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Git submodules
# Workflow from
# Add the new submodule
git submodule add git:// vim/bundle/one-submodule
# Initialize the submodule
git submodule init
# Clone the submodule
git submodule update
# Stage the changes
git add vim/bundle/one-submodule
# Commit the changes
git commit -m "Add a new submodule: one-submodule"
# Update an individual submodule within the superproject
# Change to the submodule directory
cd vim/bundle/one-submodule
# Checkout the desired branch (of the submodule)
git checkout master
# Pull from the tip of master (of the submodule - could be any sha or pointer)
git pull origin master
# Go back to main dotfiles repo root
cd ../../..
# Stage the submodule changes
git add vim/bundle/one-submodule
# Commit the submodule changes
git commit -m "Update submodule 'one-submodule' to the latest version"
# Push to a remote repository
git push origin master
# When updating a local repository from the remote repository I use
# `git submodule update` to update the submodules (that have been
# initialized) in their local repository. This wipes any local
# changes made to the submodule.
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