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Created May 31, 2020 12:11
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import typing
def obvious_annotated_error(i: int):
"""Contains a type error which should be very easy to catch."""
return "Hello, " + i
def _innocuous_helper(s):
"""Split a string on whitespace. Perfectly innocent."""
return s.split()
def unannotated_error(i):
Call _innocuous_helper with the wrong type of argument -- will it be caught?
return _innocuous_helper(int(i))
def _ambiguous_returning_helper(greetings: typing.List[str]):
Return "hi" if it's found in the list of greetings, otherwise return None.
Can you see the error that might result?
found = None
for g in greetings:
if g == "hi":
found = g
return found
def less_obvious_error(words):
Call _ambiguous_returning_helper with what we think is the right type...
but is it?
words += ["hello", "g'day"]
return _ambiguous_returning_helper(words).upper()
class AllKindsOfDynamic:
Call an optional function (or list of functions) on an input, in series.
Typical of highly dynamic code I've seen in several Python projects. Can
the typechecker handle this?
def __init__(self, callbacks=None):
if callable(callbacks):
callbacks = [callbacks]
self.callbacks = callbacks or []
def __call__(self, value):
# reveal_type(self.callbacks)
for cb in self.callbacks:
yield cb(value)
if __name__ == "__main__":
executor = AllKindsOfDynamic(lambda v: not v)
print([result for result in executor("foo")])
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