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# This script will mount /Users in the boot2docker VM using NFS (instead of the
# default vboxsf). It's probably not a good idea to run it while there are
# Docker containers running in boot2docker.
# Usage: sudo ./
if [ "$USER" != "root" ]
echo "This script must be run with sudo: sudo ${0}"
exit -1
# Run command as non root
B2D_IP=$(sudo -u ${SUDO_USER} boot2docker ip &> /dev/null)
if [ "$?" != "0" ]
sudo -u ${SUDO_USER} boot2docker up
$(sudo -u ${SUDO_USER} boot2docker shellinit)
B2D_IP=$(sudo -u ${SUDO_USER} boot2docker ip &> /dev/null)
#echo "You need to start boot2docker first: boot2docker up && \$(boot2docker shellinit) "
#exit -1
OSX_IP=$(ifconfig en0 | grep --word-regexp inet | awk '{print $2}')
MAP_GROUP=$(sudo -u ${SUDO_USER} id -n -g)
# Backup exports file
$(cp -n /etc/exports /etc/exports.bak) && \
echo "Backed up /etc/exports to /etc/exports.bak"
# Delete previously generated line if it exists
grep -v '^/Users ' /etc/exports > /etc/exports
# We are using the OS X IP because the b2d VM is behind NAT
echo "/Users -mapall=${MAP_USER}:${MAP_GROUP} ${OSX_IP}" \
>> /etc/exports
# This option controls whether MOUNT requests are required to originate from a reserved port
# (port < 1024). The default value is 1 (yes). Many NFS server implementations require this
# because of the false belief that this requirement increases security.
echo "nfs.server.mount.require_resv_port = 0" >> /etc/nfs.conf
nfsd restart
sudo -u ${SUDO_USER} boot2docker ssh << EOF
echo "Unmounting /Users"
sudo umount /Users 2> /dev/null
echo "Restarting nfs-client"
sudo /usr/local/etc/init.d/nfs-client restart 2> /dev/null
echo "Waiting 10s for nfsd and nfs-client to restart."
sleep 10
echo "Mounting /Users"
sudo mount $OSX_IP:/Users /Users -o rw,async,noatime,rsize=32768,wsize=32768,proto=tcp,nfsvers=3
echo "Mounted /Users:"
ls -al /Users
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