark & RTs ≠ endorsement","Last sitting US Rep to serve as CIA director was Porter Goss: lasted less than year, viewed as outsider, treated as…",Washington DC,
218963487,2010-11-23 15:47:17 +0000,2016-11-16 10:19:03 +0000,1035,17,180,425,5225,marksedwill,Mark Sedwill,false,false,Permanent Secretary at the UK's Home Office. Chair of The Lifeboat Fund. Trustee of HALO Trust and TeamRubicon UK.,RT @PlymouthChaz: Good to meet @marksedwill representing @1914Sikhs at Home Office celebrating #GuruNanak #Gurupurab @WeWereThere2…,London,
18071459,2008-12-12 06:09:53 +0000,2016-11-18 05:03:16 +0000,13758,10,600,1624,28578,MarkSimoneNY,MARK SIMONE,true,false,"MARK SIMONE'S OFFICIAL TWITTER PAGE. Radio/TV: Heard on 710 WOR Radio Monday thru Friday 10am-Noon. Nationally on iHeart Radio. Seen on NY1 TV, PBS, FOX, MSNBC",Watch This. It's Bill Clinton in 1995 Saying Everything Donald trump Said About Immigrants and the Border:,New York,
1078510842,2013-01-11 04:46:07 +0000,2016-11-18 13:46:40 +0000,15006,32738,24,3738,2939,marrafam,WinningPragmatic,false,false,#Trump2016 Lawyer & Mensa member who voted Trump! It's time to undo the nightmare of the last 8 years!,"@mariannb1 Yes, the liberals endanger us all with their willingness to invite our enemies upon us.","Illinois, USA",
318694851,2011-06-16 22:12:18 +0000,2016-11-18 14:08:03 +0000,23254,16576,34,651,447,marsha9753,Deplorable Marsha,false,false,Psychotherapist/private practice. Believe Mr Trump can lead OUR COUNTRY back to safety/greatness/SANITY! Disappointed Republicans not honoring SIGNED PLEDGES!,RT @JewsChooseTrump: Anti-Defamation League Backs Down on False Stephen Bannon Claims,,
724477412310847488,2016-04-25 05:57:30 +0000,2016-11-18 10:04:27 +0000,19680,15408,43,320,869,marsialynn86,Redeemed Marsha,false,false,HISTORY MADE NOV 08 2016: POTUS ELECT DONALD J TRUMP! USA FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT! Heterosexual! Followed by: @PastorDScott @GenFlynn @seanhannity,RT @FUNKYMANUDO: @prince,USA,
1693894483,2013-08-23 13:37:20 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:03 +0000,42643,4010,123,15440,15872,MarthaLivingmar,MLH_TX,false,false,"Conservative Christian Passionate for America,husband,family, animals. I don't always carry_just kidding. Pro Israel prolife Help defenseless! We VotedTrump",,,
46681100,2009-06-12 15:56:49 +0000,2016-11-18 12:12:48 +0000,4979,22,2526,462,271100,marthamaccallum,martha maccallum,true,false,"Anchor,Reporter, Jersey girl and St. Lawrence University grad. Love Dan, my awesome kids, politics, sports and theater. Retweets not endorsements.","so true, Gillian. and no senate confirmation needed.",New York NY,
46131997,2009-06-10 15:04:28 +0000,2015-09-26 00:47:42 +0000,529,1,1213,42,62573,Martin_Dempsey,GEN Martin Dempsey,true,false,The 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.,My final post:,The Pentagon,
291872654,2011-05-02 19:06:51 +0000,2016-11-12 01:27:00 +0000,1775,360,12,400,318,mary_gunther,Mary Gunther,false,false,Navy vet. Mom of 9. Ready for influence? Shaking up the grownups.,LIVE on #Periscope,,
559969624,2012-04-22 01:01:37 +0000,2016-11-18 03:48:47 +0000,6560,8431,67,8867,8886,maryannemercog,Mary Anne,false,false,"If you don't speak out against tyranny, then you are already a slave. @tedcruz @michellemalkin @seanhannity @DineshDSouza follow",@JasonAU1981 yes I did!! Got it. That's terrible. They always do what they accuse us of doing!,NYC and CT,
1610788956,2013-07-21 15:53:30 +0000,2016-11-18 11:56:20 +0000,8871,4748,21,909,749,marybleuz205,Mary Ann Leuchtmann,false,false,"President Trump, proud supporter. November 8th 2016 was by far the best night of my life..looking forward to living in a safe, caring and strong USA!"," Great, get the cucks out and Trump in Enough As if it's going to help their cause. Have to put all over Facebook","Davie, FL",
37316286,2009-05-03 00:10:12 +0000,2016-11-13 05:51:57 +0000,1008,66,6,775,521,maryclairerose,Mary Claire Kendall,false,false,"I am a writer. My book, 'Oasis: Conversion Stories of Hollywood Legends,' was published in 2015. Spanish version published in 2016. Working on 'Oasis' II etc.",'SNL': Watch Kate McKinnon Sing Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' as Hillary,"Washington, DC",
717755642144886784,2016-04-06 16:47:35 +0000,2016-11-18 13:02:34 +0000,25990,20800,73,340,334,MaryFass3,Mary Fass,false,false,,RT @Breaking911: Donald Trump has offered Senator Jeff Sessions role of Attorney General in his administration (BreakingNews/Sky),,
563767568,2012-04-26 14:30:37 +0000,2016-11-18 08:39:26 +0000,7113,6463,14,1806,1389,MaryPena4,Mary Pena,false,false,"I am one Blessed woman! Republican! Married 42 yrs, 3 adult daughters, 3 grandchildren & 3 dogs. I love God, family,animals & my country-USA TRUMP",@bfraser747 @PastorDScott What do u say when you hear the truth? Nothing but smile & thank God our people are wide awake! All of us!,"Corpus Christi, TX",
972651,2007-03-12 01:28:01 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:05 +0000,215270,615,129777,2835,7897862,mashable,Mashable,true,false,"News, resources, inspiration and fun for the connected generation. Tweets by @mashable staff.",Twitter CEO apologizes for white supremacy ad:,,
86152476,2009-10-29 20:18:15 +0000,2016-11-18 12:54:01 +0000,3765,373,148,4544,5388,masoodfarivar,Masood Farivar,false,false,Supervisory International Broadcaster at Voice of America.,"RT @CNN: Trump has offered retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn role of national security advisor, transition official says…","Washington, D.C.",
3035701077,2015-02-14 00:36:30 +0000,2016-11-18 10:15:00 +0000,2965,867,13,1458,832,MasterChiefSW,MC Mike,false,false,,RT @dcexaminer: University of Virginia president refuses to scrub Thomas Jefferson from speech,,
1347259627,2013-04-12 16:45:20 +0000,,21871,5701,52,683,413,Mathum1,Yep,false,false,"2A, 3P, VFW, FFL/SOT",,USA,
321156998,2011-06-21 03:29:38 +0000,2016-11-16 12:22:04 +0000,4375,2975,4,858,441,Matt_Schaller,Matt Schaller,false,false,"Conservative, Vanderbilt Baseball Dad, Bowhunter.","RT @bocavista2016: #ThankyouObama for being such a DISAPPOINTMENT
You truly define the term ""Wasted Potential""
#Trump2016 #TrumpTrain","Indiana, USA",
86840226,2009-11-02 00:55:39 +0000,2016-11-18 13:35:52 +0000,896,385,160,2941,3963,mattdberk,Matt Berk,false,false,CEO @ecosupplycenter // #greenbuilding #passivehouse #natresources #marketing,RT @rogerhamilton: Here are the 8 tips to attract your first 250K @instagram followers. -,"Philadelphia, PA",
145728164,2010-05-19 18:34:35 +0000,2016-11-18 03:41:28 +0000,5190,1787,159,1429,3021,matthewacole,Matthew Cole,true,false,journalist covering national security for @the_intercept PGP Public Key:,"RT @MikeIsaac: the ghost of Liberace called this room over the weekend and said ""you might want to tone it down""","New York, NY",
2979242392,2015-01-15 01:37:09 +0000,2016-11-18 02:11:31 +0000,3009,2516,23,400,765,MatthewBetley,Matthew Betley,false,false,"Political-action thriller author, Emily Bestler Books at Simon & Schuster; former Marine officer; recovering alcoholic; opponent of all political correctness",RT @FoxNews: #BREAKING: Fox News confirms President-elect Trump has offered Lt. @GenFlynn position of National Security Adviser.…,,
17060020,2008-10-30 04:30:12 +0000,2016-11-18 06:44:03 +0000,589,7015,3463,780,84211,Max_Fisher,Max Fisher,true,false,"Editor and writer @nytimes for The Interpreter, a column exploring the ideas and context behind major world events.",@EricaChenoweth @smsaideman 😱,"Washington, DC",
1362368612,2013-04-18 16:37:37 +0000,2016-11-18 12:18:11 +0000,34719,105368,1034,2484,28522,MaxAbrahms,Max Abrahms,true,false,Terrorism Theorist I Political Science Prof I Northeastern University I Council on Foreign Relations I Center for Cyber & Homeland Security I Married @karlula,"@Ibishblog Definitely, this isn't the end of them.","Boston, MA",
3379577483,2015-07-16 23:20:45 +0000,2016-11-18 06:59:11 +0000,1957,5556,48,6963,8196,MaxSteel747,🇺🇸Max🛡Steel,false,false,U.S. Army Combat Medic Veteran from Fla Ocean Bodybuilding Martial Arts Support all our Troops Deployed! God Bless USA!,RT @MaxSteel747: If people who are here illegally fear Trump Will Deport You Then why didn't you have that same fear before Crossing…,,
483420800,2012-02-05 00:37:39 +0000,2016-11-18 11:21:53 +0000,10484,77370,63,4084,3778,mbc1209,MaryBeth,false,false,"Christian, Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Homeschooler, Paleo / Primal, Sister of @jpctx1975 & @WesternPAJon Deep In the ❤️ of Texas",RT @ramzpaul: After WW2 there was a de-nazification of Europe. It is now time for de-globalization of Europe. Leaders of globalism must be put on trial.,,
271957908,2011-03-25 14:36:06 +0000,2016-11-18 13:32:41 +0000,3048,6897,0,122,296,MBGunner,Mary Young,false,false,"GOD BLESS AMERICA!! We have been liberated!!! Honor, Character, Loyalty=Trust",@mitchellvii they will never admit that,USA,
205290095,2010-10-20 14:53:30 +0000,2016-11-17 17:01:02 +0000,5024,2568,272,2059,7401,mcchrystalgroup,McChrystal Group,false,false,#Leadership #management advisory firm dedicated to building adaptable teams capable of solving the most complex challenges through our #TeamofTeams approach,"Check out this week's #tbt from @FussellChris on ""How JSOC Harnessed Networks To Take on Terrorists"" in @DefenseOne…","Alexandria, VA",
94818581,2009-12-05 16:10:51 +0000,2016-11-18 05:55:34 +0000,7168,9614,82,37794,38494,MCCNP,iRREDEEMIBLE🔸Ⓜⓐⓡⓚ,false,false,100% Pres. TRUMP. 🚂I hear the train a comin' It's rolling round the bend And I ain't seen the sunshine since I don't know when #TrumpTrain I'M ALL IN 🇺🇸,"Jesse Jackson calls for Barack Obama to pardon Hillary Clinton via @MailOnline",Folsom Prison,
592871551,2012-05-28 16:35:41 +0000,,21038,16026,13,171,99,mceganart,marsha egan,false,true,"Artist, retired psychologist, writer, photographer",,"Syracuse, NY",
147899730,2010-05-25 09:54:55 +0000,2016-11-18 12:36:38 +0000,26722,184,98,1653,1732,mcguffindavid,David McGuffin,true,false,"Supervising Editor @morningedition @npr in DC via Nairobi, Rome, Beijing, Moscow and mostly Ottawa.",RT @Metallica: Tune in to NPR @MorningEdition today at 5:51 AM and 7:51 AM to hear Lars discuss Hardwired... and all things Metallica. #HTSD,"Washington, DC",
705496405369090048,2016-03-03 20:53:45 +0000,2016-10-22 13:40:24 +0000,147,16,0,5,9,mcnabbron1,Ron McNabb,false,false,,Biden wishes he could take Trump 'behind the gym' over lewd comments via the @FoxNews App,,
748358930,2012-08-10 01:47:56 +0000,2016-09-16 17:28:14 +0000,485,1254,0,66,62,mcox_w,Marvin Cox,false,false,In love with Bonnie Cox since 1973.,RT @AFPhq: Happy #ConstitutionDay! RT if you think government needs to do a better job of respecting our Constitution.,"Dallas,Tx.",
30109507,2009-04-10 00:33:36 +0000,2016-11-18 14:00:06 +0000,24944,3849,5957,777,256279,mcsweeneys,Timothy McSweeney,true,false,"The Twitter feed of McSweeney's Quarterly Concern, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, & McSweeney's Books. We also publish @believermag and @VoiceofWitness books.",TODAY: Happy Friday!; mad about Trump; Westworld patch notes; & the 'Bad' cinema universe:,"San Francisco, CA",
1660285950,2013-08-10 15:00:36 +0000,2016-11-18 03:43:09 +0000,26598,23513,51,1969,1889,mdss2763,DeplorableTaco Bowl,false,false,"Retired physician, father of three, I'm a very imperfect Christian, Republican, Love God, Love my family, Love the USA, Love Donald Trump.
