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@necolas necolas/Button.jsx
Last active Nov 4, 2015

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CSS-in-JS to CSS
import React from 'react';
import styles from './styles.css.js';
class Button extends React.Component{
render() {
return (
<button className={styles.button}>
<span className={styles.icon} />
export default Button;
/* same output as css-loader's :local() provides */
.hash1 {
align-items: center;
background: blue;
color: red;
.hash2 {
align-items: center;
color: red;
import theme from '../theme';
const styles = {
button: {
alignItems: 'center',
background: theme.background,
color: theme.color
icon: {
alignItems: 'center',
color: theme.color
export default styles;

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adamdicarlo commented Nov 4, 2015

I dig this style - is this related to what you're doing with react-web-sdk? I'd love to use this as an alternative to css-loader?modules ...

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