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List the longest running tests in a Django test suite
import time
from collections import defaultdict, OrderedDict
from junorunner.testrunner import TestSuiteRunner
from junorunner.extended_runner import TextTestRunner, TextTestResult
class TimedTestSuiteRunner(TestSuiteRunner):
List the longest running tests in a suite
by test module, class and method
Customises the YunoJuno testrunner:
pip install django-juno-testrunner
In settings:
TEST_RUNNER = 'timed_testrunner.TimedTestSuiteRunner'
def run_suite(self, suite, **kwargs):
return TimedTextTestRunner(
class TimedTextTestResult(TextTestResult):
timings = OrderedDict([
('module', defaultdict(float)),
('class', defaultdict(float)),
('method', defaultdict(float))
def startTest(self, test):
self.testStartTime = time.time()
super(TimedTextTestResult, self).startTest(test)
def stopTest(self, test):
super(TimedTextTestResult, self).stopTest(test)
testEndTime = time.time() - self.testStartTime
module = test.__module__
klass = "%s.%s" % (module, test.__class__.__name__)
method = "%s.%s" % (klass, test._testMethodName)
self.timings['module'][module] += testEndTime
self.timings['class'][klass] += testEndTime
self.timings['method'][method] = testEndTime
class TimedTextTestRunner(TextTestRunner):
resultclass = TimedTextTestResult
def run(self, test):
result = super(TimedTextTestRunner, self).run(test)
limit = 5 * (1 + self.verbosity)"Longest tests:")
for k, v in result.timings.iteritems():" By %s" % k)
for x in sorted(v.iteritems(), key=lambda (k, v): v, reverse=True)[:limit]:" %3.0fs %s" % (x[1], x[0]))
return result
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