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Cognitive Artificial Intelligence

  • Cloud Vendor Based NoOps

Use Cases

  1. Detect text in images
  2. Detect handwriting in images
  3. Detect text in files
  4. Detect faces in images
  5. Detect multiple objects in images
  6. Detect web references to an image N/A
# run with
# chef-apply chef-rundeck.rb
require 'chef'
require 'chef/node'
require 'chef/mixin/xml_escape'
require 'chef/rest'
require 'chef/role'
require 'chef/environment'
require 'chef/data_bag'
ActiveAdmin.register Coupon do
menu label: proc { current_user.admin? ? 'Coupons' : 'My coupons' }
actions :all, except: [:destroy]
permit_params :name, :coupon_type, :picture, :note, :for_deleting, :business_owner_id
# ===== scopes =====
scope_to :current_user, if: proc { current_user.business_owner? }
scope :all, default: true do |coupons|
require 'sinatra'
set :bind, ''
set :port, 8080
post '/event' do
status 204 #successful request with no body content
neidiom / cleanup.rb
Created April 16, 2018 18:58 — forked from gregohardy/cleanup.rb
Azure Account Managment
require 'azure_mgmt_compute'
require 'azure_mgmt_resources'
require 'azure_mgmt_storage'
require 'azure'
include Azure
include Azure::ARM::Compute
include Azure::ARM::Compute::Models
include Azure::ARM::Resources
neidiom /
Created April 5, 2018 11:27 — forked from jonahgeorge/
Azure Kubernetes
# Install Azure CLI
brew update
brew install azure-cli
# Authenticate cli client
az login
# Register providers
az provider register -n Microsoft.ContainerService
az provider register -n Microsoft.Compute
neidiom /
Created April 5, 2018 11:07 — forked from jcorioland/
Create an Azure Container Service Kubernetes Cluster with Azure CLI

Create an Azure Container Service Kubernetes Cluster with Azure CLI

Login (interactive) to your Azure subscription using Azure CLI

az login

Create a resource group

www_dir = '/var/www'
domain = ''
sajts = ['sajt99','sajt98','sajt97']
sajts.each do |sajt|
directory www_dir do
owner 'www-data'
group 'www-data'
mode '0755'
action :create