No lists please.","RT @bowhunter_va: 🔴🔴 INAUGURATION DAY- JANUARY 20, 2017...THE END OF AN ERROR!🔴🔴
366621423,2011-09-02 14:21:22 +0000,2016-11-18 11:18:48 +0000,6834,930,59,445,500,meanlin1,Lino Miani,false,false,"Green Beret, Author, Entrepreneur... #SOF, #WMD, #Asia, #NATO, #SuluArmsMarket. #Olmsted 2007, KL. Best in life: Surfing, Salsa, Sushi. @NavisioGlobal",RT @IraqLiveUpdate: 2 million foreign pilgrims attend #ArbaeenWalk to #ImamHussain in #Karbala #Iraq,Worldwide,
29465136,2009-04-07 15:03:06 +0000,2016-11-18 14:04:46 +0000,112325,355,4524,2704,121902,Mediaite,Mediaite,true,false,"THE site for news, info and smart opinions about print, online and broadcast media. -",Axelrod: Obama Transition Team Wasn’t Criticized Over Appointments Like Trump Is,"New York, NY",
11856892,2008-01-04 22:28:20 +0000,2016-11-18 12:46:57 +0000,24945,621,5878,849,328089,MeetThePress,Meet the Press,true,false,"If it's Sunday, it's Meet the Press.
Hosted by @ChuckTodd. #MTP",RT @NBCPolitics: Trump taps Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general post,"Washington, D.C.",
298853294,2011-05-15 02:12:39 +0000,2016-11-18 09:23:50 +0000,16608,795,38,577,894,meexchielove,I VOTED #TRUMP,false,false,"CALIFORNIA ✨Republican sharing Raw News, Events & Commentary.","RT @CliffWilkin: MT @COSRally: Rhode Island can #ReduceDC
1373340229,2013-04-22 23:23:37 +0000,2016-11-17 19:30:23 +0000,21820,30979,0,713,1116,Megalodon_15,The Hard Truth,false,false,OM Rebel fan (although Hugh Freeze makes it hard sometimes) husband/father. #1A#2A#NRA #BlueLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter-*except for anyone who hates America.,@Jeaf79Lynn @MightyBusterBro Yep! 🖕🏼@CelebrityCruise. Just more proof how intolerant the left is.,"Pascagoula, MS",
110445334,2010-02-01 15:36:12 +0000,2016-11-18 14:05:25 +0000,12192,13,11934,1331,2132632,megynkelly,Megyn Kelly,true,false,"Happily married to Doug, crazy in love with my children Yates, Yardley, and Thatcher, and anchor of The Kelly File on Fox News Channel",Maybe some of u can relate 2 this. There's comfort in connecting w/others who've suffered great loss.…,,
130557513,2010-04-07 16:57:33 +0000,2016-11-18 06:20:30 +0000,98518,45,3307,1702,282106,mehdirhasan,Mehdi Hasan,true,false,"Presenter on Al Jazeera; a Brit lost in DC. Biographer of Ed Miliband. Former HuffPost and New Statesman bod. Retweets aren't endorsements, etc.",RT @ASE: Hate crimes against Muslim-Americans up 67% last year. 300 incidents this week. But it's not just Muslims afraid of…,Washington DC,
108471631,2010-01-26 01:48:43 +0000,2016-11-08 13:28:21 +0000,1180,1,1749,55,522756,MELANIATRUMP,MELANIA TRUMP,true,false,The official profile for Melania Trump,🇺🇸,New York City,
21467204,2009-02-21 06:04:44 +0000,2016-11-18 05:54:18 +0000,4239,1009,18,1429,951,melanie_ward1,Melanie Ward,false,false,"Christian American Mom Wife Texan XFIT, Runner UCLA & UT grad #Trump2016 #NeverHillary #AMERICAFIRST",@jamiedupree @H53V22 This is brilliant. I'm surprised McConnell has rallied the troops to play hardball. Plus he neuters Reid!,"California, USA",
562372370,2012-04-24 22:01:46 +0000,2016-11-18 13:53:48 +0000,19717,7273,180,40763,40101,melanoma321,melanoma321,false,false,English/British Patriot : Supporter of all genuine friends and allies of the UK.,RT @DVATW: The double Judas kiss. They BOTH betrayed their Nation.,England,
235432389,2011-01-08 04:49:47 +0000,2016-10-01 20:22:07 +0000,116,663,2,1277,189,meuni1975,Meuni1975,false,false,"Meteorologist, Storm Chaser, Baseball & Hockey Fan, World Traveler, Massachusetts Native, STL Resident -- America!",RT @maguire_24: this is about to be 2011 all over again #STLCards #WildCard,,
761420890827468803,2016-08-05 04:37:41 +0000,2016-11-17 16:30:25 +0000,28,0,0,99,8,Mewcat5Mewcat,55,false,false,belong to @auliarizkyl_,RT @alnindya: Tidak apa-apa. Aku tidak akan membencimu hanya karena kamu tertawa. Aku hanya kesal pada diri yang tak tahu diri.,,
422894799,2011-11-27 20:35:43 +0000,2016-11-18 12:36:21 +0000,11123,11460,36,902,5640,mflynnJR,Michael G Flynn 🇺🇸,false,false,Chief of Staff/Flynn Intel Group/Son of @GenFlynn..WE MADE HISTORY ON NOV 8th! #CitizenJournalism,"RT @bakedalaska: Starbucks called the cops on this guy for wanting Trump on his cup, everyone go get a #TrumpCup now! This a movement","EVERYWHERE, USA",
226404815,2010-12-14 02:36:18 +0000,2016-11-18 02:18:49 +0000,20275,13641,50,762,1663,mg1928,Mike,false,false,"#Trumplican committed to truth, justice & the American way. Proud American despite Obama OEF Vet & Soldier in #TrumpsArmy #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #TrumpPence16",@Margaretscully8 @brianefallon @TelegraphNews I'm sure you felt similarly a couple weeks ago,NYC,
833673914,2012-09-19 16:23:47 +0000,2016-11-18 13:45:59 +0000,1484,230,54,578,1906,mggwaltz,Michael G. Waltz,false,false,Author of Warrior Diplomat; President Metis Solutions; Co-Founder Askari Associates; Sr. Fellow at FDD; Army Officer (res.); Most Important Title - Daddy,RT @AmericaNewsroom: We'll also be talking to... @gen_jackkeane @GovMikeHuckabee @RepLukeMesser @FoxNewsSunday's Chris Wallace @mercedesschlapp @mggwaltz!,,
1023199591,2012-12-20 00:36:31 +0000,2016-11-18 00:25:24 +0000,1138,746,90,236,4272,mgoodwin_nypost,Michael Goodwin,false,false,"@NYPost Columnist and
@FoxNews Contributor","RT @KellyannePolls: Reality check from @DavidAxelrod, who scolds critics of Trump's transition progress via @DCExaminer",,
3352184428,2015-06-30 18:15:18 +0000,2016-11-16 22:50:33 +0000,1851,353,4,290,142,MhpGardener,Bobby,false,false,Self employed and enjoying life.,"@thesimongoss Not hating. I saw him cry after Paris attacks, wanted Trump. But every chance he gets, he pushes protection of Latinos. #truth",USA,
704034081898668032,2016-02-28 20:03:00 +0000,2016-11-18 07:32:15 +0000,25857,10476,133,3028,32682,Miami4Trump,Jordan 🇺🇸 MAGA,false,false,"Designer, Gendai Reiki Master, Exposing The MSM Propaganda #TrumpPence16 #MAGA3X #Nationalist #PatriotsUnited","RT @Miami4Trump: 💥BOOM💥 SHOCK POLL
58% of Hispanic Voters AGREE with Trumps Immigration Policies
#FridayFeeling #BuildTheWall #MAGA","Miami, Florida, USA",
512775078,2012-03-03 04:25:03 +0000,2016-11-16 21:58:00 +0000,10560,13,7,851,460,michael32853hut,michael hutson,false,false,,LOL! Tough guy John Kerry scolds Trump about climate change via @twitchyteam,,
573277220,2012-05-07 04:00:01 +0000,2016-11-18 11:38:29 +0000,221804,9403,326,2260,1894,MichaelBarger1,Barron's Boyfriend,false,false,Cristero internets warrior. Need MORE MinorityConservative internet activism! Fight the socialist war on the poor. Scientology kills - Avenge Kyle Brennan - .,"RT @CounterJihadUS: Secret Service has lost thousands of agency computers, radios, cell phones, weapons, credentials, vehicles since 01'",San Francisco,
722452886555217920,2016-04-19 15:52:45 +0000,2016-10-17 23:29:17 +0000,309,1620,0,103,30,michaelcoats001,Michael,false,false,Golf Sports NFL,@megynkelly @FoxNews Get lost Megyn,"California, USA",
52136185,2009-06-29 18:11:49 +0000,2016-11-17 16:35:16 +0000,7738,6309,818,104,120929,MichaelCohen212,Michael Cohen,true,false,"The Trump Organization EVP and Special Counsel to Donald J. Trump",RT @nenaj12012: @maggiefl1 @MeticulousPaul @MichaelCohen212 @familysherrod @megynkelly @AC360 I've been boycotting for almost a year now,New York,
87063281,2009-11-02 23:56:19 +0000,2016-11-18 04:54:00 +0000,9795,2584,1005,1119,25529,michaelcrowley,Michael Crowley,true,false,"Senior foreign affairs correspondent, Politico",I fear we’re in for a big spike in lone-wolf domestic terrorism,Washington,
3206175892,2015-04-25 14:11:56 +0000,2016-11-14 13:34:17 +0000,301,291,2,228,60,MichaelFilanow1,Michael Filanowski,false,false,"Husband | Soldier | Seeker of Knowledge - Follow / RT is not an endorsement. Let us speak courteously, deal fairly, and keep ourselves armed and ready. - T.R.","RT @nntaleb: Populism: democratic participation by the uneducated population when conflicts w/that of the miseducated one.
