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ini_set('display_errors', 1);
* Website document root
* Path to the application directory.
define('APPPATH', realpath(__DIR__.'/../app/').DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR);
* Path to the default packages directory.
define('PKGPATH', realpath(__DIR__.'/../packages/').DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR);
* The path to the framework core.
define('COREPATH', realpath(__DIR__.'/../core/').DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR);
// Get the start time and memory for use later
defined('FUEL_START_TIME') or define('FUEL_START_TIME', microtime(true));
defined('FUEL_START_MEM') or define('FUEL_START_MEM', memory_get_usage());
// Load in the Fuel autoloader
if ( ! file_exists(COREPATH.'classes'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'autoloader.php'))
die('No composer autoloader found. Please run composer to install the FuelPHP framework dependencies first!');
// Activate the framework class autoloader
require COREPATH.'classes'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'autoloader.php';
class_alias('Fuel\\Core\\Autoloader', 'Autoloader');
// Boot the app...
require APPPATH.'bootstrap.php';
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