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commented Apr 23, 2018

HTML version:

        <a href="">NUUG Foundation</a>,
        <a href="">Teknologihuset</a>,
        <a href=""></a>,
        <a href="">cPanel</a>,
        <a href="">FastMail</a>,
        <a href="">Elastic</a>,
        <a href="">ZipRecruiter</a>,
        <a href="">MaxMind</a>,
        <a href="">MongoDB</a>,
        <a href="">SureVoIP</a>,
        <a href="">Campus Explorer</a>,
        <a href="">Bytemark</a>,
        <a href="">Infinity Interactive</a>,
        <a href="">OpusVL</a>,
        <a href="">Eligo</a>,
        <a href="">Perl Services</a>,
        <a href="">Oetiker+Partner</a>.
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