118784158,2010-03-01 18:56:17 +0000,2016-11-18 12:47:52 +0000,294,65,210,415,20320,michaelglassner,Michael Glassner,false,false,Donald J. Trump for President | Deputy Campaign Manager | #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016,"RT @DanScavino: #PEOTUS @realDonaldTrump already creating great friendships with world leaders.",New York City area,
1579287858,2013-07-09 03:33:59 +0000,2016-11-18 13:19:25 +0000,44953,43198,326,16897,17658,michaelharrisdr,Michael Harris,false,false,Value based leadership. Professor & Dean. Major (Ret) IDF. RT's ≠ endorsement. Not even tweets = endorsements. רסן מיל. פרופסור מייקל הריס,RT @Earl_59: MT @michaelharrisdr: Pentagon: Dozens of Afghan #troops go missing while training in the US. #PJNET,United States,
14828860,2008-05-19 05:06:21 +0000,2016-11-17 15:33:35 +0000,19002,4262,1983,82459,126833,michaeljohns,Michael Johns,true,false,National Tea Party movement co-founder and leader. Former @WhiteHouse speechwriter and @Heritage policy analyst. @UnivMiami grad. Phone/text: (609) 670-8142.,"RT @TomFitton: IRS aware of tea party targeting as early as 2011, watchdog finds - - @washtimes","New Jersey, USA",
110855805,2010-02-03 00:28:02 +0000,2016-11-18 13:25:22 +0000,94026,37141,728,18949,75336,michaelkeyes,MichaelKeyes,false,false,"Army Special Ops and Infantry retired vet, 3/75 Army Ranger, constitutional conservative, 2A, Israel, neverhillary, muaythai, stolenvalor, SuaSponte","RT @ReignsFreedom: ⭐️❤️🇺🇸⭐️ #RedFriday
Always remember those respecting & honoring their Oath... Keeping us safe fighting for #Freedom",,
71259130,2009-09-03 13:58:12 +0000,2016-11-18 04:22:49 +0000,6334,21,227,197,3634,michaelledeen,Michael Ledeen,false,false,Freedom Scholar at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies,@micah_morrison deal,"Washington, DC",
24304064,2009-03-14 01:44:32 +0000,2016-11-18 13:48:29 +0000,7318,13,17,824,292,michaelpesare,Michael J. Pesare,false,false,Digital learning professional; mobile computing enthusiast,RT @tedcruz: RT if you agree there needs to be a special prosecutor to investigate and prosecute the corruption of Hillary Clinton!,"Gettysburg, Pennsylvania USA",
2874602038,2014-11-13 02:22:42 +0000,,450,32,1,215,37,MichaelPUCHO,Michael Palma-O'Hara,false,true,private tobacconist since 1996,,"Virginia, USA",
816066355,2012-09-10 21:22:35 +0000,2016-11-17 22:21:38 +0000,4321,615,181,457,4855,MichaelSSmithII,Michael S. Smith II,true,false,"COO, Kronos Advisory ● Expert, Congressional Taskforce on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare ● Header photo is of @WSJ article covering some of my research","@ColinPClarke @rcallimachi al-Zawahiri (9/11/06): “Many groups have joined al-Qaida, some of which have been announced and others have not.”",USA,
3249321125,2015-05-13 00:47:01 +0000,2016-11-18 01:02:48 +0000,19577,34170,66,4902,3126,MichelatlMy,DeplorableSoccerMom,false,false,#StopYazidiGenocide #TheRembranceProject #WayToGoUK #PardonJulian #DrainTheSwamp #SaveOurJobs #1A #2A Looking out for ALL free citizens of the world #Trump2016,"RT @_Makada_: Starbucks Calls Cops After Customer Requests ‘Trump’ Name on Cup",,
72745365,2009-09-09 02:50:39 +0000,2016-11-17 21:43:39 +0000,2863,400,37,93,1828,MicheleMarano,Michele Marano,false,false,"Founder/CEO Real Estate for the Energy Professional, Writer for oil and gas publications, Commentator for the Houston Real Estate Market",@realdawnofFL your excused. I'm sure you voted for Hillary.,"Houston, TX ",
1624284144,2013-07-27 01:47:27 +0000,2016-11-18 12:49:27 +0000,22324,3965,55,4003,4064,micheleod1,PrincessDeplorable🚂,false,false,"Proud Hardworking Taxpaying, Conservative Woman. Believer in the #2A, & The American Dream. Foul Mouthed, #TrumpsStrong Daughter of the American Revolution",#TrumpCup,"From Baltimore to Central,PA",
1725530989,2013-09-03 13:21:36 +0000,2016-11-18 13:06:32 +0000,45071,42455,117,5928,7804,michelleaukamp,GeorgeSoros4Prision,false,false,I'm deplorable because I love the American flag and for the people who fought and died for her so Americans can be free #TrumpPence2016,,,
37398878,2009-05-03 10:44:20 +0000,2016-11-18 10:36:32 +0000,129883,62989,365,16681,15173,MichelleKOrts10,Deplorable Singer,false,false,"Singer/Songwriter/Actress/Entrepreneur/Mom/Warrior/Friend/Sister/ChildofGod #CCOT #Jesus=#1
Investigative Journalist @PushBackNow @DrDaveOrts=My Husband #Trump",RT @MrEdTrain: This is the one appointment that I was hoping & praying for 🙏General Flynn well deserved & honored to have you watc…,Global,
15976697,2008-08-25 02:52:07 +0000,2016-11-18 13:49:40 +0000,59721,14992,15470,15637,1750938,michellemalkin,Michelle Malkin,true,false,"Senior editor, Conservative Review. Little brown woman with a big mouth. Mom. Entrepreneur. Geek. Manitou Incline addict. Extremist. Turn UP the volume.","And moonbat police departments that aid and abet them. Looking at you, @LAPDHQ",USA,
232253036,2010-12-30 17:04:52 +0000,2016-11-18 10:08:18 +0000,31465,2290,29,2176,1166,Michman75,goblue75FoLife,false,false,Aleksmakedonija #yugo4lyfe #gooooBLUEEE,@aedison @ParkerMolloy speaking of kkk,detroit burbs ,
47814419,2009-06-17 01:58:15 +0000,2016-11-16 21:58:33 +0000,19053,118,1767,1147,55089,MiddleEastInst,MiddleEastInstitute,false,false,"Providing non-partisan, expert information & analysis, promoting greater understanding between the peoples of the U.S. & Middle East","Photos, video, podcasts, & transcripts from MEI's 70th Annual Banquet & Conference will be available online starting next week #MEIconf",Washington DC,
884648612,2012-10-16 15:17:54 +0000,2016-11-18 02:41:45 +0000,176364,109034,123,3510,3700,MignonFeldstein,MJFeldstein,false,false,"USN daughter, USN Ret. wife, USAF Mom. Hello? America? Where'd you go? #SupportOurTroops #SupportOurVeterans","RT @MattSmethurst: Planned Parenthood’s 2014–15 annual report.
Adoption referrals: 2,024
Abortions: 323,999
One adoption referral for every 160 abortions.",,
1678941206,2013-08-17 19:05:50 +0000,2016-11-18 06:30:48 +0000,4794,3,303,173153,235055,MiIitaryUSA,Military USA,false,false,"lean mean fighting machine. #merica not checking DMs, Ads email",RT @BroHumors: Chivettes bored at work (30 Photos),,
829735580,2012-09-17 20:14:38 +0000,2016-11-18 09:16:45 +0000,156034,3766,909,81924,104849,Mike_Beacham,Mike Beacham,false,false,Conservative #PATRIOT of USA #ProsecuteFraudTyrannyTreason #tcot -NCSU-Wolfpack- #RedNationRising #2A #pjnet #ycot #ccot #Military #Vets #VoteTRUMP2016 - #MAGA,RT @StephenMoore: I've uncovered the ObamaCare conspiracy. Check it out: @FoxNews,North Carolina,
123594316,2010-03-16 15:52:50 +0000,,219,61,1,623,100,Mike_Lippmann,Lipps,false,true,blessed be the peacemakers,,,
22203756,2009-02-27 23:04:51 +0000,2016-11-18 01:57:14 +0000,5099,742,3251,1202,664817,mike_pence,Mike Pence,true,false,"Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Vice President-elect of the United States",Great day of meetings on Capitol Hill with House and Senate leadership talking about working together on a Trump ag…,,
14246001,2008-03-28 18:52:55 +0000,2016-11-16 04:00:50 +0000,10938,1688,7652,109656,348097,mikeallen,Mike Allen,true,false,"Chief White House correspondent, POLITICO",RT @kimkingsley: Wishing the amazing and incomparable @mikeallen the best of luck as he begins his next professional chapter. Thank you for blessing us all!,"Rosslyn, Va.",
104924567,2010-01-14 20:36:18 +0000,2016-11-18 13:49:34 +0000,42727,15468,243,23031,21088,mikeandersonsr,Mike,false,false,"Conservative, Christian, Married, Businessman, U.S. Navy Veteran Hospital Corpsman. If you don't tweet in English, please don't follow me. God Bless America.",RT @tobyonekonobe: @mikeandersonsr @barbpaschke23 @VICE I wouldn't trust Google with anything they say.,,
16581604,2008-10-03 18:31:59 +0000,2016-11-17 23:01:19 +0000,9311,138,11203,411,1673292,MikeBloomberg,Mike Bloomberg,true,false,"Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and three-term mayor of New York City","Thanks for a wide-ranging, thoughtful conversation @MortimerLeePaul. #BNPParibasGM",New York City,
25667766,2009-03-21 12:30:56 +0000,2016-11-18 07:47:36 +0000,1661,1460,19,89,1259,MikeCarparelli,Carparelli,false,false,CEO & Founder of the Carparelli Guitar Company.,"RT @RealJamesWoods: Since @Twitter is now in the #censorship business, I will no longer use its service for my constitutional right to…",Toronto,
1558285818,2013-06-30 15:34:55 +0000,2016-11-17 20:37:01 +0000,824,12,22,548,1967,MikeforWI,Mike Gallagher,false,false,Congressman-Elect (WI-08),Proud Wisconsinites #tbt #forward #OnWisconsin,"Green Bay, WI",
341727022,2011-07-24 21:21:29 +0000,2016-11-18 02:18:53 +0000,919,2,2,75,54,MikeHorner2,Mike Horner,false,false,"Lt Col, USAF (Ret), graduate AF Academy (BS), GW University (MS), married two children, Fayetteville, NC, candidate for Congress 2010, GA 12th District.","@FoxNews @lenadunham Hope she goes far, far away!","Savannah, GA",
740293715793698816,2016-06-07 21:25:50 +0000,,0,0,0,15,3,MikeNichoson,Mike Nichoson,false,false,,,,
616297361,2012-06-23 17:25:48 +0000,2016-11-18 13:34:16 +0000,470,425,155,5,31861,MikePenceVP,VP Elect,false,false,"Parody account. The real account is @Mike_Pence
(My Goal: exposing the #ClintonScandals)",RT @MikePenceVP: It's Ironic that the Same people who are now Rioting in the Streets Are the Same People Who Demanded Trump Accept Election Results,,https://Twitter.Com/Mike_pence
3313278190,2015-06-08 13:36:57 +0000,2016-11-18 10:16:53 +0000,5687,2269,27,445,373,MikeStehn,Mike Stehn,false,false,"retired army officer, intelligence, counterterrorism and security expert. tweet on intelligence, security, politics, and sports. my opinions are my own",@slmandel @BMS355 this is all starting to get a bit less complicated lol,"Alexandria, VA",
421558068,2011-11-26 03:12:53 +0000,2016-11-18 04:43:36 +0000,11486,6322,20,2108,2103,MikeUher,Mike USA,false,false,"Over 31yrs in LE, I have seen the dark side of America. We have lost our moral compass thru PC & liberal ideals. It's time to take back our country. Trump/Pence","RT @npnikk: Trump got 306 Electoral College vote, Clinton got 232.
