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Created January 4, 2017 03:58
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Option Explicit
Public Const SHEET_SETTINGS As String = "SETTINGS"
Public Const SHEET_DATA As String = "DATA"
Public Const UI_GAP As Integer = 5
Public Const UI_LEFT As Integer = 10
Public Const UI_LINE_HEIGHT As Integer = 16
Public Const UI_FONT_SIZE As Integer = 8
Sub showForm()
'Hiện ra Form nhập liệu
End Sub
'Function này dùng để tìm ra dòng cuối cùng có chứa dữ liệu trong 1 sheet
Function getLR(sheetname As String, col As String)
getLR = Sheets(sheetname).Range(col & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
End Function
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