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Last active Dec 20, 2015
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My experimental port of Homebrew to Windows.

(Note: homebrew-mingw is an old repo and should not be used anymore)


brew commands that work: info list create install remove link unlink audit search --config

See further down for packages that build.

Porting Homebrew itself

Main pain points when porting Homebrew to Windows:

  • References to the 'MacOS' classes, to the XCode toolchain, to 'xcrun' are irrelevant
  • For example, something like 'MacOS.locate' doesn't belong in MacOS. It belongs in 'utils.rb' with 'which', imho.
  • ':' is the path separator magic constant in the homebrew codebase - on MRI for Windows, ';' is the path separator
  • fork() is not available on Windows, I'm using a Process.spawn() based logic instead
  • I have no idea if using Process.spawn has significant downsides compared to the current macbrew logic - does it mess up ENV?
  • Process.spawn only works with executables, but we launch shell scripts as well - sometimes an explicit 'sh' is needed
  • In a MinGW environment, some executables don't have '.exe'. Ruby's pathname module will report them as non-executable, but they are
  • Different library/executable extensions, e.g. '.dll', '.lib', '.exe', etc. (in cellar checks)
  • 'brew doctor' would really be useful on Windows as well, can it be split up like 'os/hardware' is?
  • Many executables referred through their complete paths, e.g. '/usr/bin/curl' - why not use locate/which/plain name?
  • readlink doesn't exist on Windows, it's being called in 'brew search'

Compared to Linux & Windows, OSX has a ton of built-ins, which makes it harder for macbrew to make sure they're out of the path if outdated, or keg-only if installed from formulas, but often on Windows you have nothing, so dependencies like zlib and openssl are not optional.

Porting formulas

Main pain points when porting formulas, so far:

  • openssl formula copies OSX certs - obviously non-existent on Windows
  • some packages have a Makefile.win32 or Makefile.m32, but that doesn't fit with the brew style
  • example for above: curl has Makefile.m32 but it doesn't install - had to find a way to make the Unix way work (autotools)
  • it's hard to disable optimizations - 'env :std' does not seem to do anything, curl's configure will fail with optimizations

Otherwise, pretty much a breeze :)

Old (macbrew) formulas that build

  • ack
  • curl
  • gdbm
  • openssl
  • pcre
  • pkg-config
  • wget
  • xz
  • libogg
  • libvorbis
  • jpeg
  • libpng
  • cmake
  • chipmunk
  • nasm
  • lame
  • flac
  • yasm
  • x264
  • libmxml
  • freetype
  • libyaml
  • sdl2
  • sdl2_mixer

Renamed formulas

  • readline => libreadline (Reason: Ruby has a 'Readline' class since 1.9.3, so the original formula doesn't work)

New (winbrew-specific formulas)

  • bzip2
  • dlfcn
  • groff
  • msys-man
  • ncurses
  • zlib

Problematic formulas

  • zsh (Don't think we'll ever get this one to work.. there's WinZsh but it's an antique - it asks for termio.h / termios.h or sgtty.h)
  • mercurial (Python native modules compilation fails + some python tests from Homebrew fail too)
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ferventcoder commented Aug 8, 2013

This looks pretty interesting.

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