Popular Vote:
Trump: 62,972,226
Clinton: 62,277,750",In someone's head,
624210678,2012-07-01 22:09:42 +0000,2016-11-15 16:00:14 +0000,1548,2252,59,297,8372,Millie__Weaver,Millie Weaver,false,false,"Political Activist, and Reporter. *MillennialMillie on Youtube*",Millennial Millie Rants! Disgusted by MSM Provoking Violent Protests,,
718561802787930113,2016-04-08 22:10:58 +0000,2016-11-18 14:04:02 +0000,7873,91504,311,3971,52116,MissLizzyNJ,¡Elizabeth!,false,false,Politically Incorrect. 3L Student. Free Speech Activist. As seen in Breitbart. IG Co-Host of The Fully Based Podcast #PatriotsUnited 👌🏻,"In 5 minutes, The MSM has focused more on Jeff Sessions than they have on Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton i…",North Of The Wall ,
2332372436,2014-02-07 20:31:04 +0000,2016-11-18 05:54:05 +0000,5690,2117,7,189,205,MissMindfield,Mimi of the Pigtails,false,false,,"RT @BreitbartLondon: Merkel With Obama: Internet ‘Disruptive’ Force that Has to Be ‘Contained, Managed, and Steered’ by Government…",,
17980523,2008-12-09 01:54:21 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:22 +0000,76925,14992,1562,8518,153152,mitchellvii,Bill Mitchell,true,false,"Tune in to YourVoice™ Radio, Spreaker's #1 Political Talk Show at, Sun-Thu at 8pm EST! 24/7 Hotline 704-490-4520.",RT @sandyHuggy: @mitchellvii love it when they have nowhere to run but into the trap,"Charlotte, NC",
129684370,2010-04-05 03:11:28 +0000,2016-11-18 01:40:43 +0000,19793,14261,38,3526,3798,MitchRappFans,Ryan The Rappologist,false,false,Are you a Mitch Rapp or Vince Flynn fan? FOLLOW ME! I run a Rapp fan-site & tweet book updates & trivia about Mitch. I also run,"@DrBlogstein @TheAccidentMan9 @fact275 that was the best season too, but the way!",Michigan,
1720922491,2013-09-02 02:17:24 +0000,2016-11-18 07:39:30 +0000,43767,23750,136,4250,4256,Miz_Gulch,Law & Order POTUS,false,false,"Praying for POTUS-ELECT Mr. Trump. He's ushered forth TRUTH about U.S.'s heinously corrupt geo-political cesspool, globalism, borders & much more.",@usplaymoney @Condordh @TuckerCarlson @FoxNews Balance is what I prefer. Civil fair discourse of all sides,Land of Guns & Bibles,
702616994802212864,2016-02-24 22:12:00 +0000,2016-09-30 00:05:31 +0000,9943,11204,24,269,166,Mizzou1Man,compromised_SF86,false,false,"USMC Veteran, Security, Intel, CT/CI, Conservative, True Son.",RT @janemiami: I read @20committee. I NEVER miss an article. non-partisan truth telling. #boom.,CONUS/OCONUS,
2972128697,2015-01-10 22:01:22 +0000,2016-11-17 19:33:04 +0000,10490,366,30,503,519,MjThrottleby6,Mj,false,false,,"RT @RealJamesWoods: #BoycottPepsi And if you really want to be heard, sell any #Pepsi stock you have. We beat #Hillary and #Soros. We c…","Pennsylvania, USA",
3709774404,2015-09-28 02:05:33 +0000,2016-10-05 12:06:26 +0000,3516,381,5,106,25,mjvillani2,Deplorable Marilyn,false,false,,@GOP Moderators must be replaced before anymore debates. Apparently too bias to be fair. GOP must do something or its over. @neverhillary,,
52209156,2009-06-29 22:17:27 +0000,2016-11-18 08:52:49 +0000,22405,22433,132,4992,3982,mkardos,DeplorableHUB4Trump,false,false,#Conservative #Christian #ProLife #1A #2A #realDonaldTrump #Trump2016 #NeverHillary #MAGA #tcot #ccot,RT @DeplorableFoon: This step is really needed as Obutthead used the EPA to sidestep Congress to implement his global warming crap,United States,
4923811,2007-04-16 22:03:18 +0000,2016-11-18 14:10:03 +0000,36504,1321,4212,7500,180267,mkhammer,Mary Katharine Ham,true,false,"Being a mom is my jam. Deep intellectual things are my jam. I like to talk smart things on CNN &, noted sayer of only bad things.","""Chaotic"" in its # of trial balloons, palace intrigue stories, & Trump *thrives* off overreaction to all of it.","Washington, D.C.",
717445830970515456,2016-04-05 20:16:30 +0000,2016-11-17 03:09:29 +0000,308,51102,1,56,210,MKoreneGuthrie,MKorene Guthrie,false,false,"Happily married orchardist's wife, mother of two amazing children, Christmas lover, sports fanatic, Trump supporter",@KatrinaPierson you were a pit bull through the entire campaign and you are still setting the record straight. I agree this never gets old!,,
2451149671,2014-04-18 09:48:41 +0000,2016-11-18 12:43:17 +0000,93,83,152,1430,1989,mla1396,Michael Adams,false,false,بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ | Privacy & InfoSec | Ex-U.S. Special Operations Command Sergeant Major | Ars moriendi,"Inside Special Operations Forces
The SOFREP Paywall is Down
Blue Light: America's First Counter Terrorist Unit",Crypto Wars™,
18479513,2008-12-30 15:39:32 +0000,2016-11-18 04:47:01 +0000,127488,1130,29245,4853,6393295,MLB,MLB,true,false,Official Twitter account of Major League Baseball. Sweepstakes rules:,RT @WContreras40: Congrats to Kris Bryant @KrisBryant_23 Hard Work Pays Off✌️️well deserve it 😎,,
57523241,2009-07-17 02:23:38 +0000,2016-11-14 14:54:11 +0000,915,41,4,139,150,mmiklaucic,michael miklaucic,false,false,"National defense university, center for complex operations, USAID, PRISM editor","""Beyond Convergence: World Without Order""
How to save the liberal world order; @CRealuyo @Lesley_Warner",,
28830479,2009-04-04 17:15:53 +0000,2016-11-18 12:13:52 +0000,21131,356,221,2692,3545,mnbodden,America First🇺🇸,false,false,"Love♥ God and Country, Limited Gvmt, Kidney Cancer Survivor, Fashionista, Pilates, Wellness. ~Celebrating Life means at any age, at any stage.","RT @LindaSuhler: If anyone is looking for my Facebook page, don't bother.
I have been banned.
Welcome to #FreeSpeech, according to the Left.",South Florida,
3386242443,2015-07-21 20:02:01 +0000,2016-11-16 15:40:53 +0000,23578,28998,104,285,10157,MNforTrump,Minnesota For Trump,false,false,Minnesota for Donald J. Trump 2016 #TeamTrump #StandWithTrump #Trump2016 #TrumpPence16 #MinnesotaTrump #MNforTrump Trump Minnesota,RT @seanhannity: Question of the Day: Do you think the press owes @realdonaldtrump an apology? #Hannity,,
18644738,2009-01-05 20:34:56 +0000,2016-11-18 04:01:58 +0000,3060,1081,6,514,95,mobes1,mobes1,false,false,Aerospace Engineer,"I think it would only be hard if there were women qualifying, but numbers are so small that cost/benefit doesn’t ma…",Northern Virginia,
2868094147,2014-10-20 19:58:21 +0000,2016-11-17 22:32:57 +0000,440,1633,29,643,3013,ModernWhiz,ModernWhiz,false,false,That One List Channel That You Are Very Fond Of...,I liked a @YouTube video from @modernwhiz Top 10 Hilarious Mannequin Challenge Videos ( #MannequinChallenge ),"Los Angeles, California",
915935612,2012-10-31 02:03:17 +0000,2016-11-18 05:33:53 +0000,178754,370,39,2598,6312,moekamerow,Moshe Francis,false,false,Studied Theology philosophy psychology communications and logistics 35 years tutor Father Jerome Hall SJ I am a Renaissance theologian Samurai,@gnk5149 @LouDobbs @DailyMail,a wondering Catholic Jew,
563692479,2012-04-26 10:22:54 +0000,2016-10-25 11:05:43 +0000,188,653,0,42,11,moiramcl07,MoiraMcL07,false,false,,"RT @jonward11: my favorite political ad of the year, for a Texas county commish @teamdaugherty",McL,
29008860,2009-04-05 16:02:21 +0000,2016-11-18 13:40:58 +0000,87165,1053,161,2907,2983,Moirraines,Moirraine,false,false,"Mother, Conservative, computer geek, Constitution, Survivor, Veteran, WAITING for GOOD LEADERS! *BELIEVER in/of Jesus Christ*","RT @jtLOL: Obama grasping for power: ""Get in their faces""
Obama maintaining power: ""Get in their faces""
Obama losing power: ""Get in their faces""",Apparently Never-Neverland,
109431937,2010-01-29 01:25:29 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:09 +0000,14308,2645,333,2572,6566,mollymotoole,Molly O'Toole,true,false,"Senior Reporter, Foreign Policy. Covering 2016 through national security. Former Defense One/HuffPost. Words are power. Still love inky fingers, telling stories",Cruz (briefly floated for AG) on @SenatorSessions :,Washington,
2683323638,2014-07-26 21:10:55 +0000,2016-11-18 14:03:46 +0000,370,970,6,433,231,mollyxbrady,Molly Brady,false,false,"Property professor @UVALaw. Lover of legal history. Formerly a thrower @harvardtrack_xc, writer @harvardlampoon, ne'er-do-well @yalelawsch. @CityofUtica native.",Taking my disdain for the New Haven city plan to a new state today @ the Jane Jacobs Symposium @UVA. Check out the…,"Charlottesville, VA",
61008645,2009-07-28 20:22:16 +0000,2016-11-18 14:01:54 +0000,91951,33612,173,4550,4208,MomWifeGrammy,Susan,false,false,"Retired - Tourism Career in Newport, Rhode Island and Colorado. Proud Mother, Wife and Grammy. Gardening, Cooking, Travel and Politics keep me busy.Trump 2016",RT @johnand2015: @MomWifeGrammy @Promo_Bob_ @MichelleRMed @Md_Renegade @Ashley4Trump @Elena07617349 @CB618444 not sure how it would word,New Hampshire and Florida,
3270559782,2015-07-07 03:48:38 +0000,2016-11-18 06:47:16 +0000,62209,26094,196,3752,17532,MONAKatOILS,HesMyPresident🇺🇸,false,false,only TRUMP. America First. Charlie's Chewy's is 💯 organic home made treats. Me: born in Russia. Raised in Israel. 20 years in NYC. 10 years in AZ. now #CA,"RT @SmurfBoobs: Tomorrow when I order my coffee, I'm gonna give the name Trump. Then they can call it out and hopefully trigger people. #ThugLife","San Diego, CA",
166990746,2010-07-15 13:56:05 +0000,2016-11-17 22:39:11 +0000,23630,2,3792,469,365396,MonicaCrowley,Monica Crowley,true,false,"Fox News Analyst. Columnist & editor, The Washington Times. New York Times bestselling author. Happy warrior.","""Donald Trump and the REAL black swan event."" My column today--you will enjoy--> - @washtimes","New York, NY",
374667569,2011-09-16 18:26:00 +0000,2016-11-17 23:21:18 +0000,46018,11677,201,85979,87062,MonotoneofBill,M❍n❍t❍ne❍fBill™,false,false,Mainer (from away). Boston teams & pun / wordplay fan. Not a Belichick parody account. 99% ♡ F for F; 100% UnF for UnF ♡ #GoPats/Sox/Celts/Bruins/Revs,Trout wins. Seems fishy to me ...,"North Yarmouth, Maine",
2686632686,2014-07-28 04:32:16 +0000,2016-11-18 03:21:26 +0000,13722,13327,47,1748,827,MoondanceMyLove,Donna Newman,false,false,Novelist; Poet; Freelance Journalist; Quantitative Researcher; Certified Private Investigator; Jewelry Designer; SPN Queen; #NEVERHillary #Trump2016,"RT @DanScavino: FINAL PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE
#TeamTrumpBTS #TBT @transition2017","Fort Collins, Colorado",
197187176,2010-09-30 21:25:16 +0000,2016-04-19 21:33:01 +0000,681,75,45,196,1550,mooringri,Mooring Restaurant,false,false,Located downtown on Newport’s historic waterfront. For over 25 years we have provided our guests with the finest seafood.,Join us for Daffodil Days until the 24th for a dinner dish that reflects our spin on traditional spring fare:,"Newport, Rhode Island",
442421497,2011-12-21 03:19:48 +0000,2016-11-18 12:34:48 +0000,10456,710,16,151,175,morashm,Mel,false,false,,@seanhannity @CNN @NYTimesComm @nytimes NEVER did antway.Therr are different sources to get Real news.,,
18510860,2008-12-31 17:21:13 +0000,2016-11-18 13:45:14 +0000,149730,1212,19410,0,634829,MotherJones,Mother Jones,true,false,"Investigative journalism, politics, chart-tastic, sometimes sarcastic.",Top Chef star Tom Colicchio thinks Trump is in for a huge surprise,,
571592528,2012-05-05 09:08:24 +0000,2016-11-18 11:18:24 +0000,16383,10061,63,104,234,MouktarAlbert,Mouktar Albert,false,false,Ethiopian American Economics Undergraduate UofM #Hotep #TrumpPence16,"RT @DVATW: Please remind the political spawn on #bbcqt that the PEOPLE of the UK have voted to BREXIT. You are our servants, not our masters.","Minneapolis, Minnesota",
21588316,2009-02-22 19:08:21 +0000,2016-11-18 02:35:08 +0000,8105,777,410,131523,121225,Mountsplus,MSP -,false,false,"#2A Accessories #ScopeRings & #ScopeMounts for #AR15, #Ruger1022, #Mossberg500, #AK47, Remington 870, #Glock & #MosinNagant #magpul #miami #eotech",RT @Mountsplus: Must see to believe ​#UMTactical #RAGE TCS kits #ar15,"Miami, FL",
726857588168638467,2016-05-01 19:35:28 +0000,2016-11-18 13:55:21 +0000,593,7112,97,23020,32541,movement_trump,The Trump Movement,false,false,Join The Movement & Stand With The Silent Majority | Check out our online store below⬇️,"RT @movement_trump: TRUMP GEAR ON SALE NOW!!! GO GRAB SOME! 🇺🇸 RT",United States,
1078042598,2013-01-10 23:57:17 +0000,2016-11-18 04:22:50 +0000,12505,2815,218,1531,5880,MPPregent,Michael P Pregent,false,false,"Veteran of Desert Shield/Storm, OEF, OIF | Adj Fellow @HudsonInstitute | Dir. VATD | Former Intel Officer & Paratrooper (H Minus) | Embed w/ISF & Pesh",@07shari22 Dem party has bigger worries than supporting a deal few actually believed in,Washington DC,
4286031794,2015-11-19 04:24:26 +0000,2016-11-16 17:50:41 +0000,730,6134,0,141,57,Mr_Timotheos,Timothy Jordan,false,false,,"RT @JaredWyand: How many Muslim women have to be caught hoaxing attacks before the NYTimes call them out for this tactic?
