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Add remote all
# create gitlab repo
git remote add origin && \
git remote add all && \
git remote set-url --add --push all && \
git remote set-url --add --push all && \
git remote -v
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Created March 1, 2023 16:26 — forked from sundowndev/
Google dork cheatsheet

Google dork cheatsheet

Search filters

Filter Description Example
allintext Searches for occurrences of all the keywords given. allintext:"keyword"
intext Searches for the occurrences of keywords all at once or one at a time. intext:"keyword"
inurl Searches for a URL matching one of the keywords. inurl:"keyword"
allinurl Searches for a URL matching all the keywords in the query. allinurl:"keyword"
intitle Searches for occurrences of keywords in title all or one. intitle:"keyword"
ubuntu@arm1:~$ cd traefik-proxy/apps/dokku/
ubuntu@arm1:~/traefik-proxy/apps/dokku$ tree -da .
└── dokku-data
├── etc
│   ├── nginx
│   └── ssh
│   ├── ssh_config.d
│   └── sshd_config.d
├── home
ubuntu@arm1:~$ dokku ps:inspect nextjs-app
"AppArmorProfile": "docker-default",
"Args": [
ubuntu@arm1:~$ dokku report nextjs-app
-----> uname: Linux 2c3660d832dd 5.15.0-1029-oracle #35-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jan 24 15:21:05 UTC 2023 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux
-----> memory:
total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 11940 748 7114 4 4077 10966
Swap: 0 0 0
-----> docker version:
Client: Docker Engine - Community
Version: 23.0.1
API version: 1.42
# Stage 1: Build the Node.js app
FROM node:12 AS build
COPY . /app
RUN npm install
RUN npm run build
# Stage 2: Run the app using PM2 and a lightweight Node.js image
FROM node:12-slim
RUN npm install pm2 -g

Useful Git commands

This is just stuff that I have put down that I find I use a lot of the time for my own reference.

Latest changes from repo to your machine

$ git pull
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Created April 28, 2020 13:33 — forked from bradtraversy/
Pipenv cheat sheet for common commands

Pipenv Cheat Sheet

Install pipenv

pip3 install pipenv


pipenv shell
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Created January 31, 2019 14:10 — forked from btroncone/
A Comprehensive Introduction to @ngrx/store - Companion to Series

Comprehensive Introduction to @ngrx/store

By: @BTroncone

Also check out my lesson @ngrx/store in 10 minutes on!

Update: Non-middleware examples have been updated to ngrx/store v2. More coming soon!

Table of Contents