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Why did you delete it--what about it doesn't constitute anime?
The post was removed in accordance with /r/anime's rule about being "Anime Specific", which requires that a post be about something that fulfills several criteria: that the work in question was produced in Japan, aired in Japan, and intended for a Japanese audience. While Shelter was animated by an anime studio, it was produced by Americans (Mr. Robinson and his label). This rendered it seperate from co-productions (such as the upcoming Toonami/Production I.G. co-production of FLCL, where each side is an equally powerful creative force) and exactly like a traditional commissioned work, such as how Batman: the Animated Series was animated by Sunrise (more traditionally known for the Gundam and Code Geass series). A lot of people seem to think that we were judging it on some sort of qualitative scale. They hold the moniker "anime" up as if it imparts some sort of conotation of quality. We're not judging the quality of the short; we were simply sayi
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