832556244,2012-09-19 04:38:59 +0000,2016-11-18 13:08:58 +0000,30821,5929,51,3185,2728,MrdannyArthur,thomas arthur,false,false,"Former Marine
Conservative independent voter
Own 5 cats, 5 dogs & 3 birds
Huge ben carson supporter",@tinamarie_corbo @johnlegend @BudKayser @YouTube I always thought Legend was a smart guy! He's not very educated! 😞,,
2903166449,2014-12-03 01:57:20 +0000,2016-11-18 13:44:55 +0000,165274,171063,590,31348,35938,MrEdTrain,MAGA 🇺🇸EddieT ☘️,false,false,"Born down on 8th street,brought up on L Street, Southie will always be my hometown! Cath,Pro Israel ,Life,2A,USMCR,Love God,Family,Country, Humor always ! TRUMP",RT @MrEdTrain:,"Quincy, MA ",
245904935,2011-02-01 18:26:30 +0000,2016-11-17 20:29:23 +0000,9461,3276,43,1571,1493,mrfisher81,Michael Fisher,false,false,"Sales type in ATL who loves my alma mater Mich St, Falcons + Braves. Traveler, socializer, hiker, craft beer, politics = #TrumpPence16 @MSU_SigmaChi . #GSD",RT @toddmr: Brandon Phillips @BCP229 on how Trump won GA without Cobb and Gwinnett #gapol,"Atlanta, GA",
399037297,2011-10-26 22:11:45 +0000,2016-11-18 06:23:43 +0000,23666,29656,72,4725,4821,mrksk29,mark,false,false,Christian...WV #Trump2016 #AMERICAFIRST Florida Gators  NHL Penguins,RT @mitchellvii: Great News! TRUMP Picks General Michael Flynn for National Security Advisor,USA,
475802156,2012-01-27 13:10:13 +0000,2016-11-16 12:27:13 +0000,2134,521,325,158,95224,MrsVanessaTrump,Vanessa Trump,false,false,I'm a Mother of 5 amazing kids. My children are my life!,"RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: Give me a break! MSM talking about ""unprecedented lack of transparency"" because DJT takes his fam to diner w/o them",,
728598836285980672,2016-05-06 14:54:34 +0000,2016-11-17 19:54:11 +0000,166,7,3,360,70,mrtraviscannon,Travis Cannon,false,false,Mildly amusing.,Tom Hanks: I hope Trump does so well that ‘I vote for his re-election’ via @@tregp @theblaze,,
533414140,2012-03-22 19:27:05 +0000,2016-11-18 14:00:10 +0000,4883,22,506,18020,40800,mrwalsh8,Martin Walsh,false,false,Politics Editor | CDP,Trump picks Mike Pompeo as new CIA director. Pompeo is from Tea Party and a Benghazi committee member.,"Nashville, TN",
732779507506020352,2016-05-18 03:47:03 +0000,2016-11-18 04:03:31 +0000,10227,12623,70,5069,6072,ms_erika74,Erika #AmericaFirst,false,false,"Mom,Constitutional Conservative, Proudly support our Military & Law Enforcement, #AntiFeminist, Politically Inappropriate, followed by @GenFlynn!","“I welcome…people from all over the world to join us here, but I want to make sure it’s safe for Americans…that I fought for.”~ @CarlHigbie",Land of Free Thanks to Brave!,
138809881,2010-04-30 17:20:18 +0000,2016-11-18 04:40:07 +0000,19113,13167,243,1587,11245,mschlapp,Matt Schlapp,true,false,"Dad to 5 angels, husband to @mercedesschlapp as seen on the screen, kansas, American Conservative Union Chair, @cpac, Go Irish, life is better on the farm","RT @DLoesch: Here's that survey I referenced, btw.",Alexandria VA,
624170962,2012-07-01 23:06:53 +0000,2016-11-18 04:02:19 +0000,5600,4713,66,2911,3165,MSGCT,Connor Thomas,false,false,"retired #Army Special Operations veteran, Team member/ Operator. Without God, there is no Country.","RT @peddoc63: Under President Obama, Democrats have lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, 13 Senate se…",,
728434941843804161,2016-05-06 04:03:18 +0000,2016-11-18 11:52:50 +0000,6432,11884,2,233,591,MSMCali,🇺🇸 Mar 💕,false,false,"💕Cherish Family, God & USA💕Lil Investigator Tweeting Opinions✧Exposed Lies & Blocked by cuckoo Cher & sociopath Ben Howe✧Survived Fake News-Hoaxing Media✧WE WON","I'll set it up:
Man asks for a coffee. They ask what name should we put on cup. He says, Trump.
They call Law Enfo…",,
2719834775,2014-07-21 16:02:41 +0000,2016-11-17 21:49:11 +0000,3468,4459,10,755,303,mtlangan,michael thomas,false,false,,@nypost good deal.. he just saved me the stress of NOT supporting him publicly with my liberal Facebook friends.. 👍,,
743100398710333441,2016-06-15 15:18:36 +0000,2016-09-05 21:59:14 +0000,73,46,0,77,25,muldoonREGATED,R.K. Muldoon,false,false,"R.K. Muldoon is a medical student, political commentator, and ex game warden. He began his career in politics after his last job at a theme park ended poorly.",I'm doing my part! #hackinghillary,,
753208080,2012-08-12 14:31:53 +0000,2016-11-17 16:48:25 +0000,4635,4670,23,1217,1568,Murica23,J Carson,false,false,Making Websites Great Again @nouveaustudios since 2010 | Proud father of Max | Thank you God for the good. - #MAGA,I liked a @YouTube video How SNL Spiked the Football Too Early on Hillary Clinton | SUPERcuts! #389,United States,
21360280,2009-02-20 01:08:37 +0000,2016-11-18 13:33:08 +0000,23361,105497,6837,1126096,1345955,MurrayNewlands,Murray Newlands,true,false,"Contributor Forbes, Entrepreneur Mag. Staff run, tweets from Murray are signed -mn. #motivation #leadership",15 Israeli Start-Ups to Watch in 2017 @johnrampton via @Inc tag @Yotpo @Riskified @plarium @imonomy @BrightInfoBuzz,Paloalto,
15057943,2008-06-09 13:20:21 +0000,2016-11-17 21:28:36 +0000,10411,3936,30684,3329,3564327,MuseumModernArt,Museum of Modern Art,true,false,Victor Samra (@vsamra3) at the easel. Please tweet us your questions or comments.,August Sander was born #otd in 1876! @TylerGreenDC writes about the #AugustSanderProject & Sander's ambitious work:…,"New York, New York",
3959740032,2015-10-20 16:29:21 +0000,2016-08-30 02:58:37 +0000,1680,393,68,2463,22745,MWrexLibs16,Deplorable-Sweetie,false,false,#Trumpette Put Americans first! #Trump2016 ˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚ MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! I will fight for MY PEOPLE. #Nationalist No rapefugees or illegals! #TrumpStrong,"RT @TheresaMechele: Voters remember Obama and Hillary partied during Louisiana floods.
Trump brought supplies, hugs and donated $100K.",,
53847150,2009-07-05 05:43:25 +0000,2016-11-18 05:57:38 +0000,14222,31234,27,1550,1272,MyBoubala,SaveUsFromPaulRyan,false,false,"I was a Democrat who never voted Republican until I heard Trump's policies of security, good economic policy, unification, respect towards police, unborn,Israel","RT @slava381977: Trump recognized millions of Americans live in despair, Democrats did not #Trump2016 #MAGA","Miami, Florida",
4840412901,2016-01-24 01:45:15 +0000,2016-09-22 19:22:46 +0000,24841,18364,23,262,577,mygreystonefarm,Deplorable Marianne,false,false,"Blocked if put on lists...knock it off!
#TrumpPence2016","RT @Always_Trump: Not one of these guys are voting for #Trump, and that's how you know he's the right guy! #TrumpPence16",Northeastern Ohio,
17066022,2008-10-30 14:29:39 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:29 +0000,18260,2626,543,873,12627,myhlee,Michelle Ye Hee Lee,true,false,"Reporter on The Fact Checker, @WashingtonPost. @AAJA senior VP. Weekly newsletter:",RT @mradamtaylor: Trump victory has Ireland worried about its illegal immigrants in the U.S.,"Washington, DC",
3739067240,2015-09-30 17:28:45 +0000,2016-11-18 14:10:05 +0000,116021,60310,261,4973,3411,MyInfoLaura1,deplorable Laura,false,false,"democrat turned independent 2 vote for TRUMP PENCE 2016, spouse turned democrat 2 republican 4 pres TRUMP and just so MSM knows 2 masters degrees",RT @gsarnoldjr: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💥VIDEO : The Trump Effect - Apple Plans to Bring Manufacturing Back to the U.S.A!💥⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️,,
781005052207038464,2016-09-28 05:38:09 +0000,2016-11-18 03:12:04 +0000,276,291,0,29,30,MyJoze,JoznHank,false,false,,"Sure #AuditTheVote and highlight the 18M invalid registrations, 2M dead and over 3M votes cast by non-citizens. Good luck with that!",,
18221712,2008-12-18 18:52:31 +0000,2016-11-18 13:54:23 +0000,8060,1543,201,1616,7912,myrwu,Roger Williams Univ,false,false,"The official Roger Williams University Twitter stream. Get the latest on RWU news, events, student life and more! Have questions? Ask us. Go Hawks! #college","""Evolve or die"" - @PresidentFarish writes in today's @ProvBusNews","Bristol, Rhode Island",
3312172031,2015-06-07 18:06:19 +0000,2016-11-17 20:25:16 +0000,524,75,13,880,401,mysonomacellar,Sonoma Cellar,false,false,,Thanksgiving tasting of 9 different wines for $20. Tonight is the last day! Join us for wine and…,"Alexandria, VA",
930323269,2012-11-06 18:53:36 +0000,2015-01-13 14:13:30 +0000,2385,4,1,232,143,MythraCapital,Mythra Capital,false,false,We offer our personal and professional commitment to gain your trust. We deliver the best financial advisory services with one objective: optimize your Wealth.,"Informe Diario. 13/01/15","Lewes, Delaware",
47705769,2009-06-16 18:45:30 +0000,,0,0,0,3,11,Najibnaik,Bijan R. Kian,false,true,I am a former U.S. Official. Opinions expressed here are my personal views.,,Washington DC,
260573709,2011-03-04 04:09:42 +0000,2016-11-18 12:10:59 +0000,35081,3836,60,1321,1505,Nancy007F,Nancy,false,false,"Patriot, wife, defender of truth. Love of German Shepherds, Lady Smith &. Constitution. Savior Jesus Christ.",RT @SheriffClarke: Dem proaganda wing @nytimes @washingtonpost continue to snipe @realDonaldTrump transition w/o telling us the histor…,,
17719672,2008-11-28 21:09:24 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:12 +0000,50351,55398,156,902,1081,nancyl367,Nancy,false,false,Trump/Pence 2016 | Law &Order president!,"RT @The_NewRight: Someone ""tested"" Twitter & ended up with proof that they're violating the Civil Rights Act! #Trump #Trump2016…","New Jersey, USA",
757914175,2012-08-14 21:21:03 +0000,2016-11-18 13:27:45 +0000,4551,24840,8,1034,736,Nancyskrazy,nancy,false,false,,"RT @RealDoctorWhite: DIVERSITY
St. Paul Minnesota ""man"" charged with raping 4 women at gunpoint","Virginia, USA",
109046315,2010-01-27 20:20:05 +0000,2016-11-18 11:05:02 +0000,2622,26937,3,276,215,Nandobyson28,Nando,false,false,"I'm as Real as it gets, get to know me","RT @realDonaldTrump: Just got a call from my friend Bill Ford, Chairman of Ford, who advised me that he will be keeping the Lincoln plant in Kentucky - no Mexico",Schiedam Holland,
17471979,2008-11-18 21:28:10 +0000,2016-11-18 14:00:29 +0000,34196,1242,60640,19,14198530,NatGeo,National Geographic,true,false,"Since 1888, we've traveled the Earth, sharing its amazing stories with new generations. Official Twitter account of National Geographic.",Watch: Virunga National Park rangers create a special bond with young orphaned gorillas,Global,
3545938995,2015-09-04 15:28:02 +0000,2016-11-18 13:20:39 +0000,31838,42777,147,4605,4514,NathanDWilsonFL,Nathan D. Wilson,false,false,"Florida Republican candidate for Governor 2018; Frm USAF S.F. 4th ASOG, Highly Decorated, SCDVeteran Frm Chair Osceola Co. 4 @realDonaldTrump, President Elect",My dear friend @SenatorSessions who's a campion to protect our Nation President elect Trump has offered him the pos…,"Florida, USA ",
259314444,2011-03-01 16:20:31 +0000,,0,0,0,225,36,nathanmclagan,Nathan McLagan,false,false,,,,
39419180,2009-05-12 03:06:48 +0000,2016-11-17 23:03:34 +0000,39020,1423,4978,598,458721,Nationals,Washington Nationals,true,false,Official Twitter of the Washington Nationals. Follow us on @Snapchat: nationals,RT @Max_Scherzer: Whewwww!! So happy for this second award. Really want to thank all my teammates and coaches and the fans who support us all season long!!,Nationals Park,
255645890,2011-02-21 19:50:28 +0000,2016-11-18 05:21:10 +0000,45269,26962,154,7980,11466,Natire2u,U.S. Army Veteran,false,false,Return America to Americans that we all remember it once was! ProAmerican & ProVeteran! #Trump2016 I've been censored so PLEASE FOLLOW & TAG ME AT: @US_Army_Vet,"RT @JumpVote: We have verified more than three million votes cast by non-citizens.
