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Hello old friend!

Necronet necronet

Hello old friend!
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necronet / Metropolis-King-Example.R
Created Aug 5, 2022
Statistical Rethinking example for MCMC
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num_weeks <- 1e5
position <- rep(0, num_weeks)
current <- 10
for (i in 1:num_weeks) {
position[i] <- current
proposal <- current + sample( c(-1, 1), size = 1)
if (proposal < 1) proposal <- 10
if (proposal > 10) proposal <- 1
prob_move <- proposal/current
necronet /
Created Mar 31, 2021
Open PR for a specific commit
# Get PR number for a specific commit
local pr_number=$(git log --reverse --ancestry-path <commit_id>..master --grep="Merge pull request" --oneline | head -n 1 | awk '{print $5}' | sed -E 's/#//g')
# Open PR in the browser
open "$pr_number"
necronet /
Created Mar 30, 2021
Get Merged Manifest android and copy to clipboard
cat <module_name>/build/intermediates/merged_manifest/celrayDebug/out/AndroidManifest.xml | pbcopy
necronet /
Created Jan 2, 2021
An easy example of some aws console operation for dynamodb
# List all the tables using a profile
aws dynamodb list-tables --profile <profile_name> | jq
# Get all item in a table using a profile (expensive)
aws dynamodb scan --table-name <table_name> --profile <profile_name> | jq
# Get an specific item based on id using a profile
aws dynamodb get-item --key '{"id":{"S":"009871"}}' --table-name <table_name> --profile <profile_name> | jq
# Create an item using a profile
necronet / residual.R
Created Jul 13, 2020
Find the largest residual of 2 digits number that can be divided by the sum of itself
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# Find the largest residual of 2 digits number that can be divided by the sum of itself
# maxres(ab/(a+b))
count <- 0
max_index <- 0
for( i in 10:99) {
digits <- as.integer(substring(i, seq(nchar(i)), seq(nchar(i))))
aplusb <- digits[1] + digits[2]
necronet / variation.R
Created Jul 4, 2020
Get all numbers 3 digits, divisible by 3 that follow this formula, a + 3b + c where a != 0
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# Get all numbers 3 digits, divisible by 3 that follow this formula
# a + 3b + c where a != 0
count <- 0
n <- c()
for( i in 100:999) {
digits <- as.integer(substring(i, seq(nchar(i)), seq(nchar(i))))
formula <- (digits[1] + 3*digits[2] + digits[3])
necronet / ptf_data_extraction.R
Last active Jun 27, 2020
Quickly filtering data for PTF
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data <- readr::read_csv('data.csv')
data_cleaned <- data %>% filter(!stringr::str_detect(Page, "@powertofly\\.com")) %>%
mutate(Registrations =
necronet / lambda_selection_glmnet.R
Created Jun 18, 2020
Quick gist to show lambda selection difference between explicit and heuristic
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x_var <- data.matrix(mtcars[, c("hp", "wt", "drat")])
y_var <- mtcars[, "mpg"]
fit_lambda_specified <- cv.glmnet(x_var, y_var, alpha = 0, lambda = 10^seq(5, -5, by = -.1))
fit_lambda_automatic <- cv.glmnet(x_var, y_var, alpha = 0)
plot(fit_lambda_specified, xvar="lambda")
plot(fit_lambda_automatic, xvar="lambda")
necronet / spacyr_bug.R
Created Jun 5, 2020
Spacy R crashes on tokenizer
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corpus <- readr::read_csv("corpus.csv")
# Work with
#t <- corpus$text[1:100]
t <- corpus$text[124]
necronet / corpus.csv
Created Jun 5, 2020
spacyr crash on tokenizer
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We can't make this file beautiful and searchable because it's too large.
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