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A different PowerShell script that finds permissions assigned to OUs. This one must be run from a windows system joined to the domain to be queried.
FindOuPermissions is a Windows PowerShell script that finds all of the different OUs in a domain,
determins the permissions assigned to different users and groups, and reports back which are different
from their parent; including what those permissions are.
This script does require that the device be joined to the domain being queried and RSAT is installed.
Author: Eric Kuehn
Function Get-OUacl ($ACLlist){
$MyOUAclArray = New-Object System.Collections.ArrayList
Foreach ($ACL in $ACLlist){
$ACLobjectType = if($ACL.ObjectType -eq '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'){
$RawGUID = ([guid]$ACL.ObjectType).ToByteArray()
(Get-ADObject -Searchbase (Get-ADRootDSE).schemaNamingContext -Filter {schemaIDGUID -eq $RawGuid}).Name
#if the ACL is not for an object type but a property, search the config partition for a property name
if($ACLobjectType -eq $null){
$ACLobjectTypeFilter = $ACL.ObjectType
$ACLobjectType = (Get-ADObject -SearchBase "CN=Extended-Rights,$((Get-ADRootDSE).configurationNamingContext)" -LDAPFilter "(&(objectClass=controlAccessRight)(rightsguid=$ACLobjectTypeFilter))").Name
$ACLinheritedObjectType = if($ACL.InheritedObjectType -eq '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'){
$RawGUID = ([guid]$ACL.InheritedObjectType).ToByteArray()
(Get-ADObject -Searchbase (Get-ADRootDSE).schemaNamingContext -Filter {schemaIDGUID -eq $RawGuid}).Name
$ACLentry = $ACL | Select IsInherited,AccessControlType,
@{Name="ObjectTypeName";Expression={$ACLobjectType}}, @{Name="InheritedObjectTypeName";Expression={$ACLinheritedObjectType}},
ActiveDirectoryRights, IdentityReference, InheritanceType, InheritanceFlags, PropagationFlags
[void] $MyOUAclArray.Add($ACLentry)
Return $MyOUAclArray
#Prep Output Directories
if(!(Test-Path "./Output/ACLs")){
if(!(Test-Path "./Output")){New-Item -ItemType Directory -Path "./Output" | Out-Null}
New-Item -ItemType Directory -Path "./Output/ACLs" | Out-Null
#Get the ACL of the Root and export it
write-host "Gathering permissions set at root of Domain"
$Root = Get-ADObject -Filter {objectClass -eq "domain"} -Properties CanonicalName, nTSecurityDescriptor
$RootACL = $Root | select -ExpandProperty nTSecurityDescriptor | select -ExpandProperty Access
$RootDNS = $Root.CanonicalName.split("/")
$RootExpPath = "./Output/ACLs/" + $RootDNS[0] + ".csv"
Get-OUacl -ACLlist $RootACL | Export-Csv $RootExpPath -NoType
write-host "Finding OUs and containers"
$MyOUArray = New-Object System.Collections.ArrayList
#Get all the OUs in the Domain
$OUs = Get-ADObject -Filter {objectcategory -eq "container" -or objectcategory -eq "builtinDomain"} -searchscope OneLevel -Properties CanonicalName, Name, nTSecurityDescriptor
$OUs += Get-ADOrganizationalUnit -Filter * -Properties CanonicalName, Name, nTSecurityDescriptor
$OUs = $OUs | sort canonicalname
write-host $OUs.count "OUs to examine"
Foreach ($OU in $OUs){
write-host "Checking security of" $OU.CanonicalName
$Parent = $OU.DistinguishedName.Substring($OU.DistinguishedName.IndexOf(",")+1)
$MyACL = $OU | select -ExpandProperty nTSecurityDescriptor | select -ExpandProperty Access
$ParnetAcl = Get-ADObject $Parent -Properties nTSecurityDescriptor | select -ExpandProperty nTSecurityDescriptor | select -ExpandProperty Access | select IdentityReference
$comp = Compare-Object $ParnetAcl $MyACL -Property IdentityReference
if($comp.count -gt 0){
$Sec = "Security Changed From Parent"
write-host " " $Sec
$OUName = $OU.CanonicalName.replace("/","--")
$ExpOUpath = "./Output/ACLs/" + $OUName + ".csv"
Get-OUacl -ACLlist $MyACL | Export-Csv $ExpOUpath -NoType
$Sec = ""
$OUentry = $OU | select canonicalName,Name,@{Name="Security";Expression={$Sec}}
[void] $MyOUArray.Add($OUentry)
$MyOUArray | ft -AutoSize
$MyOUArray | Export-Csv "./Output/OUs.csv" -NoType
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