We are joining .@TrueTheVote to initiate legal action.
#unrigged",United States,
4861818479,2016-01-29 22:36:07 +0000,,0,0,0,0,3,natlintelmuseum,Intelligence Museum,false,false,,,,
475811383,2012-01-27 13:22:58 +0000,2016-11-18 14:00:17 +0000,398802,1143,922,45915,97837,NaughtyBeyotch,Conservative Chick,false,false,"I'm that evil CONSERVATIVE Obama warned you about... Pro-Palin #Conservative, #Pro-Life,",★★★ Patriots Who Dare... Join our fight to save America! ➠ Click Here #BB4SP,Texas,
758145200,2012-08-14 23:59:59 +0000,2016-11-18 02:28:39 +0000,4056,1025,155,457,2963,NavalDrones,Naval Drones,false,false,Navy Guy. Texan. CEO: @harvestreturns Opinions my own.,RT @TheWoracle: First @DARPA Tern VTOL ship-based #UAV taking shape at @northropgrumman - coaxial-rotor tailsitting flying wing,,
18633493,2009-01-05 14:58:57 +0000,2016-11-16 18:45:16 +0000,7175,2,990,71,35425,NavalWarCollege,Naval War College,false,false,"Official Twitter account of the U.S. Naval War College. (Following, RTs and links ≠ endorsement)",6 observations about the Islamic State's #media ops and its role in the larger movement: @CraigAWhiteside #ISIS,"Newport, Rhode Island",
4040980635,2015-10-25 19:28:22 +0000,2016-11-16 20:32:58 +0000,3132,1533,9,479,152,Navy_Girl220,Victoria Schenk,false,false,,@realDonaldTrump 1,"Pompton Plains, NJ",
23385377,2009-03-09 01:44:49 +0000,2016-11-17 19:21:02 +0000,2996,6016,112,364,2270,NavyReading,Navy Reading,false,false,,"Lessons for today: Star Trek actor @GeorgeTakei talks about moving from fear, betrayal, resentment, anger, to lovin…",Naval War College,
22674367,2009-03-03 20:33:42 +0000,2016-11-15 09:28:31 +0000,24695,728,132,487,25625,NawafAlThani,نواف بن مبارك ﺁﻝﺛﺎني,true,false,نواف بن مبارك بن سيف آل أحمد آل ثاني ، افكر وأكتب وأحتسي القهوة - بكالوريوس قانون @QatarUniversity ماجستير في السياسة الاستراتيجية والدفاع @KingsCollegeLon,"RT @hassinaouch: وفجأة اكتشف من هو الطائفي ، اكتشف ان حجته"" تدينه حاول التراجع وبدل الحديث عن الطائفية صار يهرف بعلاقات الدول وحسن ا…",SnapChat: NawafMAlThani ,
14173315,2008-03-18 23:19:17 +0000,2016-11-18 14:08:13 +0000,97230,740,32500,2932,3989503,NBCNews,NBC News,true,false,"A leading source of global news and information for more than 75 years.
Snapchat:",RT @NBCPolitics: First Read: The trouble with Mike Flynn,"New York, NY",
26749459,2009-03-26 13:34:12 +0000,2016-11-17 23:03:41 +0000,15104,877,787,10566,12320,NCPA,NCPA,false,false,"Solving our nation's toughest problems by promoting free-market policy solutions that strengthen the competitive, entrepreneurial private sector. #tcot #tlot",RT @johnrgraham: John R. Graham's Research Updates from JRG Health Sector Analysis for 11/17/2016 -,"Dallas, TX",
712730920760029187,2016-03-23 20:01:08 +0000,2016-11-17 18:47:06 +0000,554,546,76,25,11063,NDCTrump,NDC For Trump,false,false,National Diversity Coalition For Trump strongly supports Donald J. Trump for President of the USA. Our group represents the voices of our communities.,Jo-Ann Chase is interviewed at Perspectiva Nacional to support Trump's Immigration Agenda @Bruce_LeVell…,United States,
99949940,2009-12-28 13:36:29 +0000,2016-11-16 20:41:30 +0000,1574,39,169,2881,3818,ndupress,NDU Press,false,false,The National Defense University Press @NDU_EDU produces a full spectrum of print and electronic media. #NatSec #Military #Education #Defense #Policy,Stabilizing former #ISIL safe havens and mitigating ISIL’s return in Iraq. @dnataliDC @WarOnTheRocks.…,"Fort McNair, Washington, DC",
3600539122,2015-09-09 17:18:16 +0000,2016-11-18 02:15:29 +0000,32466,30298,444,685,31210,NeilTurner_,Neil Turner 🐸 #MAGA,false,false,"Featured in POLITICO, Fortune, VICE, The Independent, Gawker, Businessinsider, Buzzfeed, Diversityinc, Univision, Mediaite. 🐸 #MAGA",RT @realDonaldTrump: I worked hard with Bill Ford to keep the Lincoln plant in Kentucky. I owed it to the great State of Kentucky for their confidence in me!,"Mississippi, USA",
84352384,2009-10-22 15:34:21 +0000,,19271,1958,61,2081,1534,Nel_Mezzo,Michael,false,false,"In the middle of the road of my life, I awoke in a dark wood, where the true way was wholly lost. ~ Dante || Arbitrageur (R) || Aspiring Strategist",,Digital Nomad,
3896298147,2015-10-08 04:41:13 +0000,2016-11-18 01:22:57 +0000,55372,39671,217,158,26327,nepafortrump,NEPA for TRUMP,false,false,Official @realDonaldTrump Northeastern Pennsylvania #TeamTrumpPA #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #TeamTrump #AmericaFirst #ImWithYou #TrumpTrain #TrumpPence16,@parscale @DanScavino @realDonaldTrump The Election may be over BUT the #TrumpTrain WILL continue to GO ON & ON #PresidentTrump #TeamTrumpPA,"Pennsylvania, USA",
12577172,2008-01-23 02:52:41 +0000,2016-11-18 12:42:44 +0000,10788,7942,53,956,603,NescitOccasum,JTHardy,false,false,"Marine, Retired Naval Officer, Youth Leadership Mentor, Teacher, Coach, Civil Servant and Professor. I know no decline!",RT @flymcaa: Over half of the seniors on the Navy Football Team are joining the US Marine Corps! @NavyFB @USMC @USNavy #SemperFidelis #BeatArmy,"Maryland, USA",
274679887,2011-03-30 20:55:10 +0000,2016-11-18 11:42:33 +0000,8923,9238,33,662,555,nessie33,Always a good girl!,false,false,Independent-Constitutional-Conservative #CharlestownTownies #BostonStrong #IrishPride #LoveMyRace #SupportTroops Anti-Obama-Sharia-Immigrant #2A MOLAN LABE,@Jenn_Abrams @YouTube Good morning to you too Jenna! 🌞 Awesome video! Tnx for sharing it! 🐶 🐾 😎🍀,"Charlestown, Boston ",
704426952820535296,2016-02-29 22:04:07 +0000,2016-11-18 04:41:19 +0000,313,194,53,19,3188,nestormotojr,Nestor Moto Jr 🇺🇸,false,false,Conservative Gay Latino 22yo Activist. |VP of @logcabinoc |@sghs & @csulb alumni. | @eagles & @edm fan. #GaysforTrump #MAGA Inquiries:,"The globalists tried to convince me to buy a foreign a car but no, I only buy American! #MAGA #TrumpTrain","Long Beach, CA",
115681686,2010-02-19 14:51:42 +0000,2016-11-18 13:44:38 +0000,103041,50347,950,68111,70922,NetworksManager,"Bruce Porter, Jr.",false,false,"American #Entrepreneur, athlete, globetrotter living in #Washington #DC @EmmeGirls COO @GlobalBoost CEO. #Blockchain $BSTY #Gold #ModelBuzz #veterans",RT @NetworksManager: Word is Trump has offered Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions a spot as attorney general God Bless America.#DC #MAGA #NYC,Washington DC,
900855224,2012-10-24 00:21:59 +0000,2016-11-18 11:27:06 +0000,3344,2666,14,218,113,Newberry8965Kim,Kim Newberry,false,false,,Anytime I am needing reassurance @realDonaldTrump appointments I watch@CNN . If they are saying opposite of ALL I know he got right.,,
1424461122,2013-05-13 02:39:24 +0000,2015-06-17 17:46:04 +0000,135,11,0,267,163,NewEnglandSurf,New England Surfers,false,false,"ill let you know what you are missing out on. newport ri, mostly. hot girls, hopefully. beach drinks, absolutely.",Newport day. Much needed.,,
3314535722,2015-08-13 16:42:55 +0000,,15,40,63,16860,26776,NewJersey4Trump,New Jersey ❤️ Trump,false,true,"It is done. My tweets begin anew with the highest hopes for our country. If you were not for @realdonaldtrump before he was a winner, get lost from his staff.",,"New Jersey, USA",
344918904,2011-07-29 19:57:04 +0000,2016-11-18 13:36:57 +0000,21675,13453,54,2467,2418,NewParisite,New Parisite,false,false,"Tweeting from New Paris, Indiana.
