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Idea for CSS-only responsive images using CSS3 generated content and attr() function. No browser implementation as of May 2011
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>CSS responsive images</title>
/* Doesn't stop original source image being
downloaded too */
@media (min-device-width:600px) {
img[data-src-600px] {
content: attr(data-src-600px, url);
@media (min-device-width:800px) {
img[data-src-800px] {
content: attr(data-src-800px, url);
<img src="image.jpg"

Clever. I wonder if a better attribute could be used instead of "data-src-600px", or maybe an alternative markup that makes clear what is delivered to what media size.


necolas commented May 19, 2011

You could use whatever data-* attribute you find best.

danielhq commented Feb 7, 2013

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but coulnd't find a better place :)
Anyway i wanted to know whats the solution to responsive images?
I've tried several methods (including yours and the tag wich i read its still a proposal ) but none seemed to work.
I prefer not to have Javascript doing these kind of tasks, has anyone come up with a smart solution?
Help really appreciated

<title>CSS responsive images</title> <style> downloaded too */ img { content: url(../images/retinaimg.jpg); } @media (min-device-width:600px) { img{ content: url(../images/retinaimg600px.jpg); } }
        @media (min-device-width:800px) {
                content: url(../images/retinaimg800px.jpg); 
    <img alt="">

This is the right way

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