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Last active Jun 1, 2020
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# global specifies parameters that are valid in all other configuration contexts.
scrape_interval: 15s # how frequently to scrape targets by default.
scrape_timeout: 10s # how long until a scrape request times out.
evaluation_interval: 15s # how frequently to evaluate rules
# Rule files specifies a list of globs. Rules and alerts are read from all matching files
# scrape_config section specifies a set of targets and parameters describing how to scrape them.
- job_name: prometheus #the job name assigned to scraped metrics by default.
honor_timestamps: true # controls whether Prometheus respects the timestamps present in scraped data.
scrape_interval: 15s # allows you to override the global setting - if required.
scrape_timeout: 10s # again allows you to override the global setting - if required.
metrics_path: /metrics # the path prometheus will scrape to obtain metrics from the target.
scheme: http #string can be http or https.
static_configs: #specify a list of targets
- targets:
- # Promotheus expose its own metrics data on port 9090 by default.
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