The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.","RT @JustinRaimondo: @notjessewalker @snopes ""more neutral news organizations"" - the problem is, these have nearly ceased to exist. @Wikileaks proved that.",,
268554850,2011-03-19 00:57:38 +0000,2016-11-18 13:15:25 +0000,27008,3582,102,936,7649,NewportBuzz,NewportBuzz,false,false,"Edgy, irreverent and controversial, Newport Buzz covers Newport, RI's nightlife, events and breaking news. Best of Rhode Island winner.",Broadway will be closed to all traffic from Farewell Street to Cranston Avenue on Friday and Saturday as the city...,"Newport, RI",
19402711,2009-01-23 17:07:04 +0000,2016-11-15 01:00:36 +0000,1749,235,109,3786,7317,NewportLifeMag,Newport Life,false,false,"The only lifestyle magazine dedicated to Newport County. Since 1993, NLM has showcased all that is unique about the City by the Sea.",Who's the best? Tell us! Mail in original ballot from our Sept/Oct issue or go to for more…,"Newport, RI",
3947091915,2015-10-13 14:21:31 +0000,2016-11-17 11:51:01 +0000,123826,36969,119,6358,11394,NewportLost,DeplorableTacia,false,false,Be pro candidate not anti fellow citizen #Trump #Catholic Illegal is not a race it is a crime - I block hillary satanists - pc kills #BostonStrong #RI,EXCLUSIVE - Female Islamic State Loyalist: ‘If We Are Asked to Blow Ourselves Up We'll Do It',New England,
1428938173,2013-05-14 21:55:26 +0000,2014-03-13 18:48:34 +0000,28,0,1,104,52,NewportWallFly,Newport Wall Fly,false,false,Dish giver,"RT @DeeDeQuattro: Alex & Ani is ""sticking to the statement"" when ask why Giovanni Feroce has left the company.",,
45190383,2009-06-06 18:59:21 +0000,2016-11-18 12:26:56 +0000,64821,106,4142,30872,161094,newsbusters,NewsBusters,true,false,Exposing and Combating Liberal Media Bias 24/7. Official Blog of the Media Research Center (@theMRC). RT does not necessarily equal endorsement.,Oops: WashPost Humorist @GeneWeingarten Guessed Wrong That Trump 'Gasped and Withered Away' on Election Day…,DC Metro Area,
14437914,2008-04-18 21:57:17 +0000,2016-11-18 14:00:01 +0000,97090,10875,12936,129332,881025,NewsHour,PBS NewsHour,true,false,PBS NewsHour is one of the most trusted news programs on TV and online. Follow us on Facebook:,Talk about an awkward Thanksgiving dinner (via @statnews),"Arlington, VA | New York, NY ",
1658055696,2013-08-09 16:12:09 +0000,2016-11-18 12:00:02 +0000,60199,57617,129,1866,5835,NewSpeakisLies,ThePeopleVBrzezinski,false,false,Everything's Going to Be Great Again 🇺🇸MAGAnCHILL Pics from IG #AntiGlobalist #AntiSharia *Arrest the Oligarchs* #BannonISGod #ShutUpLibs,"RT @bfraser747: 💥💥 #TrumpProtests
""We are treating these adolescents and these millennials like precious snowflakes."" ~…","GonnaStayPut, TrumpWon",
2884771,2007-03-29 19:51:11 +0000,2016-11-18 13:58:46 +0000,83132,2786,36405,57,3091708,Newsweek,Newsweek,true,false,"Stay relevant. News and analysis on politics, science, technology, and culture.","Former U.K. foreign secretary David Miliband talks to Newsweek about Trump, Brexit and life in New York…","New York, NY",
20713061,2009-02-12 20:18:08 +0000,2016-11-18 03:10:38 +0000,9386,536,15057,881,1754221,newtgingrich,Newt Gingrich,true,false,"Husband, father, grandfather, citizen, small businessman, author, former Speaker of the House.",Learning the art of the selfie. #tbt #throwbackthursday 📷,,
428527169,2011-12-04 21:38:54 +0000,2015-05-21 13:26:28 +0000,1,17807,0,45,39,newton_joyce,Joyce,false,false,,RT @Reuters: Exclusive: Turkish intelligence helped ship arms to Syrian Islamist rebel areas - court documents,,
14677919,2008-05-06 19:36:33 +0000,2016-11-18 14:00:18 +0000,46339,737,59860,372,6937166,NewYorker,The New Yorker,true,false,"The New Yorker is a weekly magazine with a mix of reporting on politics and culture, humor and cartoons, fiction and poetry, and reviews and criticism.",Could Donald Trump's reckless economic proposals propel him to a second term?,"New York, NY",
19426551,2009-01-24 01:28:06 +0000,2016-11-18 14:09:10 +0000,129615,1199,45576,2140,20559243,NFL,NFL,true,false,Official Twitter account of the National Football League. Our Social Media Policy:,"RT @OSUCoachMeyer: Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye!! Two of the best!",,
44166798,2009-06-02 17:51:52 +0000,2016-11-18 14:00:44 +0000,68036,201,6866,33,1056574,NHLBruins,Boston Bruins,true,false,Official Twitter Home of the Boston Bruins #NHLBruins,No scheduled practice or media availability today for #NHLBruins. They will next hit the ice on Sat. at Warrior Ice Arena (10:30 AM skate).,"Boston, MA",
704041886089084928,2016-02-28 20:34:00 +0000,2016-11-18 09:20:41 +0000,18489,18744,159,1627,21593,nia4_trump,Νia☆TimeForUnity☆,false,false,#MAGA3X☆Nationalism☆#AmericaFirst My #1A may offend & snowflakes melt in my presence• Crusader Spreading Truth• ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ #2Α• #PresidentTrump #PatriotsUnited,@jayXstephens @JaredWyand Sleep is for the weak.,Winning #MAGA Team,
294778267,2011-05-07 19:10:35 +0000,2016-11-17 05:44:07 +0000,27286,8483,8,485,449,Nick_Montoya,Nikoli,false,false,#RIPVinnie just trying to keep up with the Joneses Insta~Nick_montoya,This kid got fucked up lmfao,"Dearborn, MI",
19624985,2009-01-27 23:40:54 +0000,2016-11-18 13:29:29 +0000,21094,7207,95,1899,2508,nickglavin,Nicholas A. Glavin,false,false,Researcher @NavalWarCollege on irregular warfare & armed groups. Arming U.S. SOF with the knowledge to navigate a turbulent world. Terrorism / CT / CVE. RT≠E.,Meeting w the North American Working Group to Counter Violent Extremism Online. I'm co-chairing Terrorism & Digital Media panel w @marc1309.,"Newport, RI",
344721343,2011-07-29 13:54:58 +0000,2016-11-18 02:06:35 +0000,14177,4169,24,948,872,NickRenesis,Nick Renesis,false,false,"Conservative, believes in the Constitution and American exceptionalism. Limited government, responsible spending, strong national defense.","@CarmineZozzora @imraansiddiqi Agree, so why do so many argue there are moderate Muslims? No gray area. You believe or you're an infidel.",,
3139131148,2015-04-06 03:03:13 +0000,2016-11-18 13:18:50 +0000,2582,46,41,6142,12351,NickRicci5,Nick Ricci,false,false,Mts 18' Sports: Lacrosse #35 Entrepreneur,"RT @realDonaldTrump: Just got a call from my friend Bill Ford, Chairman of Ford, who advised me that he will be keeping the Lincoln plant in Kentucky - no Mexico",Wallingford ,
83201748,2009-10-17 19:25:39 +0000,2016-11-14 16:12:08 +0000,112,126,0,143,22,Niclogy,Andrew Nicassio,false,false,,You Crybabies Are Why Trump Won!: Fed-Up Vet's Message to Protesters Goes Viral,,
11802492,2008-01-03 16:07:37 +0000,2016-11-18 08:59:19 +0000,7567,10802,115,2206,1978,nicoleshea,nicole shea,false,false,"somewhat hilarious taco enthusiast/ into visual storytelling and digital engagement/ responsible for Mr. Coco, the world's cutest dachshund. #adoptasenior","RT @openscience: Science must be opened, because science opens everything else. #openscience","Washington, DC :-)",
19017675,2009-01-15 10:37:07 +0000,2016-11-18 12:58:25 +0000,10608,12,4165,295,534436,Nigel_Farage,Nigel Farage,true,false,@UKIP member of the European Parliament for the South East of England. Tweets by Nigel and team.,"Obama/Merkel's worldview has taken a beating in 2016. First Brexit, continued with @realDonaldTrump's win, more to…",,
30067748,2009-04-09 21:07:52 +0000,2016-11-18 07:14:45 +0000,7293,11414,69,1809,1225,niknorton,Wikileaks my hero,false,false,Passionate observer of the fall of the political establishment. #FeelTheBern #StillSanders #Demexit,"RT @bclevinger: Stephen Hawking says humans have 1,000 years to leave Earth that's the most optimistic thought I've had in 9 days.","Austin, TX ",
713207568609488896,2016-03-25 03:35:09 +0000,2016-11-08 21:32:14 +0000,8322,5586,191,4988,27832,NimbleNavgater,DEPLORABLE DANI,false,false,DANI THE DEM DESTROYER,"@TheLaniakea it was, not anymore. i just don't know who she is so i can tell her it's not anymore","Boston, MA",
724051582992691200,2016-04-24 01:45:24 +0000,2016-11-18 05:33:32 +0000,12631,5465,18,2860,2165,NJ_4_Trump,Barb-USA Unified,false,false,"POTUS Donald Trump will unite & fix a broken USA. Jobs, Prosperity for ALL Americans. Lower taxes help ppl succeed. Business owner. porn, trolls & lists blocked",RT @WhosFibbing: @gatewaypundit @Peggy7172 @CNN @CNNPolitics C'mon're starting to sound like a parody account now! Get over it... Hillary lost!!!,"New Jersey, USA",
3233139793,2015-06-02 02:42:31 +0000,2016-11-18 13:53:53 +0000,17066,21584,8,309,289,njh2005,Neil Hansen,false,false,"Grandpa, dad, husband, old broken soldier","@TWTDepaulLaw @fastpathguru @JasonFebery @AnnieLowrey No, the FBI Director said he would not recommend prosecuting her for the violations.",,
771853675496996864,2016-09-02 23:33:51 +0000,2016-11-18 06:46:17 +0000,14013,16661,28,71,121,njpcnjpc,Njpc,false,false,"I am 70+, married 45 yrs Christian, conservative, love America n freedom, equal opportunity, no patience for crying racist as an excuse to disagree.","@chuckwoolery hahaha, I hope they like Muslims!","Santa Rosa, CA",
1386966434,2013-04-28 13:28:21 +0000,2016-10-23 13:23:24 +0000,65,161,0,76,13,NLvrouw,Jolande Murray,false,false,,RT @JordanStrack: This guy just sang the national anthem at the Walleye game...this is til the end!,,
106711386,2010-01-20 13:22:11 +0000,2016-11-17 21:59:35 +0000,6814,44,443,778,12996,NoahPollak,Noah Pollak,false,false,"Contributor to Free Beacon, Commentary, Weekly Standard",@maggieNYT @SethAMandel @besasley @kampeas Maybe RD doesn't think Bannon is an antisemite & is seeking to defend him from unfair accusation,Washington DC,
506864860,2012-02-28 04:18:28 +0000,2016-11-18 01:26:28 +0000,6442,3870,14,3191,3271,nolovetraveler,Deplorable SOROS,false,false,"MAGA,- TRUMP/PENCE, Americans Matter, NO CORRUPTION, 2nd Amendment! Educator & Reverend #TrumpPence16 #MAGA #TrumpTrain #BasketOfDeplorables",RT @CounterMoonbat: The people who predicted parts of Manhattan would be underwater by 2008 due to climate change are concerned about 'fake news'. Got it.,Build the Wall,
4432027545,2015-12-10 00:39:29 +0000,2016-11-18 02:38:24 +0000,2171,393,5,22,23,normwiginton,Norm,false,false,,"@NancyPelosi @megynkelly @FoxNews @realDonaldTrump @GovPenceIN Please keep miss Nancy, she will continue to drag down further the Dems, ok",,
60591920,2009-07-27 13:08:30 +0000,2016-11-16 02:47:44 +0000,1871,118,23,947,982,northeastsurf,Northeast Surfing,false,false,"Surf Shop, Ski, Paddleboarding, Snowboarding, Mountain Climbing, biking, rentals, Film, Artists, Writers, NSSIA Surf Academy. A Community New Jersey to Maine.",Love this #ronnielees #neverdieinbed #skiing #snow @ Northeast Surfing,Northeast USA,
724023182869553154,2016-04-23 23:52:33 +0000,2016-11-17 05:53:12 +0000,2851,3452,12,731,421,Not2White,Walter White,false,false,"Far Right, white vet and proud of it. I refuse to apologize for being white. Veteran. BLM is a racist terrorist group! #AllLivesMatter #BlueLivesMatter",This is how we should do it now!,,
2484542702,2014-05-08 20:17:59 +0000,2016-11-18 13:31:15 +0000,8738,69923,71,3364,3696,notredamelax30,Chip Lonsdale,false,false,"God-Country-Notre Dame, political junkie, lacrosse enthusiast & lover of Old Bay, Haribo Gold bears, Orioles, Ravens & Preakness fan
Instagram clonsdale30",RT @HARRISFAULKNER: #Breaking Report: @jeffsessions offered #AttorneyGeneral post #TrumpTransition,"Fleming Island, FL",
16574787,2008-10-03 05:47:41 +0000,2016-11-18 13:14:28 +0000,103330,12239,147,2006,1889,NOWARFORISRAEL,NOWARFORISRAEL,false,false,,@BBCNHExtra @OwenBennettJone @dan_isaacs @BBCNewshour #Syrian mess result of Israel Lobby agenda vs #Syria:,Everywhere,http://AMERICA-HIJACKED.COM
5392522,2007-04-22 05:10:15 +0000,2016-11-18 13:59:22 +0000,104162,2055,61636,72887,6342930,NPR,NPR,true,false,News. Arts & Life. Music. Everything and more from NPR.,"President-elect Trump also named Rep. Mike Pompeo, a member of the House Committee on Benghazi, as CIA Director","Washington, DC",
13784642,2008-02-21 19:34:26 +0000,2016-11-17 17:15:01 +0000,13480,1072,7883,396,604614,nprbooks,NPR Books,true,false,"NPR Books stories, the future of reading and what to read next, with Books editor @petramatic. Tumblr: Email:","Critic @michaelschaub calls BLOOD OF THE DAWN a ""beautiful, horrifying work of art.""",,
115710058,2010-02-19 16:55:11 +0000,2016-11-18 13:50:55 +0000,23551,3133,3329,1809,141852,NPRinskeep,Steve Inskeep,true,false,NPR's Morning Edition; author of #Jacksonland: if your avatar doesn't show a real person there's a good chance I'll mute you.,"At 907 ET, we play tape of Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump's new national security adviser - talking about Russia. @MorningEdition","Washington, DC",
21829541,2009-02-25 03:07:33 +0000,2016-11-17 21:43:16 +0000,11508,154,3403,513,410267,NRA,NRA,true,false,National Rifle Association of America #NRA,Improving Colt's .38 Super 1911 - via @ShootingIllustr #2A,"Fairfax, VA",
19417492,2009-01-23 22:20:49 +0000,2016-11-18 13:58:00 +0000,47600,597,5022,1640,202187,NRO,National Review,true,false,"Standing athwart history, yelling Stop. A magazine founded by the late William F. Buckley Jr. Snapchat & Instagram: NationalReview","Then: Donald Trump is actually a moderate Republican.
