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Implementation of DFA-based regexp matching using Antimirov derviatives
type re = C of char | Nil | Seq of re * re | Bot | Alt of re * re | Star of re
let rec null = function
| C _ | Bot -> false
| Nil | Star _ -> true
| Alt(r1, r2) -> null r1 || null r2
| Seq(r1, r2) -> null r1 && null r2
module R = Set.Make(struct type t = re let compare = compare end)
let rmap f rs = R.fold (fun r -> R.add (f r)) rs R.empty
module M = Map.Make(R)
module I = Set.Make(struct type t = int let compare = compare end)
let rec aderiv c = function
| C c' when c = c' -> R.singleton Nil
| C _ | Nil | Bot -> R.empty
| Alt(r, r') -> R.union (aderiv c r) (aderiv c r')
| Seq(r1, r2) -> R.union (rmap (fun r1' -> Seq(r1', r2)) (aderiv c r1))
(if null r1 then aderiv c r2 else R.empty)
| Star r -> rmap (fun r' -> Seq(r', Star r)) (aderiv c r)
let deriv c rs = R.fold (fun r acc -> R.union (aderiv c r) acc) rs R.empty
type dfa = {size : int; fail : int; trans : (int * char * int) list; final : int list}
let rec enum f v i max = if i < max then enum f (f i v) (i+1) max else v
let charfold f init = enum (fun i -> f (Char.chr i)) init 0 256
let dfa r =
let find rs (n,m) = try M.find rs m, (n,m) with _ -> n, (n+1, M.add rs n m) in
let rec loop s v t f rs =
let (x, s) = find rs s in
if I.mem x v then (s, v, t, f)
else charfold (fun c (s, v, t, f) ->
let rs' = deriv c rs in
let (y, s) = find rs' s in
loop s v ((x,c,y) :: t) f rs')
(s, I.add x v, t, if R.exists null rs then x :: f else f) in
let (s, v, t, f) = loop (0, M.empty) I.empty [] [] (R.singleton r) in
let (fail, (n, m)) = find R.empty s in
{ size = n; fail = fail; trans= t; final = f }
type table = { m : int array array; accept : bool array; error : int }
let table d =
{ error =;
accept = Array.init d.size (fun i -> List.mem i;
m = (let a = Array.init d.size (fun _ -> Array.make 256 0) in
List.iter (fun (x, c, y) -> a.(x).(Char.code c) <- y) d.trans; a) }
let rec matches' t s i x =
if i < String.length s && x != t.error
then matches' t s (i+1) t.m.(x).(Char.code s.[i])
else t.accept.(x)
let re_match t s = matches' t s 0 0
let charset s = enum (fun i r -> Alt(C s.[i], r)) Bot 0 (String.length s)
let string s = enum (fun i r -> Seq(r, C s.[i])) Nil 0 (String.length s)
let seq rs = List.fold_right (fun r rs -> Seq(r, rs)) rs Nil
let alt rs = List.fold_right (fun r rs -> Alt(r, rs)) rs Bot
let opt r = Alt(r, Nil)
let star r = Star r
let plus r = Seq(r, star r)
let print_table out t =
Array.iteri (fun x row ->
Array.iteri (fun c y ->
if x != t.error && y != t.error then
(Format.fprintf out "%d '%c' --> %d " x (Char.chr c) y;
(if t.accept.(y) then Format.fprintf out "*");
Format.fprintf out "\n"))
module Test = struct
let digit = charset "0123456789"
let sign = charset "+-"
let dot = C '.'
let dotted = alt [ seq [star digit; dot; plus digit];
seq [plus digit; dot; star digit] ]
let exponent = seq [charset "eE"; opt sign; plus digit]
let float = alt [seq [opt sign; dotted; opt exponent];
seq [opt sign; plus digit; exponent] ]
let t_float = table (dfa float)

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