Now: There’s no such thing as a good Trump voter.
- @jbouie",New York,
33908901,2009-04-21 13:51:53 +0000,2016-11-11 17:28:53 +0000,2153,186,178,848,6023,NSBSpeakers,National Speakers,false,false,National Speakers Bureau: Creating success by helping organizations find keynote speakers to engage the hearts and minds of those important to them.,We're built on quality. From a client half-way through @EricLBoles speech: “On stage now and doing a great job.”…,"Libertyville, Illinois",
569163929,2012-05-02 14:52:36 +0000,2016-11-18 08:12:23 +0000,141285,31346,139,929,3522,nsroundtable,TheNatSecRoundtable,false,false,The National Security Roundtable (NSR) is an org dedicated to educating & informing the 'smart' side of the nat’l sec debate. Sign up for updates on our website,@GabRosenberg Are they going to refund all the money they received?,,
749856588492640256,2016-07-04 06:45:17 +0000,2016-10-29 19:43:27 +0000,14129,24782,130,15432,23028,NubianAwakening,400-lb Hacker Owens,false,false," contributor. I won't block you but I'll definitely mock you. It's like this: Bernie, Jill, then Trump. No Hillary. Golden State fan.","RT @JaredWyand: Media trying to muddy waters spreading doubt about what the FBI has but everyone knows he wouldn't reopen unless it's big
#hillarysemail","Chicago, IL",
11178902,2007-12-14 21:50:17 +0000,2016-11-17 22:23:08 +0000,10105,2802,15198,822,1233019,nybooks,NY Review of Books,true,false,‘The premier literary-intellectual magazine in the English language.’,"Visions of New York that never came to be, including Hugh Ferriss's drawing of a 1925 plan for skyscraper bridges…",New York,
17544803,2008-11-21 20:22:19 +0000,2016-11-18 14:04:47 +0000,24420,1131,7884,112,1728386,nypl,NY Public Library,false,false,"Inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, strengthen communities. Got a question? Send us a tweet, text us at 66746, or call 917-ASK-NYPL.",Wondering what New York City looked like from the 1870s to the 1970s? Wonder no more:,"Bx, Manhattan, SI",
16932573,2008-10-23 18:43:21 +0000,2016-11-17 22:04:48 +0000,18187,4376,2045,1538,149184,nyrbclassics,NYRB Classics,true,false,Independent publishers of little-known classics and new translations. Tweets by the managing editor; avatar by @gelgud; blog:,"And you can read an excerpt from Gunn's essay ""Going Bush"" @NYRDaily","New York, NY",
807095,2007-03-02 20:41:42 +0000,2016-11-18 14:01:28 +0000,256435,13358,182453,969,31586779,nytimes,The New York Times,true,false,"Where the conversation begins. Follow for breaking news, special reports, RTs of our journalists and more from",Breaking News: Donald Trump has chosen Mike Pompeo to lead the C.I.A,New York City,
1434251,2007-03-18 19:14:57 +0000,2016-11-18 01:00:15 +0000,22937,1,17291,138,4149887,nytimesbooks,New York Times Books,false,false,"Book reviews, news, author profiles, interviews and more on books from The New York Times. (Tweets by @johnwilliamsnyt)","""Love Warrior"" is a riveting memoir about how a woman and her husband rebuilt their lives, together and apart","New York, NY",
4585006168,2015-12-24 03:04:57 +0000,2016-11-10 21:46:29 +0000,722,390,11,484,214,o_tooth,Catholic Clevelander,false,false,"Browns, Cavs & Tribe but always Catholic first!",RT @Novel_Convers: Here's what Mark Twain had to say about politics #ElectionDay #myvote2016,"Cleveland, OH",
324236072,2011-06-26 07:22:04 +0000,2016-11-17 23:27:37 +0000,1339,8,253,117,70267,ObamaMalik,Malik Obama,true,false,Now that my brother's term is ending I am free to declare my support for Donald J. Trump for President of the U.S.A.,,"Alexandria, VA",
401675584,2011-10-30 22:29:19 +0000,2016-11-18 06:08:38 +0000,220276,5717,329,20852,24476,OccupyBawlStree,Occupy Bawl Street,false,false,THE ORIGINAL BLUE SUPREMACIST #CounterJihad flwd by @SeanHannity @PamelaGeller @FrankGaffney @JessieJaneDuff @mschlapp @JimGeraghty @CPAC @NRO,"RT @NotJoshEarnest: DNC wants to name a card carrying member of the Muslim Brotherhood as their leader, but please continue talking about dangerous Republicans.","Hidden Bunker, USA",
65716994,2009-08-14 19:43:20 +0000,2013-03-14 00:00:12 +0000,1264,16,513,71,85363,oceanbeach,Ocean Beach,false,false,"Beautiful, foggy, sunny, welcoming, daunting...a paradox of adjectives. Welcome to The Beach.",To the couple slow dancing in the shallows to the sound of the breaking waves: that's what I'm talking about.,"San Francisco, CA",
2279550997,2014-01-06 20:14:15 +0000,2016-11-18 12:53:09 +0000,19800,511,27,216,183,of1heart1mind,Friends of Zion,false,false,"And the Lord called his people, Zion, because they were of one heart and of one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there were no poor among them.","RT @PamelaGeller: Merkel With Obama: Internet ‘Disruptive’ Force that Has to Be ‘Contained, Managed, and Steered’ by Government",,
31479090,2009-04-15 18:37:46 +0000,2016-11-18 10:08:27 +0000,87633,34114,93,4993,3850,ofarther,🐸Deplorablemike🐸,false,false,#PIZZAGATE #ORGYISLAND #HillaryGropedMe #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #WikiLeaks #TRUMP2016 #TEAMTRUMP #DNCLEAKS #VETERANSFORTRUMP #PodestaEmails #LolitaExpress,@realDonaldTrump @RogerJStoneJr @HillaryClinton @OnMessageForHer @SheriffClarke @NetworksManager @mitchellvii…,longville La,
712976695,2012-07-23 19:32:23 +0000,2016-11-18 14:08:33 +0000,131646,106543,118,702,18016,ofccadjust,Dr. Hart #TRUMP 🇺🇸,false,false,"#TrumpPence
#VeteranJustice","RT @MissLizzyNJ: In 5 minutes, The MSM has focused more on Jeff Sessions than they have on Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton i…","New Jersey, USA",
1738182157,2013-09-06 23:04:47 +0000,,565,17437,1,105,26,OHrepublicanmom,Patti,false,true,,,"Lakewood, OH",
1408510802,2013-05-06 19:15:36 +0000,2016-11-18 06:03:12 +0000,186,3738,1,130,64,OJD_,Jamal Jenkins [OJD],false,false,DiMeNz n' CRyPt0z,"RT @RealJamesWoods: Since @Twitter is now in the #censorship business, I will no longer use its service for my constitutional right to…","Compton, CA",
3980527937,2015-10-17 15:54:32 +0000,2016-11-16 20:32:31 +0000,632,7172,10,4754,1612,ojmiettinen1,OM,false,false,#MTBChannelOnTrack,"viimeisin #Move, Maastopyöräily 2h 18min, kohtuullisesti, 24,12 km.",Suomi,
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754286796201086976,2016-07-16 12:09:21 +0000,2016-10-26 15:21:04 +0000,8733,14180,25,933,438,OldSargeUSAF,OldSarge,false,false,"Veteran - USAF - no lists, please & thank you!","RT @realDonaldTrump: My contract with the American voter will restore honesty, accountability & CHANGE to Washington! #DrainTheSwamp",Notyourbusinesstwitter,
52422878,2009-06-30 15:23:29 +0000,2016-11-18 11:18:11 +0000,4380,876,11713,3885,4467783,Olympics,Olympics,true,false,The Olympic Games,RT @olympicchannel: .@Fernando_Alarza learns how to transform a sad tuna tortilla into 🍲😋 on #TransformMyMeal. Watch the full ep 📺:…,"Lausanne, Switzerland",
16799621,2008-10-16 01:52:00 +0000,2016-11-18 04:30:13 +0000,12218,10232,852,2454,89166,OMAROSA,OMAROSA,true,false,Let's come together as a nation! We are the UNITED STATES of AMERICA 🇺🇸,"RT @realDonaldTrump: Just got a call from my friend Bill Ford, Chairman of Ford, who advised me that he will be keeping the Lincoln plant in Kentucky - no Mexico","Beverly Hills, CA",
38779635,2009-05-09 02:35:24 +0000,2016-11-18 02:49:38 +0000,27314,2612,34,4496,3375,oneyedjack,tom carbone,false,false,"Conservative, Christian, support Israel. Love OUR country, flag. and Constitution, have no use for Obama or any liberal, progressive politician or operative.","Krauthammer: Trump's within his rights to withhold funding for sanctuary cities, and should","Arizona, USA",
731195365408407552,2016-05-13 18:52:14 +0000,2016-11-18 06:49:24 +0000,64061,77247,52,928,2067,Only__Trump,President Trump!,false,false,"Donald J Trump, 45th President of the United States! #MAGA #DrainTheSwamp","RT @American1765: I will always remember this as THE MOMENT I knew Donald J. Trump WOULD become the 45th President of the US.",Near Anti-Trumpers!,
3154508072,2015-04-14 03:55:19 +0000,2016-11-18 02:42:11 +0000,3328,11512,651,282,55313,OnMessageForHer,Hillary PR Team,false,false,( Formerly ''Hillary PR Team'' and ''Conservative Pundit.''),Fantastic. I hope President Trump continues his habit of cutting the media out as much as possible and just address…,United States,
71951921,2009-09-06 02:59:49 +0000,2016-11-18 12:14:01 +0000,65582,545,76,429,887,Oodi_Baba,je suis lord cmdr,false,false,Only the unloved feel hate. The Kingdom of #God is within Man.,"RT @Manesha76: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
People cannot resist themselves by saying Narendra Modi Zindabad 😝😝","Manhattan, NY",
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4885052205,2016-02-07 16:11:50 +0000,2016-11-18 12:48:48 +0000,2162,594,1,53,13,opinionstudent,justsaying,false,false,,Isn't she white?,,
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@EternalRiteWing @Johnatsrs1949 @slone",Texas... Where Else?,
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